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Women from Latvia and Riga in Chat

Women from Latvia – beautiful, kind-hearted and naturally

Women from Latvia are among the most beautiful in East Europe. How can we meet a girl from Riga? And chat with her? How can you win her heart? Here some tips

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Today it’s relatively easy to find a lady from East Europe for a firm relationship. In the 1990s, it was much more complicated.

The Internet was just at the beginning. There were not yet dating websites for singles. The only option was: to contact a marriage institute for Eastern European countries.

So a man could get to know even in the 1990s women from the Baltic states Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. But at what price?


A dating agency for Eastern Europe has to meet its expenses. So a man from the West has to pay straightaway 2,000 British Pounds (US-dollars). Before he may write the first letter to women from Latvia.

A few years later, some dating services for Eastern Europe have established. At these portals, a man can search for a partner much cheaper. Here he finds girls from Latvia, Russia, Poland and Ukraine.

Instead to spend a lot of money for an uncertain success, you can test these dating services for free. If you like to contact later women from East Europe, you have to pay 10 to 20 Pounds (dollars) per month. It’s a bargain compared to the old-fashioned marriage websites.

You can click directly on the women’s profiles. You can write and chat with them. You can to get to know them calmly. Provided that you and the girl speak English or Russian.

But regarding women from Latvia – especially from Riga – that’s no problem today. They have learned English at school.

Single service for East-West contacts – my test
I have seeked at Google: which portal is probably the best for partner search or flirt contacts. Also from the aspect of price-performance ratio.

I think that RussianCupid is the portal with the best chances of success. All the others are clearly smaller. Most portals don’t show who is online at the moment. So a spontaneous chatting is not possible.

A few hours before, I have created a free account at RussianCupid. I have not taken great pains by this. I wrote only the most necessary information in my profile.

It was done in 5 to 7 minutes. After that I could already read the ads of women from Russia, Latvia and Ukraine for free.

I wanted to find out:
How many women from Latvia and other Eastern European countries are registered at this contact site? In the search settings, I have entered an age from 25 to 45 years.

Then RussianCupid has shown me: 1,000+ women from Latvia are registered. That’s not a very exactly number. It may be 1,100. But just as good 3,000. Here, I want a little more precision.

But even 1,000 profiles of this Baltic state are quite a lot. To that we have the ads of girls from Lithuania and Estonia. And from other EU countries: Poland (1,000+), Bulgaria (161), Romania (724). Hungary (49), Czech Republic (183) and Slovakia (31). And of course, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine – with hundreds of thousands women.


Sexy girls and women from East Europe


Latvia – the pearl on the Baltic Sea
Before I tell you details about the women from Riga and the experience report of Frank from Leeds: I give you some information about the country.

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Latvia gained independence. As well as in all countries of the Warsaw Pact, there was a great euphoria about the new freedom. But soon the people were disillusioned. For the economy was too weak in international competition. Many people became unemployed and hopeless.

In the late 1990s, the 3 Baltic states Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia had an economic miracle. This trend was reinforced by accession to the EU in 2004. In the same year the 3 states joined the NATO.

The financial crisis of 2010 brings Latvia to the brink of ruin: unemployment rises to 20 percent. The future prospects are gloomy. The country is currently living on foreign credits. There are very few jobs. The young generation emigrates or resigns.

Despite resistance in the population, the Euro was adopted in 2014. Maybe that will be deathblow to the competitiveness of the Latvian economy. Although the Baltic States are politically stable: economically, they had some setbacks.

Recently the Latvians see again anxiously to the east. The power-hungry Putin is frightening the people in East Europe.

50% of the population in Latvia have Russian roots. Idioticly they have no right to vote. They have poorer jobs and less money. The dissatisfaction among the Latvia-Russians is large. Putin could easily construct a reason for a military intervention. Only the NATO can prevent the occupation of Latvia.


Women from Riga and partner search
Also in the capital of Latvia every second citizen is a Russian. In Riga there live more women than men – as in all countries of the former Soviet Union.

In numbers: 316,000 men and 396,000 women (in 2011). The surplus of women of 56 : 44 percent is not quite as large as in Russia, Belarus or Ukraine. But it means for women from Latvia: There are not enough guys there to find a boyfriend or husband.

So many girls live perforce as a single. Many men are not fit for relationship. Because they love alcohol more than the ladies.

