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Meet Africans online and chat with them

Flirting with women from Africa
On the homepage of Kisses of Africa I see a happy African couple. But this picture is not typical for the international contact site. Because in most cases white men seek a dream woman from Africa or sometimes an immigrant in their own countries. As well, black men can find a lovely African lady and flirt with her.

Kisses of Africa is one of the largest dating services with members from the black continent. This portal gives unmarried guys from the West the chance to look at photos of African girls and to communicate with them in the chat. So they find out if they match well to each other. The aim of the dating here is to marry an African woman or to find a black girlfriend.

Some white men have the intent to find a sex adventure in Africa. But this portal is not really made for that. Kisses of Africa is for guys wanting to know an exotic African, falling in love, having a serious relationship and getting married.

I’m Tarzan, you’re Jane. Will you also meet sexy women from the African bush at Kisses of Africa? Probably not. Because in the wilderness there are no smartphones and no Internet.

Most female members don’t to live wild with the jungle monkeys, elephants, lions and cheetahs in the savanna. They are cultured and live in big cities. Mostly in West or East Africa: in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria or Zambia. Some live on the islands of Mauritius and Madagascar, and even in some Arab Gulf states, where they work in hotels or households.


First contacts – which Africans want to flirt with me?
After half an hour I get an invitation from Dora (37). She comes from Ghana: „Hello I am here, can we chat?“ One hour later, I have my first admirer: Victoria (28) from Kenya is a sweet, young woman with a long hair and sensual lips. She is single and speaks English. Victoria is ready to meet me in the webcam chat, but I postpone that.

Somewhat later, the young South African colored Elizabeth (picture below) writes: „Good afternoon and how are you doing? And please, you can give me your WhatsApp number and we want to chat and know each other.“ That’s so dear of Elizabeth, that I put her to my favorites. I would like to send her my kisses. But unfortunately that’s not yet allowed, as I don’t have a gold membership. Goodbye, sexy Negress. See you later.


But I was wrong. Elizabeth is my free contact for today. I see her photos in the profile. She is an enchanting, very erotic girl from Cape Town. She wants to be married. I click on „contact information“. After that I receive her data by email. Now I can write to the seductive African woman outside of Kisses of Africa. My email provider confirms that this address really exists. I am curious how the story goes on.

The next day I get a message from Lizza (29) from Namibia: „Hi dear nice to meet you, I am Lizza, how do you feel?“ She describes herself as loving, tender and sexy. The last one is true. This darling is an extraordinary beautiful African woman with a spectacular figure. Unfortunately, I cannot flirt with the beauty from Africa. I have no gold membership yet. I cannot do everything at the same time: write a review about Kisses of Africa and communicate with the sweet black ladies.

Esther (26) from the Ivory Coast has registered at Kisses of Africa to find a loving life partner. She hates men who play dishonest games with African women. But I don’t like her photos. Girls with a short hair are not my taste.

After I have defined my search settings (see below), there is again a message in the mailbox. Law (30) from Zambia (near the Victoria Falls) wants to get to know me. She prefers mature men. The picture shows a pretty woman with an African necklace. Law from Zambia has small breasts. She describes herself as an intelligent sunshine girl who enjoys jogging and hiking in the mountains. The African darling is looking for a loyal, friendly man. I put her profile to my favorites to contact her later, if I have more time.


Profiles at the dating site Kisses of Africa

Young African women to flirt
Angelle (27) from Tunisia has everything that so many men dream of. A beautiful face, shapely breasts, elegance and a sexy butt to bite on. She writes in French, her English is modest. Playboys should stay away from her. Angelle is a curious African woman. She enjoys sports and likes to swim in the Mediterranean. Guys who pinch her ass get into trouble with her brother Ali.

Among the young women from Africa is Agnes (25) from Ghana. I could watch this picture for hours. I don’t know why. Her sex appeal shows in the beautiful darkbrown legs. But many African women have that. I especially like this harmonious and well- proportioned face. I don’t know how to describe it. Agnes just looks divine. The black girl has a Rasta hairstyle. I would immediately take this African beauty to be my girlfriend, although that’s unrealistic. Her wished husband should be calm and at least 36 years old.

