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A nice time in bed
Good-time-in-bed is a dating site to find a sex partner and a life partner. Usually two portals are needed for this. But at this agency you find both. Singles from all over the world look for a partner and contact people who are ready for a sex date.

Most of the women from Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America search for a relationship. Every second or third offers sexual services. And just they are the real attraction of Good-time-in-bed.

The order in this review
English speaking countries
Latin America
Eastern Europe
Germany (for British and American soldiers)
Western Europe


Browse profiles – how does it work?
I like the advanced search the most (with search / advanced search). There you have the option to select the partner’s age, the height, weight, country, the physique (slim, thick) and the sexual orientation. Good-time-in-bed offers the opportunity to describe accurately the desired sex contact or the life partner. Depending on whether you want to find a man, a woman, a couple, group sex or a ladyboy.


English speaking countries

Suggestions for sex contacts at Good-time-in-bed
„I’m fun-loving, frank and so damned horny“. So Littlesugar (24) from Dallas / Texas introduces herself. The pretty single woman is a bisexual. She loves sex with women and with men. The young American shows uninhibited some nude photos. Littlesugar practices oral sex, fetish and BDSM. Even the master / slave game is not strange to her.

Now a couple from Orlando / Florida comes: a 52-year-old man and his 35-year-old Filipina are seeking swinger contacts for group sex. The fucking game may take place with handcuffs, as threesome and with licking the genitals. It will please the old buck to screw a young lady. While his Filipina gets banged by a man of her age.

Annika (27) from Manchester / England shows at Good-time-in-bed several photos with straps and big, bare breasts. So the very good-looking lady wants to make hot big men, to fuck her from behind. For example under the shower, in the forest, in the elevator, on the beach or on the kitchen table.

Trinamarie (37) from Toronto is a bisexual lady. The 1.81 tall Canadian with the sexy curves calls herself dominant. She wants to have sex with men, women, girls or couples. Trinamarie delights the sex partners with massages, high heels, tattoos and licking.

Emily (27) from Minnesota / USA is a real horny woman. The fucking hussy is naked in many photos. She has a butt which drives men crazy for sex or to masturbate at the computer. Emily looks sexy in the back underwear. I read the profile text: she is a Mexican bitch. A real cock would be better than to play with the vagina at night, when she cannot sleep in her lust. The young Latina also loves to be shagged anal.

In Anglo-Saxon countries, lesbian love and bisexuality very popular. „Touchsluts“ is the user name of a lesbian couple from Fair Oaks near Chicago. The photo shows how one woman licks the pussy of the other from behind. Both are naked. The licked stands directly at a window. The American lesbians look at Good-time-in-bed for female sex contacts who try exciting love games with them.

Another bisexual is Lollipop (32) from Vancouver / Canada. The Chinese immigrated 2 years ago to the USA. She has big tits. In the photo collage she shows the visitors of Good-time-in-bed how she gets fucked from behind and how she rides a dick. The Chinese woman likes oral sex (no matter if pussy or penis), gangbang and the game „professor seduces a student-girl“.

Some ladies at the dating site have never had sex with women. But they are curious how it could be. This applies to Tallchineslady (30) from Nottingham / United Kingdom. The lovely Asian girl wants to try out a lot dirty games with women – things she doesn’t know yet. Preferably in bed, sex in public is too risky. If she ever will have a husband, erotic will play an important role in the relationship.

Naughty-Susan (44) is an Australian lesbian. She shows the shaved cooze in close-up pictures. If I see the full ass, I have lust to hump this vulgar lesbian. Even if that is unrealistic. „I don’t need a pecker, I want pussies and tits“. That sounds clear. Susan wants to get licked by the female sex partner in bed or on the beaches of Australia. Before she penetrates her lesbian girlfriend with the artificial penis.

Partner search in Anglo-Saxon countries
Starlove is the name of a 36-year-old American from Santa Monica near Los Angeles. She could be a hot Latina with the black long hair. In any case, she has impressive bosoms. She shows the nice bum in panties. She wants to marry a tall man who lets her a lot of freedom.

Blacklady (34) from England is still single. The lady from London is looking for a self-confident guy with high level. She feels smart, educated and conscious. This Filipina has registered with the country USA. Actually, she lives in the Philippines.

Jannah (35) would be delighted if she finds an American husband who makes her happy. She likes to chat with guys at Good-time-in-bed. The pictures show a medium-slim Asian with a desirable body.

