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If a man conducts a search for a Philippine woman on the Internet, he has many possibilities: via a foreign dating agency, via mail order or via a contact site.
If you do not want to spend astronomical sums of money for an uncertain success, it’s a good idea to sign up at a portal like Filipino Kisses. This way you will have contact with sexy Filipinas from Asia, the USA or from Europe – for a low monthly cost.

More than half-million Filipino girls and women are active at Filipino Kisses. Day after day, many singles register in hopes of finding marriage on this dating site. The single-man, searching for great love, finds endless contacts with sexy Filipinas of all ages.

The younger girls want to marry for the first time and leave the islands. The more mature ladies want to commit themselves again after a divorce. Very rarely you see ladies who are only interested in virtual friendships.

To get in contact with Filipinas, there’s an email service, a real-time web chat and a webcam chat. This way you can gauge for yourself the character, the temperament and the exotic charm of the Filipinas. After some time, you may meet her.

I will now test the portal for you – according the following criteria:

  • How good are the chances to find a Philippine woman for a steady relationship?
  • I will describe the profiles of the ladies. What are they looking for?
  • I will explain the search functions of the Filipino Kisses.
  • You will see what the dating costs.
  • Why do so many men from the West want to marry a Filipino woman?
  • What should be considered when meeting your bride in the Philippines?



Detailed profiles facilitate the search for a partner
To make it clear what the Philippine women are looking for, how they look and what their priorities are, I will introduce you to about a dozen ladies who want to marry a foreign guy. This way you can judge if it’s useful to register at Filipino Kisses or to search at similar sites such as FilipinoCupid.

Contact young women
You will see the sexiest pictures among the young Filipino girls. I don’t want to use the word „horny“. You will immediately realize the advantages if you marry such a beautiful Filipina.

Daisy (28), on the picture above, is one of my „Hits“. She is a woman from the Philippines that the dating site considers most suitable for me. Her kisses would certainly delight me and give me sleepless nights. I see the slender young Filipina in a department store, and the other photo shows her with a charming smile.

Daisy is looking for a solid partner. Harmony and romance are most important in a relationship. The girl is a bit too young for me, maybe even too good looking. That can not work.

Julie (32) is also listed at my „Hits“ by Filipino Kisses. She is also a woman who supposedly suits my ideas. The lovely single lady doesn’t expect to find the perfect partner, but a man who treats her respectfully and loves her. He should not be older than 45. This makes her a big exception among the Filipino ladies. The photos correspond to her age.

Josie (31) is currently logged in. With a gold membership, I could start a chat with her immediately. She is a naughty bitch who shows a lot of bare leg. She looks very young. I suppose: the picture is probably some years old. Josie from Butuan City wants to get married, but she should give some more information about her perfect husband.

Janice (28) is one of the Filipinas who are selected for me by the dating site. At 1.64m she is a relatively tall Asian. She likes to laugh and chat. She describes herself as sweet, trustworthy, intelligent and sporty. The photos show a self-confident sassy girl, who won a cup in volleyball. Janice has a lot of sex appeal. Strangely, she is less interested in eroticism than in traveling and family life.

Incidental remark
Unlike other foreign dating sites with Asian ladies, women from Eastern Europe or Latin America it’s not necessary to examine the ads of Filipino Kisses for language skills. Nearly all Filipino girls speak English or GI-American. When chatting and in the profiles, they use typical American words like “guy” or “honey”.

Who’s Online
Lilibeth (32) looks very sexy. Almost a bit naughty and frivolous. She sticks out the tongue, and in another picture she wears an elegant dress. Another picture on the beach, oh yes, she has a dream figure.

Lillibeth is still single with no children. She tries to find happiness in Filipino Kisses. With these female qualities she will surely find a life partner. The only question is whether the guys from abroad will be interested only in her sex appeal.

What have we here? Aiza Mae (18) is a cute teenage girl. She is online, too. Such young Filipinas are very rare in the Asian dating site. Her priorities in life correspond to her age, as she values good sex, disco music, sports, communicating with WhatsApp and chic clothes. The man of her dreams should not be older than 35.

