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Women from Brazil are hot on men from Europe

Brazilian woman as girlfriend or wife

Why are Brazilians so hot to marry a man from Europe? Reasons why beautiful women from Brazil prefer Europeans or Americans as life partner

Brazilians and men from Europe: Will this work? Every guy from England, Germany or France will be happy to have a sexy sweetheart from the Copacabana in bed.

But marriage? A real relationship? What about the differences in mentality? How to deal a Brazilian girl? What expectations do they have of a man from western countries?


How are women from Brazil?
Samba, hot bikinis, long brown legs, strings and thongs. We see these images of the Rio carnival on television. Or when sexy Brazilian girls walk on the Copacabana beach. Certainly these are special situations. To present the eroticism of the hottest women in the world.

Not only some famous models, but many women in Brazil are beautiful, slinky and erotic. Girls from Sugar Loaf do a lot for their extraordinary sex appeal. They do sports, go to beauty salons, they eat healthy. The girls living in the tropical sun have automatically a deep brown skin. That makes hunger for sex to all the men in the world.

The nature of Brazilians is different than in Europe. Latin women are hot-blooded, kind-hearted, passionate, impulsive and spontaneous. They don’t plan life. They enjoy it in their naive manner.

When a man from England, from the USA or Germany sees the half-naked beauties walking on the beach: He can easily imagine that they are always hot on shagging. That it’s easy for them to seduce a man for a fuck. But that’s not the reality.

Women from Brazil love horny sex. But only with a firm partner. They are educated Catholic. Apart from women who make money by fucking, Luiza, Isabella and Luana are not sluts.

It’s a part of their mentality that they show the body so erotically. The tropical climate in Brazil encourages this behaviour. Nobody likes to wear a sweatshirt in the burning sun. Hot bikinis, thongs, miniskirt and shorts are much more pleasant.

Facts about eroticism of the girls from Sugar Loaf
Women from Brazil like dancing. They have the Samba rhythm in blood. On the streets they swing the hips, while listening to music with MP3 player.

With their hot temper Brazilians like to flirt. When European men on Brazil holiday go through the streets of Sao Paulo, Salvador and Porto Alegre, they can easily start a flirt with a beauty. They don’t need to fear that they will be rejected – as with the emancipated women in Europe or US.

The hot girls from Brazil show their beauty proudly and confidently. But this causes problems. A journalist wrote in the newspaper of Rio de Janeiro: If a woman presents her sex appeal as a whore: that provokes a rape. This happens quite often in Brazil.

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Sex and eroticism
If there is any country in the world that stands for sensuality and eroticism, so it’s Brazil. Just as the hot women show their sexual stimuli, they seem to be made for physical love.

But the external impression is deceiving. Women from Brazil don’t want an one-night-stand or a sex affair. They long for a solid family life. A faithful man on whom they can rely.

Many young women in Brazil have romantic ideas of love. They like to see telenovelas on TV. They dream of a charming prince on the white horse. A man who will take them to paradise one day. But for many girls that paradise is so far away as the sun and the moon.

Romantic or not: with their Latin temperament Brazilians can make a European or American man hot und horny in bed. In the erotic games they are voluptuous, hot-blooded, unrestrained and uncomplicated. Young women are full of lust and lewdness. They cannot get enough of sex. Migraine, stress, no desire to fuck: that words are alien to them.

Above all, Afro-American Brazilians and the chocolate-brown mulatto girls surprise a white man with natural wildness in bed. They have fire in the butt. Similar to the world-famous rider girls in Cuba.


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How can a man from England, Germany
or the USA meet Brazilian women?

Hot Chicas and mature women in your home country
The easiest way to get to know Brazilians: look at that girls who are living in your city. According to statistics, in the United States and the big European countries, thousands of women from Brazil live. In world cities as London, Berlin, Rome and Paris, even many live illegally. Those don’t appear in any statistics. Go to a disco: there you will find brown beauties from South America with hot outfit.

Write to Brazilian women on the Internet
There are some online dating services that focus on women from Brazil and Latin America. On these contact sites you will find also Brazilian women who live in Europe or North America.

One example is the international dating website BrazilCupid. Here a man can sign up for free. He can look at the pictures and profiles of the women. Then he can meet many thousands Brazilians. Girls who look for a partner, a friend or a sex adventure. Most female singles try to find a nice loyal man. For a real partnership.

Look at the photos of the ladies. Check whether you like this. You see what the women from Brazil want to find. The contact goes first via emails. Write a few sentences to a pretty woman. Then you have to wait for a response. So a communication begins.

You can write to several women from Brazil. You meet them online. And go to the chat of BrazilCupid. Under certain conditions, you can even see her with the webcam. Later you can speak on Skype. If you and the woman find each other sympathetic: you must see how the contact will develop.

You live in England. You want get to know a hot Brazilian girl from Birmingham oder Manchester, for example. That’s pretty uncomplicated. You don’t have to travel far.

If you fall in love at the dating service with a woman who lives in Brazil: you have to seek on the Internet for low cost flights. The women of BrazilCupid don’t live in Amazon jungle. But mostly in big coastal cities of Brazil: in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Fortalesa, Recife and Porto Alegre. For a trip to Brazil you need enough time. In 2 or 3 weeks you will have a date with many girls.