Many men from the USA, Canada and England dream of an attractive African woman like Vivien (27) from Nigeria. She has beautiful legs, feminine curves and an Afro hairstyle. A slim girl who enjoys going out, to visit friends and to travel. The Nigerian is looking for a guy from the West to marry. Unfortunately, she doesn’t describe her dream man.

Africans online
Florence (34) from Uganda looks pretty sexy in the pink dress. She is looking for a man for a „relation sérieuse“, a serious relationship. By African conditions, she seems to be an society lady. Two pictures show Florence in elegant evening dresses.

Harriet (30) from Zambia is not quite so elegant. She has a prolific pelvis. As she sits in the miniskirt on the table or in white shorts in the parking spot, you could fuck her immediately. The African has a soft, friendly disposition, but also a strong character. Harriet likes to wear stylish clothes, as I see in the photos. Her heart’s desire: to marry a good man and to have some children.

New registered African women
Leah (30) from Nairobi / Kenya does not meet my expectations. We both like going to the sauna. Otherwise, I cannot find anything positive about her. Better is Serwaa (26). She is a little corpulent lady from the south of Africa, from Namibia. Whoever finds chubby girls attractive will like this photos.

The skin color of this Afro woman is more brown than black. I see a piercing at her bellybutton. She emphasizes that she has no children and was always single. Girl, who should believe that? With your sexy figure, every evening are 10 men on the doorstep.

Negress at the wild danceMost beautiful photos at Kiss of Africa
Agnes (29) from Senegal is a bit brawny. She is sitting on the bed as if waiting for her lover. Or not? The eyes look a bit childish and innocent. I could massage those round breasts. And now comes the sensation: the African wants an older man over 50. Attention please, you seniors from all over the world. Here is a young black woman with a father complex.

Coeur (32) from Abidjan / Ivory Coast looks just girlish. She flirts and chats only with foreign men under 46 years. The beautician is 1.79 tall and has a slim body. Intimacy and romance are important to her in a relationship. The dream man should have the same hobbies if possible. She doesn’t write which hobbies that are. Maybe the erotic belongs to it.

„Sweetheart“ (38) from Mozambique is also one of the „most beautiful photos“ at Kisses of Africa. In these big breasts I could sink into a deep sleep or get wild thoughts. When the sexy bitch from East Africa beats in the rider position her big tits around the man’s ears, the eardrum will burst. Sweetheart is a strong African woman. She is looking for a nice gentleman with a preference for voluptuous girls.

Big African women with a superior sex appeal
At the dating site Kisses of Africa, I see again and again very tall women. For example, Linda (39) from Congo. The lady with the red colored, curly hair has a height of 1.73. Far more attractive is Stephanie (31) from Cape Town. The South African woman stands beneath a red Toyota. Whoever wants to lead her to the altar should be at least 1.75 tall. She likes men who are environmentally conscious and climate-friendly. He lives healthy and buys her elegant clothes.

Evelyn (29) from Ghana is tall as an African giraffe. An extremely sexy giraffe however. But not so slim as the animals from the African Serengeti. She has some meat on the ribs and on the bum. She wants to spoil the man with very much love. I can well imagine that. In the text she writes twice that she seriously looks for a soulmate. When kissing her, I would have to stand on a beer box.

Alice (37) from the Ivory Coast is also one of the Eiffel Towers of this world. A tall, slender African woman with a deep black ebony skin. Sport and travel play an important role in her life. The dream man from distant countries can look forward to a hardworking, optimistic life companion who would like to start a family. Alice is not a young chicken anymore. There is not much time left to have children.

African women who match well with me
Ashanti (35) from Morocco is one of my partner proposals at Kisses of Africa. A very attractive woman with a mysterious oriental look. Many men will fall in love with her beauty. This may also apply to Aminata (27) from Liberia. She is a petite, romantic bride with very good English skills. With some Africans, a man has to make an inquiry if he wants to see more photos. The Moroccan wants to show her pictures only to guys who seem to be serious.

