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The Indian woman is usually not only beautiful, but also magic and mysterious. This characteristics make her very popular on the international marriage market. Kisses of India satisfies the desire of western men and emigrated Indians to find an Indian wife or girlfriend.

The beauty of the ladies from India is legendary. Indian beauties have won the „Miss World“ contest several times. Each of us knows the attractive Bollywood movie stars. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Many millions of unknown brides from India rank behind these.

Some of them have signed up at Kisses of India to find love and a good partner. To get in contact with men from western countries and to chat with them. In contrast to Thailand and the Philippines, there is no other good contact site for India on the Internet than Kisses of India. So this dating agency may be seen as unique.


The most interesting and beautiful Indian women

Who of them contacted me very soon:
Babli (35) from Lyon / France wears a red Indian garment. She has a long black hair and looks mysterious. Babli wants to get to know me and „discuss something important with me. Please answer me with your private email“. But I can’t see the pretty Indian woman’s private data. For this I need to be a gold member.


I surely would not throw the full-blooded woman Urmila (32) out of my bed. This is how a dream woman has to look. Her ideal partner is 30 to 45 years old. She signed up to look for a serious relationship. The Indian doesn’t want to play with guys and not to be deceived by them.

She wants to marry her beloved man and be happy with him. The photos of Urmila make me happy and curious. I add this great Indian lady to my favorites. And later I will write to her in English. I could use the Indian’s WhatsApp number that she indicates in the profile.

Mansi (24) from Mumbai finds me good. She saved me with her favorites. Because she is so young, I didn’t care about it. The profile says: she doesn’t want to waste time with long communications. She wants a phone call or a meeting in Skype after a few emails.

The top pictures at Indian Kisses
These are images that were very often liked by male users. Soniya (23) from Patalia is a „delicacy“ with a beautiful face and flowing long hair. Her priorities in life: she loves to make new experiences. I wish that this dating site will be a good experience for her.

Soniya wants to find a man to marry. She describes herself as serious, honest, faithful, loving and romantic. If you were a few years older, I could be your hero, sweet girl. It’s pointless to flirt with you.

Unfortunately, the same applies to the young Kajal (22) from Mumbai. She lives in the largest city of India. She also has a long hair and wants to find a serious relationship. I am sure she will be successful in this. The foreign men will lick with their tongues when they see this Asian beauty.

Priya (30), from Indore in Central India, is the next jewel. She also has a long hair and a sexy figure: not too thin, not thick. 230 likes prove that she is exactly the exotic woman many men dream of. The lonely Indian without children is 1.72 tall. She wants to have contacts to men with mental and physical attraction. Priya wants to have children. I could do that easily. But you are too beautiful for me, darling from India.

Bingo – my best matches with Indians
„Hits“ are that profiles at Kisses of India, which match perfect my demands on an exotic woman. Vandi (32) from Mustafabad (at the foot of the Himalayan mountains) is one of my hits. This city is in the north of India, near Kashmir. The facial features are typically Indian. The mini skirt looks good on her. The lady with the bachelor’s degree is single and works in the electronics industry.

The purpose of Vandi’s registration is a marriage with a man from abroad. Some Indian ladies also write „friendship“. That is not the case here. Vandi speaks a little English. I will take advantage of this and write her later with the gold membership of Kisses of India. I’m curious what she has to tell.

Mary (34) from Bhuj is rather attractive. She makes no secret of her intention to find her dream man and to marry him. The lady from India describes herself as a simple person. Her sweetheart should be caring and loving. Citation: „Come closer, then you will get to know me better“.

Urvi (30) from Calcutta is a charming single-woman with a wonderful face and a colorful dress. The teacher accepts a partner and chat contacts up to 48 years. The man’s child would not be an obstacle for a relationship. „I am looking for true love. A sentimental guy who takes care of me“. That’s the least she can expect when someone marries the Indian woman and brings her to his home.

Searching young women at Kisses of India
What about the young girls under 25? Are they all looking for a firm partner? The pretty Aarti (24) from Noida wants a guy who is passionate and ambitious, who makes her dreaming. He should be at least 1.80 tall. Not many Indian women make such demands. Well, she is educated and seems to be a hot girl. Why should the Asian sweetheart be satisfied with less?

Sarah (23) from Agra shows more photos than most others. She speaks good English, like so many Indian women. Sarah has no children and is ready to leave India for a good man. Above all, she wants harmony and trust in marriage. He should be versatile like her. He should love his life, the nature and good food.

