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Thai Kisses: portrait and target groups
Thai Kisses is with 600.000 members one of the largest dating sites with Asian ladies. Men from the West meet there charming Thai women online. By the development of the Internet and by globalization, it became possible to find a life partner across all borders. And it’s not always easy, because a lot of Thai girls speak only a little English.

Thai Kisses has been an upscale dating site in Thailand since 2006. The portal is equipped with good contact functions. This allows lonely men from Europe and from the USA to search women from Thailand, to write messages to them and to flirt in the private chat.

In the Asian dating service, a large number of sexy Thai girls under 25 are registered. As well divorced exotic women around the age of 35. Even a retiree who wants to spend his twilight years in Thailand, can enjob a late love among the Thai ladies over 45 years. Many men have already found a darling for a long-term relationship at Thai Kisses.

Women from Asia are clearly in the majority. Most of the Thai girls express the desire to find a man and to marry him. That’s well accepted worldwide. Many men fly to Bangkok – after communicating online – to meet their Thai sweetheart. But there are also male singles who have no ambitions for a firm relationship. They are seeking at Thai Kisses sexual contacts for a vacation in Thailand.

First of all, I will present you some women from Thai Kisses. Then we will see how to register at the dating site and formulate demands on a partner. I’ll show you how to get in contact with a lady from Thailand. How to get to know her intensively at Thai Kisses. And what you should know about the character of the girls.



The profiles of the Thai women –
How are the ladies? What do they want?

Week after week, more than one thousand new members from all over the world register for dating at Thai Kisses. Most men are delighted about the feminine qualities and the sex appeal of the Thai girls. The like the slender, girlish physique. That leaves a lot of space for erotic fantasies.

Women from Thailand are usually simple, friendly people. They are less complicated and more open-minded for the courtship of a man than the rough, emancipated and masculinized ladies in the US, in Canada, Great Britain or Australia.

To give you an overview how Thai women are, I looked around at the profiles. I will describe now some girls. You will learn more about the appearance, characteristics and wishes of the single girls from Thailand.

You will not find any pornographic photos, horny women in hot bikinis or even nude girls on the dating site. The eyes of the man are sometimes spoiled by a miniskirt, sexy dresses or a small neckline in dress, but nothing else. Sex photos are rejected by the service team of the Asian dating site. The girls from the land of smiles are pretty well covered.

It would be bad to meet at Thai Kisses barmaids, nightclub girls and go-go girls from the red light districts of Bangkok or Pattaya. Who are kissing lovers, drinking champagne, sucking dicks and having sex with mature men. Prostitutes have no time and no interest to look for a life partner on the Internet.

When studying the profiles, you will see the optical qualities of the female singles from Thailand. Most ads have at least 3 photos. You can enlarge them. So you get a good impression of the attractiveness and the charm of the Thai women. The easiest way is to look for Asian beauties that are currently online is the Browse menu. I did this. Here some examples.

Piyaporn (27) is a lonely Thai with a sexy figure. She looks wonderful in the miniskirt and the evening dress. She shows a lot of pictures in the profile. Thereby the optimistic and sporty student increases her chances of getting married to a big man over 1.85. That’s what she wishes.

Jinatta (23) belongs to the young women at Thai Kisses. She has uploaded many photos that give the men from Western countries an insight into her life. Jinatta is clearly fixed on a marriage. The English skills will help her to achieve this. The young Thai woman is fluent in English. She is a little chubby girl who loves the beach as well as dancing, barbecue and watching TV.

Parita (29) also speaks fluently English. She is not very thin, and she has nice breasts. Her handicap is that she has a son. So the Thai woman needs a sympathetic and family-friendly life partner. She would like him to be over 40 years.

Nawapas (23) shows the suitors that she has a fine physique. She is quite sexy. No matter if she gets out of the swimming pool in a bikini or sits on bed in a denim skirt. Nawapas – with the sign Virgo – will certainly find a husband with her sex appeal. „I am looking for a friendly guy, a gentleman“, she writes.

Jowana (28) is a Filipina with good English skills. That’s quite rare at Thai Kisses. The small woman with the slightly stout figure emphasizes that she is not here to find a man with money. She is only interested in get to know someone serious. The Filipina has to improve her profile. More photos and exact information about her personality are lacking.

Regarding the age, we come a little higher now. Sugunya (38) is pretty tall for a Thai woman. She has a beautiful face and no children.

Wora (33) is one of the few Thai women with big breasts. She looks a bit mockingly into the camera. Wora indicates she studied at university. Unlike many other Thai women, she limits the age of the dream man. The guy should be maximum 12 years older than her. A pensioner is not required. This childless woman from Phuket is ready to move to another continent, as most of the Thais.

