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Attractive women from Eastern Europe looking for a man

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Beautiful Russian women – looking for a foreign man

Sexy Russian and Polish women live in video chat. With RussianCupid you can start your dating. Chat with the ladies and get to know them directly on the Internet

Test of the dating at RussianCupid
This website allows you to contact people in almost all European countries. The main focus: women from Eastern Europe: From Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and the Baltic States.

All these women were born in Eastern Europe. Some of them live already in countries like England, Germany or France. Some even in the whole world. Also in English-speaking countries like South Africa, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

RussianCupid is absolutely not an anonymous partner agency for contacts to Eastern Europe. But it is a pure dating site for a private and direct getting to know. Here everybody can start his own dating. Without any assistance from outside. Women and man can find singles for online friendship and chat conversation. Or even a partner for marriage, for a common future.

At RussianCupid you can search independently for sexy Russian women, Polish women and Ukrainian. The only one you have to do: you have to sign up for free. After this you have the chance to see many thousands of women profiles from the East.

In the video chat you can later speak with the women. It is very comfortable to talk with them live: face to face and eye to eye.

Men from Great Britain, USA, Germany, Australia and Canada are very popular with these single-girls. Because normally they are reliable men. They respect a woman. And most of them have a better character than Russian guys. Who don’t always treat their wife or girlfriend as we do it in the Western world.

Meet woman from Eastern Europe on the Internet and marry her
Maybe you ask me now: do all girls at RussianCupid really want to get married? In fact, so it is. I have made this experience when I tested this dating site intensively. But you must find it out the intensions of the women from case to case. By writing and communicating with them.

RussianCupid exists already for many years. In this dating site for Eastern Europe in all 600.000 people have registered. All Cupid sites together have 30 million singles. Maybe you have heard website names like this: ThaiCupid, LatinAmericanCupid, FilipinoCupid and UkraineDate. They all are Cupid Media dating sites.


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Thousands pretty Russian and Eastern European women –
Here constantly online in the chat


Get to know pretty girls from Russia


Target group of the East-West dating site
In RussianCupid Western men try to find beautiful and sexy women from Russia. And generally from Eastern European countries. Ladies who are still living in their homeland. Or already some years in foreign countries.

Many women from Eastern Europa write and speak the English language. Especially the younger people. And those in the European Union: Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and in the Baltic States. But also in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. In the profiles you can read more about their language skills.


Registration for dating
Now I will create my free account at RussianCupid. If you are living in an English-speaking country: So you choose first your language on the top of the homepage. For the dating site is available in many languages all around the world.

Questions and profile
I fill out a questionnaire. That’s the basis for my dating profile. These questions ask for general information about my person. About my lifestyle. If I drink and smoke. About my job, my children, my marital status (single or not) and my interests. My favorite films and books. And what I expect from my future darling.

Then RussianCupid asks me for my nationality, my language skills and my education. This takes a certain time. Let’s say 10 or 15 minutes.

Finally I describe the characteristics of my ideal super girl. I click on different things which are important for me. I have also the chance for a description in my own words. Not only by clicking. Of course, I also upload 2 or 3 pictures. Because the women from Russia want to see my appearance and my face.

I fill out everything truthfully. My photos should not be older than 3 years maximum.

Later I can change my search criteria at any time: On the homepage of RussianCupid I can click on „Change Partners Criteria“. When I have done this: the dating site will give me now other partner offers from the women gallery. Because my claims have changed. Always such ladies who match well to my personal search criteria.

Verification of my person
I can upload a scanned document (identity card, driver’s license) from my computer. This will identify me exactly as this person other people can see in my profile. The women from Russia and Eastern Europe will see this document. This action will be good for my credibility. They see now: this man is no fake, but a real interested person.


Free account of RussianCupid
First I sign in, fill out the questionnaire and create my profile. This is the basis for my dating.

Then I see immediately the profiles of the woman from Russia and Eastern Europe. I open such an advertisement: In the left margin of the site, RussianCupid shows me now images of woman with similar profiles. I find this function quite useful.

