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Nowhere you can get to know women from Thailand better than at ThaiCupid. Men from around the world meet Thai girls to chat, to flirt and to marry them

Review of
The website of ThaiCupid is just one of many in the Cupid Media family. That’s a dating company which permits men from Europe, the US, Canada and Australia to find women at the international level: from Asia, South America, Africa and from the Caribbean.

The purpose of dating at ThaiCupid: men want to find a single women from Thailand to marry or simply to have a nice Internet friendship.

ThaiCupid offers various possibilities for communication: writing e-mails, chatting and the webcam service. Almost all Thai girls have learned the English language at school.

The dating websites of the Cupid-Media Group have 30 million members worldwide. 2 million are active at ThaiCupid. By their friendly nature and their sex-appeal, Thailand girls are very popular as spouse among the guys in the United States and in Great Britain. Thai girls are sexually open-minded and not uptight.


Target group for the international dating site
ThaiCupid, formerly called Thai Love Links, is a good way to find and meet single women from the Land of Smiles. There are good chances to fall in love and to find a woman for a relationship.

On the one hand here are many beautiful girls from Thailand searching for a reliable man from Europe or the USA. On the other hand, guys from all over the world look for a for pretty Thailand woman for friendship or marriage. Of course, only those girls who are single.

Thai girls are generally considered attractive, uncomplicated, grateful and friendly. Characteristics that many women from Europe or the United States have lost.

The third target group are single Thai men, who live abroad or in Thailand. When a Thai-man, for example in America, Australia, Germany or England lives alone, he can find a new life partner at ThaiCupid. Later he can marry his darling and allow to come to his country.

To test the dating site ThaiCupid, I have signed up for free. Then I have looked at the list of women that are online in this moment.

In contrast to the Russian dating site RussianCupid, I have found on the Thailand site not so many girls who live in English-speaking countries. More than 98 percent of the girls at ThaiCupid live in Thailand, not abroad.


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Thailand ladies as partner for love, life and sex:
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 Dating and flirting with Thai girls


Registration for the dating at ThaiCupid
I sign up for free, with e-mail address and username. If top right there is a different language than English, you have to correct it. It could be possible that you see German, French, Japanese or Swedish language.

ThaiCupid just wants to know what kind of man you are. You do not necessarily fill in all fields. But you should do it in your own interest. So the ladies from Thailand will see what kind of man you are. How your life looks like, what qualities and dreams you have.

I click on some personal characteristics: my age (truthfully!), my height and weight. I say that I look mediocre attractive. I wear glasses and I don’t want to have children and pets.

I speak good English. My relationship status is single. I don’t answer the question about my income. Anyone who wants, can write something about smoking and drinking habits. About the hobbies, of course. And about the favorite travel-destinations, musical preferences, favorite books, movies, etc.

And not forget the most important: the women from Thailand want to see some pictures. So I upload from the hard disk some presentable photos to my profile.

Now I can start to seek Thai girls. As a standard member, I could use now the search function. But it is easier to click on „Online members“.

I see: 1,7 million singles are logged at the moment. This number refers to all dating portals of Cupid Media. Many beautiful women from Thailand look into my eyes now. Some of them are average attractive. I think that’s good to know. If there would be only model-like women at this dating site, I would be quickly distrustful.

First profile of a woman
I choose a pretty Thai girl. I click on Malie from Bangkok. She is 33 years young and single. She would like to find a man from Europe, the United States, Japan or Australia. Age: 35 to 55 years. Malie is ready to move to a foreign country. With a height of 1.60 m and a body weight of 50 kg she has a petite figure. But her breasts are not so small.

Malie speaks fluently English. Her favorite music is pop and soft rock. She attaches great importance to a harmonious family life. Her hobbies are sports, online games, yoga, dancing, cooking and eating in fine Thai restaurants.

