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Thailand holidays: sex vacation with Thai-girls

Sex with exotic Thai girls

Sex holidays in Thailand. A dream for many male singles. Here’s my info about sex adventures with Thai girls

Horny sex with hot Thailand girls on holiday

First I will give you some general information about a Thailand trip. Later I describe the sex vacation of a young man in Bangkok. And how to handle Thai girls.


Sex with Thai girls
A sex adventure in Thailand is a special delicacy. You are pampered in bed by some horny Thai girls. You enjoy hot sex and orgasm with pretty Asian women. But what kind of people do travel so far to have unrestrained holiday sex?

They come from all over the world to Bangkok: from Europe, from the USA, Russia, South Africa and Australia. Not only singles spend a hot sex vacation in Thailand. Older and even married men love to fuck Thai girls. Sometimes individually. Sometimes in group sex with several girls at the same time.

In your city a one-night stand or a brothel visit can easily become public. This has disastrous consequences for a married man. If the wife notices: my husband had sex with a young woman. Then she could also look for a new lover. Or she says: No my friend, I want a divorce.

With sex holiday in Thailand you haven’t this risk. You can bang Thai girls without to be careful. There are no friends who observe your adventures.

Sex holidays in exotic countries is especially popular because you can fuck the girls very cheap. For 20 euro / British Pound / dollar you can have Thais for one night. Cheaper than in Thailand you don’t get sex anywhere. Except in your bedroom at home. But that’s boring.

Meet hot Thai girls


Outdoor sex in Thailand
It’s not advisable to invite a Thai girl for a sexual rendezvous on the beach. You better go in the hotel room. Otherwise there may be stress. If you are caught having sex at the pool, in the elevator or on the beach, you must pay a fine.

Outdoor sex is relatively harmless in Thailand. Other countries are more rigorous, when a tourist shags a woman in the outdoor area. In the United States the police comes at once. In the Arabic world you will go into prison.

I don’t recommend sex tourists to make a Thai Girl naked on the beach. Or to lick her breasts. Because spectators and nudism voyeurs are anywhere in the world. To see how a man fucks a young woman.

Sex with children and young teenagers in Thailand
In TV we see sometimes images of sex tourism in Asia and Thailand. Sexual acts with children and very young people is just disgusting. There are men who have a peculiar sexual orientation. Instead of screwing a woman, they have sex with innocent young girls and boys. Not only in Thailand. Also in India, Korea and in the Philippines.

Sex with children is a criminal act. Even if the kids do it voluntarily. They get money for it, like a prostitute or a callboy. Who in Thailand holiday has sex with children must expect an imprisonment. Nobody in the world will pity such men. Because it’s a vile behavior.

Spending a night with a Thai girl, the tourists from Europe and America
will usually have no problems. That’s legal. The Thai police doesn’t mind. You have only to think of condoms because of AIDS danger.


Sex vacation in Cuba with rider girls
Hot sex in the Caribbean


Preparing sex vacation to Thailand
A boring issue, I know! Sorry gentlemen! But some things are important before traveling to Thailand. Below I give tips to sex with Thai girls.

Health insurance
In tropical countries, it is not rare that holidaymakers fall ill. You can get a sunstroke. In tap water bacteria lurk. They cause hepatitis diseases. You can have a car accident. A coconut falls on your head. Or you get cardiovascular problems by hard fucking Thai girls.

Then you need a doctor. Or medication from the pharmacy. Or you come to hospital. This all costs a lot of money. Before sex holidays in Thailand, you must go to the office of your health insurance. And get a special medical card for a trip abroad. Then you are insured. And you can look forward to hump sex graving Thai cunts in Bangkok or Pattaya.

Vaccinations OK?
Who wants to spend in Thailand enjoyable sex holidays, must be protected by vaccinations. Show your doctor the immunization card. He will check whether all vaccinations are still effective. Or if you need to be vaccinated against hepatitis for example.