Rama (21) from Hyderabad is one of the younger girls at Kisses of India. As good as she looks, she’ll get a lot of contact requests. To find a husband is not her primary aim. Rama would also agree to a good online friendship. Smart, dynamic, secretive eyes and very good looking: this beauty queen could have thousand admirers everywhere in the world.

The „most popular“ Indian women at the dating site
They are admirable because they have received many likes for their sexiness and for the loveable behavior towards men. For example Bhavnagar (28) from Padma in Bangladesh. She is a super pretty bride that you could easily fall in love with.

The hair is black and shoulder-length. The expression of the eyes is mysterious and a little innocent. Nevertheless, it will be difficult for this Indian to find a partner. Because she didn’t learn a foreign language. Maybe the „cheerful girl with the loving heart“ will find a good Indian man, maybe someone who lives abroad. Nobody is interested in the fact that she belongs to the Indian upper class.

The next of the very popular ladies at Kisses of India is called Sonam. She is 27 years old and lives in the capital New Delhi. I see by the clothes that she is no wallflower. „I am looking for a man up to 45 years“. Sonam has received more than 300 likes since the registration 2 months ago. She seems to be a high coveted lady. She is not interested in getting married. She prefers to find friends and men’s acquaintances at Kisses of India.

New women
New members are very often shown on the dating site for a while. This means that every user gets a lot of contact requests right at the start of the partner search. I like the pictures of Eve (30) from Jaipur. Oh, she’s a Filipina who works or studies in India. The dream man should not be a player type, but reliable, and he should treat her with respect. Under no circumstances he should be an Indian. She hates Indian men because they treat women badly.

Ajith (26) from Chennai (port city on the Bay of Bengal) is also a new member. She immediately conquered my heart. The photo looks adorably sexy. Why only one pic, beautiful woman? With some more the Indian honey could drive many guys crazy.

Unfortunately Ajith doesn’t speak English. To understand her, you have to use the translator of the Asian single site. She writes: I am a sociable person looking for an honest, faithful, good looking well educated man. And she calls her Instagram ID.

Saanvi (27) from Mathura looks pretty good. But I like Anita (32) from Surat a little better. She has a mark on the forehead. You often see that at Indian people like this. It has something to do with the Hindu religion. The simple worker wants to fall in love with a foreigner and marry him. That’s clear. I don’t want to know what living conditions and starvation wages workers in India have to live with. „Please only serious contacts,“ the young Indian says in her profile.

Sunita (25) lives in Calcutta (West Bengal). If she wins the lottery, she wants to go on a trip around the world. But the pretty student is thousand miles away from that. Very good knowledge of English and a little French could help her to have many good contacts at Kisses of India. She is not yet interested in a steady relationship. First of all the adventurous Indian, who daringly presents her breasts, wants to finish her studies. Eroticism, travelling, sports and good conversations are important in Sunitas world.

Indian woman to marry at Kisses of India


Partner search in India
On the homepage of Kisses of India, I see a pretty woman in an Indian garb and golden hair jewelry. The hands are tattooed. She looks at me with secretive eyes as if she could read my erotic thoughts. The skin of the young Indian woman is smooth as with a baby. The picture awakens the mystical illusion of the eternal beauty of the love goddess Venus.

Enough dreamed now! After I have entered my name, password and birthday, Kisses of India demands a security check. I get a code number via smartphone, and have to type it in for my identification.

I answer the question of the dating site „what are you looking for?“ with: relationship and marriage. Friendships and acquaintances would also be possible. The majority of Indian women seeks a stable relationship with a foreigner. I would not be successful there with a friendship offer.

Personal qualities: I put in my weight, the height and the family status „single“. I click on my job and I upload a photo that will make wet all Indian women, I hope. Then I describe my picture in some words.

The search settings are the next step in the free sign-up. How should my dream woman from India be? She should definitely need to have English skills. My darling should not be extremely small or big. And in the ages between 25 and 40 years.

To be successful with mysterious Indians, I have to make a personal announcement. My words: Hello ladies, I have a good life. To be completely happy, I need nice Indian bride. My preference for beautiful Asian girls has led me to the dating site Kisses of India.

Before I come to the ads of the Indians, I explain to the beauties from India what is important for me in a relationship respectively in a marriage: erotic lady, trust, romance, warm heartedness, humor, sex appeal and mutual understanding. Sexual preferences are not provided by the dating site.

The free registration is ready now. I see the first pictures of the single women from India. To improve my dating chances, I revise my profile. I write for example how I relax in my free time, where I spend my holidays and I mention my traits.


How do I meet women from India who matches me?
The dating agency Kisses of India provides some options for this. I can look at Indians who are just online. But that is too vague. In the detailed search, I can specify several characteristics of my dream woman from India.

