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Be careful with love letters from sexy Russian girls!

I love you, darling!
On Valentine’s Day you surprise your sweetheart with a love letter. Even in dating on the Internet, a loving email can be perfect to win the sympathy of a woman.

Sometimes it may happen that we get a love letter from Russia. Oh, what a pleasant surprise! A beautiful young woman writes how lonely and blue she is. She longs for a lovely partner. How wonderful for every single man in England and the US!


Serious love letter from Russia
This article doesn’t want to make you believe that all women from Eastern Europe are scammers or cheaters. Absolutely not! In fact, there are only very few – compared to the total number of ladies from Russia who seek honestly for a man. Maybe a two hundred girls are specialized to write mysterious love letters to men from western countries.

If you are searching at a contact site for a new love in Eastern Europe: you can relatively easily recognize whether a woman is authentic or a fake. The profile can give you some information.

Dating frauds don’t fill out an ad completely. You see a lot of empty spaces, where a single normally should describe the personality. If the woman gives detailed information about her life: Then you can be almost sure that she is a normal person.

Female swindler however appear in a hot bikinis. With free breasts, red lips, sexy legs and wonderful bedroom eyes. This beauty seems to be almost unnatural. Be careful! These photos don’t show the lady itself. The sender of the message has stolen or copied attractive model pictures from the Internet. In order to make crazy men from the West. And to arouse sexual desires.

Woman from Eastern Europe for marriage

Here are honest Russian women in partner search – as Alina (35) from Sevastopol


Example for a love letter from a lonely girl
Hello my dear friend!
I am Katarina from Russia. Sorry for my mistakes. At this moment I am shy like a teenager who is fallen in love for the first time. Because I don’t know what you will think about me. I never have written a letter like this.

My city Kaluga is 75 miles from Moscow. I am a young girl. 25 years. But I am so lonely. No man, no child, no love. I write this letter because I am very sad. I want to meet a good man for my life. I hope, you are good?

I have found your image at a dating site on the Internet. I need a firm relationship and love forever. I am a sensitive girl. Lying in bed, I dream of a tender man besides me. Who takes me in his arms. And holds warm my body. I hope you don’t laugh about me.

I’m very happy to have found your picture. I hope you will give us the chance to get to know each other. I would be happy to hear more about you, my good friend. Tell me if you are also so blue and lonely like me.

I am a serious, loving and caring girl. I am so tired to live alone. I’m looking for a man who will give me his heart. But who also makes me hot and passionate in bed. Like never before in my life! Sorry that I write in this way. My mum says: I am a little wild cat (smile!). You will see this when we meet.

Please look at my images. And tell me if I am sexy enough for you. I have well formed legs, as you see. But: do you find my bosom too large? Please write me if you could imagine to fall in love with a Russian girl.

Writing this I am crying. My tears fall down on the paper. I miss love so much. But I also miss sex. Above all I am yearning for a good man. A romantic guy with honest feelings for a poor girl. I want to be a woman, caring and loving my man. Who likes to kiss my lips, my breasts and my legs.

I want to find a man who is serious. Not a player and no games. A guy who needs only one girl. Only me. Many Russian men want to fuck me. I also like sex very much. But only with my man who feels true love for me. A man who is able to treat me with tenderness. Every day and every night. Do you think you can be this man?

I will do everything I can to stay attractive and sexy for you. Even if our child grows in my body. Breakfast, dinners, clean house and warm bed is what means family for me. That’s it, what I want to find. I wish that our relationship will be full of happiness, passionate, wild and romantic hours.

I am waiting impatiently for your answer, my dear! Then I will send you more photos. I have a new thong. I hope you will like it. I send you my loving kisses. Can you feel it?

Your Kate (Katharina) from Kaluga


The innocent girl from Russia
The dream of all men in the world. Especially of older men over 40 years. A young sexy woman writes innocent and sex promising words. And about her longing for love.

She sends images. You can see how sexy and beautiful she is: horny legs, a short skirt, long blond hair like an angel. A butt and breasts that make each man hot for sex. Is it possible that such a beautiful young woman can love a man who is 20 years older?

A lovely princess who is too good for this world. In spite of her model figure and sex appeal, she has no luck with men. A woman from Russia who wants only one thing: to be loved. Loved by you, my friend. Only by you – oh you happy man!

