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If you want to have a woman from the Philippines as wife, you should be informed about her characteristics. Here a portrait of Filipina women. And chances to get to know them

Many divorced men are not interested to marry again a women from the own country. Ladies from Asia are uncomplicated and less emancipated. Especially women from the Philippines and the charming girls from Thailand.

Here you get information about the character and the mentality of Filipinas. I will show how to find and to get to know women from the Philippines. You will see what is important if you want to marry such a lady.


Character of women from the Philippines
She differs very much from the ladies in Europe and North America. In the western world women are equal. Also to the profession. Ladies in England, Scotland and in the USA have a job. They earn money. They have fewer children than in former times. They are emancipated partners who want to discuss all decisions with the man. And they have high claims on him.

With a Filipino woman, it’s a bit different. Even if she expresses confidently her wishes in a relationship, the man is still the boss in the house. Many women in Europe and the US are dominant. This property is strange to a girl from Asia.

A woman from the Philippines attaches importance to a good family life – instead to a career. She wants to have children. She cares for their education. She does housework. She supports her husband. She wants to have a happy relationship. These are general statements which relate to the big majority of Filipinas. Of course there may be exceptions. Each person is a special individual.


Friendly girls from the Philippines


Where can you find a woman from the Philippines?
You have decided to look for an Asian bride? You have 4 options:

Dating at Philippine single websites
If you have no chance to find a Filipina by private contacts in your home area: then you sit down on the computer. And seek on the Internet a dating site for the Philippines.

You have not to jump in the cold water at once. You don’t need to spend money for your partner search. You can get it for free. First you sign in at FilipinoCupid. You can look now at the profiles of thousands of single women from the Philippines.

In the ads you will see various information about the girls. On the photos you see if a woman looks pretty or average. What are their interests? Do they want children? What kind of man they hope to find? Do they speak English?

At a good international contact site as FilipinoCupid, you have the possibility to look for a partner according to your individual wishes. In the field „search“ you enter the woman’s age. The height and the weight.

You can click on certain interests she should have. If she wishes a baby from you or not. And so on … After this you will receive contact suggestions from FilipinoCupid. Corresponding to the inputs you made.

Please pay attention to the language skills. Many Filipinas speak English well. By the presence of the US Army, they have contact with English-speaking people. Certainly they know more Englisch words than: Hi, goodbye, boy and I love you.


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Find a Filipina with the help of your friends
In the circle of your acquaintances there are surely several men who have married a woman from the Philippines. You can talk with such a man or with his wife. If this Filipina has a little time for you, you will tell her your desire. That you would like to find a Filipino woman for marriage.

There are two possibilities now: your friend’s wife knows a single or divorced Philippine girl in your city. Or the friendly Filipina has a sister or cousin in the Philippines. Maybe this person has already registered to an international dating site. Because she looks for a man from Europe, Canada or the US.

The Filipina woman of your friend can send a message to the other girl: Here is a man who wants to love and to marry a Filipina. Please send me some recent photos.

Holidays in the Philippines
A trip to Asia is the most complicated way to get to know a Filipino girl. You need good luck to find a suitable person just at the vacation resort. Maybe your dream woman is not at home at that time. She is just visiting relatives on another island or in Manila. That’s bad misfortune.

Before you travel to Asia, you should create best conditions to meet the right Filipina on holidays. To talk with her, to go to the beach with her and to get to know her. It’s better not to trust on chance. At home you could seek woman contacts with Filipinas on the Internet. I will show you how it works.

Sign up in time at an online dating service as FilipinoCupid. For example, 7 months before the flight. Then you choose women from a specific region in the Philippines. So you avoid to travel too far on holidays. A maximum distance of 300 or 500 kilometers is okay. Best you look at the dating site only for women who live in a big city as Manila, Cebu City or Davao City, Caloocan City, Zamboanga City.

You write letters to several women. So you will have many contacts. It’s not good to concentrate only on one or two girls. In the communication you show self-confidently your advantages as husband. You can invite, for example, 6 women to the chat of the love site. One after the other, of course. Later you will speak on Skype. So you can get good impressions of the girls and compare them.

At the end maybe 4 ladies are shortlisted. Ideally all from the same region in the Philippines. Soon you can talk with them about the planned vacation. You ask the Filipinas when they have time for a date.

So you have good conditions for finding your dream woman. You will not travel to the Philippines in vain. Now it’s time to book the flight. You should not travel in the summer: Then it’s unbearable hot and sticky in the Philippines.