The next of the matching women is Char (33) from Cameroon. She recently tried to chat with me. The insurance employee from Yaoundé has an appetite-stimulating figure and a good body mass index. She describes herself as romantic, god-fearing and obedient.

This poor African woman has never heard of emancipation, I suppose. She also demands a photo request. At Kisses of Africa that feature is for free. I click on the button and I don’t see anything about buying a gold membership. Let’s go, Afro-Lady: send me some more pictures!

I get another chat offer. Soliana (25) from Angola writes me a long romantic message. She is really the greatest. You can take it literally. At 1.84, the strong African student could easily spit on my head. Three women want to chat with me at the moment, I am a superman!

I would like to flirt with the next women. And let me show the secrets of African art of love. Sweety (28) from Tanzania is an impressive lady with a size of 1.70. And with strong thighs, almost like an African elephant. The girl with the big ass may not sit on me during sex. The hot minx would squash my poor dick. Sweetie from Tanzania wants a flirt partner and a husband who is at least 6 years older. She likes to make new experiences in life, she writes. She will certainly have many opportunities for that at Kisses of Africa.

Mary (29) from Swaziland looks delicious like a black cherry cake. Oh baby, you make me crazy. If you really look like you do in the picture, you are my African dream woman. Mary has exciting tits and beautiful brown legs. Many men will like to have her in bed.

The African woman describes herself as friendly and caring. She wants to make her husband happy. I have no doubt about that. I add her to my top ladies. She will see that in her profile. Maybe she will write a chat message. Or I will contact Mary later with my gold membership.

Miriam (35) from the South African city East London is wearing a bikini on the beach of the Indian Ocean. I thought I had already found my dream woman from Africa with Mary. But Miriam also looks very erotic. She has fine facial features, a coffee brown complexion and red sensual lips. I am sure, the African doctor makes many men crazy in the webcam chat.

Get to know African ladies from North America
Many thousands of Africans or women of African descent live in North America, Great Britain, Australia and Canada. Many are married. Others are still single or they are separated. This offers an enormous potential, especially in big cities, to meet an African girlfriend or the future wife in one’s homeland. If you want to speed up the process a little bit, you could try the dating site Kisses of Africa. I have seen many attractive Africans there. And I have chatted with them.

Agnes (41) from Detroit, was born in Africa. The bra must carry two heavy weights. The images give deep insights into her erotic cleavage. Nevertheless, the African-American makes only few demands on her partner. A guy from 50 and more is good for her. Agnes really wants to marry, but only a man who has no children. She promises never to leave the mature man, and never have sex with another one. I’m not sure about this, Agnes. You look too hot to be faithful.

„Love“ (29) is the name of a young Negress from Dallas, Texas. The Democrats of the US will scold me for this word as an anti-immigrant racist. The girl from Dallas writes: „I’m waiting for you.“ According to the profile, this African woman is humorous, sexy, fond of children and sympathetic. Partnership means for her trust, patience, attention, sexual attraction and harmony. The dream type may also be a bit older than her.

Africans from other English-speaking countries
British or Australian men who want to flirt with an African woman from their homeland, also have good chances at Kisses of Africa.

Cecilia (27) from London is a black sugar babe. She could imagine loving a man who is 45 or even 50 years old. He will be impressed by her sexy butt. The African from England says she is peaceful and willing to compromise. I cite: „I do all things with love.“ That will please the mature man. In one picture, she has a lollipop in the mouth. Is the black woman dreaming of a thick shaft?

Kyere (27) lives in Sidney / Australia. The educated African works as a designer. Kyere is single and has no children. Living alone, she is looking for her „soul mate“. A kind-hearted guy who wants to make her a child. With this seductive figure, the man would have to be impotent if she doesn’t become pregnant.

I pick out an African woman from Ireland. Roxyn (33), in the picture below, is 1.77 tall. The saleswoman from Dublin is looking for a man to marry. She also wants to bear children. The Irish woman emphasizes her conservative, creative and romantic character.