Happygirl (31) is an attractive British girl from Liverpool. She seeks the love of her life. Players and sex adventurers are abhorrent to her. She seems to be a good woman longing for kisses and hugs. But, but, but: she likes to excite the partner’s penis by mouth.

Some ladies exaggerate a little at partner search. Madamevandella (32) from the small town Marlborough – southwest of England – wants to capture a beloved man with her erotic body. She has no inhibitions to show herself in string and bra. I think: she doesn’t want sex contacts, but to find her love.

Mariannanowak (34) lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is looking for a long-term relationship. She is a sexy Scottish woman with a hat. Marianna is not stingy to present her feminine qualities. Unfortunately she doesn’t write how her dream type should be. The sex appeal of the lady from Edinburgh is good enough to be contacted by many lonely men.

Sex with young women: here at GoodtimeinbedLadygaga (31) from Johannesburg / South Africa has a very informative contact ad at Good-time-in-bed. The figure of the attractive Negress is a little strong. A guy who likes chubby ladies could meet her on South Africa vacation. Ladygaga is seeking a carefree, funny man to marry. She describes herself as a considerate, tender woman who loves life.

Lovethade (36) from Brisbane is also single. The Australian seems to be likeable. She will surely find a local man for a relationship. Naomi (24) is a native Asian from Port Elizabeth / South Africa. She writes in profile of Good-time-in-bed that she often feels lonely. The images looks normal, nothing erotic. But she tells the visitors something about her sexual preferences. She likes, for example, sex in unusual places.

Sexynymphia (29) is a black-skinned South African from Cape Town. The 1.71 tall sexy black women with the adorable butt is looking for a life partner. Even if her user name doesn’t indicates it.

Juliana (28) from Sidney is an Australian African. The profile photo shows a young lady with a long black hair. She is not extremely erotic. But the feminine qualities can be easily guessed. The romantic, sensitive Juliana does not want sex and no useless games at the dating site. She has signed up to find a reliable partner. The man doesn’t have to be perfect. But he is decent, loving and health-conscious.


Latin America

Sex contacts with girls from South America and the Caribbean
The women from Brazil belong certainly to the most exciting in the world. Some ladies hope for sex tourists. They want to fuck with a gringo and introduce him to the Brazilian art of love.

One of these absolutely hot Latinas is the Brazilian Cerqueira (33) from Rio. A crispy, brown-skinned chocolate girl. Her sex appeal is admirable. She uses her feminine curves to make men horny at Good-time-in-bed. If both singles are satisfied with the contact, he should meet Cerqueira on Brazil vacation and bang the beautiful Latina.

Mayra (30) from the Dominican Republic (picture above) is supposedly looking for the great love. That sounds well-behaved. Viewing at the profile photos, we see her true intentions. She seeks an exciting sex adventure. The round fucking butt is perfect to steal a man’s mind and sleep. Myra’s specialties are blowjob and group sex. This horny Latina pussy is surely able to satisfy three men at the same time.

Fatima (23) from Buenos Aires also has signed up to have sex with lonely men. The Argentine has a white skin. She wears sexy lingerie in the photos. Fatima dreams of having sex in a group or threesome with a couple.

Canela (35) comes from the Caribbean cost of Colombia. „I am sexy and hot“. That’s the introduction in the dating profile. The South American lady likes to cook and several sports. My guess: she means the mattress sport in bedroom. Because as she presents herself, it can only be about sex. The string between the legs is just a thin thread. The photo shows a horny, brown Latina bum.

The user Firuce (29) from São Paulo / Brazil is a marvelous tits wonder. „I’m a bitch, and I need a yummy meat stick every day to dry my wet cunt.“ Everything is clear, baby. The Brazilian is hot on a fuck. The guy who meets the Latina in Brazil may first open the wallet. The door to paradise is probably not open for free.

The last sex contact specialist to have a good time in bed with, is Yoselin (26) from Venezuela. Luscious, young, unbridled, fresh, almost a little virginal and shameless sexy. That’s how I describe this Latina whore.

Yoselin is flexible like a ballet dancer. Hola! She raises the leg almost to the ear. It could be exhausting to satisfy the sex lust of this adorable lady from the Caribbean coast of South America. My tip for men: before having sex with her you have to eat a steak, to drink a vitamin shake and to take Viagra. Then it can be a long night with the insatiable Latina girl.

Partner search in South America and in the Caribbean
After so many sex offers from horny looking babies, it will be a little quieter now. But what is that? Yordana (33) is the next dream girl from Latin America. The lady from the Dominican Republic has a figure to click the tongue. She’s not really tall. But everything is where it belongs. A sweet ass, medium big breasts and an extreme short miniskirt that she has probably bought in the catechumens time.

