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Russian women in Putin’s society

The life of Russian women today

How live woman in Russia and Ukraine? What do you they think about Putin, men, love, sex and emancipation?

Pretty Russian lady looking for love in the WestHow can we imagine the life of Russian women nowadays?

What has changed by the transition from communism to Putin’s state-directed capitalism?

Which prejudices exist against women from Eastern Europe?

Here my analysis of Russian women in Putin’s post-communist Russia.



Russian women: partner search and problems
Although the Russian society appears to us backward: the divorce rate is so high as in Western Europe. Here the reasons:

Russian women marry usually quite early (age: 18 to 23 years). Very young they have children. Soon some husband shows that he wants to dominate his wife. If she doesn’t obey, he beats her. Sometimes by brutal force.

Career women who are financially independent, refuse to be commanded by a macho. They prefer to stay single instead of to live under the rule of a violent man. But also many „normal“ Russian women get divorced. Even if they have to live in financial misery in future.

The main reason for the high divorce rate is only the Russian man. He drinks too much alcohol. And he cheats his wife with young girls. In Russia there live 10 million more women than men. So the guys have a free choice. They use this offer gratefully. They are unfaithful as they like it. Or they leave the wife. To have a firm or only a sexual relationship with a young girl.

Russian single women
The result: after divorce, many women live alone in Putin’s state. With or without children. In contrast to the countries in Western Europe, the chances of these ladies in „best age“ are very low on the marriage market. There is also the problem that young women seduce married men. Especially if those are prosperous.

Sometimes a 38-year-old Russian hears the sentence: for Russia you’re too old. But for a man from Western Europe you are still OK. It’s a mature lady which many single men in the West would see as dream woman. But in Putin’s state her life is nearly over. Unless she is extremely beautiful and sexy like a Hollywood actress.

Many Russian women resign and accept this situation. Others seek their luck on the Internet. In the last 15 to 20 years, many international dating services and marriage agencies have established. Where a lady from Russia or Ukraine finds contacts to men from the Western Europe or North America.

The number of women who seek on the Internet is relatively low – in comparison to the total population of Russia. It’s not easy to leave the home, parents, friends, brothers and sisters. To start a new life in the West with an unknown partner.

The grace of Russian women
It is not a cliché, it is not an exaggeration: women in Putin’s Russia and in Ukraine are among the most beautiful around the world. Perhaps in a certain extent that’s genetically. But above all, Russian women care for beauty and femininity. They love it to make themselves attractive. They want absolutely to please the men.

Guys from Western Europe, who live in Russia for professional reasons, admire the gorgeous beauty of Russian ladies. But not only that. As well they are enthusiastic about women’s character.

For ladies in the West career, emancipation, freedom and self-realization are the most important values. For Russian women however the family, the children and a good partnership have top priority. Even with problems in a relationship, the women describe themselves as happy.

There is not doubt that Russian girls sometimes have a strong will. But the handling of the ladies is relatively easy for a man – compared with the women in Western Europe or North America. Especially when the chances in the domestic marriage market from 35 years tend to zero.

The character of Russian women is not so spoiled as in the West. They are attractive by an aura of naturalness and warm-heartedness. These are the experiences of men who have met and married Russian women.

Hunting for men
Capitalism has produced rich men in Russia. The dream of young girls is to seduce someone with a lot of rubles. In order to have a comfortable and carefree life.

Ten thousands of pretty young women move from the country to Moscow and St. Petersburg. High heels, miniskirt, deep breast cleavage. Hot butt, red lips, bedroom view. With this equipment, they hope to make a rich man crazy.

A young lady from Moscow writes on the Internet: 95 percent of Russian men are not good enough for a relationship.  Most women hunt the good 5 percent.

The age doesn’t play an important role. It’s better to have a decent 40-years-old man than a poor one with 25 years. If necessary, the girl catches the husband of an older woman by her sex appeal.

