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Erotic Latin girls and wet dreams
Many of the most beautiful women in the world live in Latin America. So it’s not surprising that single men from Europe and North America are looking for love with Latinas in the Caribbean, South America and Central America. Comparing all continents, the ladies from Latin America have the greatest sex appeal for white men. is a dating site that enables contacts between Latinas and single men from all over the world. The shy guy who is rejected by his native women finds promising dating opportunities among thousands of profiles.

Many exotic South American and Caribbean beauties are interested in flirting, chatting and often in a firm relationship – so that even in the virtual world a love story can develop. At Latin Love, men have the chance to find a life partner – or sex partner – who is clearly younger than him, and much more attractive and beautiful than the ladies in his country.

The Latinas of this dating site live in the following South American countries: Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile and Paraguay. In the Central American countries: Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras and El Salvador. In the Caribbean: Dominican Republic, Bahamas and Cuba.

There is a colorful mixture of cultures and ethnic groups on Latin Love: African-American women, white (Hispanic) Latinas, Indian girls and the sexiest of all, the mulattos with their chocolate brown skin.

The world-famous Copacabana belongs to Latin America. Men who have vacationed on the Brazilian beach of Rio rave about the most beautiful women of the world. Sexy Brazilian ladies fascinate tourists on the beach with their crisp brown body, with an erotic butt and hip swings. The same can be said of the dream beaches in the Caribbean. Male singles will find here a pussy paradise with horny Latinas. So many of them want to flirt with a white man and drag him to bed.

In this post I will give you examples of marriage-willing Latinas from different countries. I will explain the functions and prices of Latin Love. I have tips for dealing and flirting with hot Latinas. And I will provide a final analysis of the dating site.


Profiles of the Latinas
Latin America is not as poor as many perceive, as many Latinas look well fed. They have big breasts and a magnificent bosom. Many women are over 1.70 tall and with a beautiful brown or black skin.

Single women from Cuba
Cubans are highly focused in finding partners at Latin Love. One of them is Sulay (41). She’s a very attractive black woman with a fantastic figure, and always in a good mood as her pictures show. At 1.73, Sulay is quite tall and speaks some English, which gives this sexy Cuban lady some advantages in men. Many guys will wish for a hot adventure in bed with this thoroughbred negro girl – a fuck of the extra class. But Sulay doesn’t want that, she only wants a serious candidate.

Hot Brazilian women
At Latin Love you will find lots of single women from Brazil who are interested in a relationship. I like the coffee brown Latina hybrids best. Livia (40) is such a magnificent woman from the seaport Natal. She wants to meet guys up to 50 years old. At the end of flirting and chatting with the man of her choice there should be a wedding. This is her dream.

Anna (37) is one of the few white-skinned women from Brazil. She looks very attractive in the beach dress and costume. Her well-spoken English will be of use for this optimistic, sociable Latina in webcam flirting with men from Europe and North America. More than 4,000 clicks in just a few months suggest that many lonely men want to get to know her. This sexy woman from Latin America has not yet decided which man she wants. Slightly younger is the Brazilian Liliane (35), an absolutely horny black woman who brings so many sinful thoughts to the men she meets.

Sexy Latinas from Mexico
From Mexico I saw only a few women at the dating site Latin Love. Ariela (39), for example, has a mediocre appearance but her pictures show a friendly face. The humorous Mexican from Guadalajara speaks good English and prefers men up to 50 and intimacy (whatever that means).

Young beautiful Latin women
Obviously, dating is a lot of fun with younger women. Many men middle-age and older want a youthful, crisp Latina as a life partner and in bed, as this can lead to a very entertaining life.

Yani (27) from Cuba is a black sexy Latina. Her 1.70 and the slim figure make this young lady from Guantanamo highly desirable for unmarried men. Since she is single and without children, she does not have to be as modest as she is. To relax, she likes to make a massage. I would like to be there, and maybe we can massage each other.

Ana (23) from Peru is one of the youngest Latinas at Latin Love. A very pretty lady from Lima. Unfortunately, she shows only one picture. Gabrielle (30) from Bolivia is one of the many tall ladies from South America. The attractive beauty from Santa Cruz is of Spanish descent with a relatively light skin. Gabrielle is interested in marriage. You have to speak a bit of Spanish to flirt with her or you have to use the Google translator.

