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How can you find attractive women from Ukraine?

To get to know beauties from Ukraine, you have many possibilities. In the chat of the dating site UkraineDate thousands of women from Ukraine look for a husband

UkraineDate in test
UkraineDate is a contact site, where men from all English-speaking countries try to meet beauties from the Ukraine via Internet.

At UkraineDate you have a large selection of beautiful woman from the Eastern European country. Many of the beauties want to marry a man from the West. They want to build a stable family.

Ukrainian single women who live somewhere in the wide world, can also find a Ukrainian man on this website.

In the big cities of the Ukraine English is widespread – especially in Kiev, Lviv, Odessa and Kharkov. First the communication at the portal takes place via e-mail.

Later you can ask a beauty from Ukraine to the chat. So you will see if she is perhaps the right dream girl for you.

This lady below is Galina. I had a long contact to this loveable woman from Kiev. I will describe this below.


Pretty woman from Kiew

Here you can find such beautiful women from Ukraine


Target Group/ Members
At UkraineDate approximately 150.000 Ukrainian single women have registered. Beautiful women who are still living in the home. But you will meet even those who have already left the Ukraine. Who are living now in England, in Switzerland, in the United States, in Germany or in other countries.

The men at UkraineDate mainly come from English-speaking countries: United Kingom, Canada, Australia, United States, South Africa and Ireland. They hope to meet an exceptionally attractive woman online. Because they often have enough of the girls in the home country.

Many men hope to meet even a much younger girl. Because the beauties from Ukraine appreciate experienced, reliable men. A guy or gentleman with a strong character, who knows what he wants in life.


To test the love cards, first I sign up for free. On the home page, I see at once an attractive blond beauty. To register I enter: first name, sex, password and e-mail address.

The window „Create free profile“ appears. I write my last name and my birthday. I agree to terms and conditions of UkraineDate. In the window „basic data“ I click on my marital status, job, nationality. And I write a profile headline. I upload 2 current photos to my ad.

At „search“ I choose my search options. According to these settings the dating site will send contact suggestions to my profile. I say: age 28-38 years. Women living in Ukraine. Here you could also select: living in the USA, in England, Canada and so on. In case that you look for a Ukrainian woman in your own country or state. Marital Status: my girl should be single. Body type: I click on slim and average figure.

I can specify now some more criteria of my dream woman. I determine the attractiveness of my desired girl. Height, weight, and hair color: I click on red, brown, blond and black.

A very important point: I want to meet online an Ukrainian beauty who is willing to emigrate. I click on this. She should be ready to start a new life with me. The registration is finished now. I will try now to make a first contact.


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The love cards of Ukraine Date: test it free

Women’s profiles
I think it’s time now to look at the beauties from the Ukraine. I click on „members online“. On the screen I see how many girls from Ukraine are logged. In the morning at 8 o’clock there are 800. Some hours later there will be many thousands.

Most ladies show photos. There are really beautiful women from Ukraine online. All at the age between 20 and 55 years. I scroll down. I see Ukrainian names as Victoria, Svetlana, Liudmyla, Julia, Lyuba, Elena, Iryna and Tatyana. Some are written normal, some in Cyrillic letters.

My first contact
I like the pictures of Gala (33) from Kiev. I think, this is a short form of Galina. I click on the button „show interest.“ And add the brunette sexy beauty to my favorites. Gala has uploaded 6 photos to her personal ad.

Ukrainian women look on average very pretty. Some ot them a little sexy. But none of the girls presents herself half naked in bikini. This could be a sign of the seriousness of the ladies. They don’t try to catch a man with all their sex appeal and all might.

Under the royal blue dress Gala has a medium slim figure (1,65m / 60kg). With an impressive size of breasts. Like in the picture above. So much sex appeal is allowed. Gala is looking for a man from 34 to 50 years. The age of a potential husband doesn’t play an important role for her.

The single woman from Kiev has a refreshingly open smile. She describes herself as „attractive“. This is correct. She doesn’t smoke and drink. Gala has no children. She is not sure whether she wants to have any. In education, she writes: college. She speaks good English. That is very important for communication.

