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Why men from Western Europe search for a woman in Russia

Pretty women from Russia are popular with men from Europe and America

Many men from Western Europe want a woman from Russia. What are the reasons for partner search in the East? Here some aspects

Lovely Russian woman seeks a manInternational partner search
What moves men from Europe to seek a wife in Russia? It would be much easier to marry a girl from the home country. There are many reasons for the attraction of Russian women.

By Internet partner search has become international. Men and women from different continents have the chance to find a loving partner in foreign countries.

Especially the lovely ladies from Russia, Ukraine, Thailand and Latin America are highly coveted as life partner.

Self-confidence of men from the West
In the last decades, the man from Europe or North America has come in a difficult position. Whatever he says or does: women criticize everything. Guys from France, Germany, England and Spain have big problems also in partner search. Ladies in the West have become very confident. Men are uncertain by constant criticism.

Shy men
He has no courage to speak to a woman. In some cases that comes from the genes. As well he has often been rejected by women. He is frustrated and gives up. In his helplessness he prefers to stay single – instead to be annoyed with the criticism of girls.

Strong guys
They are very confident against women. Sometimes even arrogant. Such men are often called „macho“. The ladies complain that he doesn’t want a firm relationship. That he always looks for a sex adventure. Allegedly a hard man doesn’t want to marry. He needs no wife and no children. He has no desire for a modern woman – as well as the shy man.

A „normal“ man:
Mike from Hamburg (Germany)

Most men are somewhat between the two extremes shy and strong. But even the „normal“ man does everything wrong what’s possible. He has not enough courage to go directly to a lady. More and more he feels: western women are too stressful for him. The emancipation drives him to think about alternatives in finding a girlfriend.

That’s Mike: 45 years. His wife has left him. The children are grown. His ex-wife is successful in job. She started a new life. Like so many women in this age. She doesn’t think about men now. But about self-realization, travelling, yoga, autogenic training, fitness and Ayurveda.

If she will have a partner again: so he has to be absolutely perfect. Especially middle-aged women (35 to 45 years) have very high demands on a partnership.

Mike’s chances with women who are 10 years younger are even worse. Because those don’t have time for marriage and children. They focus on job and career.

What can Mike do, if he doesn’t want to stay alone? In principle, he has only one option: to search for woman from abroad. Somewhere he heard of dating on the Internet.

He is sitting on the computer. He enters on Google: Women Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe. The Hamburger is surprised how many contact portals exist. Where a man from Western Europe can find a girl from Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Belarus.
Below you will see how Mike’s story goes on …..


Look for a woman in Ukraine


Why a woman from Russia?
Since 25 years a certain trend has come: men from the West get the idea to seek a spouse in foreign countries and continents. First the women from Asia (Filipinas, Thai girls) and from the Caribbean were most popular. After 1990 women from East Europe became interesting.

Especially women from Russia are desired in the West. So it’s no surprise that today many Russians live in England, France, Germany and Holland. Some are married with a Russian, some with an European man. Many ladies are single or divorced.

Women from Russia and equality
Do they know this word at all? If we look at the situation of girls in Russia: we could doubt it. The Russian woman is usually self-confident. She has certain ideas about life. She knows what kind of man she wants or not. But in contrast to the women in Western Europe and America, Russian ladies don’t misuse the word „emancipation“ to criticize and run down all men.

What’s going on with the guys in Putin’s Russia?
Their life is even more miserable than men’s life in West Europe. They have no stress with emancipated women, but other problems. Many Russians have no job. And so alcohol has become their best friend. They drink vodka as you and me water.

On the other hand the economy in Putin’s Russia has boomed in the last 10 years: Oil, gas and other raw materials make it possible. So there are some few rich Russians today. You can see them on holiday in the Mediterranean, in hotels and on the beach. Their manners are not the best. They behave like a stupid farmer who has got rich suddenly.

In Russia and Ukraine there are significantly more women than men. This makes it almost impossible for a divorced woman from 35 years to find a husband in her country. She doesn’t like a poor alcoholic. Men with a job and money look for younger girls aged 25.

What does this mean for a divorced Russian woman? She has no future prospects on the local marriage market. That’s also true for Belarus and Ukraine.

Men from West Europe and girls from Russia have problems to find a domestic partner. But there could be a golden way: Both come together. Since they complement each other well.


Why Russian women estimate a man from the West?
Motivation and backgrounds for the partner search


More information about women from Russia
How is the character? What qualities and what weaknesses do they have?

Similarities of Russian women and ladies from the West
Concerning the temper, there are no big differences. There are quiet and lively women – as everywhere in the world. Western Europe and Russia have a similar background relating to history, religion and culture.

The mentality of women from Russia is not the same, but a little similar as in Western Europe. Both are very different from Thai girls, Filipinas, from South American and African women.

Life and character of women from Russia
Usually they have a high education level. Many have studied at university. They are relatively intelligent.