But we are not here to praise Yordana’s eroticism. She is looking for a husband. A warm-hearted, happy, romantic guy for a „super sexy relationship“. Oh, I guessed it, you little brown mulatto bitch.

Luna (36) – the moon woman – is a funny, vivacious Mexican with a sombrero on the head. Most photos show the beach of Yucatán. There she lives. She likes to swim in the sea and to play with dolphins. The mediocre good looking Mexican tries to find her second half at Good-time-in-bed. That will not be easy with this profile. She has to write a lot more about herself and the wanted man. It’s not enough just to have three photos.

Anna (31) is a busty tango girl from Argentina. She wants to find a man to marry. The profile images prove a certain attractiveness, but also a considerable corpulence, not only on the breasts. The single woman from South America gives the admirers deep insights to the chest area. The male users get appetite to kiss and to hug her. But before that happens, the Latina from Argentina wants to be conquered by amusing flirts.

The Cuban Eloisa (23) also is quite attractive. The black Latina looks a bit small and petite. This is untypical for women from Cuba. She seeks for a solid relationship. As well as La Negra (32) from the Dominican Republic. The name is a misleading. Because the skin color is not black but coffee brown. The Dominican pictures herself as a honest, loving and passionate woman. She wants to be found by a loyal guy who touches her heart.

Linda (28) from Uruguay is also looking for a firm partner. She would be happy to meet a sincere gentleman, 5 or 10 years older. Linda is a white, slim woman with an almost aristocratic looking face.

Valeria (22) is the name of the young Latin bride from the Andean state Peru. She seems to be athletic. The images show her making gymnastic exercises. „I am a very loving girl and looking for confidence.“ That’s a short description. Too short, I think. The young women from Peru cannot rest on her upscale sex appeal. She needs to do more to make the dating successful.

Anabela (38) from the Caribbean island of Jamaica is not the youngest anymore. But she still looks beautiful. The skin is like a brown chocolate praline. The lady is quite tall at 1.75 and has a slim figure. She is like most Latinas romantic and passionate. Anabela from the Caribbean openly admits that she loves sex in all forms and positions. She indulges herself completely to her partner. This big exotic woman needs a man who is able to compromises in a stable marriage. And no one who wants to play sex games with her in the webcam chat or in Skype.

Louisa (33) seems to feel happy in her homeland Cuba. She wears fine clothes and has a good job. She doesn’t need a supplier. But a guy who inspires her and is intellectually equal to her. That’s pretty rare with the usually simple women from Latin America. Life is not only in bed for Louisa. „If you have nothing in your stupid head but screwing an poking, you don’t need to write me at Good-time-in-bed.“

The last lady from Latin America that I introduce is called Karibethmorales. She is 24 years old and lives in Venezuela. The Latina girl is looking for a strong husband who really loves her – in good and bad times. The South American country has actually enough bad times. Venezuela is one of the most ailing states in the world – despite its rich oil reserves. The sex appeal of the Karibethmorales is above average. She looks almost as young as an 18 years.



Asian sex contacts
Carmela (28) from Makita is a bossy domina. The lady from South Korea presents pictures in lacquer and leather. She describes herself as a little sadist who likes to punish men if they don’t obey. The Asian wants to train the male sex contacts to doglike slaves. The interested boys and men have to learn to lick her feet and the pussy and to bark like a dog. Fantastic!

The user „Musicscene“ (32) is a delicious Filipino doll who likes to show her cunt and naked nipples. She satisfies men and couples in bed. Lekka (30) is also a tasty girl. The Thai makes every man hot with ass and tits pictures. So that they come as a sex vacationer to Pattaya. „You will fall in love with me“ she writes. That is not excluded. Many tourists have not only fantastic sex with Thai girls. Some they take a woman home to marry her.

Applesex (26), is a young Chinese at Good-time-in-bed. She needs men’s cocks. „I’m here to find a sex lover, one who’s hot like the fire of a volcano, ha ha.“ I like that, you horny mare.

Partner search in Asia
Not all Asian women are so lustful sluts that they suck the last drop from man’s testicles. Most Filipinas, Chinese and Thai girls are pretty normal. The sexual touch is sometimes a little to recognize in the profiles of Good-time-in-bed. This is necessary in the competition with Latina chicas and the ladies from Africa.