The macho in Brazil
In Latin American countries as Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, the society is dominated by men. Women are second-class citizens. That’s also shown in newspaper articles or TV movies:

Everywhere we see pictures of naked women. Many headlines and reports have sexual character. Women are regarded as sex object in Brazil. The macho uses the woman for his sexual needs. Then he throws her away like waste. He has no respect.

Sexual harassment and rape in Brazil
In Europe, it’s a sex crime if a guy looks on the bum or the tits of a woman. That’s really funny. In Brazil the girls are used that men whistle to her on the road. They wave with condoms. They make sex offers. But these are harmless games.

Much worse are real sexual harassments, violence against women and rapes. The Brazil law is not strict enough against such crimes. After the slogan: don’t be so sensitive! A girl has to satisfy a man’s sexual lust.

If in London or New York a woman is forced for sex: then mostly by strangers, by criminals and sick guys. In the evening, in the dark or on a lonely road. In Brazil there are rapes in the family and among friends: in a marriage bed, in a clique, at work, at parties. Even young single women under 17 years are victims of sexual violence.

At Sugar Loaf that’s no sensation. It’s useless to go to the police. They only say: if you are not going around naked like a whore, no man wants to see your pussy. Or: why are you crying? Your husband has the right to fuck you as he likes. In the macho world of Brazil a rape is ignored or minimized.

In such a situation, it is normal that a Brazilian wants to leave her home. To a country where human rights are respected.

Brazilian men, fidelity and affairs
In Brazil, there live considerably more women than men. The macho has free choice with the girls.  He doesn’t care of faithfulness in a marriage. He has sex with other women as he likes.

He doesn’t go to the brothel. He grabs a young single woman. He finds one on every street corner. Because of lack of men, the girls have too little sex. The wife at home must accept that he fucks a young woman. Or she can leave him.

But only few Brazilians can divorce. Only educated women who live in large cities and have a good job. Most cheated women have to endure their live. They are suppressed, humiliated and beaten by the macho. That’s the rough reality in Brazil.

Macho is selfish during sex
Women from Brazil love intercourse very much. But they often experience a pure horror. Men treat them badly with screwing. Like a beast he pushes his cock into the cunt. He starts to fuck like crazy. Thereby he feels very male. Although he took a blue Viagra pill before sex. Doesn’t matter! He has proven his macho properties again.

Without making the woman hot in a prelude. Without any respect and consideration. Without trying different sex positions. Without sex fantasy and sensitivity. The macho inflicts pains to the dry pussy. He comes much too early to orgasm.

Many men in Brazil do so. Singles, poor, rich, young, old men and husbands. An emancipated woman from Europe or the US would have „much fun“ with a macho.

Many women in Brazil don’t remember what a horny orgasm is. Because men are too brutal. Always he comes too fast. The women bear the loveless sex like a storm. They are afraid that men beat them. They simulate ecstasy. Fun with sex looks very different.

Single women from Brazil have in principle free choice whether they want to fuck or not. But more and more they have no more desire for sex. Why should they bang with a man who doesn’t give them pleasure. If they are abused only as fuck machine.


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Why do Brazilians want men from Europe?

No marriage terror
Most men from England, Denmark or Ireland treat a woman with respect. In Brazil, the girls don’t experience this so often. Eliane, Maria and Beatriz love foreign men. Because they are exactly the opposite of the autocratic macho in Brazil.

With a respectful treatment, women from Brazil want to be fucked hard in bed. They love hot sex. However, on a basis of equality, tenderness and friendship. They don’t want to be dragged to bed and raped by a man. They wish to be seduced and stimulated sexually by a sensitive lover and – if possible – by a sex expert.

Too many women in Brazil
The population is clearly younger than in western countries. People don’t live so long. Everywhere we see young people on the streets and on the beaches. Many women are singles.

In Brazil there live significantly more women than men. For these die earlier. Even at a young age. Because they have a risky life by drugs and criminality.

For Brazilian girls, it’s as well hard as for Russian women to find a decent partner in their country. Especially when they are over 30. High-heeled shoes, miniskirt, horny butt, silicone breasts and a deep cleavage are useless. They have only a small selection of potential partners. The girls could start a sex affair. But who wants that?

So more and more Brazilians look across the Atlantic or to North America. They hope to meet by chance a gringo tourist who falls in love with them. Or they seek actively. They start dating on the Internet – at an international marriage agency or dating site as BrazilCupid, Fdating, Brazil Dream, Amorbrazil, Latin euro or

Safe life in Europe
How should a woman from Brazil have a good future in such a chaotic country? State and police have no control over crimes. Drugs destroy the life of young people. Youth gangs rob tourists and locals. Especially in Rio de Janeiro.

There is hardly a country in the world where women are raped so often as in Brazil. The marriage with a man from Europe or the United States appears to the girls like a good way out.

In England, Canada and Germany, there are many jobs. Children go to school. They get an education. A man who annoys a woman sexually, will be punished. All this is much worse in Latin- and South America. That’s why ladies of Brazil are so hot on men from abroad.

