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MillionaireMatch review: beautiful women for millionaires

Beautiful women and millionaires


Dating with rich people and beautiful ladies

What is
This is a partner agency for the elite of the society – for successful, rich and very attractive singles. Wealthy men find a pretty wife at this dating site. Beautiful women win the love of a millionaire. Charming middle-class men try to find rich lady.

MillionaireMatch has more young beautiful women than rich men. The girls have to make an effort and show attractive photos if the dream of a luxurious life should come true: of high society, jewels, villas, pools, Chevrolet, expensive gala dresses and dream travels.

Charming, educated women, models, ex-models and erotic women fight for the favor of prosperous men at MillionaireMatch. These guys are successful entrepreneurs, lawyers, famous athletes, managers, even prominent actors from Hollywood and academics with a high income.

Millionaires struggle for the love of a clearly younger lady, which helps them to a better reputation and which gives them a lot of fun in bed.

MillionaireMatch has more than 4 million members worldwide. Most live in the United States. Tens of thousands from Canada, England, Germany and Holland are also looking for an attractive life partner.


Sign up
My review starts with the free registration. The millionaires page is written in simple English. You can use the Google translator to read the advertisements of foreign users.

The registration at MillionaireMatch starts with the field „what are you looking for“. Here you click on whether you are searching for a man or a woman. Then you enter the partner’s age. At „Millionaire income“, I didn’t change anything at first. I choose my country and I click on the „Quick Search“ button.

Then I have to enter my phone number or mobile number to verify my identity. Before that, I activate the national flag on the left of the country. At the end I click on „Verify“. After one minute, I get an SMS on my smartphone with a code that I have to type in on the website.

After a few basic details, I upload two photos, I describe my person, and I say how my ideal partner should be.


The profiles of beautiful women at MillionaireMatch
Well-groomed, cosmopolitan girls, sexy and attractive academic ladies: that’s how I characterize the female singles at the millionaire site. Such groups usually make higher demands on a life partner.

Due to their level, the girls hope to be invited to a date by a rich man or by one of the upper class. If the stars are favorable, the man will fall in love while dating or at the meeting. The aim of the beautiful women and the rich men is the dream wedding or an love affair.

I will show you now some examples of attractive American, Canadian and English women at MillionaireMatch. Of course you will find many more beautiful girls from other western countries on this dating site – including immigrant women from developing countries.

I start with the native Russian Annalena (44) from Los Angeles. Her motto is: doctor is looking for an American with a sense of humor. She looks good for her age. Nevertheless, she is one of the older ladies here. It will not be easy for Annalena to find a millionaire, a doctor or a professor. The competition among women is strong.

The Russian lady is cultured and educated and she likes sports. I see that in the good figure. She likes to travel to warm countries. She loves the company of people and she is constantly evolving.

The Russian’s wishes: the dream guy should be taller than her (at least 1.75). An age from 44 to 57 years would be pleasant. The man should belong to the upper class of the society, to be honest and faithful. With such a type she wants to grow old in some prosperity.

The partner search is a little easier for Meghan (36) from London. She is a black, exotic woman from Africa. Nice dreadlocks and a sexy figure: the girl is a really beauty. The dream man – a millionaire or a guy with a high income – should be 38 till 60 years old. I cannot say whether this is serious with the 60. That would be a sugar daddy story. But money makes sexy, as we know.

The pretty African writes at „About me“: I am humble, compassionate and caring. This will be necessary, if she has to care for a millionaire over 70 in a few years. The husband should have the same characteristics and should be well educated. This is nothing sensational. But I think Meghan’s sweetheart may look forward to a pleasant, attractive wife.

We come to the next example, that’s Olivia (41) from Toronto. She wants to marry a rich Canadian. Olivia is a slim, sexy and beautiful woman. The dating profile is pretty sophisticated. Olivia likes to travel and to attend cultural events. She likes to test new cooking recipes, and she loves romantic candlelight hours. „I will give my husband something special,“ she writes.

The millionaire or rich man should be intelligent and warm-hearted. He must have a sense of humor and make Olivia laugh. These are moderate demands for such an exciting woman in the very best years. The Canadian is relatively humble regarding the age of the husband. She agrees with a groom up to 55 years.

Scarlet (35) from Boston / Massachusetts shows many pictures in the profile of MillionaireMatch. She looks young and attractive with the long blonde hair. The expectations are accordingly high. The hoped-for millionaire, celebrity or well-earning sportsman must not be older than her. Otherwise she overexerts him in bed, I suppose.