Search criteria for Russian women
I can complete and change the search criteria (for my desired partner) anytime. According to my special criteria RussianCupid proposes now dream women. It compares my wishes with the characteristics of the ladies. And shows me the best matching profiles.

But dating at RussianCupid is not only a passive operation. You can also look for a lady actively. In the search field you click on your search criteria: Country, age, body type, language and so on. So you will find the desired profiles. And you can watch the pictures of the women.

Country search: If you live in the USA, so it is comfortable to search first in your own land. And maybe later in Russia or Eastern Europe.

Example: a woman from Latvia
I want to test now my chances in free account. I see the profile of Inga (33 years). She lives in Riga, the capital of Latvia. Inga is a pretty woman. Long black hair, dreamy eyes and a friendly smile. In her profile she writes: I would like to find a man for a stable relationship.

Inga is alone. She wants to finish her boring single life. Language skills: she speaks English. That’s important! If she will find her love, she would be ready to live in another country. Inga from Riga has no children. Maybe she wants to have one. That and much more I read in her profile.

Ingas welcome-message: I have a good heart! Wow! I believe it, baby. She wants to find a man from America or Western Europe. A guy between 35 and 47 years. I click on „show interest“. She will see this at her next login. Now I try to send a message to Riga. But unfortunately it doesn’t work. RussianCupid says: you need a Premium account.

I add Inga to my favorites. But this is all I can do in the free account. Reading and a little clicking. The free membership is only useful to get a first impression about RussianCupid and the women here. It is not enough to contact somebody.

Women from Russia online
On the homepage top left, I can see how many Eastern European women are online at this moment. Wow, the number surprises me: 1,4 million people online. But that’s the sum of all Cupid Media sites. Not only of RussianCupid. In the evening we will have more than 2 million members logged in.

Okay, I click now on the number 1,4 million. RussianCupid shows me now a lot of sites. Profiles of women who are online now. Of course not all who are online. Only about 1.000 users who have logged in recently.

As a free member, I can read messages from paying members. I find my mailbox in the menu „email“.

In the free version I can add profiles to my favorite women. I see who’s interested in me. Who has clicked on „show interest“.

The search functions
As a free member, I can use all 4 search functions (in menu „search“)

The default search: Here you can make only few inputs. It works not very exactly.

The Advanced Search: Here you can click on a lot of criteria.

Search by member number: Here you simply type the membership number (profile number) of a woman.

Search by first name: You write a first name. If you look for a special name. Maybe yesterday you have met an Elena, Anna or Svetlana. And now you look for her profile via first name.

On the homepage you will find the point „popular search“: Here you can look for people near to your city or residence.

As a Platinum member I would have the chance to view such profiles, which have uploaded personal videos.


Dating with Russian brides


The paid full membership
Up to this point RussianCupid is an absolutely free dating website. If I want to write messages to a bride from Russia or Poland, or if I want to chat with them: Then I need a premium-membership in Gold or Platinum.

The functions of the Premium membership in Gold
Now I can start my real and actual dating.

I can communicate unlimited with paying members.

Non-paying members can read my messages.

I can read mails from free members.

People who are online: I can invite them to the chat.

At „lists“ I can watch the visitors of my profile.

I can see what women has added me to her favorites.

Prices for the Premium membership in Gold (September 2015)
1 month:       34,99 US dollar (24,99 British pound sterling)
3 months:     23.33 US dollar per month (16,66 British pound sterling p.m.)
12 months:   11.67 US dollar per month (8,33 British pound sterling p.m.)
If you come from another English speaking country: RussianCupid will show you the costs in your special currency.

Additional features of the Premium membership in Platinum
I can use the video chat. And so get to know my potential dream woman closely.

I can watch videos of the ladies – if a Polish or Russian girl has uploaded a short film to her profile.

I can make notes in any profile. This is private. The woman can not see this.

And I can use the translation service of RussianCupid. If I have contact to a girl who doesn’t speak English.