An unforgettable date with a lovely African girl
I read in an internet forum the report of the American Joe. The highlight of his experience with African women was the date with a very pretty Afro girl (23 years) in New York.

Before he had flirted with many single ladies at Kisses of Africa. He wanted to feel the flair and the proximity of an attractive black African woman in real life. Do they really look as graceful as they appear in the profiles at Kisses of Africa?

Joe writes he fell in love with the magical black girl at the meeting. Her name was Abiola, born on the beautiful island of Mauritius. She was a bit naive. She didn’t know at all how attractive, sensual and sexy she appeals to men.

Joe continues: after a phone call, we met near Kennedy Airport. Since I just came back from the Florida vacation. We ate sushi, and I made with the African girl a long sunny walk on the Hudson River. We saw some of New York’s sights: Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building and the Central Park.

While sightseeing, she told the American about the beauty of her African island. Of the green jungles, monkeys, turtles and palm beaches. She also told him of the beautiful women in Mauritius. And by the young tourists who admire ladies in bikinis on the beach like a world wonder. They guys constantly try to flirt with young Africans, with their dark brown skin and want to kiss the girls.

The African beauty talked about the university in New York, about the students. Also about her yearning for a firm boyfriend, because she feels lonely in the strange city. Abiola did not talk about marriage wishes. She was quite affectionate and clingy. She always wanted to hold Joe’s hand while walking along the river. First, the African woman has to finish her studies in New York. She does not know whether she will stay in the USA after that, but the tourist island in the Indian Ocean offers her no career chances.

The American continues to report in the forum: The allure was strong to start a love affair with this exotic beauty from Africa, to be permanently with her. Especially after Joe had kissed her tenderly. Then he thought that the lovely, erotic African girl is probably too young and too beautiful for him. He could almost be her father.

He did not want to bring the sexy black student to a hotel. She was too good for that. He could have exploited the situation and have sex with the African woman. „You can feel the sexual desire of a lady when you embrace her body and play with her tongue.“ But Joe was not unscrupulous enough to be a seducer.


Get to know pretty women from abroad

Sexy single-ladies from Brazil

Lonely living women from Eastern Europe

Spend vacation with beautiful ladies


Create a dating profile for free
After this sad-romantic story, I finally had to make an account at Kisses of Africa. First with my age, my birthday, my nationality and then my name. I am asked: what are you looking for? I say: a solid relationship. It’s useless to click on „friendship“. All woman from Africa want to get married.

Later the African single site will give me the opportunity to read the contact details of the ladies. If a pretty African lady belongs to my contacts, she will see my full profile. Including my WhatsApp number, which I write now in the profile. I say that my English is well and my French is mediocre. Language skills are important for sexy black girls who still live on the black continent.

The single women from Africa need information about my physique. I enter my weight and size. And I make clear that I am divorced. The free account is completed by my profession, and by uploading two photos. By these I show the girls of the dating agency what an irresistible type I am. Next to the picture I write a comment about it.

The contact site with so many thousands of black beauties leads me now to a page where I describe my search exactly. I say: I am only interested in women. I do not care about children. I can vary the age of my wished darling. Cause I would like to see more mature ladies for my review, I choose the age 23 to 47 years. So that the beauties from Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and from the Ivory Coast, can get an idea what is important to me in a relationship, I call my priorities. I click on trust, harmony, romance, intimacy, hobbies and common friends. Then I click on my hobbies. Finally, the time has come, I am at the dating area of Kisses of Africa.

I see there the African ladies, which I have already described above. Now the dating could start. But my contact chances are limited. Because I’m still a free standard member. To eliminate this handicap, I will later invest 31 US dollars. I can contact African women for 4 weeks. And try how it works with flirting. I will test this by meeting some young, sexy black women in the webcam chat.


The demands on an African woman
In order to find an African girlfriend in my homeland or a sexy beauty from the black continent, I have several options. For example, on the homepage there are photos of Africans who are currently online. There you can see very pretty pictures that encourage the man to open profiles, and to estimate the qualities of African girls.