About me: each member of the singles dating club describes its person here. Scarlet is an art and music lover and an understanding listener. Such qualities may not be important for rich men. No matter, she is looking for a partner „forever“. That’s a fine promise!

Mercedes (41) from New Orleans is the next beautiful woman on the millionaires dating site. She is a crisp, dark-skinned Latina with Sex-Appeal, who has lived on the Mississippi for a long time. Concerning the age of the rich man, Mercedes is more modest than many others. The guys who contact her may be 46 to 66 years old.

The Latina writes in Spanish. I translate: I am a very feminine princess from the Dominican Republic. I long for a partner who cares for me, who loves and protects me. My husband should have a generous heart. I am sure Mercedes will be successful with the rich men of the dating site. Because she looks very pretty.

Now we come to a beautiful and vivid lady who I don’t like very much. Karolina (44) was born in Poland and has been living in New York for many years. The 25 pictures look good, I have nothing to complain about. Karoline is a tall woman (1.75), who knows her value. Or not? I think she overestimates herself. She is a career woman with a questionable character.

The former model is a Buddhist and vegetarian. The psychotherapist loves animals, nature and traveling. Then the expectations come: I want to live in Florida in the future. The millionaire has to agree with that and he shouldn’t be stingy with his credit card.

Karolina makes considerable demands on guys who are hot for her. She writes: I may suddenly finish the contact. If I don’t answer anymore, it’s over. That’s a cold snout. The wealthy men immediately see in the profile what she is.

The next lady I introduce to you from MillionaireMatch is a bitch. Emily (39) from Liverpool / England is 1.70 tall. She has beautiful blonde hair and shows 4 pictures that look great. „Attractive model is looking for a strong gentleman“. Well, her best time is probably over. But she compensates it with physical commitment. We see the English lady on the photos in a very short mini skirt, with free breasts and in underwear in front of the mirror. Emily skips no opportunity to make rich men hot for sex.

The English woman praises her qualities exceedingly: I am sensual, able to compromises, romantic, balanced, humorous, tender and above all faithful. I need an old school gentleman for my life who is successful and educated. He allows me shopping as I like it.

With Abigail (37) from Montreal, I realize that not everything is golden at the millionaire site with the rich and beautiful people. The lady is not ugly, but somehow she looks a bit used up at the age of 37. A „playful full-blooded woman“ is certainly bragged . She wishes a wild cavalier, with a wink.

Michelle (26) lives in Atlanta / USA . She is a pretty Filipina who unfortunately shows only one picture. This one looks very attractive. She has well-formed, sexy legs and sits on bed in a black mini skirt. I add the beautiful girl to my favorites and write to her later with the premium membership. The young Asian is single and looking for a husband between 35 and 60 years.

Hot girls MillionaireMatch for marriage
Some women have such sexy bodies
Here at 


Test of contact options: what’s for free?

  • Sign up and presentation in a meaningful dating profile.
  • Look at other ads with pictures (only public photo albums), texts and partner wishes.
  • It’s not possible to use the search function in the free status. I can only look at the partner suggestions. How can I still see a lot of profiles: if I click on a suggestions in the right sidebar, the personal ad shows at the bottom left „See more like this member“. I click on it and women of the same age and from the same country as the previous appear. If you do this again and again, you can read a lot of profiles.
  • The quick search is only eyewash for free members. Because I see exactly the same girls who were presented to me immediately after registration. You cannot enter any search criteria in the quick search. You only get loveless selected suggestions. This fact is a good reason to buy a gold membership.
  • Send a wink to a user is free. As well saving beautiful women which I have to remember.
  • Free answers are only possible if I am contacted by a lady. The initiative must always come from Gold members. I see a message and can read it. Surprisingly I can even send an answer. Because this woman who wrote to me is a premium member.
  • In „My Lists“ I see who liked me. I see the main pictures of the ladies. But I can’t open the ads. The same applies to the girls who visited my profile.
  • View the profiles of foreign women for free: the only way to do this are the newly registered users in the right navigation. There I click on Antje from Amsterdam. If I want to see more foreigners, I click on the left of the profile on „see more like this member“.
  • The right navigation suggests single women who might be interesting in me („you might like“). I can view these ads without the Gold membership.
  • Reading blog and forum posts is also for free.

All that is not bad. But it is not enough for a successful partner search. There is no possibility of real contacts with other people. This requires an investment, as we will see in the next section.