Our travel goes back to the Caribbean. Estefani (26) lives in the Dominican Republic. Mamma Mia, this young Latina has big breasts. In one picture she shows – lying on the bed – sexy legs. In her leisure she likes to do sports. Estefani needs that because with 70 kg weight and 1.70 height she has a few pounds too much. This brown-skinned Latina also is aiming for a wedding with a foreigner.

Hola! Narcisa (25) is an excitingly good looking African-American from the Caribbean. She lives in Havana, the capital of Cuba. With the two photos, she will wake up and shake the minds of many lonely men at Latin Love. Imagine this: a vacation in Cuba and later in a relationship to tame a black wildcat… Can anything be hotter? She describes herself as an amiable person who doesn’t want a young man. Her partner should be 40 to 45 years of age.

Almost all enchanting Latinas of this dating service live in South America or on the Caribbean islands, but also on other continents. The home of Rosa (27) is the French Atlantic coast. Single men who like vivacious, plump, erotic women, will find her to be the perfect wife. This young red wine lover from Bordeaux wants to finish her life as a single soon. She looks forward to chat contacts from Europe and America.

Logged in ladies
If you want to start a flirt quickly, you should look at beautiful Latinas that are currently online. An example at the moment is Jacquelin Maven (33) from Ecuador in South America. A hot lady with erotic legs in short blue jeans. Despite her fantastic appearance, it will not be easy for her to find a life partner with her 8-year-old daughter, even if she has nice black curls.

New women at Latin Love
Ariane (29) lives in La Paz / Bolivia. She is one of the single ladies who recently signed up at Latin Love. Ariane is a good example of an extreme sexy Latina. She has firm legs, which awake erotic dreams with me. The young Bolivian looks a bit girlish. She describes herself as a funny, sentimental woman. The dream man should have a sense of eroticism. He should travel to Bolivia to meet her.

The Latinas from the Dominican Republic are well known to many male Caribbean vacationers. Most girls look exotic and slinky. So also Mariella (33) from the capital Santo Domingo. She proudly walks along the beach in a bikini. I imagine that all men there have a stiff penis.

Mariella is not too slim, not too fat. She has just the right female curves to make a man happy. He should be educated, athletic and have a „buena resistencia“, a good stamina. Oh girl, you are very direct.


The top Latinas
At the top pictures of Latin Love we may expect snapshots, which look eminently hot. My dating experiences confirm that.

The Colombian Laura (21) is one of the youngest girls on the Latina dating site. Sexy Laura from Cali only wants to flirt with strong men. The photo shows her in a purple bikini, with seductive little breasts. She’s just drinking a cocktail of Pina Colada. To satisfy the hot, dark-skinned student, the husband should not only make her happy in bed, but also have romantic feelings for the Latin-Babe.

The next women lives on the sunny island of Cuba. There are many tanned, hot girls waiting to fall in love with a foreigner. Naomi’s (41) best years are over. But for a mature man from the US or Canada, she is certainly worth a trip to the Caribbean. The exotic lies with her beautiful slim gazelle figure in a pink bikini under a palm tree. I would like to sit next to her. Or to lay down on her right now and make her naked. The photos of the Cuban woman are really top.

Compared to Naomi, the younger Jennifer (34) from Colombia looks mediocre. But the white-skinned Latina also delights the men of Latin Love with a high degree of sex appeal. In a photo she is lying on the bed. That’s a good start. Jennifer from Bogota works in marketing. The dream man should have a healthy lifestyle and do sports.

Top is also the snapshot of Sarah (24) from Paraguay. The 1.72 tall lady from San Isidro needs only one picture to attract the attention from men. It shows the slim woman from South America wearing a bikini at the pool. The Latina beauty would be ready to leave her country for the right man. She wants to have children soon.

Maritt (30) from Peru still lives in her home country. The most exciting picture shows her in a topless dress with beautiful apple breasts. The profile of the Peruvian doesn’t contain much information. With so sparse statements she must be very self-confident to be successful in her partner search.

Isabella (36) is a beautiful Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro. Two photos show her in sexy costumes at the Rio Carnival. These horny pictures make the male viewer hot for sex. Brazilians are considered the most exciting women in the world. Isabella is an absolute dream girl for erotic loving men up to 50. This amazon from Rio is good in English and certainly also in bed.

Big sexy women at Latin Love
The South Americans and the ladies from the Caribbean are strikingly tall. Every third – especially the black ladies – have a height of over 1.70. I have already mentioned some of them above. A particularly horny black lady is Loraine (36) from Cuba. A dream woman with a height of 1.76. Even a man of 75 years would like to fuck her.