New Filipinas who recently signed in
Mary Grace (32) is more on the chubby side, but she seems to be a funny lady. This pretty lady shows an infinite number of photos, and she always smiles like a honey cake. The man who will marry her will have a lot of fun. The teacher describes herself as sympathetic, lively, loyal and fond of children. She wants to find her „Happiness“, and with over 2,000 clicks, she seems to be very popular among the men of Filipino Kisses.

Elline (28) from Pinamalayan has registered only a few days ago at the dating site. She has a bachelor’s degree, but no work yet. Her place is far away from Manila, on the island of Mindoro. Elline is a sexy looking young woman and will be sought out by a variety of men. Her potential mate should not have any children. I will add the Filipina to my favorites – and later, with gold membership, I will try to lure her into webcam chat for some thrilling conversation.

Top pictures at Filipino Kisses
These women are especially pretty. For example, Honnie (30) from Zamboanga City. Now it gets really hot as she shows us her big breasts. So much sex appeal it is almost a bit rude. Honnie has never been married, and describes herself as a passionate woman. She is looking for a man who satisfies her yearning for love. Wow, what a bitch!

Florenda (39) is also erotic and very skinny. This Filipina from Cebu City is already a bit more mature, but she looks sexy too. Even in a mini skirt, this lightweight Filipina looks good. She describes herself as a loving person, and her spouse should be understanding and caring, with something left for romantic time. Florenda still wants a child, but at 39, you do not have much time left, Filipina lady…

In this day and age ideas of most ladies you can only shake your head. Sexy mommy (23), for example, thinks she imagines a partner up to the age of 58. That’s not easy to understand. This student from the Philippine city of Rizal does not look unattractive. She has a pretty face and a lovely feminine figure. Maybe it’s because this single mother has already a son. Romance is the all-important factor for her.

Tall Philippines
Filipinas are usually small and petite. You will find at Filipino Kisses also ladies who have grown taller than most Asian women. If you like big women, you will also get your money’s worth on this dating site. In the detail search you set the desired height, which I did – and here is the result:

Babegirl (39) is 1.68m tall and is looking for a prince. With her English skills lacking this is no easy task. Grace (26) is 1.65m tall. I don’t know why this pretty Filipina is so modest. In her gala dress she is a highly attractive fairytale princess. The athletic lady from Davao City wants to find love and happiness on the Internet. Filipino men do not inspire her.

Older Filipino ladies
Lynn (41) is the perfect wife for an elderly man from the US, Canada or the UK. She wears glasses and maybe she is an intellectual woman. The Filipina is over 1.60m tall. She’s divorced and tired of being alone. Hoping that will change soon, she looks forward to a reputable men from the West.

Also among the older ladies is Veronica (44). The appearance is mediocre. Her search for a partner aims at a mature man over 55 years. She graduated the University. And she sees herself as a sweet Filipina. Veronica is no longer young enough for any childish flirts or sex games.


Register at the Philippine single site
On the start page of Filipino Kisses, a long-haired amazon with near-exposed breasts is looking at me. The lady seems to say: „Come on, I’ll fuck you.“ I cannot judge right now whether she is just a sexy woman to attract men or a Filipina really seeking a foreigner to marry. I will pay attention to this picture when browsing the profiles.

Registration is easy and quick, and I refuse to register with the Facebook profile. It has happened that Filipino Kisses introduced unmarried girls to friends of Facebook accounts. I would be very embarrassed if this happened to me, maybe you too.

First I create a free account for dating. For this I have to enter personal data such as my name, password and my email address. I am asked if I am looking for love, a friendship or a correspondence with a pen friend.

The free registration continues with details of my physique (height, weight). Filipino Kisses wants to know if I smoke and how often I drink alcohol. In the education field I enter my job. One of the most important points comes at the end: I upload a picture. Profiles without photos have little chance to be noticed even by the sociable Filipinas.

At the end, my ad is checked by Filipino Kisses for dubious content. For example, it is not allowed to upload sex photos or to invite the ladies to fuck. We are not on an erotic portal or on a porn site where it is about pure sex and sex partner search. Filipino Kisses is a dating site where women and men are looking for the future life partner.