In the „Matches“, Kisses shows black women who match my personality. In these proposals, I see a picture, the age, the country and details of the figure. I prefer to use the detailed search. There I decide that I only want to get to know African girls who have uploaded at least one photo to the ad. I want to know how attractive they look. In no case doo I want to flirt with fat women.

In order to steer my partner search in the right direction, I am now allowed to determine how old my sweetheart should be. I am modest and say: 25 to 35 years young. I don’t want to have any contact to mothers with children. Since I find big African women especially erotic, I choose the height between 1.65 to 1.75. I determine the ideal body weight with 60 to 70 kilos. I want to have something in my hands when I cuddle with my sweetheart.

The contact site Kisses of Africa now knows how my dream woman from Africa should be. I don’t make any entries for the countries. My darling may come from all states and countries where African women live. The education is not so very important. She should be a non-smoker. So that after the sex and when we are a couple, she will not make the apartment full of fog.

Erotic preferences are not available in the search settings. It would be interesting to know what makes an African woman hot during foreplay and when we fuck. Such things I have to ask the black women later. Not in the chat, but when I meet her. 

A prudish girl from Africa, who silently lays on the back and spreads her legs, would be less desirable than a horny slut, who sits down while fucking my cock and determines the thrust rhythm. Everything is perfect. I described my ideal African wife. Kisses of Africa shows suitable ladies who match my fantasies for a good partner or a sexy girlfriend.


Flirting with an African single woman
I open the profile of Kravites (27) from Uganda. She belongs to my admirers. That means: she has added me to her favorite men. This young black girl seems to be a little crazy. She shows very frisky pictures in the profile. As if she is sure to find her sweetheart at Kisses of Africa. She should be successful in this with her stunning legs.

How do I flirt with her? The African is currently online. I click on „Start chat“ and write a few words in the window. Hello beautiful lady, I would like to talk to you for a little time. Please come to the chat. „I am waiting for you“ is better than „I am hot for you.“ I send the message, and I look forward to a funny conversation with this young woman from Uganda.

But Kisses of Africa says again: „no, my friend“. I should become a gold member. Then I can chat with all Africans and get to know them in the live chat. I have enough of it now. I transfer a few dollars to the African dating agency. After that, Kravites from Uganda is not online anymore. I have to look for another flirt partner.


Prices for contacts with Africans

Free options at Kisses of Africa

  • Registration is free and creating an ad
  • Show my photos to the Africans
  • View profiles of the ladies, including their snapshots
  • See the top pictures of African women
  • Receive and read chat messages
  • Detailed search for my African dream girl
  • Save women, I like most, at my favorites
  • Face black women, who like me very much at the „admirers“
  • One free contact every day

For what do you have to pay money?

  • Flirting in the live chat, you can write there with girls
  • Meet lovely African women in webcam chat
  • Answer contact inquiries
  • Continue contacts when the membership has run out

The costs for finding an African girlfriend
Someone who needs more time to search for the dream partner, should buy an annual membership. This costs $13.51 per month. If you hope to find your African darling within half a year, you can book the membership for 6 months. Price: 20.27 USD a month.

If a man is confident to conquer the heart of an African lady within a quarter, the 3-month membership will be enough for $27.02 dollars per month. If you want to test the dating site for 4 weeks, you can choose between a one-time payment (40.54 USD) and a subscription with an extension at the end of 4 weeks (31.27 USD).

I think you cannot go wrong here. Maybe 6 months are the golden compromise. Then you have enough time to look around in the profiles of the Africans and to find nice contacts.


Flirting in the video chat of Kisses of Africa
For this fine feature, it’s necessary that the man and the Negro girl speak the same language. Usually it will be English or French. Native Africans may also speak Congolese, Swahili, Moroccan, Igbo, Tigrinya, Nilo-Saharan or Bantu – depending on the region where they live.