What is wrong with her? If you get to know a woman at a serious dating for Eastern Europe: then she doesn’t offer herself like Barbie doll Kate from Russia. If she is seriously looking for a foreign partner, she will be careful. At the beginning of conversation, the woman from Russia will tell only very little about herself. Certainly nothing about her thong, her breasts and her lonely nights without sex.

An honest woman from abroad wants to find out what kind of man you are. Just as two people should usually get to know each other: Slowly, step by step.


Sexy Kate of Russia doesn’t lose time
She doesn’t write: Hello, how are you? But she is going purposeful towards her victim. She seems to be innocent like a nun:

I am a little shy / I hope I am pretty enough for you.

She speaks of lonely nights. And that she always dreams of great love: I am alone in my bed.

She lures with sex: … passionate hours / … make me hot and wild like never before!

She tells of children. That’s not possible without sex. She mentions her new thong you’re going to see when you will answer. All that with very naive words. After each sexual word she apologizes. What a wonderful angel!

That’s it what makes the recipient of the love letter spineless. He is forced to pity the poor lonely girl from Russia. And he falls in love instantly. Such good words, such a sexy young women. He finally has found his happiness.

With sexy pictures, the young woman irritates the man just where it is most painful: at his penis and in his heart.

With this highly refined method, young women from Russia (allegedly single), write to hundreds of men in Western Europe and the US – every day!

Probably this love letter was written only once. A programmed computer machine sends out the mass mails. It would take too much time if a person would do this manually.

It’s not difficult to get email addresses of single men. Many websites on the Internet sell contact dates to serious and dubious people and organizations.

The girl from Russia creates the romantic illusion that she has found you by chance: I am so happy to have found you, my dear.

The cheaters from Russia are successful with this method. The brain of many men slips down to the underpants. They answer this love letter. Because they are crazy for the innocent fairy from Russia – Which they like to hug, kiss and fuck at once.


Russian girls at dating website


The young Russian woman wants to visit you
Even after the third message, Katharina writes she wants to see you:
I want to meet you at home. Then you will see if I am good enough for you.

Of course, she is good enough. It’s not necessary to test the qualities of this woman. The sexy beauty is devoted and modest. A dream girl that will do anything you want – also in bedroom. What a tempting idea!

But unfortunately there is a problem. She has not enough rubles for the flight:

Hello my dear friend,
I am so sorry. We will never meet. Something cruel has happened. When I came from the bank, a criminal has attacked me. And stolen all money. We never will know if we love each other.

I have dreamed to touch your body and to love you every night. But now I have no more hope. It’s impossible that you send me 500 dollars. Goodbye, my friend. Maybe I will be your woman in next life. I am crying.

That’s extremly clever. She appeals to the emotions of the man. Another woman from Russia might write more directly: Please send me 500 euros with Western Union. I have no money for a ticket. I bought last week a hot lingerie. Now I have to save money.

That sounds objectively. But it’s not so successful as the letter from Katharina above. Doubts could come to the man. Saying goodbye, Kate doesn’t demand anything.

What happens in your head after this desperate letter from Russia? You have appetite for the girl. You imagine as you undress her slowly. You kiss her lips and her nipples. She waits lustful on bed. With straddled legs. You lie down and shag her.

So what to do? The temptation is huge. Such a young pretty woman from Russia as your wife. Hot sex every night. Your friends will be jealous.

So you send her the money. Just as 20 other men from Europe do it at the same time. 10,000 Euros are enough for her to live for one year.

The plane arrives. You are waiting for her at the airport. But there is nothing to see of the beautiful girl of Eastern Europe. Even online you have no more contact to her.


Honest women from Russia – seeking a man
To find out if your princess is a fake, invite her to Skype. And talk to her. You will recognize a female cheater: She refuses your offer to meet on Skype. Or she doesn’t look in your eyes while chatting. Her words come irregular. Because she has constantly to think about lies and excuses.

If you have met an honest woman at an international single site. If she convinces you on Skype that she is really interested in a meeting. If she doesn’t speak of money: then it’s quite different as with Kate from Russia.

