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Meet women from Russia and Eastern Europe online

Get to know women from Russia on the Internet

Is partner search in Eastern Europe free? How can I look at women’s photos and profiles? How can I contact ladies from East Europe?

Women from Russia and Ukraine are among the prettiest in the world. Many men from the West have already found a beauty in Eastern Europe. And they are very happy with their choice.

But how did these men find a woman? More than 90 percent meet a foreign partner on the internet. Because that’s easy, comfortable and effective.

What about the costs? Can I simply choose a lady from the women’s gallery of Russia and East Europe? Or must I pay money for this? I will examine this question – by the example of the international dating site RussianCupid.


What’s RussianCupid? – A short portrait
At this dating website we find single men from the West. And also women from Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Belarus. Or girls who were born there. But who live now in western countries:

In Germany, Australia, USA, Italy, England, South Africa or Canada. Most singles at RussianCupid are women. They try to find online a life partner from the West.

Women from Russia are well known for their feminine beauty and cordiality. These characteristics make them interesting for men from the western world. For guys who search for a lovely, sexy and uncomplicated wife.

The other variant:
At RussianCupid women from East Europe are registered – living somewhere in Europe or North America. They want to find a compatriot. They prefer a man who also lives in the West. Of course it may also happen that they fall love with a non-Russian man.

3 advantages of a dating service as RussianCupid
Advantage 1:
The contact site has several millions registered persons worldwide. That’s a huge database of members. And wide range of single women and men.

Advantage 2:
Dating at RussianCupid is a bargain. 10 times cheaper than in old-fashioned marriage institutes for Eastern Europe. The single site offers good functions for partner search. Marriage agencies, however, offer expensive additional functions: Travel organization, travel escort, translation service and much more. This requires a lot of staff, and increases fixed costs.

Advantage 3 at RussianCupid:
The communication with women from Russia and Eastern Europe is personal and direct. A man can send an email to a lady. He waits for an answer. He can invite her to chat. This works very well. I have tested it.


Chat with women from Eastern Europe


Information in this article
I will show how you can find women from Eastern Europe for free. You will see when costs arise. And I will assess the chances of success in a single market as RussianCupid or Ukraine Date.


How to use the dating website RussianCupid costless

Free registration
As a not paying member, you can use all functions of the standard membership. Everyone who is interested in women from Russia and Eastern Europe, has to register first at RussianCupid.

To create a comprehensive personal ad for free
Now it becomes interesting. All properties that you write about your own personality, you also can see in the profiles of the women from Eastern Europe. I click top right on the language „English“. I indicate my name, country, city and age.

Then my body weight, height, color of hair and eyes. I say that I drink rarely alcohol. I don’t smoke. My relationship status is single. I have no kids and no pets. I write my profession in the profile. My income is top secret. I live in my own house.

Here I have the choice between friendship, dating and marriage. My education: high school. My languages: English and Spanish. At the bottom there are 2 text fields. There I can write in a few words about me and about the woman I want to find. At the end, I upload 2 pictures from the hard drive. Because women from Russia and Eastern Europe want to see my face.

My interests:
Overall, I can click on 100 options. For example hobbies, favorite food, taste in music and the sports I prefer.

Movies and books that I like. Where I spend holidays.

Now I give information to the characteristics of my dream woman: at the search criteria, I can choose the same properties as with creating my profile. For example the figure of the woman: I can choose sporty, slim, normal and corpulent.

I can seek a lady in specific countries. And I can determine her language skills. I can see these data also when reading the profiles of the women from Eastern Europe.

Free partner suggestions by RussianCupid
The love site knows now pretty exactly what kind of woman I want to meet. I get compatible contact suggestions from time to time. Women with characteristics I have selected.

To watch profiles and pictures of the women’s gallery for free
For this, RussianCupid offers various search functions. In the avanced search, I choose the age and country of women. I click on „Only with photo“. I can select the interests of a lady: marriage, friendship, dating. And then the appearance, lifestyle, education and language. I click on „send“. Then the women from Russia, Poland or Belarus are displayed. Depending on the nationality I have clicked.

If I want to see the gallery of the most beautiful girls: I click on „most popular“. Wow, there are some sexy women here.

When I click on „search“: an overview appears of 10 women on each side. I see one picture of every woman. I can open for free the profile of a Russian. There I get accurate information about her personality and wishes.

In „search / Russian bikini girls“, I see very lovely young ladies. But I think: the photos of the women are fairly normal. I find that very well. At portals where only model-like women are shown, I don’t know whether they are authentic or not. Too much beauty is suspicious. At RussianCupid it’s not necessary to worry about this.

Add women from Russia, Ukraine and Poland to the favorites
I have opened a woman’s profile. I can add her to my favorites. So she is saved in my profile. I will find her later easily. What I also can do without costs: I click on the button „show interest“. The lady will see this in her profile.

Read messages from women
At the beginning, you will receive of a lot of emails. Because RussianCupid calls the women attentive to new members. Your profile is shown to them very often.

