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Love travel: to Elena in Ukraine

Date in Ukraine: with Elena from Kiev

Daniel comes to Elena in Ukraine. Will he find his love there? Travel report: date with a beautiful woman in Kiev

Love Date in Eastern EuropeMany a men from Western Europe have already found love in Ukraine. A trip to the capital Kiev is not a big deal. Here the love story of Elena and Daniel.


Elena is waiting at the airport
Thursday, on 26 November 2009. The airplane is approaching Kiev – Airport Boryspil.

In few minutes Daniel will meet his girlfriend from Ukraine.

Landing, standing in the queue, passport control, nervousness. Then he stands face to face to Lena.


Is Elena from Kiev the long yearned dream woman?
Daniel is my neighbour, my best fellow. We know each other for many years. We went to school together. We are real friends. Have no secrets. In the evening, we often sit on the terrace. Drinking a beer, we speak about God and the world.

This evening we are talking about „women“. Daniel is divorced for some years. But he would like to find a girlfriend again. He goes out for dancing, to bars and different events.

He started online dating. Since one year he is active in dating services. But with moderate success. Looking for a new portal, he found by chance RussianCupid. An online dating website, where a man can meet women from Eastern Europe: from Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic states and Belarus.

One day Dan saw the photos of Elena. Residence: Kiev, capital of Ukraine. He sends an email to the woman at RussianCupid. She answers. They meet in the chat of the single site. Later on Skype. Lena has no webcam. So the conversation goes only acoustically, like on the phone.

My friend is sitting next to me. He doesn’t move. His thoughts are far away. Silence for several minutes. Then he says: „I like Elena. She is very sympathetic. As far as I can judge it by a phone call. It sounds crazy: But somehow I fell in love with her voice.“

Later Lena will say the same. She wants to see and to meet him: can you come to Kiev? At the end of November she will have free for one week.

Now everything must go quickly. It doesn’t matter that a last-minute flight is not cheap. Daniel checks his ID card and passport. Is everything still valid? He goes to a travel agency. And books a flight to Kiev. He packs the case, pockets the ticket. The love travel can start.


Single site with Ukrainian girls


Daniel has to think up a story for the people in the company. A short-dated vacation for 3 days: that’s not easy. Departure on Thursday. Return flight on Sunday afternoon.

Daniel says to the boss: I have won a travel to Paris. It’s not possible to postpone it. He doesn’t want to admit that he will travel to Eastern Europe. To Kiev. The boss would ask him what he wants to do there. In the middle of the Russian wilderness.

When Daniel will come back to the company, he has to tell his colleagues something about the attractions of Paris. For this he must search on the Internet for information about the best sights of the French capital.


Start of the love trip
So Daniel told me later about his Kiev adventure: For entry in Ukraine he needs no visa. Only a valid identity card and a passport.

The flight with Ukraine International Airlines goes from London to Prague. And later to Kiev. Daniel doesn’t see anything from the „Golden City“ at the Moldova. Except the airport. In Prague he leaves the Schengen area. The distance between London and Kiev is 1,500 miles.

Elena doesn’t live directly in the capital of Ukraine. But in Bucha – 20 miles from Kiev. A small city with 30 000 inhabitants. The trip will cost 350 British Pound (for both flights). That’s not a bargain. Because everything must go quickly. But Daniel has no hotel costs in Ukraine. He will live in Lena’s house.

The young woman meets him at Boryspil Airport. He recognizes her face immediately. His first spontaneous impression: she looks like in the pictures of the dating site. Quite pretty. But not overwhelming sexy. They hug each other like old friends. After all, they had already some contact at RussianCupid and Skype.

Daniel and Elena go by bus from the airport to the city of Kiev. Then by the metro. It’s very noisy and narrow there. After a short sightseeing they travel by bus to Bucha. She tells the bus driver of her friend from England. He says: „You must make him drunken by vodka, girl!“ She is laughing.

In Bucha they get out. They walk about one mile. To the house where Elena lives. In the apartment there are 2 beds. Till 3 weeks ago, another woman has lived here with Elena. She has moved out. So Lena is alone now.


Contacts to single woman from different countries
Search, write, chat and real meeting


With Elena in Bucha – near Kiev

How does the communication work?
Daniel and his new girlfriend speak English. She has learned it by her professional activity on the Internet. There are no problems with language.

How people live in Ukraine?
Lena sleeps in a primitive rented house. Here the man from London learns how people live in the countryside of Ukraine. Instead of modern toilet with water flush, there is an old-fashioned outhouse with pieces of newspaper.

For washing the body, people use a wash bowl or a water basin. The heating is primitive as well. Some kind of gas stove. Everything like in the United Kingdom, but 60 years ago.