Gala gives no information about bra size, breast- and waist size. In this case that’s not really important. In the picture I can see that this Ukrainian lady is not thick and not very thin. Favorite movies and books: is not important in this moment.

Gala’s presentation text: I am a cheerful, sociable and sincere person. A romantic dreamer who believes that life will help me to find a good husband. I’d like to meet a serious, honest man. Whom I will love and with whom I will start a family.

I like these words. I will write now a letter to Gala: My subject: „Dear beautiful woman“. My text:
Hi Gala. I am very glad to have found you here at UkraineDate. I would like to write some e-mails with you. To find out if you and me will have a common understanding and sympathy. So I wish you a nice day in Kiev. And hope you will answer to me soon. Bye.“

But the dating site is a spoilsport. They tell me: Expand your membership now. So Gala will be allowed to read your message. I click on this button and see the prices.

Permanent Contact
I invest now some dollars with my Visa card. I will have a 4-week membership. And enough time to deal with the Ukrainian ladies. After I have bought a premium membership, my mail to Galina is sent away. I am curious what the pretty women will answer me.

3 days later a letter is in my post box. „Hello to Germany. I am very interested in contact with you. I am an attractive young woman from Ukraine. Wish to find here a man for a common future. Please tell me more about your life and your wishes about your dream woman.“

She needs more information about me. I answer:
Hello dear Gala, I’d like to test whether I can find here really a serious woman from Ukraine. At first sight this seems to be possible …..“

I’ll write with Gala some other interesting mails. Later, we will communicate directly with each other in the chat of the dating site. And we will talk and see each other in Skype. So I have made a nice experience with an Ukrainian beauty. Still today we have contact sometimes. Today Gala lives in Boston/ Massachusetts. Has found an American man.

Free basic functions in UkraineDate
Register, create a personal ad, upload images to the profile. Not binding test of the dating site. See Ukraine women who are online at the moment. Show interest. And add a beauty to the favorites. Free view to all profiles, without restriction.

Simple quick search: Men have only limited search options: Age, country, state and city. Not more. Specifying language skills, attractiveness, body and bra size is not possible with the simple search. For this you need a premium membership.

Partner proposals: You can enter detailed properties of the women you want to be offered. According to these criteria UkraineDate will show you some partner suggestions from time to time. After a few hours I get more contact proposals: Women who meet my ideals. In the free version, I can view these profiles and show my interest. But not more.

With the quick search, more singles can be found than in the online list. In the quick search, exactly those profiles are shown at the top of the dating site that have logged recently. That means: women who are currently and actively searching.

UkraineDate shows me all visitors of my profile. And those women who have added me to their favorites.

These two functions are free of charge. It is not possible to send a greeting message in the free account. For this I have to upgrade to a Gold membership (see below).


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Paid membership
If you seriously intend to meet or marry an attractive woman from Ukraine, you need to spend a little money. A real contact is only possible in this way.

The costs of the partner search are moderate. You have a choice between two membership options: Gold and Platinum. I’ll explain now the differences.

Prices for the Premium membership in Gold (November 2015)
1 month:       34,99 US dollar (24,99 British pound sterling)
3 months:     23.33 US dollar per month (16,66 British pound sterling p.m.)
12 months:   11.67 US dollar per month (8,33 British pound sterling p.m.)

If you come from another English speaking country: The dating site will show you the costs in your special currency.

Opportunities to meet a beauty from Ukraine with the Gold membership
With the Gold account men and women have access to detailed search functions. This means: you can click on many criteria such as profession, education, star sign, etc. So you can make your search more specific.

As a premium member you can write to all women an unlimited number of messages. Even to such Ukrainian ladies who are registered for free. You may read their answers. And so you can build a promising contact.

Men and women have the chance to upload a short video film to the profile. Maybe a friend of yours has a video camera at home. That would certainly be better than a smartphone recording.

Here one of the most important things: For the getting to know an attractive beauty, you can invite the lady to the chat. There you will write with her in English or Russian.

Prices for the Premium Membership in Platinum (November 2015)
1 month:       39.99 US dollar (29,98 British pound sterling)
3 months:     26.66 US dollar per month (19,99 British pound sterling p.m.)
12 months:   13.33 US dollar per month (10,00 British pound sterling p.m.)

