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Women from Ukraine: Meet Ukrainian singles

Ukrainian woman as life partner

It’s easy to meet Ukraine women on the Internet. Dating services and Skype offer contacts to women from Eastern Europe

Many men from West Europe or North America have big problems with the demanding women in their country. That’s the reason why they seek a woman from abroad. I will show you now some possibilities how to get to know women from Ukraine.

In this article, you will learn 4 things

  • First: something about the character and the mentality of Ukrainian women.
  • Second: where can we meet the girls generally?
  • Where we can find pretty Ukraine women from Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov and Lviv on the Internet?
  • And something about handling Eastern European ladies.


Nature and character of Ukraine women
On the streets of Kiev, the attractiveness of women strikes immediately. We see many classy beauties. Wearing high heels, jewellery and earrings. Ukrainian women don’t like jeans. They prefer elegant dresses and miniskirt. And so they look feminine, sexy and very attractive.

The views of Ukrainian women on a romantic relationship are very different from European women. For the ladies from Kiev a professional career is not a real aim in life. More important are family, children and a satisfying marriage.

That’s exactly the problem: men in Ukraine are often primitive machos. They want to dominate their wives. They love alcohol. Sometimes an Ukrainian man abuses his woman. Not because he is a bad person. But the vodka clouds his mind.

Many women from Ukraine hate this life. They would like to have a man who treats them cordially and with love. So many Ukrainian girls go on the Internet. It is not difficult to find and meet them. This girls and ladies are looking for a good partner from England, Germany, Canada, Italy, Norway or from the USA.

Ukraine women seek a man who guarantees a stable life. They want a happy family, good friends and a warm atmosphere. Some ladies want to take care for the home. Others want to work. In order to increase family income.


Meet sexy ladies from Ukraine in webcam chat


Meet women from Ukraine – but how?
There are different possibilities. You can spend a cheap vacation on the Black Sea. Or you can travel to Kiev. In both cases your success depends on chance. You have not much time in these places. You have to fly back after 2 weeks.

If you want to start your partner search in East Europe without time pressure: then you look best in the world-wide-web. With „Seek women from Ukraine“ or „Ukrainian singles girls“ you will find at Google dating agencies and international single sites. I will show you some now.

In my opinion, these two websites are the best to find Ukrainian women: UkraineDate and RussianCupid. There you can sign up for free. You can look at the women’s profiles. For writing a message to the singles from Eastern Europe, you have to spend a few dollar or British pound. Then you can meet so many ladies as you like. You can have a direct contact to the girls via webcam chat.

The dating service InterFriendship is also relatively cheap. The site is much more expensive than Russian Cupid and UkraineDate. Because this dating service offers not only the chance to meet Ukrainian women. This agency organises the meeting with the women in Kiev/ Ukraine. In a few days, you can meet several ladies there. Every day one or two, if you wish. What you will do with them at night, that’s your problem.

Holidays on the Black Sea
Mr. Putin has occupied the Crimea for Russia. But there still live nearly 50 percent Ukrainians. Meanwhile the situation has calmed down. Tourists can spend again sunny holidays on the Black Sea.

You will see there many attractive Ukrainian women. Pretty bikini beauties on the beach. In the evening, you will meet them in bars, discos and restaurants. Especially young Tartar women of the Yalta region look sexy and seductive.

Travel to Kiev
Another way to meet Ukrainian women: a trip to the capital of Ukraine. You find low cost flights from London to Kiev for 120 pound. Maybe not with Lufthansa. But with Wizz Air or Czech Airlines (via Prague). Or with British Airways or Ukraine International Airlines.

If you are attentive in the streets of Kiev, you will have some opportunities to speak and flirt with Ukrainian singles. With ladies who are not averse to marry a man from the West.

Meet Ukrainian on the Internet
That’s the most efficient way of partner search in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. You can also find singles from the EU countries Poland, Latvia and Slovakia. Some of these women live meanwhile in a Western European country or in North America.

I describe now the best online portals – where a man from the West has a wide choice of Ukrainian girls.


RussianCupid and Ukraine Date
RussianCupid and are single markets. Both portals operate similarly. I will confine myself on RussianCupid. At both dating sites a man will find thousands of female singles from Eastern Europe. There are women from Ukraine, from Russia, Belarus, Poland and the Baltic States.

