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Sex with young Asian gay boys

What is Ladyboy-for-sex?
The dating agency is a contact portal for men from Western countries, who want to have sex with a ladyboy, mainly on Asia vacation. On the other hand, the pretty boys from the Philippines and Thailand have the opportunity to write to guys with gay tendencies, to flirt, to get to know each other and to arrange a date on a sex holiday.

Ladyboys are also called shemale, trannies or transgender. These are fellows who disguise themselves as erotic women, to attract the attention of dating people or male tourists. And to have a sex meeting with them in the hotel or wherever.

To hide the true gender, ladyboys wear women’s clothes. Because they think that they can seduce a sex vacationer better in this way. And they demand money for the sex service.

If each male tourist would be a gay, it would not be necessary to dress as transvestite. Because that’s not true, ladyboys have to simulate female characteristics: with a pretty outfit, a special hairstyle, facial creams and with a fag-like behavior.

The feminization goes so far that some Thai or Filipino ladyboys have removed the penis by an operation. And they have added more or less large breasts. This is nothing special in Asia. The sex change doesn’t cost much money. Many doctors master this very well.


Gay ads at Ladyboy-for-sex
To find good matching Boys, it is helpful to use the advanced search of the sex portal. There you specify how old the gay should be. In which country he lives. How tall and how heavy he should be. After that Ladyboy-for-sex shows corresponding profiles. So I found the following transgender people.


Profiles of ladyboys
Most shemales and transvestites at Ladyboy-for-sex live in the Philippines and in Thailand. Nevertheless, I would like to introduce you to some sugary guys from North America and the British islands. I beg your pardon that I don’t know whether to call a ladyboy „he“ or „she“.

Ladyboys for gaysLadyboy Trumphater (34) comes from San Francisco. The gay scene in this city is legendary. He doesn’t look bad. But I see on the head that it’s a man – a brown-skinned Latin guy. To be successful with dating, the hater of president Trump should look more pansy-like. With some more femininity, you could consider the ladyboy from San Francisco as a hot-blooded Turkish woman, a sexy Tunisian beauty, a hot Mexican, Latina or Sicilian.

But with the hard edges on the face Trumphater looks anything but attractive. The transgender from the American Pacific Coast is interested to meet gays at Ladyboy-for-sex. Unfortunately, he doesn’t write anything about his sexual preferences.

The shemale Vanessa (37) from Montreal shows photos with a bare butt and an erect penis. The erotic interests of the transgender are versatile. He likes anal sex, blowjob and threesome. The Canadian likes to have sex with his sweetheart everywhere, except in the sauna. High heels, a big pretty ass and a famous sperm shower make Vanessa especially hot. You don’t know the meaning of sperm shower? That’s if a man splashes his white soup on the face or into the mouth of another person.

Kennedywoman (30) is a homosexual guy from Dublin / Ireland. The Irish lady doesn’t want to have only sex with her dating love. She is looking for a ladyboy relationship. Kennedywoman will be the perfect girlfriend, the sissy bride of her daddy. The sugar boy doesn’t like to suck the partner’s dick. He prefers to play several roles in sex games. For example oral sex and ass fucking, and also in the pool and on the beach.

Catchme (31) from Washington D.C. is at the first sight a good looking, very pretty person. He or she has long hair and nice bosoms. If we look at the face, it becomes clear that it’s not a woman, but a ladyboy. Catchme likes different sex games, for example, as nurse or meter made (the British call this traffic warden). The American from the east coast is not happy about his figure. I understand that. He doesn’t look very feminine. The dresses and skirts are somehow out of place.

Ladyboys from the Philippines
Kenneth (29) is a Filipino transgender. With his long black hair and his face, he almost looks like an Apache Indian. The young man from Manila seeks a serious love relationship, no games. Kenny wants a gay husband who cares for him. He insists on crazy sex.

The repertoire of the ladyboy includes various fetishes, dirty talks and sayings and the roleplaying „schoolgirl teacher“. Kenneth admits that he masturbates five times a week. His ladyboy business doesn’t seem to be very successful. The sweet Asian boy loves kisses, hugs, blowjob and fucking on a Filipino beach more than sex in the car, train or in the lift.