But later, most Russian ladies had to work in a simple job. They live modestly. Perfume is a luxury article. Nevertheless she always has one. Because she wants to be attractive for men.

Only few women from Russia have a salary that is enough to buy a car. Only career women from Moscow have this option. Or young sexy girls who grabbed a rich man.

Many Russian women are interested in culture. They play a musical instrument. They read books. Tickets for theater or opera are usually too expensive. They save money for modest holidays in Russia. They cannot afford a trip to Italy or Spain. But perhaps to Yalta in Crimea or to the Baltic Sea. Only prosperous people can travel to the Mediterranean, to Thailand, North America or Egypt.

European men love the beauty of Russian women
Most important things for a girl from Russia is the family and the outfit. Before going to work or shopping, she stands in front of the mirror. She styles her face, hair and body.

Makeup, fingernails, hair, dress, elegant shoes. Everything has to be perfect. So Russian women often look very attractive, feminine and sexy. Almost as if they wanted to go to a model competition. The female attractiveness of ladies from Russia is one reason why many men from the West have married such a beauty.

Sexy body
Most women from Russia have a slim figure. When we look into their fridge, we know why. Because of lack of money they can buy only the minimum. Meat and sausage are rather expensive. Calorie bombs like cake, ice cream and chocolate are also luxury.

Family or job?
In contrast to the women in the West, job and career have not first priority for Russian women. Most important is the family. Married with a man from the West, many ladies are satisfied to care for the household: cooking, washing, cleaning, raising the children. But other women have the ambition to earn money.

Years ago I was in a big hospital of my city. I have talked there to a female doctor who clearly had a Russian accent. After training courses she has found an adequate job as before in Russia.

My neighbour (came from Latvia) has found on the Internet a Russian woman from St. Petersburg. She had to make an integration. She learnt our language. She got a driving licence. Finally she tries now to get a medical accreditation.

How is the nature of a woman from Russia?
Tolerance and a certain warmness of heart are some of the best character traits. Properties which many German or English women don’t have. The Russian sometimes is temperamental. If you hurt her Russian soul, there can be stress. But they are not resentful. If you are kind to her, you soon can reconcile.

What do Russian women love – except for the family?
They like small gifts. For example flowers. Or a good book: perhaps about her or your homeland. Such a present has not to be expensive. The good will is crucial.

The Russian is 100 percent a woman. She likes very much beautiful dresses which emphasize her femininity. That could be a good idea for a Christmas present. A Russian girl prefers skirts. But not jeans and trousers. She likes it when you make a small compliment about her beauty. This gives her a good feeling. And will strengthen her love to you.

For Russian women, it’s extremely important that they are treated with respect and a lot of attention. That’s why she’s become your wife. She expects from the marriage what most men in Russia could not give her.


How men from western countries seek
and meet a woman from Russia?

Option 1: Travel
You go on holidays to Moscow or St. Petersburg. Or not so far: to Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea (north of Poland).

It would be a lottery to travel to Russia, hoping for a lucky coincidence. You have no guarantee that you will actually find a good lady within 2 or 3 weeks.

Option 2: Seek a woman on the Internet
There is a difference between conventional marriage agencies for Eastern Europe and dating sites for direct contacts to singles. What is the difference?

The dating agency presents you Russian women seeking a man from West Europe or the US. You can be lucky and find a girl there. But you can also have misfortune. You have no control of your partner search. In any case, such an agency demands a lot of money.

At a single site you can find women from Eastern Europe directly. Without any help from outside. And with clearly lower costs. For 70 US-dollar or 50 British Pound, you can search actively for singles in Russia and Eastern Europe for 3 months.

At these contact sites you will find profiles of singles from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. But also from the EU countries Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary and Romania. You will also find women from East Europe, who live in the West for years.

The main advantages of single sites: You can immediately contact a woman by sending emails. And your partner search is much cheaper than at a marriage agency.

After your free registration you will look first at the pictures of the women. You have to check which ladies speak English. You read the profiles. And write now a letter to some women from the East. Later you can have a direct communication in the webcam chat of the dating site.

If you have contact with a lady, you’ll have to find out her character. And what she’s looking for: friendship, marriage, conversation or sex.

At first sight, you will see at the love site: most women from Russia show normal photos with a realistic appearance. The images are mostly of a good quality. They were usually made by a photographer. Women who seriously want to find a new partner in Europe, spend lots of money for a beautiful picture. Because the competition among Russian women is strong. Also on the Internet.

Your profile at the dating service
Please make sure that your pictures look good. It’s better you make new photos. Before this you will shave. You choose chick clothes. No sunglasses, no hat. You better hide your tattoos. Your face is clearly to see. You smile optimistically.

Some stupid men make stupid mistakes: The women from Russia like start a new life in the West. But not at any price. If you stretch out your belly more than necessary. If you have a beer in your hand. Or your shoes are dirty: the lady will not answer your email. In her country she has more than enough alcoholics and unkempt men.