I have tested RussianCupid and UkraineDate. I have signed up for free. I filled out the questionnaire about my personal characteristics. And about my partner wishes. Then I can look at the profiles of the women.

Saturday noon: at all Cupid Media dating services 1.4 million singles are online. My dream woman should be from 27 to 43 years. I click on the country „Ukraine“. Then 1,000 female profile photos are displayed. That’s only a little part of all members logged in.


Dating site RussianCupid


I see the ads and images of the women. There is Olya (31) from Kiev. She looks for a pen friend or marriage. The man should be 28 to 48 years old. Olya is single. She does not drink and not smoke. She has no children.

She likes camping, nature, computer games, garden and music (New Age and pop). Unfortunately, she has not filled out the profile completely. Olya is beautiful. She will certainly get enough contacts to men.

On the left side of her profile, I see the interesting function „similar members“. Here RussianCupid shows Ukraine women with similar properties as Olya has.

If I want to write to a lady: I need a premium membership at RussianCupid. That costs 8 British pound or 11 US dollar per month. Then I may invite women who are online to the chat. Also with webcam. I can send messages. That’s only useful if the girl speaks a little English. Or if you speak Russian language. That would be perfect.

Conclusion to RussianCupid and UkraineDate
Due to the low prices and wide selection of women from Ukraine and Russia, it is a good dating website. The only thing that can make problems: the language skills. As free member, I have a look to all profiles of the women. I can check the photos and see which ladies are interesting for my partner search.


Here more information about another
single site with Ukrainian and Russian women


Other east-west dating sites
I would like to mention the dating services Privet-VIP. Before you can start the search for Ukraine women there, you have to fill out a test sheet with your personal characteristics. Unfortunately, no costs are shown on Privet-VIP. That’s a disadvantage. But they offer a private chat – what is unusual for pure marriage agencies.

Other dating sites where you meet ladies from Ukraine
and from countries in East Europe

  • Mordinson
  • Dating-ukraine-net
  • Oksana
  • InterFriendship
  • (a pure marriage service)
  • GoDateNow
  • BrightBrides

Except of these sites have not convinced me. Either too few women are registered. Or the price-performance ratio is not good.


How are Ukrainian women?

There are many reasons why a girl from Kiev or Odessa can be a perfect partner for a man from the West. It is not just about beauty and sex appeal. In contrast to women from the West, the Ukrainian is not so emancipated and complicated.

Maybe you know this: you want to have a woman from England or Scotland for bed: First you have to pass a test with many points. 1.000 things have to be at least 1.000-percent perfect for the lady. Otherwise you have no chance for kissing and sex.

Nothing is good enough for her. You should be a superman. Every morning you should bring her the breakfast to bed. You must take „the stars from the sky“ for her. Most women in the West are very demanding, stressful and exhausting.

How pleasant and relaxing, however, the nature of the women from Ukraine is. By their hard living conditions they know what is really important in a marriage. Not that the toothbrush lies left or right on the washbasin. But that two partners feel connected. That there is a basis of trust. They want to have a common future. They don’t scrutinize the partnership every day with a critical view.

Traditional relationship with an Ukrainian woman
In western countries, girls already surpass men in many areas. For Ukrainian women however it’s clear: the man is the boss in the family. That does not mean that they subordinate spineless. But the most important decisions are taken by him.

The ladies from Ukraine have a traditional attitude – compared with Europe. This also means: the man should not treat her like a fellow. But like a gentleman. Ukrainian women love helpful men. Well dressed, polite, with good manners.

If you make compliments to a woman in London, Boston or Edinburgh, you will often see a pitying smile. A Ukrainian woman, however, will be glad if you praise her sexy beauty or her pleasant smile. Victoria, Oxana and Yulia are more feminine than girls in Europe or North America. Many men appreciate this.

Dilemma in jobs
Ladies from Kiev, Odessa, Lviv and Donetsk are not only beautiful and slinky. Many of them are good educated. Many have studied at university. Formerly that was easy in Ukraine.

But the weak economy gives only few chances for academic women to find a qualified job that corresponds to their education. Normally men are preferred in the recruitment of staff. Ukraine is a macho society. Just like Belarus and Putin’s Russia.