Sippaphat (43) is also quite tall at 1.64. Slim and tall: that’s exactly what I like. The attractivity is mediocre. Regarding vacation, Sippaphat is very modest. She likes to stay at home. But if she wins the lottery, she wants to make a trip around the world. This Thai lady is really active. Her partner should be strong, charming, erotic and sexy.

Ausa (30) is in my hit list. This means that there are a lot of similarities to what I expect from my dream girl. Her priorities in life are erotic and the family. Ausa describes herself as kind, caring, curious, sensual and impulsive. In the last relationship, she was jealous because her husband had some affairs. He often played around with young students. That’s why she wants to find a man who is absolutely faithful.

Champoonut (30) is the same as I defined my perfect Thai woman. She loves traveling and to walk in the nature of Thailand. Her desired partner may be as old as I am – a mature man just over 40. Champoonut cheats a bit with the image. Because the weight doesn’t quite fit the slim figure in the photo. If I had contact with her, I would request more pictures.

Anjada (40) is a mature Thai woman. The non-smoker has a small bistro in Bangkok. The man of her dreams should share her passion for intimate hours. Anjada is not at all prudish. Since nudism is not allowed on the beaches of Ko Samui, Ko Lanta and Phuket, she sometimes goes on vacation to Singapore. With her relatively good income and the top figure, she can afford such a travel and also to be nude on the beach.

Mona (43) is a new member of Thai Kisses. She is looking for a serious man from America for a steady relationship. She has learnt English during the bachelor’s study. Mona is an academic Thai, wishing a man with whom she wants to grow old together. Her daughter studies at the university of New York, where she found an American boyfriend. Mona would like to follow her, and live with a man from the US.

Sangaporn (48): of course, she is not so very sexy as many others. But she has preserved a good figure. The ideal partner should be 52 to 70 years old. Sangaporn wants to meet a warm-hearted man. Not a guy like President Donald Trump, as she writes in the profile.

Maybe it’s useful to enter the language English in the search criteria. So that we can communicate well when chatting, writing and later speaking in Skype. I have done that. And I found a special sweetheart: Nipaporn (38) from Mukdahan. It is in the east of Thailand, on the Mekong River. She is also an academic, and she loves elegant clothes. Her future husband may look forward to a sexy and fashion-conscious Thai woman in the best woman-age. 

Kim (35) is a bit chubby. She has excellent English skills. The woman from Bangkok calls herself sociable, charming, lively, domestic, romantic, loyal and fond of children. Kim is looking for a kind-hearted guy who inspires her to delete the Thai Kisses profile.

Thai beauties in sauna


Meet Thai women from the USA and Canada
I will present now some single ladies from North America. For this, you must choose your country in the search of the dating site. Lucerne (39) lives in Nashville/ Tennessee. A little Thai woman who loves coziness with cake and coffee. Who wants to have her for girlfriend should accept the 14-year-old son. Lucerne does not necessarily want to marry, but a relaxed relationship is okay.

Tong (34) is a fun-loving, pretty Thai princess from Chicago. She looks a bit playful and she likes to make selfies. One picture shows her in a fitness center. Tong wants to meet an honest, cultivated, amusing man at Thai Kisses, with the option to marry. The Thai lady doesn’t like adventurous games with dating. Since her English skills are bad, I guess that her sister or aunt has created this profile.

Let’s take a look at the women living in Canada. The Vietnamese Annika (36) could be my exotic dream woman, concerning the appearance. In the photos she stands in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, in front of the Big Ben in London and in front of the Statue of Liberty in New York. Or at a Thai pagoda, on the Mississippi and at Lake Erie. The lady from Toronto has traveled a lot in the world.

I love you darling. I will write a message to her after this review. That will be easy with my gold membership. I hope this super woman is still alone. Regarding age, I match her. She wants to find true love and a soulmate who likes to laugh.

Now we are finished with the profiles. I’ll show you how to sign up and look around at the dating site. Then we will contact some lovely ladies from Asia.


Free registration to find a woman from Thailand
On the homepage of Thai Kisses, you will first meet a charming young Thai lady with golden earrings, with red lips and a lovely face. She welcomes the men from all over the world to the Thailand dating. Her eyes look to the distance. As if she expects her dream man behind the next street corner, on the Thai beach nearby or in the airport arrivals hall of Bangkok.

I don’t want to bore you with details of the registration at Thai Kisses. You probably know the process from other dating agencies like FilipinoCupid. In principle it’s the same everywhere.

After a few basic statements you describe yourself, your interests, the everyday life and the level of education. Then you upload some photos on the Kisses site. You write a welcome message in English for the Thai girls. Then you define your search settings. You describe the dream woman from Thailand. At the end you may verify your profile, and the registration is done.