But it’s clear that many girls will not be successful with this strategy. The years pass. Either they make a compromise – as long as they are young and sexy. Or they will remain alone. If they have no luck at all, the girls can seek a man on the Internet. In Western Europe, there are many single men who would like to marry a beautiful woman from Russia or Belarus.

It’s not very difficult for a guy from the West to find a pleasant lady from East Europe. There are many dating sites on the Internet. Full of partner-searching people. Before travelling he has only to find out if the lady matches to him.

There can be trouble in the communication (language). The distance and the residence of the woman can also be a problem. It’s relatively easy to fly to Kiev, Lviv, Odessa or Moscow. Or even just to Kaliningrad near Poland. But it’s not so easy to go from the airport 100 or 200 miles along the country road.


Putin says: flirting forbidden!
From time to time we hear of strange laws and activities of the Russian president. The so-called „harassment paragraph“ should prevent sexual assault. Maybe also sex trade with girls and forced prostitution.

But the new law should also make it difficult to flirt with Russian women. Please imagine: you are a tourist in Moscow. In the evening you come to disco. You speak to an attractive girl. Suddenly a policeman stands next to you and says: „Njet, Towarisch you will come with me to the police station!“

Flirting with Russian women will be punished with 1,000 Euros. Perhaps the government wants to prevent that many Russians leave the country with a man from the West. In order to start a new life in Europe. It will be interesting to observe how Putin’s paragraph story will work in practice. I think it seems rather unrealistic.


Emancipation, equality and feminism
Under communism, the emancipation of women was natural. Of course Russian girls had heard that the colleagues in the western world had reached certain women’s rights. But goods, food and bread were scarce in the USSR. In daily worries and trouble no feminism can arise. In those years, women believe they are full equal. Communist propaganda tells them every day.

What’s the situation under Putin regency? Unemployed people, factory workers, business women: In terms of emancipation, there is almost only one opinion. Even in the 21st century Russian, women are critical of feminism and equality.

Even intellectuals – in the West the protagonists of emancipation – view in feminism more risks than chances. In their opinion the short-haired ladies of the London, Berlin and Paris are spoiled creatures. Who have no idea of the harshness of everyday life in Eastern Europe.

Russian ladies actually prefer a strong man. Although the alcohol often is his best companion, the man is the breadwinner of the family – provided that he has a job. Why should she kill the chicken that lays golden eggs?

Russian women and partner search in changing of time
But not every man in Russia is mentally strong. So many girls yearn for Western Europe. German and English men are seen as guarantee for reliability and responsibility.

The man in the West respects his wife. He doesn’t beat her. He doesn’t drink so much schnapps as the Ivans. He smokes less and less cigarettes. He provides a woman a life in safe pathways.

A Russian women could imagine a common future with such a guy. Maybe to have child again. So far the traditional woman from Russia.

This trend is new in Putin’s society: in the big metropolitan areas of Russia, more and more young Russian women decide consciously for single life. These girls are modern and cosmopolitan. They earn money. They hardly differ from the single women in the West. This also relates to the claims on a husband.

In the nightclubs of Moscow, they learn about the qualities of a Russian man. He neglects appearance. He is heated, loses control. He fights in brawls. Always he has a knife and drugs in his pants. The brothel belongs to his life as well as the daily bottle of vodka.

No thanks, I prefer to remain alone. Why Russian single women react so cool and reasonable? While the men seem to have drunk away the brain. I want to confess: that doesn’t apply to all men. But to the great majority.


Russian women seek a guy


Education, profession and career
Lenin’s communist revolution of 1917 has equated Russian women theoretically. They were allowed to study at universities. Professional work was made to obligation. Till the late 1970s almost all women in the Soviet Union (88 percent) had a job.

After marriage, Russian women were not allowed to work only for household and family. There were obliged to contribute to the building of the socialist society: in the communist party, at school, in kindergarten, in factories. In railway and postal services – even as house builder and in the Red Army.

A woman who didn’t work was disregarded by neighbours and the society. This system of full employment was possible by a network of nurseries. Where children were supervised during the day.