The Cuban girl is looking for a cheerful and honest guy. With him she wants to start a family and make new experiences. Eroticism and the family are more important to Lorraine than traveling, amusement and sports. She would never be unfaithful and never flirt with other men. Can I really believe that?

Mature Latinas at Latin Love
Before we come to the emigrated Latinas in North America, let’s take a look at the elder ladies. One of them lives in Europe: Juliane (44) from the Spanish seaport of Barcelona. The photos show a full-figured woman, also in mini skirt. The Spanish Latina describes herself as fanciful, curious, animal-loving and cozy. Her biggest wish is to live with an old-school cavalier. With a guy who likes summer vacation on the southern Spanish Costa del Sol, on Tenerife or Majorca.

Another mature Latina is Romina (46) from Mexico. She is a full-blooded woman for an older man over 50. In the pictures you see how sexy and erotic ladies over 45 can still be. I cannot take my eyes off her curves for a long time. Amore mio mexicana, the teacher from Mexico City is looking for a husband to marry. She doesn’t leave any doubt about that. She wants a guy with moral values. Romina is humorous. She writes in the welcome text: Hola caballeros, a big kiss from me…

The English-speaking women at Latin come from a wide range of countries outside Latin America. From Canada, Australia, South Africa, USA, England, Ireland, Philippines, Thailand, Germany, Haiti, Kenya and Italy.

Latinas from North America
Diana (25) lives in Phoenix, Arizona. With 1.75 she is a really big Latin American girl. The black lady looks incredibly charming and hot. Diana likes to have a massage. Damned, I would do it for you for free.

An equally hot slut is Carlotta (32) from Orlando. I see a curly head with black skin and sweet little tits. The attractive Latina from the sunshine state Florida has a child of 9 years. Her demands are accordingly modest. The dream man at Latin Love should have one thing above all: a good heart.

Maria (37) from Ottawa is 1,75 tall. Her future partner may already have children. The photos arouse the sexual fantasy of every man. The Latina from Canada describes herself as a “nike girl”, which is supposed to mean nice girl. That means: friendly, kind and humorous.

The native of Jamaica is a delicious and strong eroticizing woman for kissing, cuddling and supernatural good sex. She wants to find a realistic man at Latin Love. But also one who understands her needs and desires for love, tenderness and romance. It will not be easy for you, Maria from Canada. Just take me to as your man, then you’ll get everything. I will hear your heartbeat on your breasts every day. And I will cover your chocolate-colored Latina skin with hot kisses.


How dating in Latin America begins?
Signing up for Latin Love is easy. I come to the homepage of the dating site. There, no erotic-looking Latina in a bikini, in a thong or hot suspenders awaits me. No lady who yearns for love and kisses with teary eyes. But I see a romantic couple at sunset on a Caribbean beach.

I give my personal details and my email connection. I write that I am interested in a strong bond with a sexy Latina. Latin Love asks for information about my height, weight, education, job and my alcohol consumption. At the end I may upload some photos. And introduce myself to the black women and chocolate ladies from Latin America with a few sentences.

If you want to improve your chances of being considered a potential husband by the Latinas, you should complete your ad. I click on what I find most important in life and in partnership. How much I am interested in romance, sex or traveling. Latin Love is a portal with mostly beautiful, emotional, strong Latinas with a stable body. I think it will be useful that I evaluate the most erotic, love, curiosity, intimacy and romantic hours.

At the end of the sign up, I describe how I assess myself: attractive, friendly, creative, entertaining and optimistic. This is roughly the same as the characteristics of most Caribbean and Copacabana women. So I will win the sympathy of many girls. And soon I will chat with some Latinas.

Looking for the ideal woman
Shortly after the login, I get some chat offers. Different Latinas want to get to know me. A crispy, luscious beauty with sexy brown skin is writing a message. I read a mixture of Spanish and English words: Hola Senor, como estas? I am nice mujer atractiva Mercedes from Republica Dominicana. I amor hombre. Oh my god, what gibberish!

I’m sorry, beautiful senorita. I’ll click you away. Although the photos of the young woman heat up my libido. I feel the desire to grab her and fuck the hot thing with passion. But it’s necessary that I am structured and not confused, searching for a pretty Latina. Since she is my first real sweetheart on the Latin American continent, I save her with my favorite women. Latin Love calls this „favorites“.

Soon I have six female admirers, who are looking for a foreigner. Despite of flirting and joking: the only desire of most Latinas is to find a serious man for a common future. This can be read in the personal ads of the graceful black, white and coffee brown ladies.

