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This dating site is a good chance for lonely men from Europe and North America who want an Asian woman for a wife or girlfriend. For guys who like small and petite ladies. But also for little men who have poor chances to find love with local women.

At Asian Kisses, the man can introduce himself in the contact ad. Then he has the opportunity to look around among thousands of exotic ladies from Asia or women with Asian roots.

You can write to the lonely ladies and chat with them. Conversely it works the same way. Asian girls can also take the initiative in dating. If women and man please each other, a personal meeting and a long lasting relationship with the dream woman from Asia is possible.

Most Asian brides at Asian Kisses live in the Philippines. Followed by Indonesia, Thailand, China, Vietnam and Malaysia. But also in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia, Japan, South Korea and in various Arab countries many ladies have signed-up, in order to find the great love abroad.


Women who want to get married: directly from Asia
Trisha (30) from the Philippines is a slender, pretty and tall Asian girl. She has uploaded some sexy photos to the profile. These show her in bikini on the beach and in front of a waterfall. The young Filipina from Manila is single, and she has no children. In the free time she likes to read books, love stories and magazines, and she does sports. Men who are hot of her may look forward to an honest and loving spouse, who likes traveling. Trisha always wants to be faithful to her husband, till to the end of life.

Samanta (28) – in the picture above – is one of many Asian girls from China looking for a guy at Asian Kisses. Her English is good. She longs for a tender husband who likes to cuddle and takes her in his arms every day. The dream partner from western countries may be a few years older. I like this Chinese with her beautiful face. I mark the profile as favorite. Maybe she wants to chat with me later.

Lizzie (42) lives in the Indonesian capital Jakarta. Unfortunately she only shows one picture at Asian Kisses. If you are interested in her, you can ask for more photos. Lizzie looks pretty sexy. The partner from abroad who likes to chat with the Indonesian, should be able to speak English. She limits his age to 52 years. This is quite unusual for a mature Asian woman.

Who intends to meet the Indonesian sweetheart in Jakarta, looks forward to a caring, lady, who expects the understanding for her wishes. Lizzie likes to cook spaghetti and various delicacies of the Asian cuisine. Sie doesn’t describe how she will indulge him in bed at night.

Kay (40) from Thailand is also one of the older ladies looking for a husband at Asian Kisses. Kay’s photos are brilliant. A slim lady for erotic hours, in the best women’s years. For me, the Thai woman belongs to the top class here. Her dream is a patchwork guy who is tender, loving and faithful. He may have children. Kay already has a daughter.

The Thai woman doesn’t want to play at the Asian dating site. She wants no contacts with adventurous guys who write about sexual issues. She doesn’t want to waste her time with such primitive objects. The Thai wishes to find a soulmate after the failed marriage. Kiss you, darling. You also come to my favorite women. I will write to her later with the gold membership.

Ciera (29) from Vietnam is thicker than most Asian girls. She has 58 kg with a height of only 1.59. That’s why she shows in the photos only the upper body. On the face of the Vietnamese there is nothing to complain about.

She doesn’t tell us much in the ad. Except that she wants to marry and to have a happy life. Ciera’s dream man should be maximum 50 years old. 18 years age difference proofs that women from Asia set other priorities in partner search, such as character and reliability.

Victoria (31) is a beautiful Asian lady from Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia. The tropical jungle country is between Thailand and Singapore. The pics show a sympathetic, sexy woman who likes to wear shorts and strapless dresses. The woman from Malaysia is open for new dating experiences at Asian Kisses. I wish her to have only good contacts. Because many guys might try to visit her as a sex tourist, to leave the crying girl again, after two weeks of lustful sex.

Regina (25) from the Philippines is one of the young Asian dream women hoping for a western partner. Her photos show the intention to make men crazy. That rarely happens at Asian Kisses. She sticks out her sexy tits like no other woman.

The Filipina’s character: she is a friendly, optimistic, open-minded and humorous person. She achieves the slim figure by sports. She likes to play volleyball and badminton. Regina is looking for a faithful man who feels deep love to her. And who wants to start a family with some children.

Annabelle (35) lives in the Chinese financial metropolis Hong Kong. The little neighbor of China currently has serious domestic problems. The beautiful Asian girl wants to emigrate to her new husband. If possible before the Chinese army occupies Hong Kong.

Annabelle is a lightweight (with 1.53), as so many women from Asia. On many pictures she shows a cheerful face. Sometimes she looks a bit thoughtful. Annabelle spends vacation by the sea. Hong Kong at the South China Sea is ideal for that.