Daniel says: „An Englishman must have seen that. Otherwise, he doesn’t believe it. I was totally shocked in the first hours. It needed some time till I got used to this poor living conditions.“

Daniel looks in the fridge. Shock number 2: What he sees, will be enough for one or two hours. Something must happen – if he doesn’t want to starve on the first day of his love travel.

Danny and Elena go to the supermarket. The choice of products is good. He had not expected this in such a small town in Ukraine. They can buy everything. Especially toilet paper. The freezer is filled well. Almost like in England. A comforting feeling for my friend.

On the way to the shop, Daniel and his Ukrainian darling see large apartment blocks. He asks: „Why don’t you live here? The houses are more comfortable than your little hut.“

Elena: „The rents for such flats are very expensive. Therefore, in one apartment big families live. Maybe 8 or 10 people: children, parents, cousins and grandparents. Everything is narrow. That’s not a pleasant life.“


Entertainment programme for 3 days Kiev

Walking, sightseeing, flirting, kissing, having fun
On the second day Elena shows clearly that she likes Daniel very much. Although she is not a very courageous woman, she lays her arms around his shoulders – in the middle of the city. After a very short time she has a great sympathy for the man from Western Europe.

„This was not a game. I felt: Elena has honest feelings for me. But this development was too fast for me. I was happy. But somehow confused. I never had made such an experience before“

Ukrainian women look wonderful
Pretty Ukrainian women belong to the best attractions of Kiev. On the streets of the city, Daniel observes how beautiful, elegant and sexy the ladies are. Women made for love. Although the autumn is not the ideal time to show feminine charms. What grandiose women tourists see here in summer?

Daniel often looks in the eyes of Elena. But he also watches the attractive girls and ladies on the boulevards of Kiev. English women wear usually convenient clothing in everyday life. The women in Ukraine, however, are perfect styled. So as if they want to go to a beauty contest.

In Elena’s office
That’s Daniel’s first opportunity to shower. Elena has even a shower at work! The water pipes are brown and rusty. Everywhere the English man looks at poverty, decay and defective things.

Flea market in the lower city of Kiev
Elena leads my friend down toward the Dnieper river. Here tourists buy souvenirs. Memories of the travel. Daniel likes the food in Ukraine.

Walking on the Dnieper
They walk to the river. In spite of the size of the Dnieper, there are only few ships. The young couple goes over a bridge. To an island in the middle of the river.

They tell funny stories. They are joking. And have a lot of fun. Daniel keeps closed her eyes with his hands for a moment. Elena gives a kiss on her finger. And puts it on the lips of Daniel. Already on the second day a little love is in the air.

The cable railway
To come from the river back to the Upper Town, people can use a ropeway. This is more convenient and faster than walking up the mountain.

Daniel told me: „I had a strange feeling when I entered the railway. It is very steep uphill. I had no great confidence in the technology of Ukraine. What will happen when the miniature train crashes backwards down the hill? Elena and I will be flat as a postage stamp. Or we fall in the Dnieper. And get wet feet.“

The large square in Kiev
The „Independence Square“ (Maidan) offers a great spectacle to the travellers. It’s the great center of the city. Hearing the voices of people, you realize that tourists from around the world walk here. And make photos. Daniel sees even people from England that he had met at the airport in Prague.

The metro
Elena says: By metro we can move much faster than by bus or taxi. In the city of Kiev is too much traffic.

By the way: My friend told me a funny story. Elena and he are waiting for the train. A girl – maybe 17 years old – stands three meters from them. Daniel is euphoric. He whispers in Lena’s ear: „We make a game now. A little bit theatre“ One moment later: „Elena, I want to have sex with you in the metro“.

He speaks loud enough. So that the young woman hears it. Probably she understands English. The girl turns quickly to the side. So that they cannot see her face. With a wide grin from the right to the left ear, she thinks certainly: „Crazy foreigner“


What kind of woman is Elena from Kiev?
Daniel is 42 years old. His Ukrainian girlfriend is 35. She has a very little baby cat. One morning she stood at Elena’s front door.

She loves this young animal very much. This is not surprising when someone lives alone. Once it seemed as if the cat is run away. Lena gets panic. But the cat was only under the sofa. Perhaps she was a bit shy towards the strange visitor.

What about Elena’s relationships?
From 2001 to 2005 she was married. The parents urged her to this marriage. In the beginning the love was quite good. The man was soldier in the Ukrainian army.

But soon he lost this job. Then he loved his alcohol bottle more than Elena. She has filed for divorce. Since that time, Elena had no more firm relationship. And so she has no children, of course. In the recent years, she had 2 times an one-night stand. When it was over, she heard that the men were married.