Tips for your dating at a Russian single site
The woman will find it normal that you are 10 years older than her. Maybe even 15 years. That’s one of the biggest advantages of the partner search in East Europe. A man of 50 years can absolutely find a woman of 35.

Concerning attractiveness, there are a little more restrictions as with the age: you want to have a beautiful Russian woman. That’s clear. You may choose a beautiful lady. But she should not be very much more attractive than you.

20 percent difference is good. But a woman with a beautiful face, with horny breasts, a hot bum and a sexy figure will never marry an ugly guy. So first you have to reflect realistically: who I am? Then you can look for women who are a 20 percent more beautiful. I think that’s okay.


Tips for the partner search worldwide
From first contact to real meeting


Mike’s contact to the woman from Russia
I have found this report on the Internet. English first names are not rare in Germany. Maybe Mike is the short form of Michael.

Mike from Hamburg has written to an attractive woman from Russia. It’s Irina from St. Petersburg. With 35, she is 10 years younger than Mike. Irina has no children. She speaks a little German and English. She works as civil servant in the city administration of St. Petersburg.

The Hamburger has sent his first email. Now he has to wait for an answer. 3 days later, Mike sees a letter in his mailbox of the dating site. Written in pretty bad German. But after all: Mike understands the content of the letter. The communication with the Russian is not easy.

Irina says: she is pleased about his message and the sympathetic words. She likes Mike’s photos quite well. She asks if he has many contacts to Russian women at the dating website.

The Russian has got already many emails from western men. But her general impression is not so good. Most guys look for a sex adventure. They don’t write it directly. But a clever woman can read it between the lines. Irina is absolutely not interested in pure sex stories.

She would like to start a new life with her man from abroad. Germany would be pleasant. But also the US, England, Scotland and Norway.

Mike sits down at the laptop and starts writing: Hello Irina, I am very happy about your answer … At the end he invites her to the chat of the dating site. Maybe Irina will have problems with conversation there. He must be patient.

The Hamburger asks if she has a webcam. He would like to see her face. Mike proposes Saturday or Sunday evening (18 o’clock). He regards the time difference of one hour between Germany and St. Petersburg.

Next answer comes. Fortunately Irina has a webcam. She also wants to see his face. And talk with him in webcam chat. As good as possible. Speaking will probably be a little difficult. But they will try it. At least Mike wants to hear Irina’s voice.

In the next weeks, Mike and Irina will often meet in the chat of the single site. They get to know each other. Both feel sympathy for the other.

Mike sends his new girlfriend some photos. From his terrace house in Hamburg. He shows the Russian woman his parents and children. He mentions his ex-wife only shortly. Otherwise, the woman from St. Petersburg could get the idea that he still loves or misses her.

Phone calls to Russia would be too expensive. A good alternative is Skype. A service which allows to write and talk free of charge.

If everything goes well, Mike and Irina can soon plan a real meeting in Russia. But this needs to be well thought out and prepared. Putin’s state still demands a visa for entry.

In this way a contact can develop at a dating website. Future will show whether the dream of a great love will come true. Anyway it’s a cheap and uncomplicated way to seek a woman from Russia.

Mike writes in an Internet forum: After we had spent 3 days together in St. Petersburg, it was clear: Irina will come to me. She will see how I live. In Hamburg, Irina also falls in love. Mike already before in St. Petersburg. One year later he will marry the Russian woman.

Not each story can have a happy end like this. But it shows: It’s possible to find a good partner from abroad on dating sites.


Why men from Western Europe want a woman from Russia?
First we must realize: girls from Russia want only a man who’s character is worth that she leaves her country. That’s a very important fact.

In the view of a Russian lady the man is the strong head of the family. In marriage with such a woman, men from Western Europe can live out traditional gender roles. That’s no longer possible with girls from Europe or North America.

Irina estimates some characteristics of Mike: reliability, responsibility, sensitivity, faithfulness and diligence. Most Russian men have not much of it.

The age of the partner is less important for a woman from Russia. The Hamburger asks Irina about this. She says: I would also love you at an age of 55 years. That’s remarkable. Normally the difference should not be more than 15 years.

What else did I find about Russian women in forum comments? Most seem to have a strong will. And they are able to enforce it. That’s the opinion of men who have married a Russian lady.

She expects that the husband takes essential decisions. That he cares for his family. For many Russian ladies traditional values are very important – Europeans would say old-fashioned: marriage, family, fidelity, character and honesty.

A high percentage of the girls from Russia and Ukraine are extraordinary beautiful and feminine. Nature has given a good appearance to most of them. Furthermore they do a lot for attractiveness and beauty. With the large women’s surplus in Russia and Ukraine, only pretty women can find and keep a good man.

In Moscow, Kiev and in smaller cities you will hardly see a girl who neglects the appearance. Elegance, femininity and sex appeal are very important in the life of the Russians.


So dear readers, I called the reasons why many men from the West are enthusiastic about women from Russia. You can have a look at Russian singles. In 5 to 10 minutes you will have registered for free. Then you will see photos and women profiles.