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Latina senoritas: perfect for love

Find your love with sexy woman from the Caribbean and Latin America. Tips for contacting the girls, chatting and partner search at a dating site

In the globalization, the search for love has expanded to the whole world. In this test article I describe hot girls from Latin America. Who are ready to go with a man from Europe or North America.

After signing up at an international dating website you will learn: How to contact sexy woman at LatinAmericanCupid. What attitude the women have to marriage and sex. Why they are suitable as wife. What do they think about gringos from the United States and Europe.


Dating site LatinAmericanCupid in test
Girls from Latin America are beautiful, loving, sexy, female and hot-blooded. They love life, sex and tenderness: Single women from countries like Brazil, Argentina, the Dominican Republic and Cuba can be the dream woman for an unmarried man from abroad.

How can a man from an English-speaking country meet and get to know single women from Latin America or the Caribbean the most effectifely? Exactly, on the Internet of course. The online search saves time and money for all people who are looking for a new love.

If you travel through South America, weeks or months can pass until you will find a single woman who matches your claims. In a single site like LatinCupidAmerican however you can write on the first day to 10 or 15 hot Latina girls that want to find a man from abroad.

Some geography
Latin America means: all the countries in Central- and South America, where people speak Spanish or Portuguese. These include the Caribbean, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and the whole South American continent: from Venezuela to Cape Horn and Tierra del Fuego. And also the small countries in Central America.


Beautiful latina girl in bikini

Here you get to know sexy single women like Consuela


The singles at LatinAmericanCupid
At this international dating site primary women and young girls from South American states sign up. To find a marriage candidate from another continent.

On the other hand, there are men from Europe, North America and Australia. Guys that have a preference for temperamental Latina girls.

To communicate and chat with a hot lady, you need language skills in Spanish or Portuguese. Or at least in English.


Free Registration
OK, now it is time that we start our dating. I sign up for free at LatinAmericanCupid. On the homepage I see a hot girl in a pink dress. Certainly she is too young and sexy for a man like me. Top right I coose the language „English“.

I write my email address, password and my first name. Now I will come to my profile. The dating website asks me to describe my person.

What is important, which can be ignored? Later you can read and edit all fields. But now you want to see the pictures of the hot beauties from South America so quickly as possible. So we limit ourselves first on the most important things:

My country and my age are important. I click that I’m single. I upload pictures. I write my weight and my height. I say if I already have children. And if I want to have kids in the future. My job, my knowledge of language. And that I do not drink alcohol. The beautiful girls from Latin America will be satisfied with this now.

I add some dates more to my profile: The color of my hair and eyes. How I estimate my attractiveness. Whether I smoke cigarettes or not. Whether I have a dog or cat in my house. Whether I drive VW, Chrysler, Mercedes or Jaguar. What I do in my free time. Which TV movies I watch.

My registration is completed. For the most important criteria I needed just 5 or 10 minutes. Now I can look at the profiles of the women from Latin America. To see how attractive and – so I hope – sexy they are.


LatinAmericanCupid free –
Send a message to a woman

First I look at the ladies that are online at this moment. What do we have here: The dark-skinned Maria Fernanda from Brazil. Looks a little like Gisele Bündchen.

The coffee-colored Annabella from Peru, Cindy from Jamaica and sexy Alisia from the Dominican Republic. I see Monica Falicia from Cuba and Luana from Venezuela. Manuela from Argentina. And Rosabella from Panama who looks really hot.

My favorite girl is Mercedes (29) from Buenos Aires. I open her profile. Wow, what a hot picture. My little friend is restless. In the blue jeans she looks totally sexy and attractive. She has long black hair. The breast size might suggest that Mercedes is perfect made for love. I can hardly break away from this sight.

The girl from Buenos Aires is single. She speaks Spanish and a little English. Mercedes is looking for a foreign man, for a stable relationship. She calls some countries: United Kingdom of Great Britain, Germany, United States, Spain and Italy.

Sexy Mercedes agrees to move abroad to her beloved man. The husband of her dreams should be 30 – 45 years old. Here you can see: the girls from Latin America are not so much fixed on a certain age of the partner.

Mercedes is active in sports: she likes aerobics and jogging. She has a relatively slim body. She loves rock and pop music. She is a fan of the football club River Plate Buenos Aires. She wears yellow sport shoes. Probably not from Nike or Adidas. Because most Latina girls don’t have much money.

Religion and Catholic Church seem not to be important for Mercedes. That’s perfect for me. At the bottom in „search“, she writes: „Frankly, Mr. !, loyal, very funny.“

Mercedes from Argentina has sex appeal. She has fantastic long legs. Her T-shirt is well filled. A Latina woman who could make a man hot like a volcano. Mercedes smiles like a honey cake. She wears silver earrings. The pictures of Mercedes appear pretty female and make appetite. Sorry!

