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Women from Eastern Europe: communication on the Internet

Direct communication with Russian women

It’s easy to meet women from Eastern Europe on the Internet. Some dating services offer a direct communication. Here my tips for the dating in the East

Attractive blond woman from Eastern Europe looking for loveInternet and globalization make the world to a village. Nowadays many people seek a partner in foreign countries.

For men from the West primarily women from Eastern Europe and Asia are interesting. East-West dating services offer opportunities for communication of what nobody dreamt of 25 years ago.

Not only losers search for love and happiness in Eastern Europe. Many men seek with women from Russia or Ukraine a property which women from western countries have no longer: naturalness.


In this article I will show the way from the first contact over the communication to the first date and wedding.


Description of women from East Europe

Character of the ladies
Women from Russia and Ukraine have still a traditional attitude – compared with the girls in Western Europe. We can see this on their appearance. The women from the East wear dresses instead of trousers. Beautiful shoes or boots, bright red lips, makeup and golden rings.

Compared to our women, they look more female and sexy. The motto „women are the better men or stronger than men“ – you can forget it in Eastern Europe. Apart from a few hundred career women in Moscow, Kiev, Warsaw and St. Petersburg.

The traditional mindset of Russian women includes: They expect that the man is a cavalier. He helps her to put on the coat. He holds the door open for her. He holds her hand when she gets of the bus or train. He puts the chair in a comfortable position before she sits down. That’s gentleman-like and not very difficult.

Russian and Ukrainian women are famous for their attractiveness. You see that in the pictures at online dating services. But also with sportswomen on television.

Girls from Russia have many characteristics that differ clearly from women in the West. For an Eastern European lady the most important in life is the family. She loves children. She wants to be a good spouse for her man. She manages household and garden. She works, if it’s possible. To support the family financially.

Women from Eastern Europe are on average more grateful than women in the West. She is happy as a child, when you bring her a gift on Valentine’s Day or birthday. That has not to be something special. A bouquet of roses, chocolate or an interesting book are enough. It must only come from heart.

In communication with women from East Europe it’s striking how modest and friendly they are. Of course, these characteristics are closely associated with their poverty. Only people who live in prosperity can afford showing off and hubris.


Flirt with women at UkraineDate


What imaginations have Eastern European women from the West?
Why do many women from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus search for a man abroad? Actually they don’t see a guy from Germany or England as superman. But compared with many fellows in their country they are it. Many Russians mistreat their woman. The fine ladies in the West never would tolerate this.

Men from France, Great Britain, Italy and Austria treat a woman with respect. They work, they take care of the family. Instead of drinking beer in the pub, they communicate in the evening with the wife. The play with children. They even help with housework.

Only a small percentage of the men in the West has alcohol problems. In the opinion of women from East Europe, life in the West offers much more continuity and security as in Russia, Ukraine, Poland or Belarus.

Eastern Europe needs more men. Russia has 135 million inhabitants. There are 10 million more women than men. Curiously more female than male babies are born. The men in Eastern Europe die statistically very early: by alcohol consumption and stupid behaviors. The suicide rate among Russians is relatively high.

That means: statistically, not every Russian woman can have a husband or friend. If she doesn’t want to be alone, she has to look for a partner on the Internet – especially divorced women over 35 years.

In Ukraine and Russia, there is a certain rivalry between women. The aim is to get a good or mediocre man. That’s the reason why the women make themselves beautiful as they would go to a gala event. Instead to the dentist or to the market hall.

Life in Russia is hard – for men and for women. Apart from the new rich people and a thin middle class in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the entire population lives in poverty. The earnings are low.

Often there are no jobs. Putin’s state doesn’t pay unemployment benefit. The future prospects for young people are modest. So it’s no wonder that many women from Eastern Europe start to search on the Internet for men who promise a better life.

Sexuality of the women from Eastern Europe
Concerning sex, Russian women are not so free as the girls in western countries. On television and in print media, this issue not so proclaimed as with us. On the front pages of magazines, there are no pictures no half-naked women. Anything around sex takes place in the bedroom at home.

A woman from Russia doesn’t speak with a stranger about sex. A foreign man feels this when communicating with her. Of course, these girls love sex at least as well as in other countries. But they don’t talk about it. Especially not with a foreigner who visits them for the first time.

It will take for some time till a woman from East Europe is ready for tenderness and kissing. You should not try it in public – as used to do with your last girlfriend.

You should restrain yourself with sexual words when getting to know a girl on a dating service. Otherwise she might think, your only interest is sex and fucking.

You can give up your restraint after the wedding. Men who have a Russian wife, write frankly in special internet forums: In terms of sex in marriage, there are no differences between women from Russia and West Europe.


Difference between dating service and dating agency
Where do we have the best contact chances? I want to examine this question now.

There is a big number of online dating services and partner agencies – allowing to contact women from Eastern Europe: Generation Love, RussianCupid, Truelove, UkraineDate, InterFriendship, And dozens more.

But there are big differences. I suppose you don’t want to invest 2,500 US-dollar or British Pound for an uncertain success. That’s the price for traditional dating agencies. You must pay this money in advance.