First the language. Partner search in India is useless without English skills. Then I define an age group and the religion. My sweetheart from Mumbai, Delhi or Calcutta should not smoke. And she should be willing to live with me here if we fall in love. These search settings allow me to discover some secrets of the South Asian women in the suggested profiles. Especially in the matches that Kisses of India presents to me.


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Please not an Indian guy!

Violent men
Indian women want to marry a man who loves them, who treats them well and with respect. But the dream of the deep love can hardly be realized in the home country. For India is considered as one of the most misogynistic countries of the world.

Violence excesses, sexual harassment, rapes of women and even murders happen every day. The Indian girls in the marriageable age try to seek happiness elsewhere: in civilized countries of Western Europe, in North America, Australia or Japan.

The Indian woman is in the eyes of many countrymen a piece of trash, which he can bother, use, fuck and throw away as he wants. Nobody in the former British colony, in the country of Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violence, blames him for that. It’s absolutely normal, men are like that.

Women are considered as worthless consumer goods in India, as second-class people. If they resist, they are even condemned and executed as witches (in backward areas). The Indian is practically the slave of the man.

How should the women ever live happily in such a country? Many Indian men turn the lack of women into a business. Like a pimp they give the own wife to other men. „You can have sex with my wife. But don’t break her. I will make a lot of money with her as long as she is young.“

Such practices are normal in India. They violate the fundamental human right to integrity and sexual self-determination. But who cares for it in a country where women’s rights are worth nothing? Indian ladies usually have to work hard. This reduces the life expectancy. If you can call that a life at all.

But the Indian society is changing. While the rural population still lives in the dark Middle Ages, the city girls don’t endure the abuses anymore. The ruler by the grace of God experiences ever greater resistances. The modern Indian woman is moving more and more away from the traditions of the country. And she approaches the western culture of life. But India is still far away from female emancipation.

No free partner choice for Indians
Another argument against the marriage with an Indian man sounds like a horror. Many Indian singles cannot freely choose the life partner. They are married by the father, especially in traditional families. Love feelings don’t play any role.

The marriage is arranged without asking the male and female singles. The only important precondition is that the married people belong to the same religious caste. Because there are big differences between the Indian castes. This is not comparable with protestants and catholics.

That could be acceptable if there would be a chance for a divorce, if a relationship is fails. But the Maharajah state is extremely medieval. After the wedding the woman moves to the husband’s family. She is exposed to the moods of the parents-in-law. This burdens the relationship. Besides, there is no free space to develop the personality.

A divorce is hardly possible in India. It’s only allowed in exceptional cases: if the man or the woman is very ill or infected with AIDS. If the unfortunate Indian woman wants to leave the man, she has to go back to the parents. She gets no maintenance from the former husband. Father and mother regard her as a failure, a slut.

No guy wants to marry her in this situation. She can live in the monastery. Or she can be the secret mistress of a married man. That’s the sad fate of many Indian women. To escape these grievances, more and more desperate ladies try to meet a partner from abroad. Since the Internet enables the international dating, this option is also available to women from India.


Price list of Kisses of India

Free dating in India
I have already described what I achieve as a standard member: create a profile, upload photos, view the ads of the Indian women. Soon I got invitations to chat. But these are worthless, because I cannot answer the girls. I put some Indians to my favorites. And I recognize which ladies find me good.

The real partner search
In order to get true contacts at Kisses of India, I have to buy a membership. After that I can write messages to the mysterious beauties from the Indian subcontinent. I’m allowed to communicate with them in the chat. And I get to know them live in the webcam chat. The membership makes it possible to answer chat wishes of the Indian women.

Update to standard membership

Gold membership
Recurring Payment 27.00 Euro
Maximum 300 contacts

Gold membership for 1 month
1 month for 35 euros
Maximum 300 contacts

Gold membership for 3 months
70 euros = 23.33 euros per month
Maximum 900 contacts

Gold membership for 6 months
105 Euro = 17.50 Euro per month
Maximum 1800 contacts

Gold membership for 12 months
140 Euro = 11,67 Euro per month
Maximum 3600 contacts


The secrets of Indian women

Ayurveda and strength
If you look at the photos at Kisses of India, you will admit that most ladies look very attractive. That brings the guys to erotic thoughts. The appearance of the Indian woman is influenced not only by genes and the hot climate, but also by the Indian Ayurveda.

The Ayurveda’s health science, which is for us mysterious and alien, gives the Indian ladies a good sleep, balance and a considerable sexual desire. Ayurveda treatments lead to to mental relaxation, peace of mind and inner satisfaction.