Another state that fears its big neighbor China is Taiwan. Gina (34) lives on this island in the Philippine Sea. She also is light as a feather. She must be careful with every gust of wind that she doesn’t fly away.

In Gina’s ad I see how many photos the singles can present at Asian Kisses. At this dating site, there are certainly many more attractive women than the Taiwanese. Her pictures hardly impress me. If she marries a man, he should be close to nature. He should love animals and engage for climate protection. Gina is a fan of the Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

Joan (40) is an elegant lady from Singapore. In the profile pictures we see that she has a beautiful face with almond eyes and endless long legs that embarrass me. To have such a sexy woman in bed is the dream of many lonely men from Western countries: from the USA, Australia, Canada, Germany and England.

Attention please, you single men: Joan knows her value on the marriage market. She insists that the future husband is no older than 48. My chances fade away. This lady is exactly my type: sexy, beautiful, a little shy, honest and sweet. This is how the dream woman from Singapore describes herself in the ad.

The travel through Asia is going on to Japan. Asian Kisses is not yet well known in Nippon. Yani (36) looks like a dear honey, like a dream of thousand and one nights. The Japanese from Kyoto is friendly and likeable. Not so small as many other Asian girls. Why was not I born in Japan? I would like to invite her to sushi and flirt with her. Faithful, honest, attractive and a tender heart: these qualities show the photos of the Japanese woman. She is looking for a husband who „shares her destiny and passion“.

Qian (30) from Seoul is several years younger than the Japanese. With 1.72 she is a giant at Asian Kisses. The breasts are clearly visible. This will bring many guys to sexual thoughts. The Korean doesn’t live in her homeland, but in Hong Kong. She works there in a bank.

In leisure time, the attractive Asian loves to relax by the sea and to watch windsurfers. Despite her education and the demanding job, the grande dame of Korea writes in profile modestly. Qian hopes for a gentleman who hugs her with his strong arms in a possessive way.

I mainly looked at women profiles with at least 3 pictures. The user „Love“ (36) from Thailand belongs to those. The breasts are pretty big for an Asian girl. She paddles in bikini gracefully in the water.

The other photo shows Love with a sweet kissing mouth. Can you be faithful, girl? You look really hot, anything but innocent as the fairy Snow White. Since the Thai likes romantic hours by candlelight, there is still hope for me. If you want to chat with her, you will meet a charming, sweet Asian with a lot of sex appeal.

Resqi (36) is one of many women looking for great love at Asian Kisses. She is a confident, fashion-conscious lady from Indonesia. She likes to dive at the corals, and she wears beautiful dresses. The appearance is mediocre. For an Asian she has impressive boobs. Nevertheless, she is slim and tall.

The woman from Bali island shows the single men from the West a lot of pictures: sometimes hot, sometimes innocent, sometimes made up like a whore. This one photo has already 110 likes. The profile text is not very informative. With her 17-year-old son, it will not be easy to find a tolerant man.

The Filipina girl named Majari (31) is just online at the contact site. She is an attractive young lady with wonderful breasts to suck. For the single woman from Cebu City it’s important that the future man is athletic and that he takes responsibility for a family.

Majari wants good sex and at least one child. But the sexy Filipina has certain desires, not only in bed. She only wants to meet foreigners up to 40 years. The partner search in Asia doesn’t always lead automatically to success. Sometimes the beauties from Thailand, the Philippines and China have certain demands.

I find in my partner matches Annaramos (30) from China. She learned English in the night school. The exotic girl from Shanghai looks almost like a teenager. Nevertheless she also wants to chat with mature men till 50 years. Her lover should be able to satisfy her lust for sex. Because intimacy is an important priority in the life of the Chinese. After the second or third orgasm she will spoil the husband with her fantastic culinary skills.

Tara (24) is an magic Indian woman at Asian Kisses. The baby from Delhi lives in a conservative country that is still strongly religious. The single woman from India, however, presents herself unconventional and erotic. With her sexy appearance, she came to the top photos of the contact site.

The bikini image shows a sweet, seductive butt that makes many foreigners hot to marry and to have sex with Tara. The Indian student enjoys spending the holidays on the beach. She loves to travel and to experience new adventures. This is an invitation for dubious guys who have no other thoughts than to fuck an Indian woman.

Angelmae (27) lives in Vietnam. The big Asian impresses with her round curves. A man who wants to have contact with this single woman and who wants to conquer her, should have a strong self-confidence. And he should not be smaller than 1.70. The alone living Vietnamese is looking at Asian Kisses for a reliable, loving guy from Europe, China or North America. The price is high, you singles from all over the world. As return for loyalty and honesty, the man may enjoy wild quickies and imaginative sex positions with a temperamental young Asian woman.