She’s intelligent, she’s clever. But what for? She cannot use her skills and qualifications to find a satisfying work. Or to have a good salary.

Many women from Ukraine are treated by her husband almost like a slave. He shows her who is the chief. Sometimes even with his fists. In the evening, he drinks vodka when watching TV. The women must take care for household, children, bills and appointments for the next day.

Most women of Ukraine bear this fate. They got used to it. They have no courage to break out. But other women look for alternatives.

On the Internet, we can get to know people from around the world. So unhappy Ukrainian women seek foreign men on special East-West dating services. They want to find a better partner.

More women than men in Ukraine
As in all the countries of the former Soviet Union, in Ukraine live significantly more women than men. For a lady over 30 or 35 years, this has bad consequences.

If she doesn’t prefer a separation because of mistreatment, then the husband often makes the first step. He goes to the lawyer to apply for a divorce. Because he has found a young sexy girl of 25 years. Due to the woman surplus of 10 to 15 percent that’s relatively easy for a 40-year-old man. Or he has parallel to his wife a young sweetheart.

The divorce rate in Ukraine is high. Many women over 35 are alone. Only the most attractive might still have a chance to find a new husband. Probably he will be much older than her. But the age of a man is anyway not the main problem. Many ladies accept an experienced life partner.

If an Ukrainian woman starts a relationship with an older man: why not to go the best way? Looking for a man with better qualities as usual in Ukraine. Of course this also includes financial circumstances.

Above all, women from Kiev, Mariupol, Kherson and Poltava want a reliable man. A guy with a good heart. Who will not cheat or beat her. He should care for his family. He should handle his darling with love. And with the respect that every woman in the world can expect.


Travel to the Ukraine –
Date with a single women in Kiev


Why Ukraine women seek a partner from the West?

Good reputation
Some ladies have a girlfriend who has been married with an English, Scot or American. Therefore, they know how these guys are. The good reputation of western men gives them a good chance for finding a single lady in Ukraine. They regard a woman as an equal partner. And they offer a safe life.

What else do Ukrainian girls appreciate with men from the West? After work, they help in the kitchen – instead of to be served on the TV. In bed they don’t treat her wife like a cheap whore. During sex they show fantasy. A man from the West feels responsible. Not only for the partner. But also for children’s education. Most Ukrainian men don’t have these virtues.

Financial aspects and job search as motivation
Many divorced women from Ukraine hope to meet a man from the West for emotional reasons. They want to be loved and to have good sex. But there are also financial reasons. They don’t really need a rich snob with BMW, Porsche or Jaguar. But a certain financial security.

Of course, many young women like luxury like a comfortable house, travels, diamonds and swimming pool. That’s normal. Mature women (over 35) from Ukraine are wiser and forward looking. They want to live in a country where they can work – In a job corresponding to their education. For example as a pediatrician, dentist or teacher.

The Ukrainian comes to the West. First she has to learn the language of the country. She attends courses and seminars. Where her qualifications from Ukraine are adjusted to the level of the new home. Usually that’s no problem. Soon she will be able to work here.

What Ukraine women think about the age difference?
Despite of their beauty, they have a quite liberal attitude to the age of the partner. The modern women from Manchester, Rome, Washington D.C., Sidney or Cape Town only accept a man in the same age or even younger. This idea doesn’t play any role for a lady from Ukraine.

On the contrary: with an experienced man, she feels more secure than with a young boy. So it’s no problem, if you as a 45-year-old man write on the Internet a letter to a beautiful girl – 30-years young, for example. A difference of 15 years is absolutely in limit.


Life partner from Poland
An option for a man from the West?


How can a relationship with an Ukrainian women fail?

Unrealistic expectations of young ladies
Some bi-national marriages are happy, others are not so good. The reasons may come from misunderstandings and different mentalities. Especially young women (just over 20) believe that the western world is like a paradise.

They want to marry a man with a red Ferrari. A great guy who pampers her with credit cards. Who buys her golden diamonds. Who travels with her 4 times a year to the Caribbean. In his house there are sauna, whirlpool and tennis court. She has not to work. But she enjoys a wonderful, easy life.

