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Meet nice women from Eastern Europe and all around the world

Flirt in the webcam chat of the dating site: with Russian women, Polish women, Thai girls, Latinas girls from the Caribbean and Filipinas

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What kind of singles are looking for a partner at
Man and women from all over the world want to find a flirt. Or even a partner. In this contact site, you will find many beautiful women from Eastern Europe: From Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus and the Baltic states.

You will also see girls who are no longer living in the home. Many women from the East live and work in England, Norway, Denmark or Germany. Other single women were perhaps married to a US-boy. Now they are divorced. And search for a nice man on the Internet.

At Interkontakt you have the chance to contact Thai girls, Latinas, sexy women from the Caribbean (Dominican Republic) and Filipinas. All ladies would like to find a friend or a new love.

Interkontakt is not a traditional, old-fashioned marriage agency. It’s a single site with modern functions to get to know sociable people. The advantage at a site like this: Anyone can contact independently and for a little money singles from many countries and continents.

Language skills of the women
Most people from Eastern Europe and Asia speak a good or mediocre English. Interkontakt is plenty of girls with an immigrant background. They live for many years in English-speaking countries.

For example Russian women, Polish ladies, girls from Ukraine, Asian and Brazilian women. They live in the United States, in England, Australia, Canada, Germany or South Africa.

Sexy women from Eastern Europe
After the end of the Warsaw Pact, it has become much easier to meet women from Eastern Europe. Love sites like Interkontakt make it possible that men from the western world look for a beautiful partner east of the rivers Oder and Neisse.

Date with a woman from Eastern Europe
For a man from England or Scotland, a real meeting is particularly easy in the countries belonging to the European Union: Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. You can travel to these countries cheaply by low cost airlines like Ryanair.



Beautiful woman from Poland looks for a man on the Internet

Meet young single women like this at


Singles from Europe, America and Asia at Interkontakt
Many men from the western world are tired of emancipated ladies in their country. At the dating site Interkontakt they have the chance to find a woman who is still a real woman. The ladies from Eastern Europe shine by elegance and femininity.

35 percent of the Interkontakt-women live in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Belarus. 30 percent live in Asia: Thailand and the Philippines. The rest comes from Germany, England, the United States and Latin America.

What about the men at Interkontakt? 41 percent come from Germany and Austria. 25 percent live in English-speaking countries: United Kingdom, the USA, Canada and Australia. The rest is Poland and other states.


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Free registration at
Singles and people on partner search can register without costs at Now I will show this: I choose a password and a user name. I fill out my profile and upload photos. Pictures are very important for your success. Ads with photos are clicked 8 times more often than that without any picture.

In my personal ad I describe truthfully my height and my weight. I click on the languages I speak. And on my priorities in life and in a relationship. In a text box, I can express in own words who I am. And what I am looking for.

After this I describe my dream woman: Age, size, country, language skills. I can exclude certain countries from my search. If I don’t want to find women from Brazil, for example.

Based on this information, Interkontakt offers contact suggestions in my profile. I can look at these. In „my settings“, I can choose that these proposals go directly to my email address. So I am informed every day about interesting woman from Asia or Eastern Europe.


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Attractive women from Asia, South America
and the Caribbean looking for a man

Find here women from East Europe and Asia


Using the single website Interkontakt for free
I am registered. I will test now what I may do without costs.

Who is online?
I log in. On the homepage of the single market (in „statistics“), I look at „online members“. When I click on this, I see Russian women, Ukrainian singles, Polish ladies and sexy girls from Latin America. It is always interesting to look there. So I can have a direct contact very quickly. I can write a message to a woman. Or I invite her to the chat.

Search function of Interkontakt
Above I click on „search“. Now I may use the quick search or the detailed search. I choose the age, body size, the country and the language skills of my desire partner. I click on Poland and English language.

Profile of a Polish woman
In the same way you can check the ads of women from Russia, Brazil, the Philippines and Ukraine. I look at the pictures of the proposed polish women. I click on the photo of Anna from Opole. She seems to be pretty.

Anna (40 years) lives in the Silesian region. That’s in the southwest of Poland, near Germany. Anna has 6 photos in her profile. She looks friendly and attractive.

Anna has a grown daughter. She speaks fluent English. Her man should not be older than 45 years.

I like Anna’s face and her hair. I add her to my favorites (contacts). Now it’s time to send a mail to the Polish women. But it’s not possible. Since I am still a free member. I cannot get contact information about Anna. The free membership is only good to get a first impression of the dating site. If I want to contact Anna, I need a gold membership.

Especially beautiful women
In the menu „statistics“, I see the newest and the most popular women of Interkontakt. I find here attractive singles who are very often contacted by men. I also see who is online at this moment.

Free features of
I can create my profile for the partner search

I can look for women’s profiles

I may add some pretty ladies to my contacts

I see who is logged in and in the chat.

At „visitors“ I see who has read my profile

In „admirers“ I see who has added me to his contacts.

Clever dating in my test of
Tip and tactic for my active and not active times. I pay money for one month: for example February (= active). In March I have no more gold membership (inactive). In April I pay again for one month (active).

Although I have no membership in March: I may communicate free of charge with all women that I have contacted in February. These women are listed in „my contacts“. I can chat and write emails to them without limits.

