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This is a dating site for men from all over the world, who like feminized ladyboys. You will find here exciting erotic adventures with boys who prostitute themselves as girls. Most ladyboys live in Asia. We find few ladyboys on the Mediterranean beaches of Spain, Italy and Greece.

The whole globe is currently experiencing the age of gays and lesbians. is not directly about gay sex or lesbian sex. But a very special kind of love, the passion between men and transgender people. Sometimes these are called transsexuals or transvestites. You will find the exact definition below.

The contact site Ladyboy Kisses is not just about pure fucking. By online contact and later with the real meeting, you have the chance to fall in love with a pretty man. And to enter into a firm partnership. The ladyboys may be men dressed as women without sex change. Others have a pussy and horny tits operated to the body.

At Ladyboy Kisses, men from western countries find sex adventures with Asian boys. With men who are in appearance hardly to distinguish from women. Only when the erotic made-up lady takes off her dress, the tourist sees that she has a cock between the legs instead of a pussy. At Ladyboy Kisses, normal-looking man can contact a pretty boy. He can flirt and meet him in Asia vacation and to have sex with the young guy.

The mostly English-speaking ladyboys are not always gay. This is a common error. The main motivation to dress like a woman and to pick up vacationers, is a financial reason. The Filipino and Thai boys earn money by cock sucking and getting fucked from behind. If a coochie has been operated into the ladyboy’s body, you can of course also fuck him in the missionary position.


Profiles of the ladyboys

Top pictures
Mary Rose (28) from the Philippines appears as a ladyboy in bikini. He or she looks like a seductive beautiful woman. Slim like many Asian women, she likes to marry a ladyboy fan.

Sweet Maria (31) is a beautiful transgender woman from Spain. With her appetizing curves and sexy legs she is not to distinguish from a real woman. On sex vacation in Mallorca or on the Spanish Costa del Sol, the horny looking lady flirts and bangs with men to 40 years. She is open for audacious adventures with her clients in bed.

Darling (29) is living in Thailand. The boy shows several beach photos from the Land of Smiles. A ladyboy whose sporty legs are suspected not to be a female person.

Young crisp ladyboys
Clara (25) lives on the Philippine Islands. She is a lightweight with magical tits. Nobody would think that she is a boy. Clara wants to meet interesting men at Ladyboy Kisses, even older ones.

Ella (19) is a very young transgender girl from the beach paradise Okinawa / Japan. You could have the impression that it is a precocious schoolgirl or a sexy high school student. She asks the men not to be shy while dating. Ella is full-aged and already dry behind the ears. I believe her. Although the dick girl still looks childish.

Sufia (23) from Indonesia looks wonderful like a sex princess, but not at all like a man. In the trunks, she looks like a horny mare, which has to be ridden. Sitting on the bed, Sufia shows beautiful thighs, which cause the man’s scrotum to burst. The Indonesian girl is a little wildcat: „Don’t worry dear, I just bite softly“.

Lucie (25) is a ladyboy from Thailand. But not a very nice one. It’s not clear to me how to fall in love with this face. She lacks of any attractiveness. On the streets and in the bars of Bangkok, the transgender will have problems to find some suitors (Johns). Like most ladyboys, the Thai likes to shag from behind, preferably in bed or showering.

Magica (20) from Cebu City (Philippines) looks like a short-haired emancipated woman. The legs are quite like a young Filipina, without any strength and muscles. In sex practices, the magical boy has some limitations. He refuses masturbation and sex in a threesome, despite good payment. He wants to enjoy the romantic togetherness with his gay friend or tourist. That ends finally in orgasm.


Adventure requests from Ladyboy Kisses
30 minutes after signing up, the first response comes: Hello how you doing? Mell is a Filipino bad boy. Several ladyboys write to me in the next hours. Kai (48) from Norway says he is looking for a holiday girlfriend. He even gives me his phone number. How crazy is that?

Since I am on this site only for a review and anything but gay, I don’t put my own photo in the profile. I have stolen the picture of a very attractive ladyboy from the Internet. For this I have already prayed 10 rosaries and 15 paternosters. Hallelujah!

Jeff from New Jersey (USA) wants to know how I am doing. „Looking for a ladyboy,“ he says. Clark from Winnipeg greets from Canada. Also Steve (46) from Birmingham. These are just old goat, who get randy by my pretty picture that shows a sexy seductress in underwear.

In the next hours and days, some pensioners are looking at my profile. They want sex with a pretty Thai woman. I have 11 admirers. No one is younger than 45. Twelve hours after sign up, I have 123 visitors and 20 admirers because of my horny, very sexy looking image. I could become a rich man if I demand entrance fee in front of my profile. My photo, showing a Miss Universe, has got 23 likes. With a paid membership, I would have the chance to flirt with the users in the ladyboy chat.

On this sex site, a cock girl can invite a lover for vacation in Thailand or in the Philippines. It’s clear that the boy demands money for the erotic experience. That should be enough to tell you that there is a lot of action with the ladyboy dating.