I really like Ladyhawk (35) from the Philippines. Even if she stretches out the legs frivolously on the bed, I believe, she is a kind honey. „I hope you are my man,“ she writes. „I need a lot of love.“

Sexyjane (27) is a big girl looking for a partner. There are no exciting profile photos. She writes about her hobbies and favorite food. She would like to live with a lovely fellow from the USA, Europe or China.

Princessadiana (26) is one of the something thicker Asian girls. She has put a lot of swinging snapshots to the profile of Good-time-in-bed. The Japanese hopes to lure the male singles out of the reserve. So that they will chat with her.

Filipinalove (25) searches a man for a common future. To achieve that, she shows a few photos with a deep neckline. Who wants to blame her? It looks sexy and inspires every man’s fantasy. How serious is the Asian princess? She gives its best to prove that, writing a whole novel in the ad. A positive, sporty young Filipina woman is looking for a nice, playful gentleman for a long term partnership.

I could write for a endless long time about Asian women, waiting for a man at the dating site. Super Jenny (30) from Taiwan is a sexy babe. Sweet Teresse (33) from Vietnam looks innocent like Snow White in fairy story. The Japanese Pussycat (36) has no interest in chatting about sex.

Maybe at the end of my Asia rally two more Chinese. The user „Koala“ (25) is a really sweet girl from Shanghai. I could almost believe that she is still a virgin. „My life is lonely and boring,“ she writes. With Yoannieliue (32) we come back to hotter climate zones. The English teacher from Beijing hopes for humorous, uncomplicated chat partner at Good-time-in-bed.



African sex partner
Gloria (27) is a charming sex bomb from the Ivory Coast. I see a high-erotic image, as the splendid grown, brown African woman lies on a lounger in the sun. With her powerful thighs, the 1.76-tall Afro-girl will male her lover and the singles here great lust for sex.

Submee (28) is also looking for a sex partner. The short-haired African lady with the golden earrings lives in Namibia. She shows beautiful boobs, and she sticks out the tongue. Look, you men, so I will lick your little balls down there.

The Negress Abena (30) from Ghana wants to be an obedient slut for her slave master during sex games. The submissive servant from Africa follows all the commands of the lord. She sucks his cock, she can be whipped, locked up in a lion cage, led on the leash and humiliated like a whore. And she rides him like a fiery mare. That’s how it should be. On the black continent the world is still okay.

Partner search in Africa
Nanalove (32) is a deep black, pretty darling from Senegal. She tries to find the right man at Good-time-in-bed. The West African doesn’t need to describe herself in detail. So attractive and charming as she looks, her mailbox will always be full of messages. Nanalove is not so massive and powerful as many other black women. She has a pleasantly slim figure.

Bernice (31) from Ghana is looking for a good husband at Good-time-in-bed. She is also an incredibly pretty woman – in contrast to many fat Africans I saw here from Ghana. Bernice looks admirably elegant in the royal blue costume and with the curly hair. You are my black angel. I would like to get to know you a little later. I put you to my favorites.

But do I have a chance with her? She is not a stupid African. Instead of playing primitive games on the Internet, Bernice creates women’s underwear – even her own lingerie. It would be interesting to see how sexy this looks on her body. The beauty from Ghana wants a man who is „drunk with love“ for her. That could easily happen. The dream man should be caring, friendly and hard working. He should like to travel and make her some children. Africa, I come!

Now I have presented you two absolute African dream women. Of course, not everyone is so hot and sexy. I have selected only the best for you. This includes also Mona (34) from Kenya. Yes absolutely! When I see the photos, I feel very strange. Great breasts, perfect proportions, erotic legs and the face of a black actress. What does a man want more?

The lady from Kenya is reliable, sexy and confident. She wants to be protected by a strong man. But she is not a stupid doll with which a man can play disrespectfully. But: you can send her a message and chat with her. To find out how she really is.

The next dark-skinned beauty is Oforiwa (31) from the African island Mauritius. There should be – according to travel reports – many wonderful women. Oforiwa is a beach beauty. She shows some photos where she walks in bikini along the sea and enjoys the sunset. She is a slim, sporty African lady who will have no problems to find a good husband from abroad.


Eastern Europe

Sex contacts with East European ladies
Magdalena (25) is a smart Polish girl from Świnoujście. If you spend your vacation on the Baltic Sea, you can meet her. The photos prove how delicious young Polish women look if they are naked. She likes hardcore sex with men up to 35 years. Before the erotic meeting you should tell the sex-craving woman from Poland your penis length in the chat. And you have to send her pictures, just when the dick just jizzes. What a filthy bitch!