Not only the money is crucial. But also the possibilities for communication. At marriage sites a man can only send letters there and back. Nothing else.

In the dating sites however you can chat directly with a new girlfriend. If you are both online, of course. Moreover, these dating services cost only a few money – compared to the relatively anonymous dating agencies.

How do dating websites for Eastern Europe work? After free registration you have to create an attractive profile. Please fill it out honestly and in details. Don’t cheat at your age, height and weight. That’s absolutely not necessary with Russian women.

If you want to win the heart of a lady, you need some good pictures in your advertisement. The more the better. Don’t wear a hat or sunglasses. So you look like a mafia boss or a clown. Your face should be clearly visible. Your clothes should be presentable. Because women from Eastern Europe are a little bit conservative.

Now you look at the women’s profiles. And you start to send messages. You can write her that you are single. Don’t forget to tell her what kind of partner or relationship you are looking for.


The search in the East-West dating services

Attitude towards women from Eastern Europe
Russian girls are often poor, but not submissive. If you think you can buy her love: you will feel her temper. The dating in Eastern Europe doesn’t work in that way.

The ladies have certain ideas how a partner and the future life should be. The woman will not like it when she notices in communication: this fool wants to buy me like some goods at Ikea.

A man should not be stingy. But as well not boast with his richness. You shouldn’t regard the women as an easy victim. Which is focused on your money.

Verbal communication
If you look at the women’s profiles on dating sites, please pay attention to the English skills. Every second lady speaks English or understands it at least. Especially the young generation.

Theoretically, the Internet communication could work with an electronic translation program (translator). But forget it! How should feelings develop via an interpreter software? It’s necessary that your girl speaks a little English.

If you want to avoid a trip to Russia: In most single sites you can find women with Eastern European roots, but living in your country.

Expectations when searching a wife in Eastern Europe
The following fact is true for national and international online dating. You are looking at women’s profiles. Many nice photos there. At the end you feel like in a paradise of love. You might think: you only need to grab a pretty girl. To let pamper you by a young sexy beauty. But that’s an illusion. Your brain has got high by the pictures.

Please try to remain realistic. You will not be successful in dating if you, an average attractive man, write to a super hot woman – with wonderful tits and a face like an angel. You will have no chance with ladies who look as sexy as a model or movie star. Not even if she is a very poor girl.

You better try to find women on your attractiveness level or a little higher. Look at the mirror. Have a look at your appearance. And be honest to yourself. A woman from Eastern Europe may be a little more attractive than you. Let’s say 15 to 20 percent. But not more.

Dating tips
It’s useless to have contact to 30 women at the same time. The communication will be too superficial. After you have done job and housework, you haven’t enough time to chat and write with so many people.

Less is much more. In the beginning you can write to 15 women. Maybe 10 or 12 ladies will answer. 15 are more than enough. After a few days you should make a selection. You concentrate yourself for example on 5 really good contacts. If you want too much, you will only have disappointments.

Age difference
Men who have experiences with the partner search in Eastern Europe, write on the Internet something like that: There is no problem if he is 10 years older than the girl. Even 15 years might be good. For Russian women other things are more important in dating services.

Nevertheless, the age difference should be kept within certain limits. Otherwise the failure of a relationship is probably. If the men and the women are in middle age (30 to 45 years): It’s not so dangerous. If you are 40 and the girl is 18 years: she has completely different interests like you. Every Saturday she wants dance in disco and much action. 40 and 25 years or 50 and 35 years is okay.

Professional Status
Perhaps you’ve heard that many Russian women have a good education. Even an university degree. But a good education doesn’t automatically mean that someone has an according job. Because the states around Putin’s Russia are men societies.

A Russian female doctor, an Ukrainian lawyer or a pharmacist from Warsaw will not refuse the contact wish of a simple office worker from England. Everything is possible – if you write with friendly words. If you make a serious, humorous and responsible impression. If the age difference is not more than 15 years.

To choose many women or only one?
Maybe one day you will travel to East Europe. To meet a woman from the Internet. For example in Kiev, Wroclaw, Riga, Moscow, Prague, Tallinn or Kaunas. But why only one woman? The flight and hotel cost a lot of money. Why should you trust that you will like this one special woman? Isn’t it too risky?

Therefore it’s advisable that you meet many ladies on your travel – on different days. Let’s say one, two or even three every day. So you have a big choice of women. The chances of a successful trip will rise. As well your chances of your partner search.

It’s not very necessary. But please think about this. Maybe you are so much in love with a woman you met in Skype, that you only want to see her.

In any case it’s better to have several contacts on a contact site. After a few emails you reflect what the best 5 or 6 women are. You can tell these girls friendly but clearly: I will meet several women in your city. Not only you. So everything is clear from the beginning. The women are not so naive to think you would fly from England to Ukraine just because one lady.

It’s ideal if the selected women all live in the same city. Or in a circle of 100 miles. If you travel to Ukraine: the ladies come to the capital. You are together for a few hours. It’s better to avoid long distances.