Who is online?
Top left, I click on „online members“. Then I come to the woman gallery with 10 ladies per site. If you look closely: a light is flashing somewhere. That means: that person is online now.

Unfortunately, I cannot contact her. If I try it: RussianCupid shows the prices for the gold membership. With this, I could invite for example pretty Tatiana to the chat.


The end of free usage of RussianCupid –
When I have to pay money?

If I want to write a message to a woman from Eastern Europe. If I make the first step to get to know her. That’s only possible with a membership.

So you find the current prices
Top left you click on „online members“. Then you come to the women’s overview.
Now you click on a flashing black little man.
Basically, you can remain a free member. And look around at RussianCupid, so long as you wish. In this case, your profile will exist for many years. The dating site will not remove it.

Alternatively, you choose a gold membership or the platinum membership. Both versions allow you to send emails to the women from Russian countries or Poland. With gold and platinum, you can invite a lady directly to chat. With platinum, you can see videos the women have placed in the profile.

Comparison platinum and gold membership
If I’m on the site with prices and memberships: Top right, I can click on the link „why choose platinum membership“. Then the advantages of platinum are shown. The best advantage: In the chat you can use the internal webcam of the dating service.


Alternatives to RussianCupid
I these portals you can get to know woman from Eastern Europa and worldwide also very cheap:



Other international dating sites


Prices to find women
First a few words about the options for women at RussianCupid. I
f ladies are premium member, they can write to all men. If they are not a paying subscriber, they can only write to such men who are premium members.

Prices for the premium membership in gold (2016)
1 month:      34,99 US dollar (24,99 British pound sterling)
3 months:    23.33 US dollar per month (16,66 BP sterling p.m.)
12 months:  11.67 US dollar per month (8,33 BP sterling p.m.)
If you come from another English speaking country: RussianCupid will show you the costs in your special currency.

Additional features of the premium membership in platinum
I can use the video chat. So get to know my potential dream woman closely.

I can watch videos of the ladies, if a Polish or Russian girl has uploaded a short film to the profile.

I can make notes in any profile. This is private. The woman cannot see it.

And I can use the translation service of RussianCupid – If I have contact to a girl who doesn’t speak English.

Prices for the premium membership in platinum (2016)
1 month:      39.99 US dollar (29,98 British pound sterling)
3 months:    26.66 US dollar per month (19,99 BP sterling p.m.)
12 months:  13.33 US dollar per month (10,00 BP sterling p.m.)
If you live in another English speaking country: RussianCupid will show you the costs in your own currency.


Find your love in Russia


Why are the chances of dating in Eastern Europe so very good?

Problems of women in Russia
Often they have bad living conditions – which we can hardly imagine in the West. Not only in Russia and Ukraine. Even in EU countries as Poland, Latvia and Lithuania.

Many women in the former Soviet Union have a sad life. They live in a society that is dominated by men. Ivan and Alexander have better jobs, while Irina and Olga have to be satisfied with low-paid jobs. In spite of a good education.

Why women from Eastern Europe look for a man from the West?
Sometimes financial considerations play a role. But more important is this fact:
the majority of partner-searching women is older than 30 or 35 years. They are divorced or single. From the age of 30, they almost have no chance to find an acceptable man in their country. From the age of 40 years it’s quite hopeless.

In the United States and in Western European countries, a lady with 40 years is in the best age and highly coveted. Russian men however regard a woman of 40 as grandmother.  For Russia you are too old Vera. Look for a foreigner!“

A mature Russian often hears such humiliating words. Because there are too many young girls on the marriage market. The young competition is too strong for the not so young Vera. The surplus of women in Russia and Ukraine is more than 10 percent. So hundreds of thousands or even millions of women over 35 years stay alone.

In the age of Internet, they sit down at the laptop. They look for an East-West love site – where women can find contacts for free. They try to find a partner there: first for friendship. But actually for marriage. For a new love, they accept a certain age difference to the man. Quite often 15 years. 10 years are quite normal.

Single men in countries as England, Austria, Scotland and USA of course like to have a younger wife. If she is 35 and he 48: that’s good for his confidence. Moreover, women from Russia don’t yet suffer from the emancipation syndrome. Most important thing in their life: the man, the children, the family and the home. Very conventional values compared to the women from the West.

Travel to Eastern Europe
You should really take time before you do this. Chat with the lady. Write messages. Send and receive photos in different life situations.

I would only travel to Ukraine or Russia, if I am pretty sure: this woman could be my darling or my „Miss perfect“.

The best chance to get to know a lady is the webcam chat of RussianCupid. Letters are meaningless. But when the lady is sitting in front of you: You will realize what person she is.

I hope this report was informative for you. Look for free at the women’s gallery of the beauties from Eastern Europe. Sometimes appetite comes with eating.

If you have contacted a woman from Russia – in order to learn something about her mentality and character: Then you might notice that it could be interesting to get to know her closer. For this you have many opportunities on the internet.