Blondie (31) is a hot amazon from Olsztyn in the southern part of the former East Prussia (in Poland). Unfortunately I don’t see her face on the pictures, but so much better the sexy bum and the tits. The Polish is 1.73 tall. She only wants to meet sex contacts virtually. She will be amused to make a guy hot for a her coochie at Skype.

Kaja (25) from Warsaw is also a hot bitch. Even in Eastern Europe, love among lesbians is pretty popular. Ewelinka (28) from Wrocław makes no secret of the fact that she loves to have sex with women.

Slovakia is an unknown dating territory. There are only very few sex contact sites from Slovakia on the Internet. At Good-time-in-bed, I discovered one single girl. Lucie (25) from the Danube city of Bratislava doesn’t know any taboos. Her hot but invites the man for group sex. That’s what she likes most.

Find a lovely women in East Europe
I also found brave and shy Polish girls who honestly long for a partner. Oliwia (24) from Radom is one of them. She wants to meet a guy to marry. A German or an Englishman would be as well as a Pole.

Vera (42) is a somewhat mature female from the Czech Republic. The lady from Prague looks mediocre well. And now we come to the probably most enchanting beauties in Eastern Europe: to the Ukrainians. In these ads it is never about sex, but to get to know a wonderful bride from Eastern Europe.

I start with Natasha (36). Most women from Ukraine don’t write their city in the profile. You have to find it out in the chat of Good-time-in-bed. Natasha looks good, kind and slim. She will be glad to a meet cordial men from the West at the dating site. She thinks it’s time to marry in the next two years.

Julya (32) is somewhat younger. I’m not sure that she’s really seeking someone to fall in love with. Because she shows some frivolous photos in underwear. This increases the chances to find many contacts. But the images can also attract adventurous figures. Julya is open for everything new. And she „knows how to satisfy a man“. She writes in the profile a sexual sentence that I cannot write here.

The photos of Malinka (28) also don’t look clean and G-rated. The Ukrainian bride shows too much naked skin for a normal dating site. She looks very athletic: she makes a split on the floor. Unfortunately she doesn’t tell us anything about her soulmate.

Irina (30) is certainly looking for someone to marry, despite of the photos with hot pants. She could fall in love with a smart, gentle and kind man. I think that sounds good. With her Ukrainian sex appeal and the friendly smile, Irina could be the perfect dream woman from Ukraine.

Galina (27) is more erotic than Natalia. If the word „sex bomb“ is ever justified, then surely with her. She is a little bit chubby. The bosoms create erotic dreams. What I miss with all Ukrainians, is the description of the right partner. For Galina this will probably be a rich man or a guy with a golden willy.

I show you another woman from Ukraine. Royallyubov (39) is already a bit more mature and not so sexy as many others. But I find the face aesthetical and very beautiful. For my taste she is the best I have seen among the Ukrainians. Royallyubov probably knows better than the younger ladies, that even in western countries the trees don’t have golden apples.


Entry to the partner search
On the homepage of Good-time-in-bed, I see a man lying in bed on a half-naked woman. They kiss and excite each other. He takes her panties off. That’s a sign of what this portal is about.

At the free registration, I click on: I am a man, looking for a wife. Then my email connection, my login ID, username and my WhatsApp. I can choose if I only want to meet women or heterosexual couples, a gay couple or a lesbian couple. After the birthday comes my sexual orientation, the physique and the hair color.

If you want to have a good chance on sex adventures or love dates, you have to upload a photo. In the next step of free registration, I am asked for my preferences: open relationship, online sex, discrete affair, swingers sex, marriage and group sex.

Good-time-in-bed offers the possibility to decorate the dating profile with a cover. I renounce that. Then I specify my ad with the questions: how often do you have sex every week? Where do you like to have sex? And so on … I am asked if I want to see nude photos of women. I say „yes“. Then I click on „Search“ to have a look at the ladies. You have seen the result above.


My sexual preferences
Each member should complete the profile after signing up and viewing the first women. I input personal information, language skills, the penis size, the body hair, tattoos and piercings.

There are other ways to describe your preferences when looking for sex contacts, for example the sexual interests. You can also evaluate the importance of the following topics: massage, oral sex (passive and active), group sex, licking, fetish and BDSM.

The African woman, the Latina and the Asian girls get thereby an impression, which sex practices you find cool. You can describe the places where fucking is most exciting for you: outdoors, in the nature, on the beach, on the washing machine or wherever.