The review of the profile is not a chicane. It’s necessary to exclude fake registrations, as these are dubious figures who do not care to win the love of a beautiful Filipino woman. Such profiles are of bad intent by wanting to lead an unsuspecting user on cheater sites.

After logging in I am asked to optimize my profile so that the Filipinas know exactly who they are facing, and what they can expect when communicating or living with me.

There are always chat requests from curious, flirty ladies: from „Hello my name is Sharon.“, to „Hi, good afternoon, I am lovely woman from the Philippines. I send you many kisses, my dear.“ I simply click away those cute flirting attempts so that I can work on my profile in peace.

There are still many other fields you may fill out to complete your profile. For example, the personal description with freely chosen words, or some questions about what you would do with a lottery win, how to spend your holidays… How to judge your character: optimistic, sociable, animal-loving, intelligent, imaginative, etc.


What happens after the registration at Filipino Kisses?
A few hours later I already have 14 visitor views of my profile. These are usually sexy, middle-aged Filipinas. I do not know what the 22-year-old Jessi wants from me. Michelle (35) would be a good idea, as she is looking for an honest husband and a solid partnership. Michelle looks pretty good, so I decide to keep watching her by saving her among my favorite women.

Maybe I will contact her later. First, I want to look at other attractive ladies from the Philippine Islands. Besides, I got some chat requests in the hours after the registration. I could react to that now, if I have bought a full membership, which would allow me to communicate and flirt with the girls immediately. But now quite yet, as I am just beginning to polish my profile.


The search for sexy Philippine dream woman
At the top of the dating site, there are several navigation points. In the lists, I see the partner hits that Filipino Kisses has determined for me. These are Filipinas who have similar ideas about a partner and a relationship. It will also match and filter based on age requirements as well.

Below is an image list. On the left two lights are flashing. Two Filipino girls want to chat with me. Eileen writes in the chat window: „It would be nice to know you if you are interested in me. Kiss you.“ I only write the word „okay“. The information comes: if you want to contact this woman, you must have a gold membership. Since I am currently using the site for free, I can not answer the chat requests yet.

My contacts are also in the list. I have one free contact. Filipino Kisses gives each newly registered man one free contact per day. What can I do with it?

Even if the lady is clearly too young for me, I still open her profile. I click on „Send contact data to e-mail“. Eileen’s data are sent now to my e-mail account. This works well and I receive the Filipina’s e-mail address, Skype name, WhatsApp and Facebook information. On Instagram and Snapchat, this young woman from the Philippines has not yet created an account.

Can I write a message to the free contacts? Yes, you may connect with her at any of the given contact data, and I have tested it. Filipino Kisses confirms that my letter has been sent. Now I am waiting for an answer. It takes an hour before the Filipina sends back a message: „Hello guy, I am glad to chat with you“. Now I can talk to this girl in chat – even as a non-paying member.


How does active searching work at Filipino Kisses?
If you want to find a Filipino wife or girlfriend, there are several options. Since love does not only go through the stomach, but is also influenced by visual impressions – the photo search offers itself first. When looking at the picture lists, you can consider whether the lady is suitable for getting to know or not. If she is not pretty enough or too old for me, then I’ll let it be.

The Asian dating site shows me Filipinas who are currently logged in. Furthermore, I receive partner suggestions in the form of „matches“. I learn which Filipino girls have recently registered (new members), and I can look under the best photos for an attractive chat partner. These are the 4 options of photo dating.

Another way to find the perfect woman for me is the „Browse“ menu. There you will find current profiles of the most recently logged in users. If the girl is not otherwise engaged in chatting, I can try to start an online conversation, or I send her a message. I tell her: “You are great, I would like to get to know you.”

If you attach more importance to matches in the character and leisure interests than to a sexy look – then better use the detailed search of Filipino Kisses. First, I set there the desired age, let’s say: 28 to 40 years old. Then the body weight and the country.