We come to another interesting darling. Rosesweet (35) from Malaysia is the intellectual type. The academic has a slightly chubby figure. Sports is not really her hobby. But she likes to eat fine things. The partner (over 50) may have children. Otherwise Rosesweet doesn’t tell us very much in the profile. If you are interested in plump women, you must learn more about her in the webcam chat.

The last bride directly from Asia is Dailyn (32) from the Philippines. She has signed up for Asian dating two days ago. The Filipina must upload more pictures. The only snapshot shows a voluptuous young lady with an opulent upper body.

Who wants to marry her, should be at least 42 years old. He should be able to be happy with a vital woman. And above all, he should not try to fool her by flirting with many other women from Asia. The erotic Filipina wants to see only serious men in the webcam chat. She dreams to be the great love of her husband. Well girl, that are holy wishes. But the world often is different.


Foreign women looking for a man to marry

Brides from Thailand

African ladys

Indian beautys


Asian women in countries with English as native language
I have found hundreds of Asian girls from the USA. Getting to know and meet an Asian from the United States is much cheaper than a long-distance flight across the Pacific Ocean.

Quincy (32) is a delightful Filipina darling from San Francisco. She was married once before. Maybe she had a too good a heart for the ex-husband. The new guy should be honest and not look to other women’s tits. Quincy wishes to be loved by a guy at least 5 years older. She looks forward to a partnership where sex is also important as romance. Then it should work with getting a child.

Nimfa (36) is an attractive Asian girl from Kansas City, in the American Great Plains. She has a cute body, and she is 1.52 small. Nimfa has two children under 10 years. She doesn’t care about the age of the bridegroom. She sees herself as a simple, caring woman who has been treated badly by her former husband. The next love should be more responsible and cordial than the previous one.

Porntip (43) is not a guide for sex games. But a mature, divorced Asian lady from Indianapolis in Indiana. I think she looks quite good. Oh no, she lifts the leg. So the men of Asian Kisses see her bare thighs under the skirt. I like you, porn lady, despite your strange user name. Especially since you have a face to kiss and a well-filled blouse. The Asian from the US longs for a sensitive man over 50 who will love her sincerely.

Let’s take a look at the neighboring country Canada. There are also several Asian ladies who are hot for dating. I have found attractive women from Quebec, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal and from Hamilton near the Niagara Falls.

Dongxiang (43) from Quebec would perhaps accept a younger husband. But that is not very important. Her biggest wish: he is a reliable guy. He loves the Canadian nature and hiking in the magical Indian Summer. The Canadian has experienced hard times. The photos show a beautiful woman from Asia in the middle years. Dongxiang should have no problem to find her second half.

Neither Soraya-Sophia (33) from Glasgow. The young Scottish with Arabian roots is an elegantly dressed single woman, who sees the last minute panic approaching. The native Iranian makes significant compromises regarding the future life partner. He may be 12 or 15 years older than her. And he may have one or two children from the first marriage.


Contacts with Asian women – who wants to flirt with me?
The activities at Asian Kisses at the beginning of my review are not so lively as I had expected. Only a few Filipinas and Thai women try to chat with me in the first 12 hours. But that’s no reason to get nervous and give up the partner search.

The cause for the slack is the time difference. When I open for example Philippine profiles at lunch time in Los Angeles, there is in the middle of the night in Manila and Beijing. This should be considered, if you want to have a date with an sweet Asian in the webcam chat.

Pretty Rey (36) from Palembang / Sumatra wants to chat with me two days later. She writes that she is looking forward to a meeting with me. Furthermore, I have already received some emails. Lucy (33) from Thailand says: hello how are you doing? I am Lucy from Bangkok. Online dating is a new experience for me. I notice that you are new at Asian Kisses. I like to get to know to you.

That sounds good. Unfortunately, I have, as free member, no chance to answer to this friendly offer. For this I have to buy a gold membership. I will do that after this review.

12 hours after my sign up, 15 ladies from Asia have read my profile. One lives strangely in Cuba. I don’t know what the seeks on the Asian dating site. The Cuban woman has big tits and a fat ass. This makes her very different from the mostly slim Asian girls. I ignore her. If you are interested in Latinas you will have better chances here on this site. I don’t want to flirt with voluptuous Negro-girls at that time, but with rather a petite girls from Asian countries who are looking for a man.