So it’s not surprising that many girls seek love and happiness abroad. Since the classical marriage agencies are too expensive, too stiff and anonymous: Latvians prefer the direct way at a dating website. For example at Russian Cupid or

You need 20 to 30 minutes to fill out the personal ad completely. You can specify whether you have children or wish a child. Which foreign languages you speak. You give information on your age, figure, religion, smoking and drinking habits.

If you want to be successful in such a dating service, you must upload pictures. Soon you will get some messages and friendship offers from women. Maybe also a direct invitation to the chat. Because new profiles are clearly emphasized at RussianCupid for a certain period.


How are the women from Latvia and Riga
They belong to the most beautiful girls in Eastern Europe. That’s also confirmed by tourists, who have visited the country on the Dvina river. Many girls have grown well and have blond hair.

With regard to the character, they differ quite significantly from the ladies in western countries. For the women from Latvia the words family, love, children and loyalty play an important role. A French, an English or American woman, aged 25 years, certainly smiles about this.

However, we must say that there are differences among women in Latvia. In the countryside, the „simple“ woman lives almost like 30 years ago. This means: compared to Riga relatively poor and modest. „Old-fashioned“ or „behind the moon“, you might say.

In the self-image of rural women the husband is still the head of the family. Maybe they have heard the word „emancipation“ on television. But it’s not fully accepted in rural areas.

In cosmopolitan Riga it looks different. The media have a strong presence here. The girls know what is happening in the world. They see tourists from West Europe. And how naturally a woman from Germany, for example, directs and patronises her husband.

That’s not without consequences. The women in Riga are on the way to emancipation. But we may doubt, if men will ever be the „weak sex“ in Latvia – as in the West.

By joining the EU, women from Latvia may live and work everywhere in Europe. There is no longer a reason to look for a man from the West – who marries her and gives her a new passport. They may travel to Western Europe. And – with a little luck – directly find a partner and get married. If there is an opportunity.

Nevertheless, it must be said: the girls from Latvia who work abroad, are clearly a minority. Most remain in the country. There are too few men. So one or the other starts partner search on the Internet.

Often with success. Because many singles and divorced men from English-speaking countries, France or Germany have enough of the emancipation behaviour of the women in their homeland.

Julia (37) from Daugavpils writes in her profile
Hello. I want to find a friend from England, Denmark or Norway. For friendship or an exchange of letters. Furthermore, I want to meet a good man for starting a family.

Laura (32) from Riga
I want to meet a serious, intelligent man. To create a happy family. I don’t think that it’s possible to write exactly what I am looking for. Love, understanding and respect are the concepts which make full relations.

I dream about full relations. I dream about the one who will make my small world bright. The one who will make my life different. I believe that chemistry is important. When we get to know each other and meet, we will know if we are suited.

I prefer to keep an open mind. I look for the man with good English. He doesn’t smoke and drink much. A guy with good manners. Please no arab men, they should have Muslim wives, sorry.

Please let us exchange basic information on this website RussianCupid. Then speak on the phone. Thank you for understanding and reading my profile to the end.

And Jelena (43) very short:
I am a Russian woman from Riga. Looking for a good man and lover.


Love story of Frank and Marina
I have found on the Internet an experience report about partner search in Latvia. On a forum, where it comes to women from Eastern Europe, Frank (35) from Leeds (England) writes about his experiences:

„My first impression of the dating site RussianCupid was quite good. Many women from Latvia look pretty and sexy. But others not. Just as in real life. If I would see there only models, I would certainly not have spent money. I am not a fool.

But how should I start now? First I have looked at the members that are currently online. So I will have fastest contacts. Then I watched the profiles of the women.

At the 4th or 5th profile, I came to Marina (30) from Riga. She speaks English. I wanted to test that by writing a message. Hi, I’m Frank from England … It didn’t take a long time, as she wrote back. She thanks for my email. And agrees that we meet in the chat. To write directly. The conversation there was a bit difficult. Because her English is not so good.

We met every second evening for chatting. We told about our life and our plans. Soon we spoke about topics as women, men and dating. Marina is certainly not an ugly girl. But she says she has only little luck with men at the single site RussianCupid.

The communication in the chat is not bad. But a bit inconvenient. I wanted to see her face in kind. Then I suggested that we meet on Skype. We did that at the next weekend – when we have more time for chatting. I enjoyed it to talk to her.

Marina was a bit reluctant. She said: how can I know if you are not married or only joking. It took a few days till I could convince her. We talked on Skype every Wednesday and every Sunday. At work, I always was looking forward to the next meeting with my Latvian girlfriend.