How do you find targeted and effective a woman from the tropics of South America? For example, from Copacabana, from Havana, from Manaus on the Amazon, from the beaches of Colombia, from Buenos Aires or from the Dominican Republic. Latin Love indicates at the „Online Members“ Latinas who are currently present. There you can look at the photos. And try to start a chat conversation.

Unfortunately, I realized in my review of Latin Love that contacts are not easy. If I want to start the chat, the message comes: you are not allowed to flirt with this lady. Please upgrade the membership to a gold account. The same happens when I try to get a lady’s contact information. Also, the email address, the Skype name and the phone number are only available with a premium account.

Another great way to find his Latin American sweetheart are the contact suggestions of Latin Love. I click on „Lists“. Then on „Partner matches“. Now I see on several pages pretty Latinas, who hope for a partnership with similar things as me. I control this in several profiles. The voluptuous Iliana from Cuba (42), the Brazilian Claudia (35) and Martha (28) from the Dominican Republic have in the ad similar expectations as me.

With so many erotic photos, many men will become horny. They can’t stop looking to the butts, the pretty faces and the well-formed bodies. The top women at Latin Love are an erotic feast for the eyes of a man with an big appetite. But you should not waste too much time with it, if you really want to find your Latina darling.

Sweet Carolina from Maracaibo in Venezuela. Jessica from Mexico City with the sexy mouth. Or the Johanna from Bogota / Colombia. All the girls have an overwhelming sex appeal. This leads in wet man dreams. Dreams as I said. Only if he is a fairly attractive man, he will have a chance at these exceptionally beautiful Latinas.

The most effective way to find a suitable dream woman from Latin America is the detailed search of the dating site. There are many ways to describe the longed for darling or even a holiday companion. Depending on where you are traveling, you may enter different states in Latin America. Or you leave this option open. If you want to find a Latina girlfriend in the UK, Canada or the US, you can even click on specific cities.

The age is important for the dating at Latin Love. Important for the visual attractiveness is the weight and figure of a lady. Latinas are usually not restrictive in terms of age difference. This also concerns to Asian and African women. If the man is 10 years older than the exotic, he does not need to get a headache. Even 15 or 18 years of difference in age are often tolerated.

Language is another important factor in Latina dating. Most ladies speak Spanish. In Brazil, Portuguese is the national language. The easiest way is to flirt with ladies who speak English.

I tried without a knowledge of Spanish to chat with a charming woman from Argentina. The internet has an excellent tool for that: the Google translator. You will get used to it very fast. Soon an answer takes only 30 seconds. Patricia (32) from Argentina left me so much time.

Latin American woman wants sexI was surprised about what the lively tango dancer from Buenos Aires told me. She described her life and the misery in the capital of Argentina, and without shame her dating experience at Latin Love. A supposed enchanter from Paris visited the Argentine in Buenos Aires. The player type from France didn’t want to dance salsa or tango. Not even the erotic Lambada. Instead, he wanted to grab Patricia’s panties on the first evening.

She gave the lecher a slap. Adios amigo y jodete: Go home and fuck yourself. The temperamental Latina from Argentina is not looking for a sex adventure. She prefers a husband who wants to have a baby with her and who supports her in good and bad times.

Apropos children: this is also a wish you can express in the detail search of Latin Love. You can click that this topic is not important. Or that a woman may have children. You can also choose the relationship priorities that a lady should have. Many Latinas are romantic. For others, physical closeness and trust are the most important thing. At the end I click on „Search“. The dating site shows me now matching profiles.


What does a sexy Latina want? Always bang or what?

The charm of the unknown
My Argentine girlfriend hast answered the question whether women from Latin America are frivolous girls or hussies. Exceptions will always exist. In Latin Love you will find some young and mature erotic ladies who want to be conquered. And also seduced for sex by a sophisticated, high-class and experienced man from Europe, Canada or the US.

Japanese and Chinese are not welcome to the Latinas. Because the usually splendid grown, tall Latina with long legs and thick breasts does not want a garden gnome from Tokyo, Hiroshima, Bangkok or Beijing. She prefers a masculine guy (gladly with a strong penis) from Berlin, London, New York, Vancouver, Cape Town or New Orleans. He should be able to fuck her passionately, sometimes softly or hard. And to provide in the partnership a certain protection and a harmonious family life.