Women from Europe and Brazil: what are the differences?
Ladies in western countries have a better education. They are emancipated. They think rationally. Women from the UK, Italy and the Netherlands have high demands on a life partner. Often they don’t want a marriage and children. But a professional career. After a little dispute they leave the partner. Mostly it’s the woman who packs the suitcase.

These facts make European women quite unattractive. With globalization, the number of bi-national marriages in Europe rose to new dimensions. It’s not just about women from Eastern Europe. But also the hot girls from Thailand, the Philippines, South America, Africa and the Caribbean.

Western men with such ambitions are not only problematic guys who haven’t found a girl. No, many attractive, intelligent and successful men search and find a woman abroad.

Women from Brazil are spontaneous and uncomplicated. Most of them have a good heart. If the husband stimulates her sexually: She’s a hot wildcat in bed. Brazilians don’t discuss and problematize sex. They just follow their natural instinct.

Claims on a man
After bad experiences in the home, a woman from Brazil has only one aim: she wants to have a partner exclusively for herself. An Englishman, a Frenchman and a German will have no problems to be faithful to his exotic beauty. What she gives him, he cannot find by most women of his homeland.

The Brazilian longs for love, tenderness and appreciation. She longs for a family. Perhaps for children. And of course also for material prosperity. By South American standards, all men from Western Europe and the US are wealthy.


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Age difference between man and woman
Ladies from Brazil have not very high claims on a partner. An age difference of 15 years is not unusual. Sometimes even more.

The girl from the Copacabana expects from a husband responsibility. Mature men are better suited for this than young men under 30. The older man has firm goals in life. He is grateful to have a young hot lady in bed.

Single women under pressure
Brazil is a country full of contradictions. The macho society appears to Europeans as barbaric and medieval. But the country is deeply rooted in the Catholic faith. And so strictly conservative.

Hypocrisy and lies: On the one hand, many women and girls are mistreated by men. On the other hand a woman is despised if she is still single at the age of 25. A Brazilian should be married. That’s God’s will. It doesn’t matter how bad the marriage is. Otherwise, she is considered lesbian, godless or mentally ill.

This attitude of society produces a psychological pressure for the single women in Brazil. Even educated ladies in the cities are influenced by this.

But where can a Brazilian find a real decent man? In the streets and pubs, there are only gangsters, gangs, unfaithful men and drug dealers.

In this pressure situation, some beauty from Rio, Manaus or Recife think about to find a way out of this quandary. The best a man from Europe or North America. So that she can leave the backward country.

Many women from Brazil have a strong motivation to find a man from abroad. Their pride forbids to contact tourists. If a man is on holiday in Brazil: he has not to fight like a lion for the sympathy of a woman. Provided he is a kind guy.


Tips for handling women from Brazil
A man has to consider certain characteristics of a girl from South America. You have met a woman from Brazil at a single website like BrazilCupid. She writes in English or American. With Portuguese, the contact is difficult. Unless you live on the Iberian peninsula.

First meeting
When you see the girl for the first time – in your country, in Brazil or on Skype: Then please smile. Say or write a few friendly words. In order to win her trust. The woman wants first to find out what kind of guy you are. At the beginning you should be a little reserved.

If you meet a lady in reality, you make a nice compliment for the beautiful black hair. The brown skin. For the elegant shoes. The flower dress. For the pretty face. Perhaps for the sporty model figure – if she has one.

Even if you find the woman extreme hot: don’t speak about her sexy legs. Not even about the erotic aura that conjures you an erected penis in the pants. Don’t look too deep in the eyes of the Brazilian. Even if you fall in love at once. The deep cleavage, the ass and the tits are also taboo at the first meeting. It’s easy to say, I know. But she must not feel to be a sex object.

You will notice how easy a small talk with a Brazilian is. The girls like it to communicate. They have fantasy. They are naive and honest. Most women from Brazil don’t know tactical refinements.

Of course you will not make any sexual offers on the first date. Not even when the big breasts and hot bum make you crazy. Be patient. When you will be married: you have plenty of time for erotic sex games.

Be careful at the beginning with the word „marry“. Love needs romanticism. Make the girl feeling that you want to fight for her. Women from Brazil like to be conquered by a man.

Wedding is over. The woman lives with you. Now you have to ensure that she feels comfortable in the new environment. The girl must not think that she is financially dependent on you. Even if that’s true at the beginning.

You should not be too stingy. Your darling wants to buy beautiful things, lingerie and clothes. It would be bad if she always begs for money.

Time of integration
Your new woman from Brazil must first improve the language skills in English. So that she will be able to communicate with your friends and neighbours. Soon she will have the opportunity to find a little job.

Love needs a certain variety. Go with your babe in restaurants. Travel to the sea. You can cook together typical Brazilian recipes. So she will feel like at home.

Treat your hot beauty in bed as an equal partner. If only you decide when you have sex or not: that’s very bad for your love. She will feel like with a macho in Brazil.

If you follow these tips: the lady will feel good with you. You will have a lot of pleasure with a beautiful, funny, erotic and sensual woman that makes your life richer in many ways.