The next days it looks better. Mary Jane from the Philippines, Hannah from Bangkok and Darshana (35) from New Delhi make me happy me with a „Hi, how are you?“ I look at the profile photos and the descriptions of the personality. I save the Filipina Mary Jane with my favorite women. Later I will send her a message.

3 hours later: the postman rings twice. Daya (23) from Cambodia is a lovely Asian girl. But unfortunately a bit too young for me. „Good morning how are you today?“ Mari (28) from Dongguan in China sends me greetings. She is a pleasant appearance in the long skirt. She craves for a happy family with children.

Meet women from Asia here onlineTo make her a kid, I have to travel to China. Maybe I should make her twins. So she doesn’t get bored. I have to think about it, Mari. The light indicates: the Chinese wants to chat with me. I satisfy her by putting her to my favorite-darlings. She will see my appreciation and wait for a mail.

One hour later a message from Mahrjohn (24) from the Philippines comes: „Not interested in me?“ I see a horny looking picture, in underwear. She sits in the cowgirl position over an imaginary man who lies on bed. What a hot woman, I think, and look at the profile.

There the Philippine student looks naive and innocent. She accepts in principle every man to marry between 25 and 65 years. I think that’s a fake. Someone is playing a comical game. You just have to ignore such women and not lose the fun for dating. Now, on the third day, the Asian women are very active. I constantly get chat offers, partly by incredibly young ladies. Probably I will sleep restless tonight.


Sing up at Asian Kisses
On the start page, a young Asian model with long black hair is waiting for me. She is slim, tall, well-styled and very sexy. The little pugs of the fashion doll are just getting some fresh air. Beside the sex bomb there is a Buddha statue, typical for Asia.

I register for free at Asian Kisses. To come as soon as possible to the ads of Asian women, you can use the Facebook button. Since I’m in a hurry, I do so. In a few seconds, the dating site has transferred my profile data from Facebook. So I have less work to complete my profile. In any case, you should look at the main image of Facebook. Maybe you have a better or newer photo on the computer, which you will present the ladies from Asia.

If I sign up conventionally. Asian Kisses asks me to give some information about my person. This includes the date of birth, my name, residence, family status, job, level of education, alcohol consumption and attitude towards children. You have to upload a photo to the ad. Although the women from Asia are hot to marry a white man, you should meet their optical and sexual wishes.


How do I find an Asian wife?
The crucial element of the dating agency are the pictures. I saw only a few ads without any images at Kisses of Asia. By snapshots, the man gets an impression how attractive Asian girls are. After clicking on a profile picture this is increased. We see now details: the face, thick or slender legs, sexy figure and breast size.

Searching women in your region: If you want to meet an Asian girl from your home country or from your city, you go to the detail search. After your inputs many profiles appear. If you are looking for a wife to marry, you should also use the detailed search. There you can click on many wishes concerning your dream girl.

If you make precise statements about your future wife from Asia, you will get the best results. You can choose the height, body weight, age, foreign languages, nationality and the will to move to another country.

On the homepage of Asian Kisses there are various possibilities to view picture galleries: the visitor list, the hit list and women who are online right now. If you are self-confident enough to conquer a very attractive Asian woman: then take a view at the top photos. There you find Asian ladies with an exceptionally sexy appearance.


The partner suggestions from Asian Kisses
Intelligent people have found out what others already knew. That such people have the best chances of a long-term relationships that have many similarities. That’s why Asian Kisses compares the profiles of women and men. Then they get contact suggestions that match well to the own person. You can write a message to this singles people or send an invitation for a meeting in the chat.

What partner suggestions did Asian Kisses give to me? The age of the Asian girls is – as I requested – between 27 and 47 years. The male user can not determine, whether a woman should be very sexy, pretty or mediocre attractive. So not only beautiful ladies were offered to me.

The only one who surprised me, was Carmen (38) from Peru. She is a beautiful, very feminine Latina. I would not drive her out of my bed. But she doesn’t belong to here. It is very pleasant with the Filipinas, Thai girls and the Asian people who live in my country. I have hardly seen a lady among the proposals who was not pretty enough for me.

My favorite woman was the romantic Eva from Cebu City / Philippines. I met her in the chat to find out how the women of Asian Kisses are and what longings they have. In the end, I had to confess to Eva that I only signed up to test the portal and the members. I hope she will not be very disappointed.