Ladyboy-for-sex is always good for surprises. The Filipino whore Ashleycruz (27) likes to be fed by her daddy. I don’t suppose he means the sperm shower. Ashley Cruz looks 100 percent like a pretty Filipina slut. Very sexy, with exciting lingerie and nylons. There is no masculinity in the face. The breasts look appetizing. With these attributes, the „always horny“ ladyboy will be very successful in chatting and with the tourists in the Philippines.

Evangelista (24) from Laguna / Philippines describes herself as a travel-loving, loyal and obedient ladyboy. „I go where you go.“ The transgender lady not only wants to have sex, but to find the love of her life. And she wants to adopt children with her gay partner. As a real woman you could look for a sperm donor, Evangelista. The pictures look not bad. But it’s not sure that anyone will marry the Asian. Thailand and the Philippines have much more attractive ladyboys than you, bad boy blue.

Babygirl (27) from Valenzuela / Philippines is a real ladyboy beauty. Many a dating specialist and tourist will become horny for sex, viewing these breasts. The profile images show beautiful, large implants. But I discover in the slip a small curvature, the cock is still alive. Babygirl is not a transsexual.

The ladyboy from the Philippines is only 1.67 small. He likes to be fucked in ass by big men over 1.80. Massages, anal sex and flogging make the beautiful girl with the big tits hot. Seduction games as a prostitute or nun and sex with bonds or blindfold not so much.

The Ladyboy Queenx (24) from the Philippines describes himself as a good servant who unconditionally obeys all instructions of his beloved Lord. The breasts are a bit flat. But apart from that the Queen boy looks like a pretty Filipina. He shows at Ladyboy-for-sex beautiful, seductive pictures.

He will certainly have a good success with foreign gay men. The boy suggests to continue the dating in Skype. The submissive slave makes no compromises in sex practices. He is ready for any perversity, also for cock sucking and group sex.

is the country of origin of lady sex. Just like football, hockey, rugby and cricket in England. Baseball in the USA, ice hockey in Canada and the polo game in Argentina. Here I introduce a few transgender from Thailand.

Charly (42) from Bangkok is one of the older ladyboys. Anyone who sees the pictures could consider him an elegant Asian lady with sex appeal. The transvestite from Thailand looks very pretty in the evening dress and in casual wear. To optimize his femininity, Charly was operated on the genitals.

The ladyboy from Thailand loves mature gay men over 45. He doesn’t like chatting on the Internet very well. He prefers the real meeting with homosexual tourists. His services include Thai massages, oral sex and BDSM games.

Stephanie (27) has registered with Ladyboy-for-sex to look for a serious relationship. The transgender loves all about sex as a pair and licking the bum. He doesn’t like sex outdoors. Because that is punished in Thailand. The photos suggest an attractive queer lover. A Thai barmaid could hardly look more sexy than him. Even in the bikini, I cannot recognize if Stephanie is a man or a woman.

The user Kassandra (35) has pretty legs. She is wearing fishnet stockings. The face is a little too hard for a woman. The ladyboy lives near Bangkok. Every day he goes to town to offer his sex service to travelers. Over the years that grows more and more difficult. Because many ladyboys are younger than 30.

The hobbies of the still sexy Thai girl: crocheting, cooking, make up, hairdressing and yoga. Kassandra has sex four times a week. The dick girl satisfies gay men and those who come to her under the influence of alcohol, with masturbation, blowjob and by disguising herself as a naive schoolgirl.

The ladyboy Jazel (19) from the Thai beach resort Pattaya looks almost like a hot slut. Men in the age of 40 will like it to get seduced by a love crazed high school student. They want to meet her, undress the girl and lick the pussy. Bad luck is only when the fuck willing customer finds an ugly worm between the legs instead of a smiling cunt.

Jazel describes himself as well educated and open for all erotic games. The ladyboy, who looks like a horny Thai girl, is searching for a sponsor who pays for an operation. The tits should be even bigger. So that the Thai boy will earn more money.

To pay back the operating costs, the ladyboy offers free sexual services. The gay may choose how he wants to have sex. Everything is possible, except on the beach and in public places. There the police intervenes when they find a fucking couple.