An honest woman from abroad will you never make the proposal that she will come first to your country. She wouldn’t have enough courage for this. She will ask you to travel to Russia or Ukraine. So that she will be in a familiar environment at the first meeting.

An honest woman will not ask you for money. If she has really financial difficulties: You can give her some money, when you are with her in Russia. But never in advance.


Love letter from professional scammers
A similar messages as above you can also get from any place in the world. While Kate from Russia could absolutely be real woman, other emails come from cybercriminal organizations.

They use similar methods like women from Russia. It seems that the letter also comes from a lonely lady. Scammers also try to get money from naïve western men. But it’s more dangerous for you as with the beautiful Barbie Kate.

Your pen friend pretends to be a weak woman from a poor country. Maybe from Africa, Asia or South America. The biggest problem: it isn’t a lady at all. But Internet frauds. She would like to get to know you. She tries to win your trust.

She doesn’t send very sexy pictures, like the Russian girl. But photos of a women with an average appearance. Or a little more attractive. So that the recipient of the love letter doesn’t become suspicious.

The women describes an emergency situation. She appeals to your heart. She speaks about love and marriage. Nice fantasies arise in your head. But unfortunately this letter doesn’t come from a single person. But probably from a cheater organization. One example is the famous Nigeria connection.

From the beginning the „woman“ behaves rather affectionate. But soon he asks you for money via Western Union. For example, for a visa, for a flight ticket. Or because her mum needs an expensive medication.

You have lost just in that moment when you open the scammer-letter. The message contains a code with viruses. These spread out on your computer. You don’t notice anything of it.

The computer continues to work well. But in the background, the Trojan is in action. Only a good virus scanner as Avira Antivir, Kaspersky or Norton can warn you perhaps. But just perhaps. Because the scammers work cleverly.

What happens if the „love letter“ is not recognized as malware infection? The Trojans spy out all your passwords when you log in for online banking. Or at websites where you usually buy goods.

The viruses transfer your passwords back to the cybercriminals. Those have now free access to your bank account. They can purchase at your account of Amazon, eBay and so on …


Chat with women from Ukraine


Security measures
If you see an email ending with:, or Or anything else what you don’t know: then it’s probably a criminal spam. You should never open such a letter. Unless you have a real a good contact to an honest woman from Russia. And you already know this email address.

The strategy of the impostors: They try to make you believe that a Russian or Ukrainian woman writes to you. But it’s a feint.

What’s to do if you have already opened such a „love letter“: Sometimes you will see a link with a red heart. The alleged lady from Eastern Europe wants to lead you to another site, where you will „see more sexy pictures of me“. In reality you will come to a website where a Trojan code is waiting for you.

If you have already opened such a faked email: then please don’t click on a link or an email attachment. Because you would harm not only your computer. But perhaps even those of your friends.

The Trojan recognizes which addresses are used and stored in your email program. Now it is able to send spam messages to your friends, to your boss and other contacts.

Maybe some of your friends are not single. So the text of the criminal letters may be different from that in the first message to you. But with the same intention: to install spyware codes with Trojans on all computers.

From there, the cheaters can reach the friends of your friends. So the scammers obtain virally more and more accesses to login information, account information and passwords.


What can you do against love scammers?
If you suppose that there is a a spying Trojan on your computer: you have to keep calm! Many nervous users play now with the antivirus program. The virus test finds something or not. They send the dangerous pest in quarantine. That’s convenient, but often useless. Because virus scanners don’t recognize everything.

There is only one action that will really help: You have to store all private files and images from your computer to an external data medium. You take the installation DVD of Windows or Apple. And you reinstall the operating system. By this the malware is completely deleted. Like everything on your hard disk.

You can be sure that you’re rid of the scammer viruses only in this way. After that you have to change all passwords on sales pages and email services. Without this last step, the criminals will continue to damage you financially. Although your computer is clean now. But they have your passwords.


OK, we have seen what traps may wait for you in finding a partner abroad. Fortunately, it happens very rarely. An experienced Internet user knows which emails he may open or not. The best insurance is caution and common sense. Never open emails of unknown origin! And never send money!

Cheaters misuse the sex appeal of beautiful women to manipulate the brain of a man. An honest woman from Russia who is interested in a real relationship, will never send pictures with a half-naked body.