I can determine if the girls have children or not, the zodiac sign of the Filipina, smoking and drinking habits. And information about priorities in a relationship and in life. In order to see as many women as possible, I don’t make any restrictions here. I just click on „Search“.

Evaluate the search results
The single-site Filipina Kisses shows me an endless list of Filipinas, which correspond to my search criteria. Maricel from Davao City is a friendly-looking, attractive lady of 40 years. I must not forget her. So I put the profile to my favorites to write her later when I have the gold membership.

Chat with sexy FilipinasMelita from Manila looks luscious and sexy. Vicky from Angeles City shows nearly 20 photos and seems to be serious about convincing men of her beauty. Among the proposals is Marie from Quezon City, an incredibly erotic woman with a hot figure and beautiful long hair.

The list is so long that I don’t have enough time to open all profiles. If I did, I would be sitting here all night until dawn. I’ll do that later, as soon as I have finished my review.

I think that looks fairly promising. With the specific searches you will find Filipinas who suit you well. The decision to make a contact depends on the photo gallery of the ladies. I prefer profiles which show at least 3 photos.



What do you write to a sexy Filipina?
The most important first: please avoid anything that indicates that you are a cheater and that you think the girl is stupid. Women from the Philippines may not be so clever as ours. They do not know much about Western culture. But they will notice when a guy treats them with arrogance and pride, like a stupid doll with which he can do whatever he wants.

You should always show respect for your sweetheart. Otherwise, she’ll quickly realize what an idiot you are when you’re chatting about stupid things or being sexually aggressive. Please remember: Filipinas are looking for a man to fall in love with and marry. But they have a large selection of male candidates, so they are not dependent on a complete idiot.

So, I felt I had to say that, and if you follow that, you can not go wrong. My experience with my contacts is that Filipino women do not put every word on the gold scale, one or two small mistakes are allowed.

The easiest way to get in contact with a charming Filipina is to write about what you read in her profile. Most of them describe their interests and characteristics. For example, she likes to read a book to relax. Your question: „Which books do you prefer, my dear?“ Or the question: „What does harmony and trust mean for you?“ You can make a compliment to her pictures and ask where the photos are taken.

These are very simple things about dating. For this you must not have studied communication sciences. In the background of a picture you see a beach or a party. You ask the girl where she is on the holidays – or if it was a wedding celebration. Ask if she likes sports, karaoke or if she plays an instrument.

You can be direct to a Filipina. Ask if she finds your profile okay and if you are a serious candidate for a relationship. Make an appointment in the webcam chat of Filipino Kisses or if possible in Skype. So you talk with your darling face to face.

I’ve tested many dating sites over the years and talked with the ladies who wrote to me. I tell you: it is very easy to communicate and flirt with Filipinas. They do not complain about everything constantly. They do not want to know everything better. They are no know-all world improvers…

The Filipina has realistic expectations to the partner. She does not need anyone to „take the stars from heaven“ or any of that nonsense. She also doesn’t complain when my words lack imagination. They do not boast about their level of education or intelligence. Chatting with a Filipina is refreshing, pleasant and easy.


Features and prices for Asia Dating

What is free at Filipino Kisses?

  • Registration, answer questions about my person.
  • Describe the ideal partner.
  • Create a contact profile.
  • Upload pictures.
  • Viewing the profile’s visitors is free.
  • Open and read the ads of the Philippines. You can play a bit with the contact functions of Filipino Kisses and take a closer look at the ladies‘ intentions.
  • You can put a sexy Filipina to your favorites. Sending kisses, flowers and small virtual gifts are gimmicks of other dating portals and are not provided for in Filipino Kisses. This site focuses on the essentials: the immediate search for a likeable, cuddly Filipino lady.
  • One free contact per day as well, to practice the conversation with Filipino women.


The paid membership has the following advantages
Chatting and writing to Filipinas is not included in the free basic membership. Filipino Kisses demands for the video chat and the writing messenger monthly fees from the male singles. The dating site has to finance the website, the server and the technical maintenance of the application.

You will not find a serious site on the Internet where dating is free in Asia, Africa, Russia, Ukraine or South America. If you find such a portal and have made good experiences, then please write me. My e-mail address is in the imprint at the top of my site.