What does it cost to find a woman from Asia to marry?
Not very much. I should have booked the gold membership long before. To be able to react to the first chat offers. The cheapest monthly fee is 13.51 US dollars. Then you may use all contact features of Asian Kisses for 12 month.
Subscribing for one month costs 31.27 dollars. The price models 3 months and 6 months are between 13 and 31 USD.

With a paid membership, the men – seeking a girlfriend or a wife – may write nonstop and unlimited with the Asian. And he can get to know them in the webcam chat.


The typical Asian – what qualities does she have?
When you are shopping in London, Paris, Sidney or New York or go to the swimming bath: you see many fat, overweight girls and women everywhere. That’s no erotic sight. I get headache by this and my teeth fall out. It’s no wonder that so many men have become gay in western countries. Because the ladies eat too much. They spend the free time on the TV, at the computer, in the Burger King or with coffee and cake instead of moving and doing sports.

If you’ve have enough of monster butts, of cellulite legs, sagging tits and fat hips, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the attractive appearance of Asian women. The ladies from the Philippines, from India, Thailand, Taiwan and Japan are almost all petite and slim. The body mass index is perfect. It is very rare to detect brides from Asia who are fat and overweight.

Having a good body weight, makes it easier to look lovely and gorgeous. The Asia vacationer doesn’t see fat faces, sagging bellies, double chins, fat necks or thick hamster cheeks. The Asian doesn’t need to run marathon, climb the Mount Everest or go to aerobics to stay slim. She has genetic advantages in comparison to white women from Europe and North America.

Women from Asia eat less fat, fewer chocolate products and therefore healthier. Rice instead of French fries, fish in place of meat, soya instead of hamburger and kebab. With the low-calorie diet, Asian girls get the perfect figure without to starve, without miracle cures to slim, without appetite suppressants and slenderness diets.

Asian women pay attention to a well-groomed and cultivated appearance. This includes beautiful clothes and pants. The bulky waste clothing, by which many American, English and German ladies causes a public nuisance: an Asian lady would not give that garbage to her worst enemy.

Typical for Chinese women, Filipinas and Singapore girls is a black straight hair and the almond-shaped eyes. This is the trademark of all women from the East of Asia. Turkish women, the ladies from India, Sri Lanka and from the Arabian peninsula are characterized by a beautifully browned skin. Almost all men from the western world find this extremely sexy. Asian Kisses meets many optical tastes.

Let’s come to what is sometimes underestimated by partner searching people: the inner values. The character of most Asian women is pleasantly modest, warm-hearted and harmonic. Especially in the poorer countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia and Myanmar.

In the financial centers and industrialized nations as China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore, the mentality of the Asian has already changed a bit. You will there also find ladies who are something similar to their colleagues in the West. But many years will pass till the emancipation and the westernization in Asia becomes prevalent.

Good examples are single girls from Seoul, Hong Kong and Shanghai. They run in designer clothes through the shopping malls. They use the most modern communication media. But inside, they are still real Asian women: extremely ambitious, conservative, confucian, family-oriented, romantic, ascetic. They still reject western beauty ideologies, superficiality, the lack of values and also mass consumption.


My conclusion about Asian Kisses
The agency site is one of the most successful dating services to meet pretty Asian girls and women for marriage. Almost all ladies are looking for a long-term partnership. Sex-hopping and games with the emotions of a person are detested.

The man should be seriously interested in the personality of the Asian woman, and not in her lingerie, suspenders or tits. Only 40 percent of the ladies from the Philippines, Thailand and China attach great importance to sex. All write in the profiles that they are ready to emigrate to the future husband.

The reason for the good success rate at Kisses of Asia is not only the high number of members. But also the actuality of the ads. At the top of each insertion, you see how long an user has been active at the dating site. And when the woman from Asia was lastly online.

Another difference to many international dating sites: all singles of Asian Kisses show at least one or two pictures. If you have enough snapshots on the hard disk, you can make up to 20 pictures visible to other users after a photo request. So only selected members will see them. To arrange a photo request, the free membership is enough. Another privacy feature is the SSL encryption of all data.

Is Asian Kisses serious? I give clearly a positive assessment in this point.. I have not found any porn content, no naked women, no masturbation images and no Asian girls who are extremely sexy. Quite the contrary: women from Far East are online and in everyday life a little prudish. They find it not reputable to seek a lover or a man to marry with erotic pictures.

My conclusion about the dating site: the girls of Asian Kisses have the desire to find a friend or husband. Without prostituting, as at some other international dating sites. A man, who has registered for free, can immediately convince himself of the seriousness and the beauty of the Chinese, Filipinas and Thai ladies.


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