The last possibility for you:
ind a Philippine woman by chance in your region
More than 1 million registered Filipino citizens are living in West Europe. In the US there are more than 1 million. Besides many live there illegally. More than 70 percent of these people are women. Most are married. But some are single. Because they are young or divorced.

If you live in a big city, you are going for a walk or to the disco. Maybe you will see some beautiful Filipinas. Often it’s not easy to speak to a strange woman. You must have courage. Besides you never know if someone is single or not.

An eye contact could be an indication that a girl is interested in you. You are in the ice cream shop, in the beer garden or in a swimming pool. You see a sexy thing. You look to her again and again. Soon she will notice that.

The woman looks back in your eyes. Or she ignores you. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she doesn’t like you. Maybe she is already married or has a boyfriend.

There are special places where Filipinas are often: Asia shops or special forums on the Internet. Filipinas like to dance in the disco. Perhaps in your city there is a public karaoke event. That’s a specialty of Philippine women. You can meet Asian girls even in stores, at McDonalds and Burger King.


Why to marry a woman from the Philippines?

Fidelity of a Filipina
In big countries of the western world, every fourth marriage ends in a divorce. Some already after 2 years. Others when the children are grown. In most cases the woman is filing for divorce. The ladies in Europe and the US have become very demanding. They are not able to compromises. They dream of self-realization and of great personal freedom.

With a life partner of the Philippines, a man needs not to fear that love ends quickly. The divorce rate in bi-national marriages is only 3 percent.

Filipinas have a close attachment to the Catholic Church, to God, the Bible, to the 10 Commandments and the Pope in Rome. The phrase „You shall not break a marriage“ is not an empty phrase – as with our Catholics in the West.

Sunny mind and devotion
Who ever has spoken with a woman from the Philippines, knows: they are friendly, kind-hearted, communicative and funny. Not every woman in Europe or North America has these qualities.

Walk through the streets of your city. Look at the faces. They look grim, stressed and bad-tempered. Filipinas look elegant, relaxed and feminine. They prefer colorful clothes or fine pants instead of blue jeans. Maybe a miniskirt in summer

They attach great importance to body care and cleanliness. Sometimes we have the impression that they are a little playful. This corresponds to the Asian mentality. Like the women in Thailand, in Indonesia and the beauties in the Caribbean they always see something positive and optimistic in every day.


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For what it’s good, when people always think about worries and negative things? A friendly smile brings a positive mood in everyday life. In the Philippines, people don’t take problems so seriously as in Europe or America. Although they are poor and have reasons to be pessimistic, They like to smile and to laugh instead of crying and lamenting.

Philippine women are not refined and cold-hearted as many girls in the West. Those make everything bad that has to do with men. We could think that they don’t like themselves.

Many Filipinas are romantic women. They still dream of a great love. As a sensitive man, you will not destroy this illusion. You will show her that a happy relationship is possible with you.

A woman from the Philippines sees her life partner as protector. A guy who cares for her. Who helps her with small and large problems. For this she is ready to give him love and her beautiful body.

If you sit in front of the TV, she will cuddle to you. Unlike women from Europe. Those study magazines about anti-aging, face lifting, breast augmentation and cellulite. About problems with refugees, about Pilates, Qi Gong, Greenpeace and pollution. The Filipina is much more natural. Not so head controlled and intellectual. And certainly not quarrelsome or aggressive.

Appearance and sex appeal of Filipinas
Most look quite pretty. They have black hair, almond-shaped eyes and a sexy brown skin. A girl from the Philippines is smaller than white women. At least if she lives still in the home country, she has an ideal weight. The slim figure comes from her genes.

In bed the man will appreciate the slim, sexy figure of an Asian woman. Everything is where it should be. However, without thick ugly fat padding and cellulite. What many man find unerotic.


What kind of man a Philippine woman wants?
When it comes to wedding with a woman from poor countries: we read in the media wild stories about money marriages. That exists, of course! But it doesn’t concern the large majority of the Filipinas.

Newspapers make profit only with sensational headlines. If journalists would write how harmoniously many relationships are between men from Europe and women from the Philippines: that’s boring, does not interest readers. The public is only interested in sensations, misfortune, disasters and sex scandals.