Prices for the Premium Membership in Platinum (September 2015)
1 month:       39.99 US dollar (29,98 British pound sterling)
3 months:     26.66 US dollar per month (19,99 British pound sterling p.m.)
12 months:   13.33 US dollar per month (10,00 British pound sterling p.m.)
If live in another English speaking country: RussianCupid will show you the costs in your own currency.

Where can we see the current prices for Gold and Platinum?
Above you must click on „Expand Now“. Then the costs are shown. If you click now on the button „Why choose Platinum membership?“: So you will see in the next window the functional differences between Standard membership (free), Gold and Platinum membership.


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Beautiful Russian women searching for a husband here


Special functions of the dating site

The video chat (webcam chat) of RussianCupid
For this you need the Platinum membership. It is a top opportunity for your dating. You can get to know a woman well. Long before a real meeting. Lots of Russian women are online. You can ask everybody directly to the chat: for writing or speaking.

The write chat (instant messenger)
After I have opened a profile (with „click to chat“), I can invite a lady to the write chat. For using the instant messenger, I need at least the membership in Gold.

Translation service of RussianCupid
It is able to translate emails. And also messages in the instant messenger. Of course it is not a perfect translation, but I can understand the content. To use this translator service, I need the membership in Platinum.

Travel information of RussianCupid
After logging in you can see on the homepage a very small blue circle with an „i“ inside it. Here you get travel information, visa information and so on – if you want to visit one of the beauties.

Help (FAQ)
can be found on the top of the homepage.


Cancel the membership
In your profile you can opt out of auto-renewal. So that your membership will come to an end automatically. If you forget to do this or if you don’t want this: then your membership is extended for a new period.


Conclusion of my dating site review
The video chat of RussianCupid is a absolute highlight. Apart from Eastern European woman itself, of course. A better way to get to know the favorite lady does not exist on the Internet. The possibility to put a video film to the profile is also top.

I was curious about this dating site. And so I have tested RussianCupid for one month, as a Platinum member. I had only a few problems with the functions. At the end I can say: it was my own stupid fault.

In my opinion RussianCupid is a very mature contact site. The operators of Cupid Media manage many dating services all around the world. And so they are experienced and professional.

When I had twice a little problem with the functions: I could contact the service of RussianCupid (see in the footer of the website).

I was a little annoyed about this: If I was not active on my computer for 10 minutes, then I was logged out. That’s not very fine.

The search functions of RussianCupid are top. What I like very much: already as free member I can use nearly all functions. In many other dating websites that’s limited.


How should you treat the women from Eastern Europe?
Many girls from Russia, Poland, Estonia and Hungary who are dating at RussianCupid, are looking for a man who loves and respects them. To whom they can look up.

Many men in Eastern Europe don’t seem to be attractive for the women. Often they drink to much vodka. Many of them live without any aims, ambitions, hopes and pleasure.

Nevertheless we should not have the fatal illusion that a man from the West can play the big boss or superman at RussianCupid. A guy who takes his money. And goes for shopping to the supermarket of beautiful woman. A man who briefly wags his wallet. And everything works automatically.

With this attitude you will not find your luck with the women from Eastern Europe. Russian brides are often pretty, feminine and sexy. Most of them are poor, but proud and self-conscious. You should not make the mistake to underestimate them.

Above all a woman from Eastern Europe loves the family. The children, the parents, brothers and sisters. And a man at her side who is a good friend, a caring husband and a tender lover. She has seen enough bad guys in her city. She will only leave her home and her friends, if she finds a guy who is worth for it.

Dating chances for men from USA, England, South Africa, Australia and Canada are excellent. Russian women, Polish women, and also the lovely Ukrainian girls appreciate especially the sense of responsibility with a man from the West.

At RussianCupid you have a good opportunity to find a woman for your life. Fortunately not so liberated as the ladies in West Europe and North America. Brides from Russia are famous for her female beauty and heartiness.

The singles of RussianCupid live in London, Berlin, Warsaw, Riga and Prague. In Moscow, Kiev and St. Petersburg. If you are lucky, so you will find them in your own country: In New York, Manchester, Los Angeles, Glasgow, Sidney, Toronto, Dublin or Cape Town. So I wish you a lot of fun and much success for your dating!


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