Okay, let’s see if it is possible to send her a greeting mail. Top right I click on „send message“. I write: „Buenos dias, Mercedes. You are a very pretty young lady. I would be glad to know you better. I am single and would like to find a nice woman. If you are still alone, we can stay in contact online or meet in the chat of LatinAmericanCupid. Kisses to you in Buenos Aires. Bye Bye, hasta luego“. That should be enough for now.

I click on the link „send email“. But shit! The dating site opens a new window: I should expand my free standard membership to a Gold account. If I want that the Argentinean girl will be able to read my message, I have to invest money. More about that later.


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Women from Mexico, Brazil and from the Caribbean:
Meet them in the chat of LatinAmericanCupid


 Chat with hot single women from Latin America


So you can use the America dating site for free
Here a overview of the free features at LatinAmericanCupid:

I can create a personal ad. What just happened above.

I can upload photos to my profile.

I can describe my personality exactly.

I can look at profiles of sexy Latina ladies. But I see only one image of them. If I want to see all pictures, I must expand my free membership.


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Paid membership
The word „free“ sounds good. But the costless account has some negative effects. To be specific: It is not possible that men from around the world contact a woman from South America really. You can only greet her. But this is just a game, nothing else.

If you want to write and chat with a hot Latina, you have to spend money. At least for one month.

Prices for the Premium membership in Gold (November 2015)
1 month:       34,99 US dollar (24,99 British pound sterling)
3 months:     23.33 US dollar per month (16,66 British pound sterling p.m.)
12 months:   11.67 US dollar per month (8,33 British pound sterling p.m.)
If you come from another English speaking country: The dating site will show you the costs in your special currency.

The Gold Membership gives you the following functions
After logging in, you will see which women from South America are online.

With a few clicks, you can ask a girl to chat.

I can write mails to all single women. And thus have more contacts than I really need.

In order to find these girls, I can use at „search“ all search functions

I could upload a video. Moving pictures are better than static. I would tell or show something funny in the film.

A woman from Puerto Rico probably doesn’t have enough dollars to pay for a Gold account. Nevertheless, she wrote some sentences to me. I use now my Gold membership to read this message and to answer her. In the free version this was not yet possible.

Prices for the Premium Membership in Platinum (November 2015)
1 month:       39.99 US dollar (29,98 British pound sterling)
3 months:     26.66 US dollar per month (19,99 British pound sterling p.m.)
12 months:   13.33 US dollar per month (10,00 British pound sterling p.m.)
If you live in another English speaking country: The dating site will show you the costs in your own currency.

What privileges I have in the Platinum membership
compared to a Gold Account?

Someday a girl from Latin America will write to me in Spanish. But of course I don’t understand anything. With the Platinum account I have the chance to use the translator of the single site.

Or the other way: I write to a single woman from the Caribbean. Unfortunately, she has only a free account at LatinAmericanCupid. If I have a Platinum membership: then she can read my letter. If I only have a Gold account: it is not possible.

I have the option to chat via webcam. I think it does make sense to see a woman close up on the screen. Is she really so likeable, sexy and hot as her profile promises? In webcam I will also see her behaviour. I can hear her voice. I don’t want to risk to „buy the cat in a bag“. I want to be sure, before I book a trip to Latin America.

How can I see the cost at LatinAmericanCupid?
The fastest way is via the green button „Expand Now“, Top right of the screen. Then the prices of Gold and Platinum membership appear. How can I pay for my membership? The procedure is similar to all dating services of Cupid Media-family. I pay online by credit card or by my PayPal account. I can also use Giropay.


Special features of the South America Love cards

Webcam Chat
A write chat is standard in modern dating websites. With the Platinum membership, I have also the chance to chat live with a beautiful single woman from South America: face to face.

Of course, I have to pay attention to her language problems in English. Unfortunately I cannot speak Spanish. Maybe you live close to the border with Mexico and have better skills than me.

The world time
If you want to chat or write with a hot beauty from Costa Rica or Chile: So you always have to look at the time difference between the countries. With regard to Latin America and the big English-speaking states this means:

The time difference to the USA, South Africa and to England is minimal: 2, 3 or maximum 4 hours. Only Australia and New Zealand are a bit problematic. If a man from Sidney wants to meet a girl directly online: so he must know that the time difference to South America is about 14 hours.


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Here you can contact pretty Latinas
and exciting beauties from the Caribbean


Why do women from Central- and South America
want a man from another country?

A Latina may be the ideal wife for a man from Europe or North America. And conversely as well. Because she has many contrasts to the women in the Western world.

