International Dating Sites for Singles Worldwide

Global dating sites with good chances of success

Meet singles from distant countries: On international dating sites you can flirt, chat and go to partner search. Here some examples for worldwide dating sites

You are looking for a woman from Asia – as chat partner? For a hot adventure with Latina girl or a Latino? Or for a lady from Eastern Europe – to marry her: The modern dating world provides for any purpose international dating websites. In this case I show you some portals for English-speaking people. (… please continue to read below)

RussianCupidReview and details
Directly to RussianCupid
Dating site RussianCupid


ThaiCupid – Review and details
Directly to ThaiCupid
Get to know Thai single women


Kisses of Africa – Review and details
Directly to Kisses of Africa
African beauties at Kisses of Africa


LatinAmericanCupid – Review and details
Directly to LatinAmericanCupid
 International dating site LatinAmericanCupid


Asian Kisses – Review and details
Directly to Asian Kisses
Attractive Asian girls meet online


UkraineDate – Review and details
Directly to UkraineDate
Meet beautiful Ukrainian girls in chat


BrazilCupid – Review and details
Directly to BrazilCupid
 Girls from Brazil looking for a partner


FilipinoCupid – Review and details
Directly to FillipinoCupid
Meet Philippine singles online


Chinese Kisses – Review and details
Directly to Chinese Kisses
Pretty Chinese girls with wonderful sex appeal


AfroIntroductions – Review and details
Directly to AfroIntroductions
African Singles on Internet


Muslima/ English – Review and details
Directly to Muslima/ English
Dating site with arabic singles – Review and details
Directly to
Get to know pretty women from Latin America here – Review and details
Directly to
Dating with east european girls


AsianDating – Review and details
Directly to AsianDating
Chat with pretty women from Asia


CaribbeanCupid – Review and details
Directly to CaribbeanCupid
Singles from the Caribbean


Filipino Kisses – Review and details
Directly to Filipino Kisses
Chat with Filipino girls


DominicanCupid – Review and details
Directly to DominicanCupid
Meet girls from the Dominican Republic


Kisses of India – Review and details
Directly to Kisses of India
Indian woman to marry at Kisses of India


InternationalCupid – Review and details
Directly to InternationalCupid
Singles from all around the world


MexicanCupid – Review and details
Directly to MexicanCupid
Find sexy girls from Mexico


Thai Kisses – Review and details
Directly to Thai Kisses
Thai beauties in sauna


SingaporeLoveLinks – Review and details
Directly to SingaporeLoveLinks
Contacts to singles from Singapore


VietnamCupid – Review and details
Directly to VietnamCupid
Find people from Vietnam on the Internet


Ladyboy Kisses – Review and details
Directly to
Sexy ladyboy with Ladyboyskisses


Travel Love Kisses – Review and details
Directly to Tavel Love Kisses
Travel here to exotic women

Click on the banner: You come directly to the home page of the international dating site. Click on the blue link next to Review and details: I describe there the dating services exactly.

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…. I did not choose the portals above quite by chance. I have chosen them because they provide the best conditions for the international dating and for partner search: with its simple design, its professional functions and the large number registered singles.

This globally working dating sites are meant for all English-speaking countries: For the USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Malta. For Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Mauritius. For Jamaica, the Bahamas, Barbados, Grenada, Hong Kong and Singapore.

They are also made for all singles with knowledge of English – in countries where English is not the official language. But where many people speak it: the former British colonies like India, Kenya, Egypt, Nigeria, Antigua, Trinidad and Tobago. By the presence of the US-Army also in the Philippines many people speak English.

Singles from all these countries have the opportunity for worldwide communication. They can exchange their experiences. They can flirt. And – in the best case – they can find a new love and partner.


Advantages of international contacts on dating sites

A big choice of countries, singles and chat portals
If you want to flirt with a man or a woman at global level: you have a big choice today: many dating sites on the Internet.

If you want to find for example a wife from Mexico or from Ukraine for marriage: Then you can search on Internet. Sites as UkraineDate or LatinAmericanCupid have many thousands of single women from these countries. Much more than you can meet in your home country in 100 years.

Fast contact
With spreading of the World Wide Web, it is no longer necessary to write letters with a new friendship over many weeks. There is no need that you have expensive phone calls.

Online dating services allow getting to know other singles very simply. You just have to click on a profile. And to write a message to a woman or a man. And so a contact and a new love story can start.

Booking an expensive trip: only after intensive dating
With a few clicks you have registered for free on ThaiCupid, RussianCupid or BrazilCupid. Then you look at the singles. The woman (man) and you write letters to each other. So you have the chance to know each other slowly and without any stress.

Before you travel, you know quite well what kind of person the other is. So the risk is low that you spend much money on the flight for nothing.


Partner search and dating worldwide
on different continents

Maybe older people know how it used to be earlier. If a man wanted to marry a foreign woman: that was pretty difficult. Especially if she didn’t live on the same continent, but overseas.

It was difficult to find a foreign single. It was time-consuming and nerve-racking to stay in contact for weeks and months. With bad phone connections. Today this is no problem.

The World Wide Web offers a lot of communication options. Our earth has almost become a village. You can talk with your new internet friendship every evening: On an international dating site or in Skype.

Asia: find your love in Far East
It started 40 years ago: Many single men from the Western world have spent their holiday in Asia. On the beach and in hotel they have seen and met pretty women from the Philippines, Thailand, India, Maldives, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

At home the guy ordered a woman from an exotic country in the catalog. And married her. Asians women were dreaming of the USA, of England and of the wide world. Many perfect couples have found each other in this way.

Today everything is easier. You sit in front of the computer-screen. At Google you type: „Dating women Asia“. Then you see many dating sites, where girls with almond eyes are looking for a man. From a rich country as USA, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, Switzerland, Australia or Canada.

Girls from Thailand and the Philippines have a lovable character. According to their mentality they are a little playful. They love music, dancing, karaoke, films and barbecues.

Eastern Europe: Find a Russian or Ukrainian women as wife
After the end of the Warsaw Pact, the borders to Eastern Europe are open. We can travel not only to Poland, Hungary or in the Ukraine. We can also find a life partner in these countries.

Many guys from the Western world use the chances of international dating in the East. There are single men who have no luck with the local women. Or divorced gentlemen who have made experiences with emancipated ladies of their country. Women from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are less complicated than those in the West.

Latin America: flirting with coffee-colored ladies
Perhaps the girls from the Caribbean and South America are the most attractive. This is also known in Europe, Australia and in the United States. More and more single men seek happiness, love and sex in South American countries:

In Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Peru and Venezuela. Others men search in the Dominican Republic, in Mexico, Cuba or Jamaica. Not just on vacation. But also on international dating services as BrazilCupid and LatinAmericanCupid.

From character, we can compare the Latinas with the Asian girls. They are uncomplicated, funny and cheerful. They have a good heart and look sexy.

Find foreign singles in your home country
If a man from a non English-speaking country wants to find a partner with a foreign background: It is not necessary that he uses an English-language portal. He could, for example, sign up at a national dating site that is made in his own language. Where many singles from his own country and with immigrant backgrounds are actively searching.

If you click on the link above, you will come to the sites, where normally German singles log in. But there is a simple trick:

At the top right on this site you can choose your own language: French, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Spanish and Dutch. The portals are flexible and adapt to the language and nationality of a user.