Start of Internet communication – your first email

Tips for the first message
Please read the woman’s profile attentively. This is very important. What does she write about living conditions and her partner search? Does she speak English? Does she have children? Does she want to have more children in the future? Which books and movies does she like? How are her pictures? You can use all these information for the content of your first email.

First you write a few words about yourself. It should sound interesting. Describe why this woman or her profile has attracted your attention. These might include a little compliment about her beauty.

Then you give her information about your person. Don’t forget to say that you are single and lonely. How would you describe your character? What’s your job? What are you doing in free time? What are your hobbies?

That’s more than enough for the beginning. I only want to give you some ideas for communication. The first message to a woman from Eastern Europe should be short. Please remember: she might understand English poorly. It may take 3 hours till she has read and understood a long letter. Maybe with the help of a dictionary. So it’s better to write only a few sentences at the first time.

In the next emails, you may write about other issues: how do you imagine the relationship with an Eastern European woman? Which priorities and values do you have in life? What is particularly important to you? How do you think about children, sports, love, holidays and career? And please don’t forget: you always write with humor and in a friendly way. Women from the East want to have a funny and polite man.

You can ask the woman some questions. For example about her language skills. Or what kind of man she is looking for. About her city. Where she spends vacation. By your questions, she will have some ideas what to write in her next letter.

Especially in the first email you should not write the entire story of life. Please don’t play the rich man from the West. I suppose she will not like this. It’s not bad if you write with some fun and vitality. Don’t forget at the end the sentence: I look forward to your answer.

I have described here a lot of ideas. But the first message should be short. Later you will have enough opportunities to communicate with your girlfriend.

Ideas for the second and third email
You should make clear that you seek seriously a new love. Not a bed girl and not cleaning lady for your house. Write something about your work. That you have a safe job. That you are able to support a wife and children. That’s very popular with women from poor countries East Europe.

Give her always small compliments. About the new pictures in the profile. About the last nice letter. Write about things in your everyday life: what has happened today or yesterday? What will you do at the weekend? So you will build trust to the woman. Don’t boast with: My house, my boat, my car my bank account.

Tell her something about your hobbies. Perhaps you play a musical instrument? Tell her which books and films you prefer. Maybe you are active in sports? Or you like to travel. Ask for the interests and the job of the women. You should also mention the topic „children“. Especially if you already have a son or daughter.

As well important as issues and questions is the way you write and communicate with your girl. Be always friendly, honest and open. Create the impression of a man who is sincere, serious and self-confident. Who knows exactly who he is. And what he expects from life.


Communication before the first meeting
Even if the distance is not so large (for example: from Wales to Poland): Before you travel, the online communication should last some weeks. During this time you try to get to know the lady. You write messages there and back. In a dating service with chat you can speak with her. You should use this chance. You will book a travel only if you are sure about her.

Before a meeting, you send 5 or 10 photos to each other – in different life situations: Birthday, vacation, Christmas market, party with brothers and sisters, sports etc. If you have no recent photos, please use your smartphone. Or better: one of your friends will make high-quality photos with a good camera.

Before you meet the lady in reality: Communicate with her on Skype. Best with a cam. So that you see each other live. If you think after the Skype conversation: Olga, Natasha or Elena could be a good woman for me, you can plan a trip to East Europe.

Where the first meeting will take place? There are different possibilities. Best: your princess books a hotel room or a private pension for you. Not far from her home.

In any case it’s better to sleep the first night(s) in separate beds and rooms. If you propose something else, she will become suspicious. Many sex tourists travel to Eastern Europe to fuck beautiful girls. Avoid such games!

In Internet conversation you should talk about the meeting. You can discuss about the activities during your stay in Ukraine, Latvia or Poland. The date shouldn’t be boring, but interesting.


Second date in your country
The first meeting was perfect. The woman and you must think now about the all. The head must become free again. But the communications continues after one or two days. Otherwise she will think you have lost interest. Tell her that you have enjoyed the trip. If that’s not true: then write in politely words that you would like to stop the communication.

If the contact goes on: Day by day week after week you will learn more about the woman – for example on Skype. Soon you will know if she is good enough to be your wife one day. The English skills of the lady will become better. After some time you can plan the second meeting. Now she will come to you.

With a thrill of anticipation and flowers in your hand, you meet your beauty at the airport. It’s important that she feels welcome and safe from the first moment. If there is still a little distance, you should book a hotel room for her – near your home. Or she will sleep in the guest room.


Single service with brides from East Europe

Now the woman from Russia or Ukraine will get to know a new world: your family, your friends, your environment. You have some free days. You will show your girlfriend the attractions of your region. She will get an impression how her future life could be. You and she will observe if strong feelings will come.

Women from the EU countries Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Baltic States may stay in Great Britain, France and Germany so long as they like. A woman with tourist visa – from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine – has to return home in most countries after 3 months.

After you have married your bride: the next step is the integration. She has to attend special courses. She will improve her English. And learn everything what is important for living in the new home.


So dear readers, I hope this article about communicating with women from the East was informative for you. The dating on the Internet offers many opportunities to meet new people. Why not in Eastern Europe? There are more women than men. So there should be good chances to find a life partner.