The biggest advantage of Filipino Kisses: the man gets the right to write with the Filipinas as long as he wants. If gold membership has expired after a year, the guys may continue to chat with the existing contacts and stay in touch.

It does not always come to love at first sight. Sometimes, the Filipino girl or the man will initially give preference to other contacts. At some point they realize that it is not going so well, and remember earlier acquaintances.

Upgrade the free basic membership
How much does it cost to meet friendly Philippines at Filipino Kisses? This question have many men, who like Asian beauties. Can I afford that at all? Maybe they want to have thousands of dollars for partner search, as some international dating agencies?

The answer is surprising. The dating site has thousands of members, but does not ask for much more than a pocket money to flirt and chat with lovely Asian ladies for a month.

The gold membership for 4 weeks costs 31.27 USD. In this case you have to abrogate the subscription anytime. If you want that the dating ends automatically after four weeks: you pay for this time 40.54 USD.

One month is over quickly, too short to find a darling on the Internet. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a longer gold membership. Either for 3 months (27.02 US dollars a month), for 6 months (20.27 dollars) or for the one year (13.51 dollars).

You notice that the annual membership is only twice as expensive as the cost for 3 months. The longer you book, the cheaper the dating will be, and the less you are under time pressure. You can relaxed look at the profiles of the ladies, write to them, ask them in the chat and so on.

There is a fixed rule in Filipino Kisses. No matter how long the membership lasts, you may not write or request contact details of more than 300 Filipinas per month. By limiting to 300 women contacts, Filipino Kisses ensures that finding a wife to marry does not end in mass mailing.

The Asian dating site is not a Wal-Mart, where you can use shelves freely and make your shopping cart brimful. I think 300 ladies is more than you ever need to overcome your loneliness. I follow the principle that I would rather get to know just 20 women intensively than to get bogged down in a large amount of chat conversations. In this case we can speak of a serious partner search.

The costs for finding a Philippine sweetheart online are pretty low. Women don’t pay anything. For men, the question is how much time is necessary. Longer memberships are cheaper for the month. 162 US dollars for a whole year is a bargain compared to American or British dating sites.


Character of the Filipina and expectations
Most girls enchant the boys and mature guys by their attractive appearance. Many have a slim sexy figure. The exotic beauty and the dark skin color make Philippine women very attractive to the white man.

For many Americans, Englishmen and Canadians, the real attraction of the Philippines is not the look, but the inner values. They are warm, good-natured, indulgent, very feminine, positive, romantic, funny and always ready for jokes. Filipinas go through life with a smile. They like to dance, kiss, cook and grill. Sometimes they seem a bit reckless and playful.

Filipinas expect from the husband unconditional fidelity. He should not be poor and be able to take care of her. Filipino girls are much less demanding than American and English ladies. They don’t need the sophisticated, educated superman. It’s enough if you treat her lovingly and live in ordered conditions.

The differences to women from Europe and North America are considerable. For the Filipina the word „equality“ plays a subordinate role. In Philippine culture the man is still responsible and takes decisions. So she is less independent than the career woman or the normal employee in western countries.

Even if she looks sexy, and other men look at the girl lasciviously, she will not so quickly stray and have sex with another man than the women in our country. The gentle soul and the friendliness provide Filipino women a great advantage in partner search.

Filipinas are extremely adaptable. After the wedding, Filipino wives blend in to their husband’s everyday life without any problems. When she enters his life, his friendships and hobbies are not influenced. Of course, the Filipina will take a lot of time for togetherness, for intimate hours, excursions and common activities. But he is usually allowed to meet his friends for male sports or at the football stadium.

Get to know beautiful Filipino women


Meet the sweetheart: travel to the Philippines

Preparations in the webcam chat of Filipino Kisses
If a man from Los Angeles, San Francisco or Manchester wants to meet a woman from Boston, Dallas or Oxford, it’s an advantage to get to know each other a little before the date. So that the long drive or flight is not in vain.

