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To marry a woman from Eastern Europe

Women from Eastern Europe for you

Attractive Russian, Polish and Ukrainian women looking for a man in the West. I describe how to find, to contact and meet women from Eastern Europe

Woman from Latvia mit Sex-AppealTo marry a woman from Eastern Europe
Since the 1980s, more and more men from western countries are looking for a wife from abroad.

Especially women from Eastern Europe are highly sought after.

In the states of the former Soviet Union, there are clearly more women than men. Many of them look in western countries for a life partner to marry.

The men in Eastern Europe often have big problems with alcohol. Many are not suitable for marriage. Russian and Ukrainian guys with good properties and good income take a young woman. By the surplus of women that’s easy. So the situation of the ladies over 30 years is complicated.


Russian women at the age of 40
They are regarded as old in their country. Not biologically old, but in the age hierarchy. Because of the plus of women, also older men find a younger girl.

What does this mean for men from Western Europe and from the United States? Even if you are not so young, you have a good chance to find a woman in Eastern Europe. And to marry her.

With a bit of luck you can meet such a lady on holiday. But why should you wait for a doubtful coincidence?

On the Internet there are many good opportunities to look actively for a woman from Eastern Europe. You can write with the ladies. You can chat. With great sympathy, you can travel to the East and meet the woman.


Find a women to marry from Eastern Europe


Meet women from Russia, Poland
and Ukraine on the Internet

In the following dating sites for East-West contacts that’s easy. If you have problems to find a woman to marry in your own country – you certainly have much better chances here:

Dating site with singles from Russia

Pretty women from Kiev, Lviv and Odessa
Women from Poland, Baltic states and Russia


What is most important if you search
for women from Eastern Europe

On these dating websites above, you can look at the profiles of the ladies. Please pay attention to the following points:

Appearance of Russian women
The ladies from Eastern Europe are often pretty and sexy. They take care to their beauty. They look feminine and attractive.

The age
Russian and Ukrainian women have no problem with a man, who is 10 or 15 years older. But the difference should not be bigger than this.

Women from Eastern Europe and the language skills
The lady should be able to speak or write a little English. This is not necessary if you speak Russian or Polish language. Especially the generation under 40 years has learned English at school or university.

Check in the profile, whether the woman from Poland or Russia has children. And if she wishes to have a baby in future.

Women from Eastern Europe – at the age of 40 – mostly have adult children. Under communism the girls had the babies very early.

The personal ads of the women will give you much information which are important for your dating.


How to contact the women from Russia?
You have found a sympathetic lady. Now you can write an email in English. If the woman speaks only Russian, there is the theoretical possibility to use a translator of the dating site. But that’s very difficult. I cannot recommend such contacts.

Often it’s possible to find a woman with knowledge of English. Because the selection of women from Eastern Europe is quite large in the contact sites.

In your first mail you should write only a few sentences. Please use only well-known words and simple grammar. So the woman from Eastern Europe can better understand the meaning of your letter.

In the first message, you introduce yourself. Photo, age, height, weight, profession, children, interests. Maybe some words about your intentions. If a contact develops well: you can ask the lady questions.


Travel and meet Eastern European women in real life
Before you think about a date, you should get to know the woman by emails. So good as possible. Then you can invite her to the chat of the dating site or to Skype.

On Skype you can talk and write free and worldwide. Even with webcam. The same as in the video chat of a single market.

If you have a platinum membership of RussianCupid, you use the webcam chat of this contact site. You will see your Internet acquaintance in front of you. It’s much better than anonymous and boring emails.

You can visit the women in Poland, Estonia or Belarus. Or she comes directly to your country. But most girls from Eastern Europe are not confident enough for this. You are the man. So you have to travel to her.

There is a difference if you fly with a cheap airline at the weekend to Riga. Or if you go to Moscow, Kiev or Kharkov.

The flight to Russia is not a problem. But it might be complicated if the residence of the woman is far away from a big city. A place where you cannot fly directly. Then you must go by bus, train or taxi.

You will meet the woman in Eastern Europe. She welcomes you at the airport. You might get to know her relatives and the city. You get an idea now: is she a good partner for marriage or not? She also will check whether you satisfy her claims.

After the trip, you send a mail. You write if you like the woman or not. What is your impression of her. And whether it is useful to stay in contact.

If this decision is positive: Then the woman will come to your city. She wants to see the country, the culture and your environment. She wants to meet your friends. And maybe talk to your children.

If everything is ok: then you have to wait if there will be strong feelings between you and the woman from Eastern Europe. If yes, you can marry her. Or you take up more time to know the lady better.

So the partner search in Eastern Europe works. It is not always easy when two people from different cultures and with different mentalities decide for marriage.

Before you marry the woman, you should travel to the East two or three times. You will learn more about her character, her strengths and weaknesses. You will check if you have real love feelings for the lady.