In my inactive time (no membership) of March, Interkontakt gives me partner proposals: Women from Asia and Eastern Europe. And the coffee-colored beauties from the Caribbean. Everything very mixed.

I look at these contact suggestions. If I like a girl: then I click her to „my contacts“. So I collect in the inactive time many good matching women. In order to write to them later.

In April I buy again a gold package. Now is my active time again. I can contact the partner proposals of March. If a woman is interested, we can meet in the webcam chat of Interkontakt. And flirt a little.


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Here you can chat with pretty woman of Interkontakt


Paid membership
For communication and to get contact information of the ladies, I need a gold membership. At least for one month. Ho I can do that?

In the right sidebar, I click on „my account“. And then on „upgrade“. I choose the package for one month. After the payment I can start my dating.

In „my account“, I see exactly how long my paid membership will last. And how many women I may contact in this time. That are 300 contacts. More than enough.

The woman from Poland again
I go back to the profile of Anna from Opole. With few clicks I take her contact dates. So I have her email address and her Skype address.

By doing this, Anna is automatically added to my contact list. I can write to her so long as I like it. Even when my gold membership will be finished. Of course I also can write a message to Anna in my private email program. So I don’t need Interkontakt any more.

Now I write some words to this woman from Poland: „Hi Anna, I find you very pretty. I love your smile ….. and so on. I would like to know you better. Please answer me“. I wonder if she will do that. If Anna will answer, I will see this in my mailbox of Interkontakt.

Testing the dating website, I had good experiences with this. Almost all single women gave me an answer. After one or two emails, I have met some in the video chat.

Summary: How to use the partner search at Interkontakt effectively?
In that time when I am a paying member in the dating website: I write to the women I like. And I chat with them.

In the time when I am not a gold member: I only look for interesting profiles. I save them in my contact list. That is free. Whether I will really use all my collected contacts or not: I’ll see later. But I have the chance to do this.

If I later pay for a new membership: I don’t waste time with seeking. I can directly contact my favorite girls.

Which women are online?
I click on statistics/ online members. Of course not all women who are logged in are shown here. Only a certain number, maybe 30, 40 or 50. It depends from time of day.

It’s 8 o’clock in the morning. The women from Eastern Europe are not yet sitting at the computer. Maybe some hours later. The girls from South America still sleep. But a lot of Asians are online. In Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea and China it’s afternoon now.

I click on Mary from the Philippines. A small sexy woman with a appetizing body. I write: Hi my dear, I would like to chat with you. She agrees. So a good contact can start.

Interkontakt is free for women
They can write to men as they desire. Without paying money. But they are not allowed to take contact information of men. Only those women who pay for a gold account, may do this.

The costs per month (in 2016)
Please click on the right side on „my membership“. In the next window, click left on „upgrade to gold membership“. Then look at the prices for different time-models. At „currency“ you can click on your country. And see the prices. Here for singles from England and the United States:

1 month       35.00 Euro (27.10 British Pounds/ 39 US dollars)
3 months     26.67 Euro (20.60 BP/ 30 US dollars)
6 months     16,67 Euro (12.90 BP/ 18 US dollars)
12 months   12,50 Euro (9,70 BP/ 12.50 US dollars)

Prices in US dollars are based on a exchange rate of 1.1119 USD per euro. Actual exchange rate may vary.


Special features for dating
The highlight at Interkontakt is the webcam chat. At the top, I can see who of my women contacts is chatting at the moment. I click now in the right navigation on „start chat“. In the next window, I click on „allow“. So I allow access on my webcam and my microphone. I can start now to speak and flirt with a woman. Olga from St. Petersburg in marked in yellow colour. So she ready to chat.


Termination of the gold membership
There is no automatic extension of the contract with Interkontakt. So it’s not necessary to cancel anything. I pay for a certain period. During this time, I can make new contacts. I get email-addresses. I can write with the women from Asia or Eastern Europe. And so on … When my active time is at the end: I can continue to write letters to my existing contacts.


My conclusion
I was active for some months in the love site Interkontakt. I have met – for example – Mary of Manila, Monica from Rio de Janeiro and Iwona from Gdansk. I have flirted live in the webcam chat with several women. I have met Iwona in Poland. At the Baltic Sea I have got to know a great woman. I would not like to miss this experience.

It’s good that free members can use the „search“ of Interkontakt. So you can easily get an overview of the woman from around the world.

The best at Interkontakt
Even after the end of a gold membership, you can write with women you had contacted before. That is very rare in international dating services.

If you are sceptical against women from Eastern Europe, Latin America or Asia. Or if you don’t want to travel to far countries: You also can find foreign woman who live in your country. For example in the UK, in Canada or Australia.

The chances of success at Interkontakt
If you want to find a woman for marriage or for pen friendship: Your chances are certainly good. Especially in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, the Philippines and Thailand.

Please treat a foreign woman with the same respect as one from your country. Then you have a good chance that there can develop sympathy,´friendship and feelings between a girl and you.


So dear readers from English-speaking countries: That was my description of this international contact website. If you like, you can test Interkontakt. You simply have to register for free. And look at the profiles of women.


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