The ladies from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Venezuela are characterized by their southern temperament. Life will never be boring with them. They like music, dancing, funny things. And they like love. They also like children and a good family life.

The women in the Western industrialized countries don’t actually need a man any more. Except for sex. But only perhaps. For the Latina girl an intact marriage is the real sense of life.

If the girls from Mexico and from the Bahamas look so super hot and sexy: So the men in these countries must be crazy for one thing: to love and to marry such a wonderful beauty. But such thoughts are unfortunately unrealistic.

The macho is the problem
The Latino man is a macho. He would be a bad dream for any emancipated woman from Europe or the USA. He makes hard sex with his girl. But unfortunately he treats her ruthless in everyday life. Like a second class citizen. Not all man do so in South America. But this mentality is widespread.

Sometimes he even uses his physical superiority. The macho beats his wife or girlfriend. He doesn’t ask her to bed, he pulls her by the hair there. For this he must not be drunk. It is quite normal. Men from South America cheat their women or girlfriends with other sexpartners as they like it. It is the god given right of a man, they think.

Women in outlying regions (Andes/ at Amazon / Patagonia) have no chance to find a way out of this misery. But if a Latina has an access to the Internet, she will try to find men contacts abroad. The chances for this are not bad. Because many men in Europe, Australia, Canada and South Africa have big problems with the female gender in the homeland.

What you and I cannot imagine at all: When a woman from Latin America is not yet married at an age of 25 or 30 years. And if not 3 children are playing in the garden: then she is regarded as abnormal. She is considered with pity. Day after day the single Latina feels the psychological pressure that the society applies on her.

At the age of 30 years, her best time seems to be over. In Latin America there live more women than men. It is becoming very difficult to find a good man: a guy who is not criminal or lazy. Who doesn’t deal with drugs. Who wants to have kids. And who doesn’t cheat the Latina with younger girls.

In any case the last sentence is an illusion. Many Latino men have sexual parallel relations. According to the principle of supply and demand, they know that they may do that. Even if she is married: the woman will not think about a divorce. Where should she go?

With this background it is not surprising that so many women look abroad. And sign up at dating sites as LatinAmericanCupid, BrazilCupid or CaribbeanCupid. In Latin American countries the online dating is not a game or a hobby, like in Western Europe. It has a sad background.

Latinas and sex
Not every single woman from South America looks sexy like a model. That’s not even necessary. Most men love round female curves. And no model skeleton.

The pictures of bikini beauties on the Copacabana are world famous. Brown suntanned, in skin-tight bikinis, they walk along the beach. Very sure of the attention of men and even of the TV cameras. Sometimes we have the impression that there exists a certain eroticism cult. A peep show outdoors.

Of course: the Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro is an extreme. Nevertheless, the girls in South America and the Caribbean play with eroticism and her sex appeal.

A scientific study has shown: European women are true sexless persons compared to Latinas. Only 40 percent of girls in Germany, France, Poland, England and Switzerland think: sex is very important in life. Would you have thought that?

In South America we have another situation. For more than 70 percent of the Latina girls sex is the most important thing in the world.

What are the reasons for these differences? The temperament and the climate is it. Every day the sun burns down from the sky. The temperatures are at 30 degrees. Naked skin (not only on the beaches) brings the sex hormones of single women from Latin America in action.

Sex ist not planned, discussed or prepared by a candle light dinner with 5 courses – like in Germany, France or England. Women in Latin America are much more spontaneous than European and US girls. Some hot looks between a man and a woman: and they follow their sexual desire.

Many guys from Europe or from the USA spend the holidays in the Caribbean only by one reason: to have fantastic sex with the coffee-colored beauties as Amantina, Isabella, Gabriella and Mercedes. For this he has not even to pay money. Maybe a little present like some new shoes.

Hot Latin American women are happy to share bed with a Gringo. These girls have stinging nettles, pepper and fire in the ass. Somebody who had a woman with southern temperament in bed: he will not forget this one night stand for the rest of his life.

What about the men in South America? They are too stupid to appreciate the sex qualities of the women there. Many Latinos are real machos: selfish, coarse, violent, ruthless. Also during the sex. They have no time for a sexual stimulation. But fuck just wildly like a rabbit. The satisfaction of the woman is not important for a Latino.

The girls in America love hot sex. But they have also a catholic education. One night stand or sex before wedding is not an issue for every single woman. Many live with traditional values. In the big cities it looks somewhat different than in the countryside. Wherever Western civilization prevails, moral values are lost.


What women you will meet at LatinAmericanCupid?
Often they are pretty, hot and sexy. Most have black hair and a beautiful brown skin. A pleasure for the eyes of man. Women in Latin America have temperament and fire in the blood. Nevertheless, they are usually peaceful, friendly and full of warmth.