Ladyboy-for-sex: how do I get in? Do they demand an entrance fee?
The best news first: the process is absolutely for free. It costs nothing at all to advance to the ladyboys‘ pictures and to read the profiles. On the start page is first given: I am a man and look for a ladyboy. That’s correct. After I have entered my email address to the dating site, I click on „register now for free“.

Ladyboy-for-sex leads me to a page where I complete my registration. I determine an ID (my username) and a password. The pretty transgender people will know my birthday, and I describe my sexual orientation. This doesn’t have to be „gay“. Many bisexual men also dare the sex adventure with an Asian ladyboy.

So that the fag sissies and the male prostitutes get an idea with whom they are chatting, I upload a photo. If you are a Thailand tourist, I recommend you not to dress as a woman. The picture should come from everyday life. Ladyboys are usually not very demanding. By clicking on „Browse“ above, I come to the butt fuckers.


Sexual preferences and erotic interests
After the registration it’s possible to view the profiles of Ladyboy-for-sex. Then we should complete the ad. I give in my foreign languages, and optional the size of my penis. Other features are piercings and tattoos.

To show the ladyboys who I am, the gay site gives me the chance to enter sexual preferences. At each topic I can determine how much I like it. What makes me hot? Do I like oral sex, sadomasochism, fetishes or group sex? The cock girls from Asia know now what I want in sex meetings. Furthermore, I can describe where I prefer to fuck. For example, in the open air, by the sea, in the shower, etc.


How much does it cost to contact ladyboys?
Dating is free for real ladyboys. For „normal“ men, the costs sometimes change. That’s nothing unusual in online dating. Here the actual prices:

One month with a maximum of 500 contacts costs 40.50 US dollars. The membership for a quarter makes 27.00 USD per month. Who books half a year, pays 20.25 USD every month. The annual membership costs 13.50 dollars for the month. You will see the current prices when you click on the green button at the top. Or you open a profile and try to „contact“ a someone.


The costs for real ladyboy sex in Asia
Getting to know a transgender on the Internet, that’s one thing. The membership in the dating site costs only a few US dollars. But what have I to pay if I want to fuck a male whore directly in Thailand or in the Philippines?

The good news: it’s cheaper than when a Thai girl or a Filipina from the bar milieu spreads the legs. Most Asia vacationers want sex with a woman. Tourists who prefer young men are much rarer. That fact reduces the prices for cock sucking and ass fucking.

The ladyboys are always searching for lovers on the roads from Bangkok and on the beaches of Pattaya. You can also see the gays in go-go bars, red light districts, discos, massage parlors, night clubs and beer bars. You can negotiate the price for the sex date. Normally you should get for 30 US dollars a fuck with a ladyboy. That corresponds to 1.000 Thai baht.

There are many more cities on the islands than in Thailand. Accordingly, you have more possibilities to make love with a ladyboy. The Philippines are poorer than Thailand. The unemployment rate is higher. So many men rely to an additional income as shemale, transsexual or transgender. They demand for a fuck – depending on attractiveness and market situation – approximately 1,800 Philippine pesos. That also is about 30 US dollars per night.


Ladyboy-for-sex: my conclusion
The portal offers a very special kind of erotic contacts. It’s not about banging hot Africans or Latinas. But the sex adventure with young Asian transgender people. Ladyboy-for-sex is especially interesting for gays and for holidaymakers who are hot for sex with a young man.

You should know for the dating at Ladyboy-for-sex that the profiles are of different quality. You will not see everywhere many photos. Not each willy girl and transvestite describes exactly what kind of sex is available. Respectively: in what he or she is an expert.

Almost all self-descriptions of the cock-loving gays are written in English. Ladyboy-for-sex offers a translation service just below. So that you learn quickly, what kind of lover the fag is.

The meeting with a ladyboy from Thailand or from the Philippines can be a holiday limited intermezzo. Sometimes it happens that the man from Europe or America falls in love with a pretty boy. And he starts a long-term relationship with him.

On the Internet, there are only a few ways to get to know transgender people and transvestites. Ladyboy-for-sex is one of the best of them. The number of members is growing steadily. Because the demand for ladyboys is surprisingly high. If you want to have a look at the pretty guys: click on a button or a link in my review. You can sign up for free and get an impression of the young lovers.