Even more important is a close look when you meet the Filipina on the islands or in Manila. Then you have to take a lot of time while chatting with her. Only with the webcam you can see how she looks in reality. Whether she is just as likeable, as beautiful and sexy as the profile pictures promise. Besides, you can learn more about her personal preferences in direct contact in the webcam chat.

Some cunning women try to make a man crazy on the camera, to make him hot and to inspire his erotic imagination. They open the shirt a little and direct his eyes to the barely covered breasts. Or they make a strip or table dance in a short skirt. Some men enjoy that, while the other think: “Does she do that with every guy?”

It’s problematic when the woman from the Philippines complains in chat about financial worries. She asks you to send 500 dollars. This can not be a serious candidate to marry. I would leave her immediately and stop talking to her. You can find out a lot about the Filipino girl while chatting with the webcam, long before you book a flight to the Philippines.

Tips for the meeting in the Philippines
You have found the perfect woman at Filipino Kisses. It may even be 3 or 5 exciting darlings who want to be satisfied with a real date. Now it’s time to plan a holiday for several weeks on the Philippines. Plan the trip, think about what you need in the tropical climate.

After the flight to the Philippines you should not expect a great welcome party or an opulent feast. Most people live modestly there, even if your acquaintance or her father have a good job. Instead of champagne and caviar, maybe there’s fast food: cheeseburger and hamburger probably. Definitely rice and chicken and sometimes tasty insect delicacies.

You will meet not only your Filipino girlfriend, but also her family. At this time two cultures clash, and they are quite different. But you do not have to be scared, Filipinos are peace-loving people, always looking for harmony. If you accidentally insult mom or dad, then you are guaranteed to get a friendly smile. This is typical for Asians: never lose the nonchalance. Not even if you violate a priest or the Catholic faith of the Filipinos by saying something stupid.

You will win the sympathy of your girlfriend if you have learned a few words in her language at home, such terms like “beautiful woman”, “enchanting hair”, “my darling”, “my sweetheart”, “eat”, “drink”, “beach”, “swim”, „kiss“, „love“ etc. This has no practical benefit, but it shows the future bride that you are respectful to her, her family and the Philippine culture.

It’s important for a Filipina that her man acts as a gentleman. A well-groomed man who keeps the door open for his sweetheart everywhere, who helps her out of the jacket, sits down after her, and courts her as if she were the holy Mary. You are welcome to flirt with the lady and cheer her up. But you should not get too close to your darling. Do not touch her breasts and butt. Also do not kiss her too quickly or even expect sex at once.

If you are so very brisk, you will disappoint the girl from Filipino Kisses, even if she wants to get married. If you have made a mistake, try to overact it with humor. After some time, you may still have a chance to get to know her bed and panties. However, that should not be the first priority of the date in the Philippines.


Conclusion of my review
Filipino Kisses is an experienced international dating service for Filipino women and bachelors or divorced men from Europe and America. The functions for the partner search are good. There are many search and contact options.

If you want to finish your life as a single and look for a wife to marry, Filipino Kisses has great opportunities to find your perfect girl and to get to know her better in the visual chat. The chances at the dating site are pretty good, because it is an active single community with a high number of permanently logged in members.

Is Filipino Kisses reputable? How serious can we assess a dating site that promises to make singles from different cultures to a couple? So I have asked myself again and again during my dating on Filipino Kisses. I always try to detect weaknesses of a portal, to distinguish the good from the useless sites.

In Filipino Kisses you will find no fakes or false profiles. No lovesick, half-naked Filipino sluts who try to make a man foolish with their sex appeal, with hot butts and big tits. The women from the Philippines really look authentic and genuine. The profile pictures come from everyday life. They are not prettied up in a photo studio.

The dating site has a huge number of female members. This increases the probability to find a suitable woman to marry, which harmonizes well with the own expectations. In addition, the search for Filipino ladies is still extremely cheap.

With my dating experiences I made with Filipinas, I have no problem to recommend Filipino Kisses. You certainly will not find something better and easier to find an Asian bride elsewhere. Unless of course there’s a little Asian sweetie ringing at the door, and she embraces you in love.


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