Latinas have no inhibitions to hug a man spontaneously. Or to give him a litte kiss in his face. A scenario that attracts on the streets of Hamburg, New York or London almost public attention. In spite of Pope and the Catholic Church Latinas have a natural attitude to nudity, sex and eroticism.

The girls from Latin America are refreshingly natural, friendly and spontaneously in most cases. In a certain way they are still like children. A calculating behavior doesn’t fit to their character.

If you speak to a strange girl in the Plaza del Mercado (Market Square) of Buenos Aires, Bogota or Havana: She will not punish you with withering expressions and toxic eyes. Probably she will answer to your flirt attempt with a friendly grin. If you are a bit charming. And have a talent for compliments.

In a relationship even for a modern intelligent Latina women from a city loyalty and a harmonious family life are very important.

If you succeed in winning the heart of a Latina, you have to be careful. You should not look too long in the eyes of her girlfriend. Women from Latin America can be very jealous and furious.

Sometimes plates, flower pots and cups fly through the air. This is my man. Nobody knows if I will find again such a good husband, in the macho world of Argentina or Mexico. Because the competition in the marriage market of Latin America is tough. There are single women like sand by the sea. But men who are suitable for a partnership are relativly scarce.

Different types at the single women in Latin America
Latina is not the same like Latina. There are differences in appearance and in mentality. In the upper class we often find „white“ women with European origin. In Argentina mainly Italians live. In Brazil Portuguese. In the other countries the descendants of colonizers from Spain.

Especially in the Caribbean we find many black women. Their ancestors came as slaves from Africa. By mixed marriages between two races millions of mulattos and mestizos have arisen. They have a beautiful brown skin. Maybe the most beautiful women in the world. The fourth group: the aborigines of Latin America: The Incas, the Amazon Indians, the Mayas and Aztecs.

In which countries the women of LatinAmericanCupid live?
I found profiles for the following Latin American states: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Cuba, Costa Rica. Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic, El Salvador. Honduras, Uruguay, Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador.

I have also found chat profiles of women in Florida/ USA. And some who live in Spain. Europe is almost not present. The United States very weak. But I am very sure that many thousands of man from many European countries are active at LatinAmericanCupid. Since I am a man, I cannot control it.

I don’t know the reason why following countries, which belong to Latin America, are not represented with the Latinas: Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Haiti, Paraguay, Bolivia. Maybe I have not looked long enough at the profiles.

I will show you now the largest cities in Latin America. Most women of LatinAmericanCupid are living in these places: Sao Paolo (Brazil), Mexico City, Lima (Peru), Bogota (Colombia). Rio de Janeiro, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires and Havana.

Among the top 30 in Latin America we find the following cities: Bahia, Fortaleza, Porto Alegre, Lambrusco and Belo Horizonte (Brazil),  Cali and Medellin (Colombia),  Maracaibo, Valencia and Caracas (Venezuela),  Puebla and Guadalajara (Mexico),  Montevideo and Mercedes (Uruguay)


Termination at LatinAmericanCupid
Everybody who registers at an online dating service, must be careful to cancel his membership in time. Otherwise a subscription will be extended to all eternity. In LatinAmericanCupid you don’t need to fear this. If you have paid for 6 months: then it will end automatically. A termination is not necessary.


LatinAmericanCupid Tests – my conclusion

Moderate claims
Men from Europe, North America and Australia are very popular among sexy South American single women. The girls will ignore some weeknesses. Because a gringo is gold worth compared to many local men. However, you should convince a woman that you can be a faithful husband. That’s it, what ladies from Latin America want.

Age and appearance
For partner search in her homeland and abroad, the age auf a man is insignificant. 10 or 15 year difference are absolutely okay. Reliability, a secure standard of living and loyalty are much more important. In their home country, Latinas can search these properties with a magnifying glass.

It is the same with other externals. Those men who are not ugly as the Bell-ringer of Notre-Dame, probably have very good contact chances at LatinAmericanCupid. It is not important whether you are a small or thick man. Whether some hair on the head is missing.

The main thing: You are sympathetic and honest. And please: don’t tell a woman in the chat that you have many contacts on the dating site. Your sweetheart will not like this.

I’ve tried a lot. But I come to the conclusion: A free basic membership is only for get to know the contact site. I can get an impression about the single women. Who really wants to find a partner from South- or Central America, must have the Gold membership.

I have invested around 30 euro. I tested the girls and the portal extensively. And so I could write this report.

Find holiday acquaintance
If a man intends to spend his holidays in Caribbean: so he could try to contact some ladies from Cuba, Costa Rica or the Dominican Republic in advance on the Internet. For this purpose LatinAmericanCupid offers a wide selection of women contacts.

If you want to have a look at these ladies:

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