What does the dating at Good-time-in-bed cost?
The prices for getting to know nice ladies may vary from time to time. This is not usual in the dating branch. For women, the portal is completely free. Here the actual prices for men:

One month with a maximum of 500 contacts for 22.00 US dollars. The membership for a quarter makes 11.60 USD per month. If you book half a year, you pays 8.70 USD per 4 weeks. The annual membership amounts to 7.90 dollars for the month.

All costs without guarantee. You find the current prices by clicking on the green button at the very top. Or you open a profile and try to „contact“ a lady.


Women from Central Europe (Germany and Austria)
American and British soldiers, stationed in Germany, or students don’t have to go to the brothel to have fuck. At Good-time-in-bed they find women who want to find a sex partner.

Here some examples:
Asialady (43) from Hamburg is a divorced Filipina who has little opportunity for sex. She wears high heels and she sticks out the hot butt. And she shows us the hairy pussy. The sexual interests of Asialady: she likes different role playing games, hardcore and group sex. Not only in bed, but also outdoors and in the sauna.

Jasmina (36) from Berlin is a by birth a Polish woman. She shows a lot of erotic nude pictures. Among others with a piercing on the cunt. The preferred sex discipline is sadomasochisme. Jasmina is a specialist in that.

Joanny (21) from Villingen in the German Black Forest is a pretty strong young woman. Sometimes she rubs the cooze, sometimes she sticks out the thick butt. Her favorite hobby is sex in handcuffs, fucking from behind (doggy style), sex massages and masturbation.

„Devon“ (42) comes from Austria. The lady from Graz is – in her own words – a submissive fucking mare, which wants merciless hard sex. She likes to be used by several men at the same time. Even a played rape brings her to orgasm. The Austrian slut shows how a man penetrates from behind the quim and another in the ass. Devon has sex six times a week. A horny bitch that is looking forward to all kinds of sex adventures.


Western Europe

Sex profiles at Good-time-in-bed
Love in French: Clarecuir (44) from Bordeaux is a bisexual lady. She has several talents. Wearing a black latex costume, she tortures the sex partner with a whip. She likes to play the police officer or the naive chambermaid. The French woman leads submissive slaves with the dog’s collar and she let them kiss her feet. To make Clarecuir horny, the man have to lick her pussy. In the end, the domina brings the man to orgasm by a blowjob.

Spanish women and girls from the Canary Islands are commonly considered as passionate and wild. Lindahermosa (37) from Madrid is such a hot cock-rider. The black-haired tall lady has sex with one lover, with two men or with couples. She wants to expand her sexual experiences at Good-time-in-bed. Guys with hot fantasies are welcome.

Ariane (23) from Milan is a Brazilian bi. To make the men hungry for sex, the South American girl shows a nude picture, a group sex orgy and her firm fuck ass. The insatiable Latina from Italy wants to be screwed only by dominant men. But she also is horny for sex with women. Ariane masturbates and she likes imaginative role playing games. Pussy licking makes her crazy. She will satisfy the sex partner from Good-time-in-bed on an Italian beach near Genoa or Venice.

„Etoile folante“ (46) is an always wet Parisian, she writes. A mature woman who loves sex with young men. They will be amazed by the beautiful breasts of the motorcycle lady. At sex meetings, the French woman prefers to be seduced as nurse, student or waitress in a very short skirt. That’s what some youngsters are crazy for: to grab under a mature woman’s leather skirt and to shag her in diverse sex positions.

Partner search in West Europe
For this only a few profiles are available at Good-time-in-bed. It’s quite different from the exotic women from South America, Africa and Asia. Cecile (32) from Marseille is an attractive blonde women, who longs for love and closeness. If she will not find a suitable husband, she is also ready for a sex date. But please only French, Spaniards and Italians, she writes.

Greta (36) from Stockholm is focused on finding the man for her life. One of the three pictures is quite unusual for this purpose. Sexually liberal – as many Swedish woman – she presents naked breasts. The man of their dreams should be athletic, experienced and strangely enough: obedient.


My conclusion about Good-time-in-bed
There is no dating site on the Internet that offers both: the search for love and chatting with sex-willing people from all over the world. Since the ladies live mainly in Asia, Africa and Latin America, it will be necessary to fly there for a sex vacation.

Good-time-in-bed offers features that help men, women and lesbians to find out if the couple has a good harmony. The prices for partner search and making sex contacts are moderate. Already in the free area, the users get an idea about the profiles of the members. Please click on this button.


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