Sign up for the extraordinary sex adventure
The registration at the transgender portal Ladyboy Kisses is simple. Above all, it is completely free. You give in your name and gender, the term „ladyboy“ is automatically given as a partner’s wish. Theoretically, you could also look for normal men or women. But that doesn’t make sense here. Because only abnormally lovers are looking for a sexual partner at Ladyboy Kisses.

Then we come to different questions. The filling out is important. So that you later get to know exactly the butt fucker and willy girls, which match your taste. You note the desired age, the height and the country where the pretty fellow or lady lives and practices love with tourists in Asia or on the beaches around the Mediterranean.

A very crucial factor for a ladyboy who wants to be found on this portal are the photos. These should encourage the sex vacationer to contact the Thai girl or the Filipina love. Most ladyboys are extremely feminine, sexy and attractive. At many pictures you don’t realize that it is a boy.

You think you have a highly attractive dream girl in front of you. This causes not only comical men to contact you. But also some normal guys, who never have the chance to fuck a beautiful woman, could try to flirt with a top-styled lady.

An average man who is hot for a ladyboy adventure or for sex with a pretty vacation acquaintance, uploads a very normal photo. He has not to dress like a women and not to have a typical female posture. Most men who like transgender people look unobtrusive.


Be careful with uploading photos
My experience in my review: if you make a mistake, you will not be able to find the profiles you would like to see later.

The ladyboy installs snapshots as a bikini beauty on the beach or lying sensitively and half-naked on bed. He looks like a coquettish, sexy woman with feminine curves who seduces men to sex adventures. The boy gets later partner suggestions from foreign guys who want to have sex or even a relationship with a pretty woman.

The partner search for ladyboys needs a certain strategy. As man from an western country, you have to upload a normal photo. Just as you do it at an ordinary contact site. Only then you have the chance to meet transgender boys who are dressed up as woman. This is how the sex dating at Ladyboy Kisses works.

With the registration, I made the mistake to put a photo with an extremely sexy ladyboy in my ad. Only at the very beginning I could see profiles of real homosexuals. Later only men were shown who want to get to know ladyboys.


Looking for trannies
After the sign up, ladyboy lovers can look at the pictures of the men who are currently online. And also at the freshly registered Thai Boys in women’s costumes. You can open the ads of the almost muscle-free transgender men and read it.

Some boys from Asia look like a Thai bar girl, like a stripper, a brothel whore or a go-go girl. Especially if the ladyboy is small and has the soft figure of a woman.

If you did not know at which dating site you are, you could think the sexy guys with the earrings, golden bracelets and necklaces are real women. The difference is often not to recognize. Because many ladyboys from Thailand, from the Philippines and European beaches have feminine facial features. Or they manipulated the skin to look like a graceful lady. They have implanted breasts, and the hands are relatively small and soft for a man.

How do you find the right guy for your adventure? The best way is to use the detailed search of Ladyboy Kisses. There you have a number of options. You describe how your darling should be. Do you prefer strong, slim, big or small ladyboys? Do you want to meet a Thai girl or a Filipina on vacation? The language skills can be selected. All other questions are nonsense. They don’t matter for a sex date with an Asian lady. Only if you love hermaphrodites.

The aim of seeking and flirting is to meet a pretty ladyboy sometime. And to live out your sexual passions. In most cases this will be a holiday in Asia: in the Philippines, in Malaysia, Bali, Indonesia or Thailand. After the trip, the transgender adventure comes abruptly to an end. Since a flight to Asia is not cheap and cannot be repeated every week or every month.

A tourist who falls immortally in love with a ladyboy during sex vacation, will be very sad. The gay love can not be maintained with such a great distance. But there is still the chance to look at Ladyboy Kisses for an erotic boy from the own country.

Sexy ladyboy with Ladyboyskisses


Prices for the extraordinary sex
Everything is free for real ladyboys. Normal men pay the following dues:

Membership for 12 months:
13.51 US dollars per month

Member for 6 months:
20.27 US dollars per month

Member for 3 months:
27.02 dollars per month

Subscription member for one month:
Recurring payment. 31.27 dollars per month

Member once for 4 weeks:
40.54 dollars per month


Definition transgender, transsexuals, ladyboys and transvestites
The terms often are confusing. Here are the exact definitions: who is what?

At Ladyboy Kisses, all boys are transgender. These were once unfortunate creatures that did not feel well in their body. Because they were born as men. Since they confessed their sexual orientation and practice the kinky love, they feel as happy people. Most transgender boys have female characteristics – in appearance as well as in character and sexual preferences.

The transgender qualities become clearer by making the face more beautiful. As well by wearing dresses, bikinis and skirts. The transgender cocksucker doesn’t feel as a gay. Because deep inside he is a lady who – quite normally for him – has sex with men.

They go one step further. Their gender is a horror for them. Transsexual ladyboys hate it to be a damned man. They have had one or several sex operations. They are treated with injections, pills and hormones. In order to destroy the masculinity completely. For transsexuals there is no way back to the original sexuality.