The only problem is: I can not write a mail to Malie. Below I see the button „Show Interest“. I click on it. If I want to send her a little flirt message or an invitation to chat, ThaiCupid asks for money. I should buy a membership.


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Free standard membership
You can already do a lot with the free account. Above all, you can get a first impression of the girls from the Land of Smiles. How they look, what ideas they have, what their interests are. If they want to have children, etc.

What can I do now at ThaiCupid without spending money?
As we have seen above: I can create a very extensive profile, with much more detail as I have just described before. So the single women from Thailand can estimate my personality.

At „Search“ I define my search criteria: age, country, appearance, values, language etc.

Besides, I can already use the simple search function. After this I can have a look at all my desired Thailand women. As a free member I can test the quality of this dating portal, before I pay for a Gold membership.

Without spending money, I can read the news of such Thailand-singles, who have a Gold or Platinum membership. If they will contact me, I may answer.


Paid membership
It’s not bad to look at the women’s pictures. But in a longer term, it is pretty senseless. Who really wants to get to know girls from Thailand, needs a Premium account.

Then single men from Europe, Australia or Canada can send messages. Or chat with the sexy little Thai girls. A real flirt or a real partner search is connected with a paid Premium membership.

Prices for the Premium membership in Gold
1 month:        34.99 US dollar (24.99 British pound sterling)
3 months:      23.33 US dollar per month (16.66 British pound sterling p.m.)
12 months:    11.67 US dollar per month (8.33 British pound sterling p.m.)
If you come from another English-speaking country, the dating site will show you the costs in your special currency.

The opportunities for singles from Europe, Australia
and North America with a Gold Membership

You can invite women who are currently online to the chat. You can write an unlimited number of messages to Thailand singles.

To find a suitable woman, you can use now all search functions of ThaiCupid, especially the detailed search. Here you select criteria such as looking, character, willingness to move and education. Foreign languages, desire to have children and even star signs.

As a Gold member men can read messages also of non-paying Thai girls.

Prices for the Premium Membership in Platinum
1 month:        39.99 US dollar (29.98 British pound sterling)
3 months:      26.66 US dollar per month (19.99 British pound sterling p.m.)
12 months:    13.33 US dollar per month (10.00 British pound sterling p.m.)
If you live in another English-speaking country, the dating site will show you the costs in your own currency.

The additional advantages – compared with the Gold membership
If you get a message in Thai language, ThaiCupid translates it for free. In the chat you can use the video function. You will see the face of the Thai girl directly in front of you. The same as in Skype.

Where can you see the actual costs?
Click on the website of ThaiCupid top right on „Expand Now“. Then the prices of Gold and Platinum membership appear.

Payment methods
As usual at international dating services, you can pay the bill for your contract time in this way:
Credit card (Master, Visa, American Express)
Normal bank transfer


Advices for the pivate chat
Because many women in Thailand speak English, a flirt conversation is easily possible. Soon you will realize how lovely Thai girls are. In my review here, I have seen this in communication as Gold member.

But you should not be too trusting. It is normal when the getting to know takes a certain time. If the girl is pretending to be totally in love with you after the second letter: then you should be careful. Nobody can fall in love within 2 days. It’s unrealistic, unnatural and suspicious.

This special sort of Thailand women wants to find a man from Europe or America with might and main. For these ladies feelings don’t matter at all. They want to have a more comfortable life. I renounce on those girls, say goodbye and click on the next.

The developing of sympathy and love feelings need time, at least a few weeks. You should be careful if a Thai girl surprises you with fantastic offers and promises.

It coud happen that a clever lady sends some sexy pictures or nude photos to your e-mail address. Just to make you crazy for her. Such girls are not serious. I think you know what I mean.


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Beauties from Thailand looking for love –
Here you can see the profiles of the girls


Mentality of the Thai girls and love trip to Thailand

How are the girls?
They are very different from women in Europe and North America. Similar family-oriented and passionate as Russian women. Almost all Thai women are gracile, slim, friendly and tender. Sometimes even a little stubborn. But this could be a sign of self-confidence.