If you live in another English speaking country: The dating site will show you the costs in your own currency.

Differences between the Platinum and the Gold membership
Received messages in Russian get translated by the service of UkraineDate. I have not tried this. Because I think it is pointless. Such translator machines produce only gibberish.

It is much more interesting to look at the videos of the ladies. Here you can see the beauty and attractiveness of a woman. This is only possible with a Platinum account.

The most important thing at the Platinum membership: The single market of UkraineDate gives you a separate webcam. You can write to a lady who is just online. And ask her to a video conference. You will see her face in front of you. Can chat and talk live with her.

Is the Platinum account worth the money?
I think: definitely yes! For an annual membership you pay only 20 dollars (euros) more than in the Gold account. But it gives you the chance to watch a lady when chatting with her.

Where do you see the current prices? On the Home of Ukraine Date, you see above the green button „Expand Now“. With one click you come to the charges of the Gold and Platinum memberships.

How the membership of UkraineDate is paid? With PayPal, credit card, bank transfer, online banking or Ukash. In the latest version you can activate your membership with prepaid vouchers.


Some specials at UkraineDate

Exact search functions
They enable a dating at a high level. The questionnaire includes a lot of properties and human qualities. So you can focus to those Ukrainians who are suitable for a relationship or marriage. This saves a lot of time in finding a partner.

Chatting and flirting with video camera
With the Gold membership you can use the write chat of UkraineDate. With the Platinum account you can get to know Ukrainian beauties almost like live.

This works only if a woman likes your profile. For this you need to give some effort with it. Then she will accept your proposal to chat. You will see the lady in writing and speaking. And get an impression if a love story can develop or not.


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Here you can chat and flirt with the beauties


Why are Ukrainian women
so interesting to Western men?

Some people will ask the question: If it should be a woman from Eastern Europe: Why just an Ukrainian? It would be much easier to travel to Poland, Latvia or the Czech Republic.

The answer is simple: women in the new EU countries in Eastern Europe have another background. They have significantly higher demands to a life partner. Not like in the US or Western Europe. But a little in this direction.

Ukraine women: situation and marriage market
At home, the ladies have big problems with men. Especially from the age of 30 it is almost impossible to find a decent guy. Because in Ukraine there live 15 percent more women than men.

Young attractive girls take away all men who are suitable to marry. A single woman from 30 or a divorced almost have no other choice but to look for a husband abroad. Or they will stay alone forever.

This trend for online dating with men from the West has become reinforced by the Kiev Maidan revolution of 2013/14. There were conflicts in the East of the Ukraine, in the Crimea and with Russia. Inflation, public debt, gas shortages, civil war: how can a woman believe in a good future in such a chaotic country? Everything is very uncertain.

What do Ukrainians expect from a man?
Above all, they are looking for a partner who respects and loves them. In home country Ukraine women are dominated by their husbands. Often they are even beaten. Especially when Ivan drank again too much vodka.

Many Ukrainian men are mentally unstable – as well as in Putin’s Russia. They have no job. Or a very bad payed job. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, many men lost all confidence. So they consume alcohol and drugs. They become lethargic, violent or criminal.

The better men take advantage of their benefits shamelessly. They are unfaithful to their wives. And have sex with young single girls. We understand that a married Ukrainian woman is frustrated by such a situation.

A woman from the Ukraine hopes to find a better life in marriage with a man from the West. She hopes to find more security, love, stability and more appreciation. She tries to meet a guy who communicates with her every day. Instead of watching TV or going to the pub.

A man who wants to start a family. Who is faithful. And doesn’t treat her as a second-choice person. For these dreams a Ukrainian beauty is ready to leave her home, her parents and friends.

What can you expect from the Ukrainian woman?
The girls have a harder life than the coddled yoga-, wellness- and lifestyle women in San Francisco, Liverpool, Toronto, Durban or Adelaide. If they have a job, they have to work for a ridiculous little money. When they come home in the evening, they have to manage housework alone. And take care of problems of the children. Ukrainian women are not coddled sugar- or fashion dolls.