Search for the perfect Thai love
Thai Kisses, along with, and, is one of the top dating sites to find a loving, modest and hot Asian bride. Maybe one who has emigrated to another country.

At Thai Kisses, the single man doesn’t have to struggle to find a charming flirt partner, an exotic sex partner, a kind holiday companion or a wife to marry. No, I was found by many ladies in the first days of my review. They had read my ad and made me to their favorite. This reduces the time of my partner search. Because I can look at my favorites, the very interested ladies.

Several Thai girls tried to invite me to the chat „Hi, how are you?“ or „Nice to meet you“. These offers failed at the beginning. Because I was not yet a firm member of the dating site. Later I was able to chat with my gold account. There are always some women online at Thai Kisses.

In the „Lists“ menu, I click on „Favorites“. Then I see, which girls want to meet me in the chat. I did not like everyone. But a few beautiful pictures were always there. So I first looked at the profiles and then sent a message to them.

Thai Kisses offers several functions to search a life partner. When I click on „Browse“ at the top, I see Thai women who are currently online, and who logged in one or three minutes ago. Here I have many opportunities to start a chat and to show my charm. I love them both: Kruawan from Bangkok or the teen-looking Salisa from Konkhean.

I don’t recommend the quick search. There are only a few entries possible. The detailed search of Thai Kisses is more suitable. Here I can define exactly the properties of my Thai girlfriend or my bride. For example, the current country, priorities in life, age and language skills.


Contacts to attractive women from Thailand
Many girls from Asia dream of the a great love. Of a serious, caring and charming man who makes them happy. But such dreams are limited. Many Thai women speak a little English. Unlike the Philippines, the number one language of the world is far less spoken in Thailand. Since Thai Kisses offers no translation function, you must pay attention to the language skills of the ladies. Otherwise, writing messages and chatting is a too difficult.

The best way is to find a darling at Thai Kisses is someone who lives nearby your city. Then there are no language problems. And it’s not necessary to book a flight to Thailand. You read the personal ads of the Thai girls. You must look if they have minor children who still need the mother.

Thai women are not ambitious in terms of age difference. Even a man in the best years – such as a 45-year-old – can choose a young single-lady of 25 or 30 years. Thai Kisses is a dating paradise. Most Thais accept a husband who is 15 or 20 years older. They attach more importance to a solid character than to age and a good look.

How do you contact women from Thailand?
How can you convince a sexy Thai of your qualities and serious marriage intentions? Unfortunately, you have no chance to flirt in the chat without any financial commitment. Apart from looking at pictures, only a few useless actions are free. That’s why it is necessary to buy the gold membership (for example for one or three months).

On the homepage of Thai Kisses, below my profile picture, I have the green button „Start Chat“. After clicking, I see the ladies who are currently logged in. I open the profile of Vanessa Mai (27). The namesake of the beautiful German pop singer doesn’t live in Thailand. But two thousand miles further east, in the Philippines. But that doesn’t matter at the moment. Vanessa is very tall for an Asian girl (1,71) and very sexy.

After reading Vanessa Mai’s ad, I click on „Start Chat“. But I have no permission for that. I learn that I need a membership. The same happens if I try to write a mail to the lady of my heart. The only thing that works: I put the dream woman Vanessa Mai to my favorites. So I’ll find her later easily.

What should you write to a pretty lady?
Because you probably don’t know her mentality, it’s a difficult task. Maybe you meet the woman of your dreams right at the beginning of the dating. You are nervous and you write a lot of nonsense. So the honey will probably look for another chat partner.

It’s not easy to tell you suitable topics for communication. Maybe that’s not really important. The most crucial factor is that the man wins the confidence of the Thai woman. By joking, praising the beautiful eyes and by meeting her in the webcam chat of Thai Kisses.

There you will see the Thailand girl directly in front of you. You can judge whether she is so attractive as in the profile. Many foreigners fall in love with a Thai girl while chatting in the video chat. You can do this over a period of 3 months. Then you should think about a meeting in Thailand or in the American city where she lives.

Get to know sexy women from Thailand


How much does dating in Thailand cost?

Free actions at Thai Kisses

  • Registration and create a profile with pictures
  • Formulate the qualities of the dream girl
  • Receive partner suggestions
  • Thai Kisses provides a contact list
  • Watching the profiles of the Thai ladies is for free. Especially the matching hits, the interested women (= admirers) and the girls who are online right now. It’s also interesting to look at the „most popular women“
  • Every day, Thai Kisses offers one free contact to a single lady from Thailand
  • Free communication after the end of the membership. That’s extremely charming of the dating site. It means that the guy is allowed to continue his contacts, even if he is no longer a gold member of Thai Kisses

What do men have to pay for?
Free is a wonderful thing. But if you want to be successful in finding the dream woman in Asia, you have to invest a little money. Money for what?