Social descent in the post-communist society
After Gorbachev’s resignation, the situation in Russia has changed radically. In the 1990s the Russian economy has collapsed under President Yeltsin. Because it has to follow to the laws of free market economy, with international competition. Living conditions in Russia became radically worse. The unemployment rate rose.

Government expenditures for military are reduced drastically. By this many men lose their jobs. They have psychic problems. They seek consolation in alcohol. Working men often get no salary for months.

In this time, around 1996, Russian women have a lot of responsibility. They care of family and children. So that life goes on. Very clever women make a virtue of the misery.

They are forced to earn money. So they start a business. This always begins very small: to build a stand on the marketplace. And to deal with all kinds of goods.

This is the origin of what we call Russian career women. There are a few examples of people who have managed to come to a multimillionaire. These Russian women live today in the finest noble districts of Moscow.

But the few models give a wrong impression about the reality in the period before Putin’s takeover. Used to the total care of the communist Soviet Union, life has become difficult. The hopelessness is also reflected in the birth rate. At the end of the 1990s a Russian gets only 1.3 children on average.

Life is hard for Russian women – even if they have a job. Beside to the profession, they are responsible for household and children – while the fine gentleman sits vodka-drinking in front of the television. Of course, we cannot refer this to all Russian men. But the basic tendency is recognizable.

The mental strength of the women is remarkable. They mastered the changes in the 1990s much better than their male partners. They have not lost the courage. They work and tackle instead of drinking alcohol or taking drugs.

Discrimination of Russian women
After 2001, the situation of women in Putin’s post-communist society got even worth. On earlier times the Soviet system offered a job guarantee. But now, in the economic crisis of the 90s, women became second-class people. The state has no money. Kindergartens are reduced. A woman with children has problems to go to work.

The discrimination of Russian women is also reflected in wages and salaries. Formerly well paid female domains as education, science, childcare, medicine, railway and postal services are extremely low-paid under Kremlin chief Putin. So that even a professor has trouble to live by the salary.

The average education level of Russian women is better than that of men. Nevertheless, 70 percent of the unemployed are female. Bad people say: in Putin’s society lazy men live at the expense of women.

Currently in Russia there are 3 groups of women. The career ladies with relatively good income. Mainly in big cities Moscow and St. Petersburg. The women with extremely low wages. They are not satisfied with their life.

And the mass of unemployed, frustrated and disappointed women – Russians who work voluntarily or involuntarily as housewife. The last category is living primarily in the rural provinces of Russia.

Prostitution in Eastern Europe
What is really bad in Russia and Belarus, that’s a disaster in Ukraine. Many women have only one chance to survive: by prostitution. Sex for money.

The sex tourism in Ukraine is alarming. Men from Western Europe travel to Kiev. On the Maidan or on the boulevard they pick up a girl. The next hotel is not far. Neither the next girl. Or the sex tourists go to the brothel. To make happy beautiful women for a little money – at flat rate prices.


Violence against Russian women
Russian men always drank vodka like water. Since the fall of communism and massive losses of jobs, this hobby has got a new quality.

When they come home in the evening, a wife has to bear the bad mood of the husband. One wrong word and he raises his hand. Every 7th wife has suffered physical violence by her man. State, media and society close their eyes. They view this as a sort of trivial offense. According to the motto: in the marriage the man is the king. What else?

Women are beaten – not only in the lower social classes. Even rich men do so. But it’s not just about beatings. But also about rape, psychological humiliations and blackmails. Overall married Russian women are under disability. As in the European Middle Ages.

Most girls have no chance to get free of this misery. Because they are financially dependent on their husbands. Unemployment benefit, social assistance, housing benefit, women’s refuge sound like words from another star.

There are only few courageous Russian women who don’t tolerate this. They flee from the marriage terror. Although they know that their chances are poor on the relationship market. That they will spend the rest of life alone. Poor but at least not under the knout of a house tyrant.