It’s advisable to update the tetanus vaccination and diphtheria. You don’t need polio. A malaria injection is recommended, if you want to make happy some Thai Girls on the beaches in the south of Thailand.

First-aid kit
Imagine: you are in Asia. You get health problems. The pharmacy in Thailand has not all drugs and pills that a holidaymaker from England, Scotland or the US needs. So you feel sick. You have no more desire for hot sex. Although the Thai Girl licks your penis very patiently.

On sex holidays you should have several things in the first-aid kit. These include painkillers (aspirin), tablets against headache and toothache. Against circulatory problems, fever, diarrhea. Against stomach pains and intestinal constipation.

Of course, you must anyway take into suitcase all the pills you swallow at home. This may be blood pressure tablets, levothyroxine (thyroid). Also pills against low blood pressure and diabetes.

Passport and other documents
For sex holidays in Thailand you need no visa. That’s very comfortable. But you have to show your passport when boarding at the airport. This must be valid for 6 months. Otherwise, the sex holidays doesn’t take place. The horny Thai pussies wait for nothing to be licked and fucked by a strong man.

You should check timely the stamp on the passport. If it’s valid only for another 2 weeks, you have to go to the administration of your city. To extend the document.

Condoms to prevent pregnancy
Contraceptive should not be missing in your suitcase. You don’t want to risk pregnancy while poking a Thai girl. Or even an infection with AIDS. Condoms should be on your cock. No sex without contraception. As well not at home with your wife or girlfriend. Otherwise you can catch in Thailand a contagious disease by kissing or fucking (gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis).


Sex with hot Thai girls
You and your friend are on holidays in Thailand. You have heard how good and unrestrainedly Thai Girls can fuck. Not cool and calculating as the women in Europe or America. Thai girls are wilder and more natural. They love extravagant sex games – what your girlfriend or wife at home never would accept.

The plane has arrived in Bangkok airport. First you will seek charming Thai Girls in the bars of the capital. They are waiting for horny tourists from the West. They like to be thrusted by a strong white men. Because they have a larger willy than the Asians.

Later you will travel to Pattaya. This is the favorite destination for sex tourists in Thailand. But this evening Bangkok is on the program.

You go to a bar. Immediately 10 young girls are around you. They speak English. That’s good. The girls have slim legs under the skirt. The breasts are not so big as with the ladies from Europe. Or with hot women in the Caribbean.

But what’s now? You and your friend cannot fuck all girls at the same time. You need to divide the cake. This eroticism of Thai girls. You could get crazy. But the pussies are well behaved. They don’t attack your pecker with the hand. To check what’s in your pants. Thai girls are not so cheeky.

But even without that the girls grab your dick, this becomes horny and erected. You have lust to pull up the skirt of the small Thai girl in front of you. To fuck her directly on the table of the bar.

The boss comes. You pay for the girl a few British Pound or US dollar. You go with her to the private room. It’s a young girl. Maybe 18 years. She will marvel when she feels your thick cock in her cunt.

While the Thai girl gets naked, you have an idea. Tomorrow you could take 2 or 3 girls to the room. That would be a nice variety. Group sex: 3 hot Thais in bed. One girl will fuck your penis. At the same time you lick the nipples and the pussy of the others.

The young Thai girl in front of you is a little shy. She lies on bed. You start to kiss the petite body with your tongue. You caress the legs. With the fingers you massage the cooze. The girl gets wet and horny. Before inserting the hard penis into the vagina, you lick yet her pussy and the clitoris. You show the girl how an sex expert awakes lust.

In any case, you and your friend have a hot sex night in Bangkok. The Thai girl wants to fuck again and again. Even after the third orgasm, her hunger for poking is not yet satisfied.

I read on the Internet: On sex vacation in Thailand, a tourist was stunned with knockout drops. During the man kisses the mons veneris and the red pussy meat, she has dropped it in his glass. Next morning, wallet and credit cards are disappeared. You have to be careful what you drink.