  • Unlimited mailing with the ladies from Thailand.
  • Meet women in the writing chat – girls who are currently logged in.
  • Flirting and talking in the webcam chat also costs money. For this you need one of the memberships. Chat with the camera is the absolute highlight of Thai Kisses.

Current prices for contacts
You need a gold membership for sending letters to Thai women. This is offered in 5 versions. No matter what period of time the man decides for: the maximum number of contacts is always 300 per month.

The subscription for one month with prolongation makes 31.27 US dollars. A termination prevents that the contract is extended. If I want to limit the membership from the beginning to 4 weeks, I have to pay 40.54 US dollars. The gold account for a quarter costs 27.02 dollars a month.

The membership for half a year is even cheaper. You have to pay only 20.27 dollars a month. The most favorable variant is the partner search over one year. Then Thai Kisses requires only 13.51 dollars a month.

These are very moderate prices, when I compare it with the costs at an American dating agency. Canceling a membership can be done online in the profile settings. A letter or a e-mail is not necessary.


Is dating with Thai women worth the costs?
Asian ladies are uncomplicated persons with low demands on the partner and the relationship. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for an expensive gift to satisfy your sweetheart.

Most Thai girls attract men’s attention by the beautiful body. They are sexy appearances, have a slim figure and always a black hair. Many guys are fascinated by the brown skin, the typical Asian almond eyes and by the youthfulness. Even up to the age of 40 years, the ladies look sweet, tasty and girlish.

But that doesn’t hide the fact that most women in Thailand (especially in the cities) are self-confident. They have own views, which they express emphatically to the man. The contrarian character of the Thais is – despite the proud appearance in the dating site – that they are a little shy towards tourists and foreigners.

Thai women often have old-fashioned views and values. They are loyal to the husbands. They take care of the household and parenting. The ladies are specialists in the kitchen. They are always able to prepare a healthy and very tasty Thai food.


Emigrate to Thailand
I mention now a very special aspect of finding a life partner in Thailand. The pension of many American or British men is not enough for life and not for to die. The high number of small jobs an low wages will increase this problem in the future. Therefore, many seniors are looking for a country to emigrate. For a new home where the money, the pension and the savings are still worth something. For example, in Southeast Asia.

Before a single man or a widower between 60 and 65 emigrates to the land of smiles, he has to make some preparations. He should at least once have gone on holiday in Thailand. He should get to know the local culture. And he should find out if he can get used to the hot and humid climate in the middle and southern regions of Thailand.

Instead of living alone in Asia, the mature man could try to find a Thai girlfriend on a dating site like Thai Kisses. One women or even several. He will realize which of them has what it takes to be a suitable life partner, with which he enjoys the remaining years under the tropic sun.

In order not to attract attention in Thailand, there are some rules to follow. For example, it is frowned upon to touch a person’s head in public. If you caress the lady’s hair or try to kiss her, you could be rejected.

The Thai lady will be happy about small presents – such as a dress, a wristwatch, golden earrings or a fine dinner in a restaurant. The woman from Bangkok will like that, because she is not used to luxury goods as much as we are. You should practice the smile before travelling to Thailand. Thai people often grin there. The country is well known for that all over the world. You will find further information about behaviors in Thailand on the Internet.


Result of my review
Thai Kisses is an international dating site to meet single women, mainly from Thailand. The chances for pleasant contacts are very good due to the webcam chat. The costs for finding a woman from Asia are acceptable. The profiles of the ladies are usually filled out completely. The photos show how attractive a lady is or not. Basically, I have almost nothing to criticize.

At the end of my several weeks expedition in Thailand, the question remains: how serious is a site with so many pretty Asian single women? I claim to be a critical single site tester. With the gold membership, I checked some Thai women while chatting. And I looked for images which look typically like fakes.

On the Internet, you find a lot of foreign contact sites, which make a show of sexy and model-like ladies pictures. As if the women somewhere else in the world were a thousand times prettier and more exciting than ours.

The result of my investigation: Thai Kisses doesn’t have such photos. I would like to have seen some. But there is nothing! The girls are almost natural and well behaved. The faces and the figure of the Thai women look sympathetic and appetizing. But they don’t cause the ultimate sexual kick in the lions.

I saw hardly large breasts that explode shirts and blouses. I rarely saw bare legs and extremely short skirts and only a few bikini girls at the pool or beach. No obscene poses that want to say: ”fuck me, my strong stallion!”

My overall judgement is: Thai Kisses is a serious dating site. You can expect to meet real, friendly and natural women. They are not looking for pure sex contacts. But for a relationship, for security, tenderness and a good family. These are my experiences with the Thai ladies.


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