A man from Great Britain, Canada or South Africa who has no sense of humor, will perhaps have problems with a beauty from the Land of Smiles.

More than other women in the world, the Thai girl can be very jealous. If her man or boyfriend looks to another woman, she can become angry and dangerous like a Thailand tiger. As well when another one tries to seduce her husband.

In the beginning of a contact Thailand girls are careful with a strange man. A guy from abroad must exert himself, if he wants to win her confidence and her heart. By this mean only normal Thai women. Not the sugar babies and barbies in the bars of Bangkok who offer sex for money.

The mentality of a single woman from Thailand is different from German, English or French women. Before you start your dating at ThaiCupid: you should know something about the culture and way of life of the Thais. You could also inform yourself at Google about „Buddhism“ and „Thai cuisine“.

In the sexual sense, the Thai woman usually is very frank. Eroticism and sex is not shameful for the girls. It is an amusing game for her which belongs naturally to everyday life.

Typical for the character of a woman from Thailand is the sunny nature. Just the same as with the women from the Philippines, from Brazil or the passionate woman from Southern Italy. Fun and pleasure („Sanuk“) belong to a good life.

Listen to music, watch nice films, play karaoke, dancing, good food and party, always to be funny. These things are much more important for the Thai girls than a lot of money or a high social status.

Trips to Thailand
See on the home page of Thai Cupid top the small blue „I“ like „information“. With one click you come to the travel agency Expedia. That is one possibility to find a flight to Thailand.

What does a man from the United States or from England need for entry into Thailand? The country is liberal and open-minded. In a Thailand-stay up to 30 days, the identity card or travel passport are enough. If you want to stay for a longer time with your girlfriend, you need a visa. This is valid for 60 days.

You should also think about the weather, climate and your clothes. In Thailand there are often tropical temperatures of more than 30 degrees. You should also take a look in the vaccination card. That’s always recommended for all places in tropical regions.

Some words to the geography of Thailand
60 million people live in this country. 6 million in the capital Bangkok. All other cities of Thailand have clearly fewer than half a million inhabitants: Nonthaburi, Samut Prakan und Nakhon Ratchasima are the biggest. Other big cities are Si Racha, Udon Thani, Hat Yai, Chon Buri, Chiang Mai, Pak Kret, Phra Pradaeng, Lampang und Khon Kaen.

Thailand is not a very poor country – as the Philippines for example. Just like the Asian tiger states South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, the country has reached a certain economic prosperity. The argument: Thai women are trying to escape poverty, is not true.


ThaiCupid Review – my conclusion
The love site is interesting for English-speaking men from around the world. Especially for those who have problems with the relationship claims of women in Western countries.

Dominance, egoism, self-realization, quarrels, an excessive emancipation: such behaviors and thoughts are strange to Thai-Girls. They want to marry a man, who ensures a normal family life. A husband who cares for her and treats her like a wife can expect it.

Men from the USA, Great Britain and from the whole Western world are popular in Thailand. The chances to find a special darling are not bad. The guys from English-speaking countries as Canada, Australia, Scotland, Ireland, the USA and South Afrika are the prototype of a man with character and responsibility. With such a man many Thai girls can imagine to have a good future and a long partnership.

Great selection of women
The number of singles is quite large at the dating site ThaiCupid. An average boy or man should have no problems to find in Thailand a younger wife. Age differences up to the 15 or even 20 years are normally.

Your height does absolutely not matter
The love chances for men from Europe, South Africa, Australia and North America are very good. Because almost all Thais are small people – compared to our standards. In the imagination of women in Western Europe the height of a man plays an important role in partner choice. Less than 1.80 meters is nothing.

In Thailand you will hardly find women with 1.70 m or more. Most are below 1.60 m. Not fat, but light as a bird feather. That means: even man with only 1.65 m has excellent chances to find his dream girl at ThaiCupid.


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