Where was Lena born?
She comes from Chernivtsi. That’s about 300 miles west of Kiev. At the foot of the Carpathians. Her parents still live there. A new job offer has led her to Kiev.

Elena’s profession
She works for an organization which supports and cares for women who practice prostitution. Especially in poor regions, far from the cities.

That’s a big problem in Ukraine. These women are rather naive and ignorant – compared with Western standards. 3 percent of all women in Ukraine are forced to earn money with sex.

They work on the streets. Private or for a pimp. So that they have a little money to survive. The organization gives support to the poor women and information about AIDS and pregnancy prevention. Elena’s team is sponsored by the United States. By this job she has learned English.

What are they talking about?
In the evening, Daniel and Elena are sitting in front of the house. The weather is still mild in this autumn. They speak about their life. About experiences and relationships. And about dating contacts on the Internet. In this conversation they come slowly closer to each other. Daniel also feels now more and more that it could be more than just a nice friendship.

What does he like with Elena?
Especially one thing impresses him. He feels: Here is a girl with a good sensitive heart. Very friendly and loveable. In England, there are not so many women with such a kindness. My friend has sought such a person. Besides she looks pretty attractive. What can a man wish more? Die Ukrainian women seems to be a great luck for him.

On the second day, Daniel shows his girlfriend a little gift. A small perfume from England. Elena kisses him spontaneously on the cheek. He says: „I want to have more of that“. They kiss and hug each other. It seems to be perfect. But is this really the beginning of a wonderful love?

How are Ukrainian women … for example at night?
At the first night they sleep in separate beds. This is no problem for Daniel. He came to Ukraine not because of sex. He wants to find out if Elena is that woman he met at RussianCupid and Skype.

But at the second night he jumps into her bed. It is so normal as it could not be otherwise. Only the jealous cat disturbs a little.

I ask my friend: „How are Ukrainian women so …. for example at night?“ A question what’s interesting me very much.

A grin is the only answer I get. And this sentence: „Never in my life I had such a love-graving woman in bed. And never a girl with such a perfect body.“ He didn’t want to use the word „erotic“. A gentleman enjoys and keeps silent. An empty refrigerator is perfect against cellulite.

Nobody knows how long Elena didn’t have sex before. She is a young woman. She longs for love and tenderness. Daniel has really much luck with this Ukrainian girl.

„In England and in the USA you will search for such a woman in vain.“ (He worked in the United States for 6 months). Daniel must know it. Since he was active on different online dating services for one year.

He had met several ladies. But English women are quite different from Elena: cold, distancing, narcissistic. And often in a bad mood. Daniel thinks that girls from England don’t really want and need a man.

The 3 days in Kiev go by much too fast. Every morning the young couple drives 20 miles to Kiev. In the evening they enjoy the tenderness of the new love.

Elena wants to have Daniel absolutely. She wants to live with him. Now and in future. For the woman from Ukraine it was love at first sight. She felt it already on the way from the airport to Kiev.

Elena has not much experience with men. Several times she says: „I didn’t hope to find again such a good man like you.“

She has already seen herself as an old maid. In Russia and Ukraine it is difficult for women over 35 to find a native partner. Elena is very happy on these days.

My friend shakes his head and tells me: „We were in the bus. Many Ukrainian people are around there. Suddenly she gave a lot of small kisses on my face. This must be love“

Daniel is confused
He likes Lena very much. That’s quite clear. But everything is so new and fresh. He doesn’t want to hurt her. He says:

„Please give me time, Elena. I don’t want to make you promises today, what I cannot keep tomorrow. Give me time until I’m at home. Till I can sort my thoughts. I have a good feeling when I am with you. But I feel like in the middle of a hurricane. I need some distance. I must think about us when I come home to London.“

So my friend and neighbour described his emotions in Kiev. I think: this attitude deserves respect. My buddy doesn’t like to experience a fast love, what is over in a few days. He wants a relationship with a strong basis. Daniel shows great prudence and responsibility. Elena is not satisfied with this. She follows her heart. She would like to keep him at once and forever.


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Farewell and pain: Goodbye Elena from Kiev
The time of departure comes closer. Soon Daniel will fly back, 1,500 miles westward. No one can know whether they will see each other again. Many things can happen. These are the thoughts of Daniel and Elena in the last hours before departure.

They are standing in the airport building. They hold each other. They kiss passionate and desperate. The Ukrainian darling has tears in the eyes.

My friend tells me: I never have met such a wonderful girl. Maybe except of my divorced ex-wife – in the early time of our love. It is an endless painful farewell. One more hug. And tender kisses.

„Please never never forget that I love you“ – the last words of Elena. She’s afraid that she will never see Daniel again. Has she a bad premonition?


No more contact to Elena –
is the love story over?