Ayurveda teaches the Indian woman to understand and accept life and its adversities. Who has come to this insight, has a serene, almost sovereign facial expression. The Indian woman comes to one with herself. The inner satisfaction also affects the external attractiveness of the person. Ayurvedic foods strengthen this tendency.

Meet sexy Indian women onlineBeauty secrets of Indian women
Ayurveda medicine offers many beauty treatments for the skin of the Indian, for the face and the hair. The cosmetics are made from natural products. The Indians only use local herbs and fruits for the rejuvenating cures. As well as other herbal remedies from which creams and lotions are made. In the cities Indian women go to a beauty salon. They care for their beauty also at home with traditional recipes.

Many Indian ladies wear around the body a thin, erotic-looking silk garment, the so called sari. They emphasizes the femininity with glamorous jewelry. This can be golden necklaces, bracelets and precious stones. The Indian beauty becomes perfect through earrings and piercings.

Some girls, you will meet at Kisses of India, have a round point on the forehead. This signalizes their caste belonging. Indians with such properties are among the most exotic beauties in the world. Many a man from industrialized countries dreams of having such a goddess as his wife, and to adore her in bed.

Jogging and fasting are not the only reason for the slender figure of the Indian women. But also the secrets of the Indian cuisine keeps the girls slim. They like to cook spicy food. Not in order to make the guy hot on sex. But because the recipes demand it and it tastes very good.

The side effect of spicy exotic herbs and Indian spices: the body burns many fat cells during metabolism. There are only a few chubby Indians in the cities. Most women eat not more than absolutely necessary. Because they lack money. Many Indian women make peeling once a week to keep the skin clean and beautiful.

Erotic secrets of the Indian
Many a lady is highly educated in eroticism. Because there is something unique in the world: the Indian Kamasutra. The original Kamasutra is an antique book that served already as encyclopedia and sex guide for the ancestors. In Kamasutra books, young innocent single women learn about sex positions before the defloration. Before the girl comes together with a man, she makes Kamasutra exercises with the best girlfriend. No matter who she marries one day, the man will be delighted about such skills.


Mysterious Indian dream women: attractive to men from all over the world
That’s no secret. The beauty and grace of the Indian please many guys from the West. I don’t mean the Bollywood actresses, but the average ladies in everyday life. The charming smile, the sex appeal and the special facial expression make every men hot at Kisses of India.

Most Indians have a dark brown skin. As if they would take an intense sunbath every day. That is indeed true, because in many parts of India, the sun burns mercilessly down from the sky. The dark complexion matches the mysterious black eyes and the shiny black hair.

Women from India have specific character traits that make them desirable as wives. Since there are only few opportunities to become emancipated in a male-dominated society, the Indian is traditional, often shy. Even in the big cities only a few women have a job. They take care of household and children. As long as they are single, they live with the parents. The Indian woman relies on the father to take care of her. Later she expects that from her husband.

Men who are married with an Indian call her darling modest, reserved and capable. Most ladies are sexy and family-friendly. They want to have children, and they take care of them. It looks different with western women: buy the kids a smartphone or a TV, then you have your peace.

The Indian woman don’t give up so quickly in a marriage crisis. She keeps faith with the man and fights for the relationship. With her softness she succeeds in calming the stressed husband and to be a stabilizing factor for him. Since the Indian has learned subordination in the patriarchal society, she is rarely rebellious.

On the other hand, the Indian woman expects the husband to provide for the subsistence. At least in the first time abroad, until she has a profitable job. She expects that he defends his beautiful wife against other men. He tolerates her special mentality. Asian women are very different from girls in western countries. Already during the dating at Kisses of India, men are judged how understanding and patient they are. A guy who regards foreigners and exotic people as inferior, has no chance to win the love of an Indian beauty.


My conclusion about Kisses of India
The Asian dating site is one of the best ways to meet single Indian women. The portal provides good contact functions, such as the message service and the webcam chat. So every man can easily find out which Indian girl matches him well and which one he finds attractive.

Indian women are among the most sexy in the world, besides the pretty Latinas. Not only the extraordinary beauty, but also the character values are extremely tempting for marriage willing men from the West. Instead of hastily booking a flight to India, it is therefore advisable to read the personal ads exactly and to communicate with the single ladies from Asia.

Online dating at Kisses of India is uncomplicated and initially free. In order to get an impression of the photos, the beauty, the characteristics and the intentions of Indian women, you may register without obligation. You click on the violet button to come within three minutes to the profiles of the mysterious girls.


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