At the beginning, you should politely welcome the lady from Africa. Then you make compliments about the dress, about the attractive appearance, the beautiful face or the hip Afro hairstyle. The chat partner will be happy to hear that. Now the nervousness has gone. You can tell the pretty African something about your everyday life and free time. Ask her a little about her hobbies and parents, brothers and sisters. 

You can try to create a romantic mood while chatting. That will delight the black girl. Maybe you have a candle on the computer desk. Or you hang a red heart around your neck. Romance can also be achieved with sensitive words.

When flirting with Africans, the room can suddenly get very hot. This is not because of the heater or the sunbeams, but by the sex appeal of the lady. You have to keep calm now, and not to get crazy by her beautiful breasts, the deep neckline, the red lips or the kiss mouth. Probably the African girl is just excited as you. Because for her, too, it’s about a happy future.

If she looks very sexy in the camera: that’s no coincidence. Then she certainly intends to impress you. To make you horny or to fall in love and maybe to start something serious. Try to hide how charmed you are by her sex appeal.

First you just talk banal things. About her earrings, the logo on the T-shirt, about the beautiful hair that you like to touch. Avoid talking about her black skin color. She might feel uncomfortable by that. Perhaps she has heard somewhere that many primitive white men regard a colored woman as inferior or stupid.


Date with an African woman
If she lives in your country (USA, Great Britain, Australia, South Africa), you could make a phone call after a pleasant flirt. Or you arrange a date in the webcam chat of Kisses of Africa.

If you want to visit the exotic women in her African homeland, please give her enough time to get used to this idea. Keep logging in to Kisses of Africa. Meet her again and again in chat. I would ask her playfully to get up from the chair. To have a look at the figure of the African lady. So you will not be disappointed at the meeting. I have aversion to very fat women.

Someday the right time will come for a date. You will book a two-week vacation in Africa. You will think about how to arrange the meeting in Cape Town, Windhoek, Dar es Salaam, Nairobi, London or New Orleans. And what gifts you have to buy for the travel to Africa. Maybe a book about the USA, Canada or Great Britain. So she learns to understand the western culture and she gets to know the sights of your country.


Summary: how good is Kisses of Africa?
A young man or a divorcee who wishes an African woman as a girlfriend, as a wife or as an escort girl for a holiday in Africa, will not find a portal with better contact functions than Kisses of Africa.

The chance to find the right partner among thousands of Africans is a good. Because many singles are always logged in and are available for the chat. African women answer for sure. That is also an important factor. For dating sites in your own country, you have to make 10 salto mortale before a lady writes back.

The Africans of this the dating site are not refugees. They come mostly from West Africa and East African countries. Not from North Africa and not from the extremely poor Saharan states south of Libya.

With the intercultural partner search at Kisses of Africa, we find members almost from all over the black continent. Almost all ladies have a black skin. Most live in Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana. Many African girls live in Uganda, Cameroon and the Ivory Coast.

I saw a lot of African women from Zambia, from Togo and Zaire. The South African Republic is not so present. Not even the Arab countries in the north of Africa. I don’t know the reasons for that, maybe because of Islam.

At foreign contact sites, the singles have rarely a dating app available. At Kisses of Africa it’s different. With the app you can write on the mobile phone or flirt in webcam chat. That’s a big advantage, if you are steadily out of house.

To create my review of Kisses of Africa authentically, I have purchased a gold membership. In 4 weeks I reached more than 150 contacts. But it’s not the quantity that brings dating success, but the quality of contacts.

I got to know 10 Africans intensively in the video chat. I was pleased about their cultivated manners, the good English skills and the sexy appearance of these lovely black women.

I expected the ladies would wish to meet me as soon as possible. But that’s not true. Most Africans are careful against foreigners. They don’t want to have a date with a guy who’s planning a sex adventure instead of loving and marrying them. Probably many Afro girls have made bad experiences or heard of sex tourists.

What I try to say: the registration at Kisses of Africa can definitely be worthwhile, if you behave fairly and like a gentlemen to Africans. The single ladies are very motivated to find a husband from abroad. They are pretty modest compared to western ladies and easier to lead. That’s the conclusion of my experiences with the dating site.


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