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Russian women looking for a man in the West

How are Russian women – prejudices and truth

Russian Women: the great unknown for a man from the western world. Inform yourself about the character of a Russian – before you start your partner search in the East

Beautiful bred Russian woman seeking marriage partners in the WestRussian women are described controversially in western media. Especially, when they report about the issue „partner search“.

The housewife at the stove, which cares for the family. Or the long-legged, sexy Russian women. Who has only one aim: to look for a prosperous man in the West.

What are stereotypes, what is the truth? How are Russian women really? What are their motives for searching a husband from the West?


Women in Russia after the fall of communism
Socialism had integrated Russian women into society. She shouldn’t be only housewife. It was expected that she works in a company, at school, in the kindergarten, in a hospital or in administration. So she plays an active part in building up the socialist society. The state makes it easy for Russian women to study at university.

Even after the end of communism, they often have a good education. Some of them succeed to make a career. But the word „emancipation“ is still strange to them.

Russian women have bad chances in job. Some are even forced to make money by prostitution. Especially in the countryside of Russia. And in the very poor Ukraine. With education and ambition, many girls from Russia could easily have a better professional position abroad than in their homeland.


Women from Russia searching a man


Russian women – looking for a man in the West
Only in order to leave Russia? Some people in Europe say so. But is this newspaper headline not too primitive? Olga, Larissa and Yulia love their homeland. They have friends and parents there. And an emotional connection to the country. As you and me to our native countries.

The actual problem is: in Russia more women than men live. According to the principle of supply and demand, many Russians over 35 years are left by the man. Because he takes a girl of 23 years. So it’s clear that this mature woman will probably remain alone.

The only alternative: she looks for a man from the West. That’s the real motivation for her partner search on the Internet. The Russian wants to have a second chance. She tries to find a guy and a new love again.


Do Russian girls want to find a rich man?
No, she doesn’t have this illusion at the age of 35 or more. She knows that her very best years are over. She tries to find a reliable and loving partner for the second half of life. She wants to have a family once again. To know where she belongs to.

Russian women in this age are used to work – often more than their former husbands. They are well trained and hard-working. Mature women don’t want to sit lazy on TV. But to support the family financially by their income.

That’s somewhat different from the young women from Russia. They are often sexy and beautiful. But they have not always learned how to work. Young Russian ladies in the early 20s try to benefit from their beauty and sex appeal. They are looking for a man in the West. As well as in chic Moscow. There are also rich men in Russia.

It’s fair to say: this only applies to a part of the young Russian girls. And we know: worldwide there are women who are looking for a partner with much money. It’s not a specialty of young ladies from East Europe.


The beauty of Russian women
It’s no prejudice. It seems to be true. Russian and Ukrainian ladies are often beguiling beautiful. It’s hard to say why. Maybe this could be the reason:

The Russian cares for a well groomed appearance. Western women mostly clothe convenient and practical. A Russian lady always shows her femininity and beauty. No jeans, but a pretty custome. Women from Russia and Ukraine never go out without looking top. They pay attention to elegance, even in the apartment.

The constant effort for attractiveness and sex appeal is a part of their mentality. An unkempted girl has no chances with men in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Because those can choose the most beautiful ladies – for marriage and for sex partner.

By contrast, a woman from England, Germany or Netherlands often look sporty and loose. According to the motto: „It don’t care what men think about me“


Can Russian women integrate and adapt themselves?
After an successful partner search, she comes to a western country. To start a new life with her new husband.

She is motivated. She has left everything in Russia. Therefore she has no other choice than to adapt herself quickly to the lifestyle in the West. That’s the rule. Of course there are some exceptions.

But the man should give his new wife enough time for integration. He should support her as well as possible. People who came formerly from Russia and live in the West for some years, can also be a good help.


I hope I could show you some aspects about the nature of Russian women. About prejudices. And about the reasons why many women from Russia are looking a man in the West.