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Women from Brazil have the greatest eroticism in the world. Tips how you can meet a Brazilian single woman

Review of BrazilCupid
Sex-appeal, eroticism, hot blood, slinky girls: Brazilian women are often described with these words. If you look at TV the pictures of the beauties on the Copacabana or from Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, there is no doubt: women from Brazil are the most beautiful and exciting in the world.

If you want to meet erotic Brazilian ladies at Brazil Cupid, you can find a sex adventure, an online friendship or even a sexy wife.

This contact site belongs to Cupid Media, a dating company, with many international dating services around the world. If you enter on Google: „partner search erotic woman“, you will at once find the name BrazilCupid. Here men from Europe, North America and Australia meet Brazilian women, who look for a good husband.

In this article you will learn how a man can get to know exotic fiery Brazilian single women. Something about the character of the girls, about their charm and their life. About the eroticism, attitude to sex and about the mentality.


Which people we find at BrazilCupid?
Brazilian women look for a reliable man, for a steady relationship and for happiness. On the other hand we find single men from many English-speaking countries as USA, Canada, England, Australia and Scotland, but also from the rest of the world.

They all are charmed by the exceptional eroticism of Brazilian women. The guys try to contact the girls of Rio de Janeiro and other cities in Brazil. They try to flirt with them in the chat and to win their sympathy. It could end with a marriage, sometimes also with vacation or sex holidays in Brazil.


Free registration
First men sign up for free. BrazilCupid offers the possibility to see the photos and profiles of single women from Brazil. Most of them have installed 3 to 5 photos.

Many Brazilian girls are very pretty. But I see only a few bikini beauties in the single site who are bursting with femininity, eroticism and sex appeal. Most girls look nicer than the average of the ladies in the Western world. But not like affected models.

Okay, so I register for free now. Men who have experience in online dating, know how to do it: name, password, email adress, personal details and some pictures, of course.

Now I already can have a look at the profiles of the Brazilian singles: white, black and brown women. Girls with a sexy brown skin. When I see these, I could get crazy.

They have melodious Brazilian names like Morena, Eliza, Luna, Monica, Juliana, Paola, Fernanda or Isabella. They speak Portuguese and some of them English.

I create my dating profile, so the single girls from Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Manaus will know who I am. Very important: my photos, my age, my country, my relationship status „single“. Information about the leisure activities and the job are also useful for the dating.

Not very important: what movies and books I like, what music I prefer or where I travel. Some women attach great importance to the star sign of a man. I click on „Lion“. My registration is ready now.


Free membership at BrazilCupid
Many functions are free. I make a test now. For this I use the simple search function of BrazilCupid. I choose the age of my contacts: 20 to 35 years. I click on „Show only profiles with photo“. Then the show goes on. BrazilCupid presents me thousands profiles that match to my search settings.

My first sweetheart at Brazil Cupid
I don’t need to search very long. On the top I click on Esmeralda (27), a girl from Porto Alegre. Wow, what an eroticism! A chocolate brown type. She is wearing a yellow top and she has big breasts. She looks very appetizing and sexy. She smiles on the photo, her face is friendly and welcoming.

Esmeralda confirms the cliché: young single women from Brazil have a sensual and sexual charisma.

In the profile, Esmeralda writes a greeting message: Como é que você a pessoa procura … N Quero com vicios, quero uma pessoa disposta a ter um compromisso serio e com sua vida Independente com sua profisão e favorito de 30 a 42 anos.

I am not a specialist for this language. It could mean: seeking (Quero) a partner (favorito) who is able to make compromises (compromisso). And who has an independent life (sua vida Independente). The age: 30 to 42 years (anos).

Unfortunately I don’t speak Spanish or Portuguese. But in the ad of Esmeralda I see: she speaks a little English. She has no children so long, but she wants to have some in the future with her husband.

Esmeralda has a good school education. Ethnicity: she writes „mixed“. You should know: Brazil is (like the United States and Argentina) a melting pot of many races, nations and ethnic groups: Indians, Europeans, Africans, Americans and Asians.

Now I try to write a letter to Esmeralda. I click on the button „send message“. As a subject, I write above: Love at first sight.

My first mail
Hello Esmeralda, nice to see you. I like your photos very much. If you are still single, I would like to know you. Maybe we can meet in the chat of BrazilCupid. Please give me an answer. Goodbye and kind regards. Have a nice time. I save the word „kisses“ for later messages.

But I have bad luck. BrazilCupid says: if Esmeralda should read your message, you have to expand your standard membership. What a pity!