Probably you will be surprised how much value a woman from the Ukraine puts on her beauty and looking. But maybe you are not astonished. Because even in your country you can see sometimes striking beautiful women with a very feminine appearance. Often this are women from Eastern Europe.

Instead of half torn blue jeans, pants dresses and unpresse T-shirts, they wear elegant costumes. Instead of sport shoes and flip-flops, they wear high heels in every season. Face, skin, make up, hairstyle and jewelry: everything looks perfect. That’s typical für Ukrainian women: They attach great importance to an attractive and especially feminine looking.

Unfortunately many woman in the western industrialized countries have lost this sexy elegance. In everyday life they are dressed appropriate and practicable. And also in other areas of life and character they have become more and more similar to the male gender.

Although an Ukrainian single women is aware of her beauty, she is not at all emancipated – ot even if she lives in a Western country – hildren, family and marital happiness are more important to her than higher education and career.

Many men from English-speaking countries appreciate such attitudes. They want a woman who looks up to them. At least if they earn a certain respect by their behavior. But if you behave like an asocial guy, you will not be happy in a relationship with a lady from Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov or Lviv.

How stable is a marriage with a woman from Ukraine?
Of course, there are sometimes differences in mentality, disagreements and trouble. Like in every relationship. You have to discuss constructively and to be tolerant. And you have to get used to each other.

However, a woman from the Ukraine will not give up a relationship so fast as a wife from Germany, France or Canada. Who leave their partner after 3 days, weeks, months or years. An Ukrainian lady appreciates a long-lasting relationship. Even if she’s pretty and attractive, she will not leave her husband quickly and thoughtlessly.

What single women you will find at UkraineDate?
Mainly they live in the following big cities:
Kiev, Kharkov, Lviv, Odessa, Donetsk. Vinnitsa, Sumy, Nikolaev, Dnjeprpetrowsk, Kherson. Zaporozhye, Vinnitsa, Lugansk, Zhitomir, Cherkassy. Mariupol, Chernivtsi, Melitopol, Rovno, Ivano-Frankivsk.

Since the intervention of Wladimir Putin’s Red Army, the Crimean cities Simferopol and Yalta are no longer interesting for dating. At present, you should not fly in the Don-bass (Donets Basin): Women from Donetsk, Mariupol and Lugansk are not suitable for a real love date.

Travel to Ukraine
Entry requirements: If you want to meet one or several attractive Ukrainian single women at a short trip over a few days: Then you need a valid passport. The identity card is not enough. A visa is only necessary if you want to stay longer than 3 months there.


Termination at the website of UkraineDate
If you have already been active at a dating services in your country, so you already know this: in most portals you have to stop your membership within a prescribed notice period.

At UkraineDate that’s not necessary. If you have paid for 3 months, then there is no automatic extension. You can extend the Gold or Platinum membership. But for this you have to be active. You must buy another membership. Nothing happens against your will. Or because you have forgotten the termination. A pretty fair solution, in my view.


UkraineDate in test – my conclusion
As RussianCupid, InterFriendship and Interkontakt, UkraineDate is a high-class platform for finding a beautiful woman from Ukraine. Especially for men who have some difficulties with the demanding women in Europe and North America.

It is ideal also for men over 40 or 50 years. Because age differences of up to 15 years are not a problem for many women from Ukraine.

Cost advantage: You can hardly get to know an attractive beauty from Ukraine more directly and at lower costs than at UkraineDate. For the online search over a period of 12-months you pay 140 US dollars or 100 British pounds or 127 euros.

In a classic, anonym online dating service, you pay more than 2.000 dollars, pounds or euros. Without having the chance to meet a lady directly in the chat.

Contacts in your country: Dating on this single site is not limited to the Ukraine. Those men who prefer to get to know a Ukrainian girl domestically: can also do this at UkraineDate. Meanwhile, many women live in the United States, Australia, Germany and in the UK of Great Britain.

One criticism: I was a bit annoyed because I was logged out every 15 minutes, when I didn’t make any clicks. However, that is probably necessary at the large number of users. So that the server of UkraineDate will not be overloaded. If you go to the search at this dating site, so you should have enough time for the moment. You shouldn’t be constantly distracted.


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