After some time I realized that Marina from Riga is a very friendly woman. I asked her whether all girls from Latvia are like that. She laughed. And said she doesn’t know that.

She only knows that the girls are very beautiful in Riga. And that there is a great competition among women – if they want to find a boyfriend or husband. Many younger men went to England and Norway, to make money. They are missing on the Latvian marriage market.

Then I had the idea that I could visit Marina. I still had remaining leave. I found a cheap flight to Riga on the Internet. Chatting on Skype, we made plans for my stay in Latvia.

I wanted to stay for 4 days. That must be enough. Marina picked me up at the airport. We drove to her apartment on the outskirts. She lives alone. The parents have a farm in the countryside.

I like Latvia quite well. Every day we went to the city of Riga. She showed me many interesting buildings and places in the historic old town. We walked by the sea. We had a picnic. Every day we came a little closer to each other.

We slept separately. I didn’t want that she thinks I’m a sex tourist. Like so many Englishman. Every weekend they fly to Riga. To have sex adventures with several women. But I slept on the sofa. At farewell at the airport, I have embraced Marina very tightly. My girl was weeping.

What can I say: I was back in Leeds. We continued chatting for some weeks. Since we were both in love, we thought about the future. Marina says, she doesn’t need to live in Riga. She has no children. As a nurse, she can find a job anywhere. Latvia is not so far from England. Sometimes she will visit the parents. So Marina has packed the suitcase. And moved to Leeds.

That was one year ago. I am happy that I have found her on this Russian single site. Otherwise I would still be alone.

I have sometimes problems with English women. They have claims and wishes like in a fairy world. They want to find at least the superman. I am very tired of this.

Marina didn’t have much experience with men. I noticed it even in bed. She was a bit shy at the beginning. But I liked this. My parents were delighted with the pleasant nature of my girlfriend.

We are living together now for 12 months. We don’t yet think about wedding. First Marina has to settle in – also in her new job. Then we’ll see what will happen. She wants to stay definitely here with me.

She likes England. Sometimes she has a bit of homesickness: for Latvia, for mother and father. I bought a laptop for the parents. Marina can speak with them at Skype. It was not easy to teach parents the handling of the computer.

Yes, that’s my little love story. I am very curious how it will go on.“


Single women from Ukraine


Travel to a Baltic country
If a man from England wants to travel cheaply to Riga: he has to find a low cost airline. The cheapest offer I’ve seen on the Internet: With Ryanair from London to Riga for 32 British Pounds. The flight from New York to Riga is of course considerably more expensive: total price there and back = 700 dollars.

Riga owes the nickname „Paris of the East“ to it’s elegance. There are plenty of historical buildings, boulevards, bars and pubs.

On the streets, you see Eastern European beauties with blond hair and sexy legs – in silk stockings and high-heels. An erotic delectation for the eyes and senses of a man.

It doesn’t take much to have a flirt on the streets of Riga. Latvian girls are open. Of course, you must not start too primitive. And not create the impression that you want sex at once.

In nightclubs you can enjoy the nightlife of Riga. The same as in Vilnius (Lithuania) and Tallinn (Estonia). The music scene of the former Hanseatic city on the Baltic Sea is presentable.

In the seaside resort of Jurmala you can swim, sunbathe or drive a motorboat. Culturally interested tourists enjoy in the multicultural Riga interesting architectural buildings from Middle Ages and the last centuries.

Latvia is scenic. There are many forest areas, lakes, idyllic beaches and bays. Very clean and not so full like the holiday resorts in Spain and Italy.


International partner search
Find beautiful women from all over the world


Latvian women living in Western Europe
At the love site RussianCupid, there are also Baltic girls who live in the UK. The easiest way to find a Latvian girlfriend is in your homeland. First you should select your own country for your partner search online. Later you can seek in Latvia itself. Riga is only 2,5 flight hours from London or Glasgow.


So you men from everywhere, that’s my little visit to Latvia. Maybe you just try to get to know a women from Riga in the chat of a single site.

You should be prudent. Although the girls live in relatively modest circumstances: they are certainly not stupid. Many Latvian ladies have qualities you don’t find so often with western women.

I have one more request:
Perhaps one of you can write to me about personal experiences. That would be very interesting for me. And for the readers of my blog. Then I could write a short article about this issue. You find my email address in the imprint above. Thank you very much!