If the pussy and the breasts are sewn on, the gender reassignment is perfect. There are also many women who are dissatisfied with their gender. They replace the cunt by a penis. The bosoms get amputated to have sex as viragoes with lesbians. Many Thai doctors are specialized in making a man to lady or girl to a mannish woman.

Transvestites at Ladyboy Kisses
The half of the members are transvestites. The ladyboys dress like pretty women. The trannies make this so perfect that they are hardly distinguishable from sexy Thai girls. But you must not necessarily be gay or lesbian to become a transvestite. Some people (male and female) have the crazy spleen to look different with wigs, miniskirts, women’s costumes, high heels and makeup. Some women like to be masculine with a bob, with trained biceps muscles, skydiver boots, dirty jokes, hunter and army uniforms.


How do I find a ladyboy on Asia holiday?
The most effective partner search for a transgender is the Internet. Special portals have a large selection of men ready for the adventure „ladyboy sex“. Who doesn’t know this special kind of dating, can meet a transsexual girlfriend in everyday life in Bangkok, Pattaya or Manila.

A great way to find a ladyboy are nightlife and strip bars in Thailand or in the Philippines. Many men, dressed up as women, work in hair salons, beauty shops and fashion stores. As well as in red light districts, which are often visited by tourists.

Famous bars in Manila are called Mixed Nuts and Mr. Woman. You will hardly find any transsexuals on the beaches of Asia. They would attract there a great attention. Because they can not undress without that other people recognize their gender.

You can meet ladyboys easily on the street. They are permanently looking for tourists. They approach them offensively, almost intrusively. They offer the men to have sex with a pretty woman. The tourist doesn’t notice immediately that the person is a ladyboy. Many are led to a hotel room. When the clothes fall down, they are frightened, because the male slut has a cock instead a pussy.


How do I recognize the typical ladyboy?
How does he differ from real man and women? The knowledge of the characteristics and behaviors can help to search for a male lover or to avoid the lovely boys.

Filipinas and Thai girls usually look pretty sexy. Even more erotic, however, are the beautiful man-women. They must attract the attention of the vacationers by an extraordinary attractiveness. Because the competition among women is big in Asian cities and on the beaches.

In the tourist centers Bangkok, Phuket, Phra Nang, Pattaya. Koh Samui, Ko Lanta, Palawan and Boracay, you will find on every corner a Thai or Filipino whore. Or beautiful exotic and sex-loving bar girls. To be successful, transgender people have to strike with an saucy appearance.

Sometimes you recognize the ladyboy by the figure. He can change a lot by clever chosen clothes and cosmetic operations. But the ass-fucker can not shorten the width of the shoulder. A person who differs significantly from the petite physique of Asian women, is suspected to be a ladyboy.

Besides, you recognize the delightful boys while walking. Of course, in Manila, Cebu City, Phuket or Bangkok it often happens that young prostitutes wiggle the ass seductively. To attract the attention of a horny tourist. Ladyboys move even more conspicuous. Their walking is unnatural.

Another telltale feature can be the voice of the ladyboy. It is treated with hormones and other techniques. But the ladyboy’s voice doesn’t reach such a high female pitch like a real woman. Often it sounds strange. That’s also an indication that you have been invited by a transgender man to a drink or to sex in the hotel.

The low body size is characteristic for Filipinas and Thai girls. You will hardly find any ladies larger than 1.65. If your sex bomb from Manila or Bangkok is only a few centimeters smaller than you: then she is probably different between the legs than a go-go girl.

If the in amorously-looking woman has no delicate fingers, but hands like a craftsman: then she is certainly not a street slut. But a boy who earns money by selling sex adventures. Often the male prostitutes in Thailand and Indonesia fail with covering up severe facial features with a thick make-up.

In the genital area we cannot easily recognize a transgender at the first sight. Look between the legs at your Asian darling. The pussy is a soft, tender part of the body that doesn’t cause bulges at all. Transgender often wear skirts to camouflage themselves. So it doesn’t become clear that he walks around with a penis.


Summary of the review
Ladyboy Kisses is a contact site for transgender people who offer sex adventures: a fuck with a gay or with normal men. Sometimes the sexy ladyboys search a relationship or a gay marriage. The Asia vacationer finds at Ladyboy Kisses thousands of profiles with young men who bang for money.

Most ladyboys are transgender with a still existing cock. Others have removed it by operation. They surprise the customers with a transplanted pussy. And they offer sexual services.

I looked at the profiles of the trannies and nancy boys. The not perfect written sentences and the big number of my contacts are an indication that the ladyboys and their potential customers from the West are true.

They boys write in chat how they imagine a sex date. And what preferences they have. Ladyboy Kisses is a reputable website. There are no pornographic pictures here. The „normal men“ have a serious interest in a firm relationship or in a gay adventure with a female-looking transgender.

If you are not sure whether Ladyboy Kisses meets your sexual demands, you can try the portal for free. You log in, create an ad and browse the profiles of the ladyboys. As I mentioned above, you have to use a normal male photo. Only then you will get to know real ladyboys.


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