Obliged to pay search at MillionaireMatch

  • I get a temporary Gold membership for one month for free, if I have innovative ideas how to improve the quality of the dating site. Or when I praise the millionaire club on social media channels.
  • Paying members see who is online at the moment.
  • A man or woman can only present itself as a real millionaire with the Gold account (verification).
  • With the membership, I can open the profiles of the beautiful women who liked me. Opening was not possible before. I also have the chance to write flirt messages to millionaires and sexy ladies or chat with them. That’s the crucial advantage of the premium membership.
  • Gold members have a better search function based on certain criteria – even for real millionaires. Besides, my profile ranks higher in the search results. I am found and clicked on more often.
  • MillionaireMatch proposes well-matching people to Gold members. The quality of these is significantly better than in the free account.
  • I may look at the user’s private photo album.
  • I can write to real, verified millionaires. Free members don’t have this chance.
  • Get support: in case of difficulties you use the MillionaireMatch chat. Free members are dependent on the contact form: see footer / FAQ / send us feedback.


Current costs for the elite partner search
Gold membership prices:
6 months member:   40 US dollars per month
3 months member:   45 US dollars per month
1 month member:     70 US dollars

The users pay with PayPal or credit card. The MillionaireMatch is not cheap. Rich men laugh about it. But the search for great love and prosperity must be worth a lot to beautiful women.

By the way, you can meet millionaires or young sexy women for 4 weeks without a Gold membership. That is when you bring adequate benefits to the dating site. For example tips for improving the design of the website or active advertising on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Who recognizes and reports frauds and fakes during dating, will also be rewarded with a free membership for one month.


More information about MillionaireMatch

Community with blog, forum and ideas for the first date
Communication in the forum: there you can describe positive and negative dating experiences and you get comments from other users.

Write a blog article: here also contact opportunities arise by comments of other singles.

Ideas for the first date with a member of MillionaireMatch: here the members describe their adventures.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ): in the footer of the website.

Photo check
To verify the main picture, you have to present a document: the driver’s license or the passport. MillionaireMatch checks whether the photos and your face are matching.

Show yourself as a millionaire: the diamond seal
The millionaire check examines whether the member is not an imposter. For this, rich people must allow an income check (tax declaration, shares documents, bank statements). Then the proven millionaire receives a golden gem certificate in the profile. That means: here the beautiful ladies have a big fish that is worth to flirt with.

Partner search via app
This is possible by downloading the matchmaker apps from Apple and Google Play in the footer. Renting the apps is not free and therefore not advisable.


To terminate MillionaireMatch
Only the one-month premium membership is automatically extended, the contracts for 3 and 6 months not. How can I actively cancel the one-month membership extension? I hold the mouse on my profile photo, top right, and I click on settings.

Next I go to membership on the left. There I deactivate the account or let it rest for a certain time. Another option: write a message to:


Wealth and happiness

Women want a rich man
An American study found that most women prefer a partner with assets. Because he guarantees prosperity and financial security and thus an emotional ease in life. In the study, 60 percent of the ladies said: the future husband has to earn more money than me.

For rich men, celebrities and high-ranking academics (regardless of the age), attractiveness is the most important criterion in the partner search. 80 percent of men prefer a beautiful lady with a sexy figure, a pretty face and sexy breasts, with freshness and youthfulness. Such one is much better for them than a educated career woman.

Millionaires: the loneliest people in the world
That’s the reason why successful men are looking for somebody to marry at exquisite portals like MillionaireMatch. They can buy sex with young, attractive girls. But this does not replace the emotional closeness to a life partner or soul mate.

Rich men want to get married to overcome the curse of being alone. They love it to relax in the arms of the wife after a stressful day, and they want to avoid to get sick in the next years.

Most millionaires, rich and prominent people feel isolated from the rest of the society. That’s the price they have to pay for great prosperity, luxury and success. They can’t just stroll through the shopping zone, shop in Wal Mart, lie on the beach or go to a restaurant. Everywhere they are recognized immediately. That’s why many millionaires avoid the public.

In order to avoid psychological damage, it’s important for high-ranking managers, politicians and well-known actors to compensate the isolation. This works best in a stable relationship and not in a casual love affair with a beloved. That’s one of the reasons why so many successful men seek a woman for a lasting relationship at dating sites like MillionaireMatch.

Some people suspect that loneliness and depression make psychotherapy necessary. Anyone who is alone at 50 years, feels the age approaching. The rich can buy sex and eroticism, get a harem of sex-loving girls. But that’s only a weak substitute for real love.