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Meet here single women from Brazil:
The most exciting eroticism on the world


 Girls from Brazil want to chat


Free options at BrazilCupid
Sign in, create a profile, upload pictures.

See which Brazilian women are currently online.

Using the search function to select special properties: country, the woman’s age, language.

Desire to have children, skin color, attractiveness of the woman, the readiness to move abroad.

Body dimensions, bra size, sex appeal.

The sending of messages is only possible with the Gold membership. As long as I use BrazilCupid for free, a real contact is not possible.


Similar international dating services
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Paid membership for the dating in Brazil
The free options at BrazilCupid are no more than a playing. I see the photos of the women and get a little appetite. If I really want to contact a lady from Brasilia, Belo Horizonte or Salvador, I have to spend some money.

Prices for the Premium membership in Gold
1 month:       34,99 US dollar (24,99 British pound sterling)
3 months:     23.33 US dollar per month (16,66 British pound sterling p.m.)
12 months:   11.67 US dollar per month (8,33 British pound sterling p.m.)
If you come from another English speaking country, the dating site will show you the costs in your special currency.

The functions of the Gold Membership
Brazilian women who are shown in the online user list and you can invite them directly in the chat.

You may write a letter to all ladies from Brazil, even to those who don’t have a Gold membership.

You use all search functions of BrazilCupid. With the Gold account, you may read mails even from non-paying women.

The costs for the Premium Membership in Platinum
1 month:       39.99 US dollar (29,98 British pound sterling)
3 months:     26.66 US dollar per month (19,99 British pound sterling p.m.)
12 months:   13.33 US dollar per month (10,00 British pound sterling p.m.)
If you live in another English speaking country, the dating site shows the costs in your currency.

The advantages of the Platinum account compared to the Gold membership
When a woman from Brazil writes something in her mother tongue Portuguese: so I can use the translation service of BrazilCupid.

Some girls have uploaded a video. You can have a look on it. Perhaps some women will present an eroticism samba show.

Find out the current costs of BrazilCupid
Top right on the homepage, you see the box „Expand now“. When you click on this, you will see the prices and functions of the Gold and Platinum memberships.

Payment arrangements at BrazilCupid
As with many online dating services: by credit card, PayPal or Giropay. You can also make a remittance at your bank.


Special features of BrazilCupid

Chat conversation with single women from Brazil
Profile pictures are important. But in the chat you convince yourself what kind of woman your girlfriend is. Is she really so attractive as in the profile images? Does she speak friendly? Has she enough time for you? What about your instinct?

Could you imagine to spend your life with this woman? Is she really interested in your person? Is she always happy to meet you in the chat?

People from the USA don’t need to read the following section
Only Brits, Australians and South Africans If you’re chatting in English, many words can sound something strange. The English in South America is dominated by the US-slang.

Here some examples:
Guy (British: man, boy)

Heaven (British: sky)

You are welcome (British: But please!)

Cab (British: taxi)

Cell Phone (British: mobile phone)

Movie (British: film)

Zip Code (British: postal code)

There are much more words which are different in American and British English.

The search at BrazilCupid
Even with the free basic membership the men can filter the properties of the dream woman. But in the Gold membership you have some more possibilities. The search functions of the dating site are absolutely professional. They allow you to look exactly for such single women from Brazil that match to your requirements.

Video function
If you want to impress the girls from Brazil. you could take short videos up to your profile. It should be a rather humorous film.

As a Platinum member you can view the videos of Brazilian singles. Probably you will not see any strip shows and table dances. BrazilCupid is no peep show, no bordello and porno shop. Of course, the team of the dating site checks the recordings on sex content.


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Here you can flirt
with attractive single women from Brazil


Mentality of women from Brazil

How are the Brazilian ladies?
If you want to know and understand the girls from Sugarloaf, you should know something about their character and the attitudes to life, partnership and love.

If you look at the pictures in BrazilCupid, you might think: Brazilian beauties must have eroticism, sex and love rhythm in blood. They look and move passionately, pretty and sexy. Some of them look like a model from the Playboy magazine. Others have very feminine curves. By their sexual charisma, women from Brazil belong to the most beautiful in the world.

Eroticism, lust, frivolity. Beguiling sensuality and sex appeal like from another star: Brazilian women are often barely clothed, especially at the carnival, in the football stadium and on the beaches. They seem always to be ready for sex.