Most men cannot satisfy such unrealistic illusions. If you meet a young Ukrainian on the Internet, you should describe your life in a realistic way. Take her away the utopian dreams of the Golden West. Show her the advantages of living in England, Australia or Luxembourg. But also show her the limits. Tell the girl that people have to work hard for prosperity.

Ukraine Women with life experience
An Ukrainian woman over 35 will certainly have realistic expectations. She knows how life is. She will attach less importance on luxury. Money does not play a crucial role for her. She is interested in a long-termed partnership, with a serious and loving man.

A mature woman from Ukraine is pride. First a man has to win her respect, her sympathy and her love. Why should she give up parents, friends and home for an unworthy man?

With an honest and open character, a man from Western Europe has a good chance to win her heart. It’s not necessary to be a rich man. It is enough when you – as normal worker or office employee – convince the Ukraine women of a good future in the West.

Maybe she already had met visitors in Kiev, 2 or 3 times. Guys who were a disappointment for her. So she will be careful now. It is not an easy game for a man. But there is a good chance to find a dream woman at East-West dating services.


Meet online and travel to Ukraine
Maybe there are naive men who pack the bags just after the first conversation in the chat. They travel immediately to Kiev. But that’s nonsense. A man should first get to know the Ukrainian beauty as good as possible. That means: you will meet her often in the chat. For example at RussianCupid or UkraineDate.

You tell her about your life, about leisure activities, about daily experiences and stories. You describe your dreams and ideas for the future. She does the same. So you can find out, if the lady from Ukraine could possibly be your new life partner.

Test many contacts
If you initially have met the wrong woman on the Internet: that’s no disaster. You will contact many girls. Because the opportunities at the online dating sites RussianCupid and UkraineDate are enormous. You seek for a certain time. Till you have found a suitable and sympathetic woman from Ukraine.

Meet in Skype
It would be certainly a good idea to invite the girl to a Skype session. Absolutely with webcam. So you see her face. You already know the pictures of the lady from the contact site. But what does that mean? It’s better to go the safe way: demand a Skype conversation with video function.

If she has no cam, send her one. Or send her 30 British pound (US-dollar) by Western Union. That are peanuts – compared to what you would pay for nothing: if you would meet a woman with an unattractive face at the airport of Kiev.

Travel to Ukraine
It’s pretty easy. You don’t need a visa. Only a passport or an identity card. You book a cheap flight in the travel agency. Or you have a look at Internet platforms for cheap flights to Kiev/ Ukraine. Of course, you must clarify in advance that your new girlfriend has some free days. And where you will sleep in Kiev: hotel, private apartment and so on.

She can make some suggestions for this on Skype. Perhaps there are cheaper options than a hotel room directly in Kiev. In other cities as Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Vinnitsa, Chernivtsi, Nikolayev and Zhitomir it’s anyway cheap.

Beware of dubious scam offers or spamming love mails
If you notice while chatting at a dating site or in emails: the lady speaks again and again of money and financial problems. Then you should be careful. Ask her questions. It’s not excluded that this Ukrainian lady is a cheater.

Scammers are all over the world. Especially on the Internet. A healthy skepticism should be your companion in finding a partner. I would never transfer money to an unknown person – except for a webcam. Not even if the woman says she is in love with you. Or if she makes you crazy on Skype with her feminine charms.

Above all you should be suspicious if a girl falls very quickly in love with you. Especially young women in the early 20s tend to lose their heart to a man from the West within a few seconds.

The young girl writes how great she finds your images. That you are exactly the man she is looking for. She is so sad and lonely. You get one love letter after another.

Falling in love online: how should this work? It’s possible when you will see her later in reality. You have to take enough time for your online dating. Again and again you should write, phone and meet on Skype.

Cheater women will not have patience enough. They will finish the contact. In order to look for another victim or naive guy.


So you men from English-speaking countries:
There are many possibilities to get to know Ukraine women. But no way is easier and more convenient than using a single site on the Internet. Many fantastic beautiful women live there in Ukraine. Many of them would be glad to find and to marry a good man from the West.

Nevertheless, you should be realistic in partner search. Pick up one of the beautiful women. She may be quiet a little more attractive than you. That is perfect. But the difference should not be extremely big.