What Thai girls offer sex for money?
The barmaids in Bangkok speak mediocre English. If not, it doesn’t matter. When fucking people must not speak necessarily.

There are married Thai women who improve with this „work“ the household budget. They have a husband and children at home. Maybe they cannot stay overnight in your bed. That’s not so fantastic. Perhaps you should ask for a single women when choosing a sex partner?

Most Thai girls are free and independent. Between 18 and 25 years young. In no other job they earn so much money as in a sex bar.

Some Thai women hope to catch a man by her sex games. A guy who marries her and takes her to Europe or North America. Barmaids have a keen sense how a single man dresses and behaves. A woman who wants to marry is clever. She often succeeds in drawing the attention of a single to her..

A man must know if he can imagine a common life with a Thai girl. It’s a strange culture. The mentality is different. They never have heard of real work, punctuality, planning and discipline. But they have other qualities: they are friendly, very little emancipated and sexually open-minded.


Treat Thai girls with respect
You are on sex vacation. You get a very good service for little money. You cannot get a woman into bed cheaper than in Thailand or Cambodia. In principle it’s a business: to fuck for cash.

Please remember that Thai babes are people of flesh and blood. Maybe even sensitive people. You should treat the girls well. Not like a brothel whore or prostitute. But as a girlfriend or flirt partner.

It’s worth to deal the Thais well. Because it’s a difference whether the lady does her job reluctantly: She is lying on bed, spreads the legs. Holds her butt to you. But you see disgust on her face. When shagging she is stiff like a piece of wood. And mute like a fish.

Or you are polite and nice to her. Then she will be with full of enthusiasm. She will cry during sex and groan of horniness. She cannot get enough of your cock thrusts. That’s it what is funny with sex: when a woman is really hungry for your penis.


Stylish erotic instead of a mediocre fuck
Instead of screwing a Thai girl loveless in a full horny state. And bang her wild and without fantasy. It could be a good idea to invite her first to a dinner.

Asian cuisine is known to stimulate erotic senses. In Thailand love also goes through the stomach. So you go with the sex mouse into a restaurant. You enjoy the food and her youthful beauty. In this culinary foreplay, you get the ultimate kick for bed.

Thai girls are very open against sex-travelers. Usually they have small tits. But a divine beautiful body. Not so thick and fat like many women from England, USA and Canada. Maybe you know the adage: the smaller the breast, the greater the lust.

If she works for a brothel, then your baby is a sex professional. She knows how to make a man hot by certain games, sex techniques and exciting positions. So that you will have some horny orgasms.

This includes, for example, a perfect blowjob. Thai girls like to ride on the penis. Or they get fucked from behind. Even with Kama Sutra sex they are experienced.


Women from Europe and North America as a sex tourists
What’s Thailand for men, that’s the Caribbean for women. Whether single or not: this doesn’t matter.

Sex-hungry ladies from the western world travel by cheap airlines to the Caribbean. In order to get fucked by a strong Negro cock. Popular destinations for women’s sex holidays are Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.

Those randy ladies don’t want a beach vacation. But they want to have hot sex with a strong young man. Who fucks them four times a day.

What kind of women they are? They are usually middle-aged, between 30 and 45 years. Mostly they are divorced. At home they have too little sex. There are academics, lawyers, teachers, doctors, office workers, nurses, shop assistants. So no specific occupational group.

They have only one thing in common: A strong sex drive. And they love it to be fucked by young black Negro stud.

They could have horny sex also in the home country. What is the reason why the ladies to come to the Caribbean? The longing for adventure, exoticism and young male flesh.

Instead of erection problems, those women experience in Jamaica, Cuba and the Dominican Republic the elemental sexual power of young beach boys. Even 60-year-old women have be seen flirting with black young guys.

But also men come here because of sex. The girls of Latin America are among the most beautiful and randy in the world. Not so small and petite as Thai women. But really horny earth mothers. A pleasure for a man’s cock.