Passionate samba dancing, beautiful long legs, sexy bikini, exciting bum, bobbing breasts, an erotic aura. So that every man who sees them must get crazy. Ripe cherries that you just have to pick. Bringing a man every night to a mega climax. Men from Europe and the United States like such images and stereotypes about the eroticism of the beauties from Brazil.

But men should not see Brazilian single women as pure objects of pleasure and lust. Many guys might think: it’s easy to get them to bed. Because they want to attract men with sexy dresses and bikinis.

But that’s only half the truth. The ladies from southern countries have on average more desire for sex than the western women. Surveys have confirmed this fact. Latin girls are in bed quite uninhibited, wild and passionate. However, your new girlfriend from Brazil will realize instinctively in the chat if you have nothing in mind than sex.

Basically the girls from Recife, Fortaleza and Boa Vista are yearning for a good life partner – as in the telenovelas in Brazilian television films. They renounce on the gigolo type who only wants to have a sexual affair.

Behind every profile avatar in BrazilCupid there is a human being with a destiny, with wishes, hopes and personal expectations of a partnership. Only those men who make the effort to deal with the personality of a Brazilian woman, have a realistic chance for a Skype session and for a meeting in South America. And at the end: to find a new love.

The women from the coastal cities of Rio de Janeiro or Salvador are naturally a piece more emancipated than those from the Amazon region. But all have the same desire: to start a family and to live in happiness.

This is not easy in Brazil. Many young Brazilian guys don’t want to take responsibility. They avoid or flee from the risks of children and family. They tend to polygamy. They have sex with different women.

In spite of the Catholic Church, in the sexual sense the Brazilian society is more free than in most European countries. Women in Brazil are not only vivacious, cheerful and full of vitality, but also open for sex. The reasons: the southern mentality and the hot climate. Temperatures of 35 degrees bring the blood to boil.

Travel regulations for Brazil
If you fly as a tourist to your darling, you need only the passport (for a stay up to 90 days) and an entry form (you get it in the plane). Tourists don’t need visas to stay for a short time in the country. The passport must be valid for 6 months. The entry form will be filled and repealed. When leaving Brazil, you need it again at the airport desk.

Which Brazilian single women can you contact at BrazilCupid?
Here some names, I often have seen: Mercedes, Fernanda, Maria, Luana, Rosa, Gabriela, Priscila, Carolin, Mellzinha, Gisele and Joana, Laura, Silvia-Vittoria, Eliane and Vita

There are „white“ women with Portuguese origin. But nevertheless they have a tanned skin. And there are black women with African descent.

Then we have the mulattos, a mixed race with coffee colored skin. The fourth group: the South American native people (Indians), who mingled with other races.

For white men from Europe and North America, the dark-skinned or black beauties are the most desirable These single women enjoy live and have an uncomplicated character. They are very different from many ladies in Europe, Australia and the USA.

If you really want to have a close contact with a Brazilian girl, you should have some skills in Spanish language, what is very similar to Portuguese. Or you contact only those girls who speak English.

Most women of BrazilCupid come from the big cities of Brazil: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Brasilia, Fortaleza. Belo Horizonte, Manaus, Recife, Porto Alegre and Belem. These are all mega cities. Other cities in Brazil are Boa Vista, Sao Luis, Feira de Santana and San Jose.


BrazilCupid review – my conclusion
Here some advantages and positive facts of the partner search in Brazil. This facts don’t concern directly BrazilCupid. But they apply generally to Brazil and the South American continent.

The population of Brazil is younger than in our industrial states. The country is full of singles and lonely living people. This means: there are excellent chances for dating.

Even men who are not very young, have good chances. Single women from Brazil like to fall in love with mature men. In a country where many things are chaotic, anarchic and insecure, a stable and life experienced husband guarantees for safety and continuity, For a long-term planning of the future. More than a Brazilian youngster.

Similar to Russia, Brazil has a big plus of women in the population. Men’s life is more dangerous and risky than in western countries. They die younger than the women by drugs, accidents, alcohol, violence and crime.

A Brazilian woman – even if she still looks sexy and erotic: At the age of 30 she has big problems to keep or to find a man. It does not matter whether she is single or divorced. Men at the age of 30 want young girls and there are more than enough of them in Brazil.

So it’s no sensation that many neglected women of 27 and more years go on the Internet and try to find a gringo from abroad. Of course they use their femininity and sex appeal to take the last chance on the marriage market. Who can blame her?

For Brazilian women the difference of age is not very important in marriage. There are some relationships where he is 15 or 20 years older than her.


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