Reprisals against Russian women at work
Even in factories, the situation got worse in the post-communist society. While Russian women were protected in socialism by state enterprises. For example against sexual assault and rape. They suffer now – in the free market economy – from increasing sexual harassment by masters, superiors and bosses.

Who resists is blackmailed or fired. It can also happen on the street: a girl is molested or forcibly pushed to a corner. The readiness to use violence and the criminality of Russian men are alarming. An ethical morality doesn’t seem to exist.

The alcohol problem of men in Russia
More than half of them died in the time of Yeltsin and Putin not a natural death. The cause of death is often self-inflicted. Particularly the vodka plays a fatal role.

For comparison: in the United States 350 men die every year by alcohol. In Putin’s society, there are 35,000 men a year. 100 times as much as in the United States of America.

Apart from the schnapps, there are also other factors. Criminality, suicide, violence, mafia, gang fights. Drugs, unhealthy lifestyle and alcohol-related diseases. The life expectancy of Russian men (59 years) is lower than in any other country of Europe.


Forced prostitution of Russian girls
That’s the saddest story about Russian women. After falling of East-West borders, the Russian mafia spread all over Europe. With lies and promises they lure or force pretty Russian girls to western countries.

There they „work“ as sex slaves in brothels. They live like prisoners. The identity card is taken from them. They have to give the money to the whorehouse owners. Sex service instead of model agency. Straps and table dance instead of Golden West. They satisfy the sexual desires of customers instead of enjoy a pleasant life.

Sex bosses and pimps from Germany, England, Italy and France order girls from Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova and Russia. 50,000 Russian girls are lured to the West every year. The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) of Germany indicates the number of illegal prostitute imports 30,000 per year – only in Germany.

This development cannot be stopped. Because authorities and the police are widely powerless against professional bandits. So long as sex is desired – and so long as the financial living conditions in Eastern Europe will not improve: sex trade with Russian girls will not come to an end.


Flirt with Russian girls


Political resistance in Russia:
Pussy Riot for freedom and against Putin

Women are not present in Russian politics. At least not in Moscow. At most at local level. This does not mean that Russian women are completely apolitical.

In 2012, the Russian girl band Pussy Riot made headlines in the international press. The girls prayed on a YouTube video. They begged the „Mother of God“ to chase away Vladimir Putin from the Kremlin.

The film became famous around the world. By this bold action, the punk band has won great sympathy in many countries. Even stars like Madonna have declared solidarity with the protest movement. At a time when the opposition was relatively strong in Russia.

But as it is in a country that never had democracy: the Russian President Putin wanted to intimidate the opposition. In awareness that Russia needs a strong hand, the protest girl were condemned to 2 years prison camp. They are jailed into cells. To women who killed their husband, who have dealt with drugs or revolted against Putin’s power. There the secret police drives out wild ideas out of the heads of Pussy Riot.

Shortly before the Winter Olympics in Sochi, the girls were dismissed prematurely for propaganda purposes. Hello world, look what a liberal state Russia is! From then it became quiet around Pussy Riot. But not around Putin.

The Olympic games are hardly over: he has the glorious idea to occupy the Crimea. Nowadays he is also active in Syria conflict. What will come next?

Since the crisis in Eastern Ukraine, a Russian who is not 100 percent loyal to the president, is regarded as traitor. Putin calls the Ukrainians fascists. But what about him?

It will be difficult for the Russian opposition to become strong again like in 2012. Putin is a master in manipulating the masses. And in keeping the people ignorant and stupid.

It’s like in the Cold War: the Kremlin builds artificially an enemy abroad. Then the Russians stand united behind the president. 90 percent of the population says in the summer of 2014: Putin makes a great job when showing strength. We will see how long this stultification of the people will work.

Conclusion: Putin’s new society has brought more disadvantages than advantages for most Russian women. They have not more freedom than under communism.

The career perspectives of the Russian ladies have become worse. Only a bit western lifestyle and pleasures are on the plus side. At the moment it looks that the former KGB officer Putin turns back the wheel of history.