Permanent psychological malaise and lack of sociability favor a number of diseases as cancer, stroke, dementia and heart attack. Many lonely rich men get such fears when they think about their lives and about getting older.

Another reason why wealthy men are looking for real love at MillionaireMatch: they are adored by the women in their environment. Power, reputation and money make women ridiculously submissive and uncritical. At first, this behavior flatters the man – it makes him happy and feeling like a womanizer. But in the long run, the male soul finds no satisfaction in adoring, eye-strumming and yes-saying ladies.

Younger and especially beautiful women at – as far as I have seen in the review – usually have enough self-confidence not to be intimidated by successful people. They want to marry a rich man, but not at any price.

Does money make happy? Many people who live in luxury say: no!. Looking at the bank account, at stock exchange profits, real estate and business success brings satisfaction only for a short time. But what people really need are good social contacts. Otherwise they will become physically ill, depressed or insane. Only good friends, a dear partner and the family prevent the health of lonely rich men and women from being harmed.


Tips for attractive women: how to date a millionaire?
The most important thing to find a partner at the millionaire site is the personal ad. This should tell the truth about your personality. That means: the girl only shows current photos. She doesn’t write lies about her character, properties, interests, chest measurement and lover qualities. And she doesn’t cheat especially with the age.

Furthermore, dating with a rich man should not influence the everyday life negatively. Because that causes stress. Stress makes hectic, unfocused and unattractive when it comes to online communication and to the first date. So it’s advisable for women to log in to MillionaireMatch according to a certain plan and not too often.

During my review, I often looked at the headlines of the profiles, the slogans. A lady can attract many gentlemen with funny, witty and well-considered words. That’s a very good chance to achieve a lot with little effort.

Maybe a beautiful woman should think about why she is still single or alone again. Many beauties have no luck in matters of love because – in the imagination of men – they are the prototype of an unfaithful cheater, a specialist for love affairs. So most guys do not consider it desirable to have a relationship with a very attractive woman. You should work against such ideas in the communication.

Some unmarried women cannot take any decision. They are not able to choose someone from the many men who admire and love them. The relationship and the marriage are delayed from year to year. So that one day only unemployed, unattractive men and inferior goods remain, or guys who just want hot casual sex.

Most pretty girls stay alone for a long time because they have too high demands on men: top appearance, sexually stimulating, athletic, wealthy, charming, allowing freedom, intelligent, etc. Most women at MillionaireMatch have already gone through this time of high demands in the past. They are now at an age where it becomes clear that unrealistic expectations lead inevitably to loneliness. They don’t want to meet anymore different guys every weekend. They have tried many things in vain, and now they are ready to change something crucial in their life.


Conclusion of the review: how good are the chances of success at MillionaireMatch?
A rich woman: that’s the dream of many men. Fishing a millionaire or a guy for whom money has no meaning: this is also a worthwhile aim. The dating site MillionaireMatch is a paradise for both groups: the beautiful and the rich.

The partner search for successful people, ambitious women and millionaires is not a rip-off. If you have to interrupt the dating for a few weeks because you are prevented by anything, you can pause the membership with few clicks in the profile.

The rich men and rich women have the advantage of getting to know a clearly younger person and conquer its heart. A clever fifty-year-old broker from the London or New York Stock Exchange, the star lawyer of a Manchester football club or an engineer from Microsoft don’t have to be very sexy to be successful at MillionaireMatch. On the other hand, pretty women can attract mature gentlemen’s attention with their gallant appearance.

At MillionaireMatch, women and men have the opportunity to marry a prominent person or to start a relationship and thus give their lives a new direction. Many ladies accept compromises with the age of the partner. It’s not rare that a pretty lady of 35 years in the prime of her life and a 50-year-old mature man celebrate a wedding.

Criticism in my review: the direct communication could be improved at the dating site. MillionaireMatch could make the dating experience more attractive with a webcam chat. So it would be possible to talk to a beautiful girl or a factory owner face to face. The live chat gives you a much better impression of a person than 20 or 30 emails.

To ensure seriousness, the users are checked for authenticity at registration (phone number). This means that the profiles are beyond all doubt. There is not such a verification at most other dating sites and dating agencies. I haven’t seen any ad that looked like a fake. A joker who just wants to confuse other singles would hardly spend 40 to 60 dollars/ euros per month.

So my review comes to the conclusion that MillionaireMatch is a good choice for attractive and successful people to overcome their loneliness und to become happy. Try it for a month. Then you will see how good the chances are in the illustrious circle of the rich and beautiful people.


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