A few days after the return to London. I don’t see my neighbour at all. I have a lot of stress. No time to ring at his front door. Then I go to him. Daniel looks unhappy.

„Hey man, what’s wrong with you? How was your trip to Ukraine? Did you meet the woman? Or was she not at the airport? I have told you that …“

Daniel interrupts me: „No! It was fantastic with Elena. But since the farewell at the airport, I have received only one email from her. Only one! After this no more news, on 6 long days. Absolutely nothing. It makes me sick. She doesn’t answer.

Has she another lover? Is she even married? What do I know about her at all? Was it just a little adventure? Maybe she meets a foreign man every week. But I cannot imagine that. She was so good, so kind-hearted. Is it possible to be wrong about a woman in this way?

From the bus station to her apartment she has to walk one mile. Has a criminal or a violator attacked her in the dark? I cannot stand it. I will book a flight. I need to know what’s going on in Kiev. Otherwise I will go crazy.“


Elena is back – next love travel to Kiev
She is in a hospital. It’s the hard winter 2009/2010. In Ukraine temperatures fall to minus 30 degrees. The apartment is not at all isolated. The heating is much too weak. Lena has a pneumonia and fever. No chance to write an email or short message.

„Hello my dear friend,
please excuse me. But I could not write to you. I became very ill. A bad pneumonia. I am in hospital since many days. Winter is very severe in Ukraine. My apartment has been so cold. At night I have been frozen. And so I fell ill.

The doctor told me: the medical therapy works well. Probably I will come home in two weeks. I hope you feel better than me. Many kisses and hugs from your loving girlfriend. I miss you so“

Bad news and good news. Elena will be recover again. She has not forgotten him. From now they will have contact again. My lovesick friend feels better.

The same game like some weeks ago. He goes to the travel agency. He books a flight, buys a ticket. One week later Daniel is on the way to Kiev. The flight is not cheap again. But he doesn’t think about this. Only one thing is important: That he will hold Elena in his arms again.

He wanted distance. Think about all unemotionally. But now it’s cear that he is in love with this Ukrainian girl. He wants her to be his woman. Not only from time to time. Or as an affair. But – if possible – as his wife. Daniel travels to Ukraine.

The most important now: to find another apartment for Elena. So that the icy Russian frost will not threaten her health again. That’s done relatively quickly. He will send her 150 British Pounds every month. So she can pay the rent easier. It’s only a temporary solution.


Elena comes to London
As soon as she is healthy, a trip to England is planned. The Ukrainian beauty will learn more about the life of her friend: the country, the people, his home and Dartford near London.

You cannot transplant a women from Eastern Europe as a tree. She should have the chance to choose. During the stay in England, their love can grow and become stronger.

Daniel and Elena know so little about each other. There is still a risk that they notice on closer acquaintance: We do not really match together. Lena doesn’t have much money. Of course, he has paid the ticket.

Then Elena is in Dartford. She stands in front of me. I welcome the woman from Ukraine. In contrast to my half-blind friend, I recognize immediately her feminine qualities. I find Elena very sexy and attractive.

But even more enthusiasm I feel about her friendly soul. By character and by nature she is a dream woman of absolutely first-class. Daniel has not exaggerated.

Elena stays in England for 3 months. In this time she works online from here. The field service – the direct contact to the women who live by prostitution – that’s now the task of a colleague in Kiev. Elena advises the poor women on the Internet.


Happy end?
If Daniel had not detected a international single site by accident: Elena and he would never have found each other. That’s the advantage of online dating. Singles have the opportunity to seek and to find people that they would never meet without Internet.

Some laugh about it: online dating is only a gimmick. But we see that it’s possible: To find a partner for life on the web. In my family there is a similar love story.

Integration in England
Elena starts to improve the English skills in Kiev. She is highly motivated and learns fast. Daniel helps her. They meet on Skype. For learning, flirting. And for kissing, of course.

At the end Lena has to pass a test. That’s the precondition, if she wants to live in England permanently. They marry. We celebrate wedding.

Elena lives in Britain. Now the so-called integration begins. The last step from one world to another.

A couple better than many other
Today is 26 November, 2014. Exactly 5 years have passed since Daniel’s the first love travel to Kiev. Elena has lived now for 4 years in Dartford, next to London. As far as I can estimate, it’s a happy marriage.

They have no children. Perhaps it was a bit too late for that. But Elena has a job. She made an education as a medical assistant. That was not easy. But with her Ukrainian ambition she managed it.

On his trips to Kiev, Daniel found his love with Elena. That’s not an isolated case. Statistics and surveys prove it. Men from England and Western Europe are very popular among Ukrainian women.

Surely we need a little luck for this. As always in life. But only people who really search for happiness, may find it one day.