The majority of Filipinas wants nothing else as a normal life. With a man who treats her well. Who gives her love and maybe children. Of course, a swimming pool, a sports car and expensive holiday trips are very enjoyable. But do these things really make happy? If two people don’t love each other, the whole luxury is useless.

Suppose: you have – at a dating service – contact with an attractive woman from the Philippines. Try to provoke her with a question about life of luxury. By the answer you will see if she looks for wealth. Or for a happy relationship in a normal financial framework.


Tips for handling a Philippine woman
You want to win a Filipina as life partner? So you should know something about the strong family bonds. In modern industrialized countries, life is often cold and lonely. Brothers and sisters have no contact. In the Philippines, however, the family is an important part of life.

That means: your wife wants to visit the relatives sometimes. Perhaps flying home for 2 weeks – in the spring or autumn. You can accompany the woman to the Philippines. You buy a small gift for father and mother of your beautiful girl.

People in the Philippines live modestly. You don’t need to spend much money. The father will be grateful for cigarettes, sandals or a sun hat. You will go with the mother to a boutique of Manila. You buy a pretty dress for her. That costs a little money. But makes her happy.

Women from the Philippines have a completely different cultural background. You have to consider this fact when it comes to a marriage. She has other habits and other interests than Europeans and Americans.

In each relationship there are differences of opinion. What will we do at the weekend? Will we look on TV football or a music show? Even purchases can cause problems. You want to buy a new BMW or a Harley Davidson. The woman wants a little car or a karaoke machine.

As in any good marriage, you should discuss the different points fair and relaxed. You sleep on it. The next day you will find a solution. Many Filipinas have a soft heart. At the end they make concessions.

But you should not exploit permanently the good nature of your woman. Otherwise she will be dissatisfied with you and the marriage. The harmony of the relationship is in danger. Even a good-natured woman from the Philippines doesn’t want to subordinate constantly.


Weaknesses of women from the Philippines
All nations, races and continents have specific characteristics. Europeans and Americans often believe that they know exactly what is good and bad. But everything is individual. Please don’t expect from your darling virtues like perfection, punctuality, accuracy and striving for money.

In the matter of punctuality, the Filipinas and also girls from the Caribbean are not very different from the women of Southern Italy, Greece, Spain or Africa. Under the southern sun, people live in a special rhythm. They have less stress. They don’t look always to the time, clock and the calendar. You have to get used to this property.

Filipino women have a certain lightness and carelessness. An example: a woman from the United States comes home from shopping. She controls the receipts of the supermarket. The man from England reads the tax assessment, the operation instructions for the new car radio and the rental invoice.

If you demand this on your Filipina: she will put the finger at your forehead: Are you crazy? Reading these boring things is a waste of time and energy. Whether I control it or not, doesn’t change the facts. During this time, we could do much more pleasant things: listen to the music, phone with friends, make barbecues or have sex.


Visit a woman in the Philippines
You have got to know a friendly girl from Asia – via a contact site as FilipinoCupid. You have written many emails. You have met the girl on Skype. Now you want to visit the woman in the Philippines. In order to check if she could be a good wife for you.

The vacation is allowed by your boss. You have booked the flight. You arrive at Manila airport. But how to behave in an Asian country?

You greet your darling cordially. You hug her. Give flowers to her. Kiss left, kiss right. That’s quite easy. Somewhat more complicated is when you meet the family of the Filipina. For a man from the West, it’s not easy to understand the Asian mentality.

Avoid everything that looks like arrogance. Don’t be stingy. But don’t spend too much money. Be careful with criticism: About the chaos on the roads, about toilets, shower and food. About the hot weather, the mosquitoes, the hard bed, etc. Try to see everything with serenity. Your girlfriend and her family will not like a negative attitude.

You will make a good impression, if you know at least a few Filipino words: Thank you, good day, good night, good morning, how are you. Good food, fine breakfast, my dear darling, to marry, enjoy your meal! That’s not enough for a conversation. But it shows that you are a communicative person with a good will.


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To marry a Filipina
You get information about various formalities at your country’s embassy in Manila and in your city administration. Formalities that have to be done before wedding.

Before the immigration, your future wife has to attend a language course in Manila. If she lives too far away from the capital, there are certainly other options.

You get a tourist visa for the woman. So you have enough time to get to know her in your country. And time enough to reflect about wedding.

In any case, it’s better to marry the Filipina sweetheart in your home country: In Europe or in America. Because in the Philippines there are some complicated regulations for this ceremony.