Many women and also men prefer in love and sex exactly what they don’t know yet – the mysterious, the unusual. For many white men it is boring to fuck a woman from Europe or North America. They have done this a thousand times. They dream secretly to have an exotic girl in bed. A seductive, beautiful, wild beloved from southern countries: from Thailand, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico or Africa.

Some hot-blooded white ladies with an insatiable pussy also have erotic dreams. They travel to the Caribbean or to Africa to be fucked by a young brawny black stallion from Kenya, Ghana, Jamaica or Cuba. This can also be seen in tourist centers. We see that sometimes on the streets of Europe or on the Malibu Beach of California. When an American or a German woman goes arm in arm and kissing with a dark-skinned man.

The Latina is hot on the gringo, the bleached face. And he is lustful for pretty ladies from South America. The sexual desire of Latin girls is not only aimed at his horny cock, but also on his otherness. Italians, Spaniards, Greeks and Turks have worse chances with the Latina than an American, Australian or an Englishman. Although men from southern Europe are similar to her in mentality and temperament.

Women from the Caribbean and South America hate the dominant macho. He is fast, violent and ruthless in sex. Latinas want to meet a caring husband while flirting in the dating site Latin Love or LatinAmericanCupid. A romantic guy who will be a good, sensitive sex partner in the marriage, after the beach party, in the holiday hotel or in the sugarcane field.

Such thoughts the seductive beauties from the Caribbean have a mind. Therefore, the white man will come relatively fast to a dating success and to the pussy of the Latina. This aims are more difficult to achieve with North American and Western European women.


Flirt tips for South America
Online flirting at Latin Love is pretty easy. Women from Latin America are not impregnable castles like in the Middle Ages. But despite their openness they want to be treated lovingly and conquered.

The man should not talk about his other girlfriends at Latin Love while chatting. That never ends well. Then the Latin girls become jealous. And they are easily offended when you tell about the beauty of female members and how interesting the contacts have been.

Even meeting a pretty lady in Latin America or in her current home, the man has to be careful. You should never underestimate the temperament of the Latina. She is not only a passionate fury during sex. But also if she doesn’t like something. Friendliness and good manners are appreciated by exotics. If you dare too much (touches, playing with her hair, hugging, kisses, grabbing the butt), you will experience a surprise.

The Latina has been educated Catholic and conservative since childhood. Real sluts and whores are very few in Latin America – except in the red light districts of course. If you are too brave and fast at the date, you could get a bitch-slapped left and right. Or your darling breaks off the meeting quickly. Because she thinks you are a Casanova with purely erotic intentions.


Is flirting with Latinas for free?
No, unfortunately not. That was not to be expected. A dating site for singles with such good features can never be used for free. Nevertheless, there are several free functions that every man can use. This includes:

  • Registration at is free
  • Formulate a personal ad and publish pictures
  • View the profiles of the Latinas, including their expectations
  • Enjoy the snapshots of the pretty ladies from Latin America. This includes the top photos and the people who are logged in
  • Receive chat messages, without the chance to answer them
  • Define precisely the characteristics of a your darling (detailed search)
  • Learn who is interested in me. And save your favorites.
  • One free contact per day is guaranteed
  • Verification of the profile gives the man ans women more credibility

Advantages of the Latin Love membership

  • Dating in chat: respond to invitations and write mails with the Latinas
  • Use the webcam chat to flirt face to face and get to know each other
  • As a gold member, you can contact 300 different Latina girls per month
  • The right to communicate with women is retained when membership ends

Prices for the full membership of the dating site
1 month: 40.54 US dollars
1 month: 31.27 dollars (with subscription)
3 month: 27.02 dollars a month
6-month: 20,27 dollars a month
Annual membership 13.51 dollars a month

Judge for yourself whether that’s cheap or expensive. If I go out every Saturday night to bars, I will spend at least four times that amount per month.


Various ethnic groups in Latin America
Since Columbus discovered the West Indies and thus the New World in Spanish services, very much has changed in Latin America. So far only the natives lived on the rivers, in the pampas, in the mountains and in the jungle.

These were primitive Stone Age-like Indians. The aborigines make up a certain part of the population today. Exception: Argentina. Indian women in the cities are sometimes recognized by pigtails and colorful dresses. The facial features are not so fine as with the white population. But even Indio women are no longer quite pureblooded.

In the decades following the discovery of America, more and more Europeans from Spain and Portugal came to Latin America. Later, French and English occupied some Caribbean islands. In order not to be so alone and to make it more comfortable at night, unmarried women were transported over the ocean to the colonists. So the first time in the history of Latin America, a colorful society developed, with different ethnic groups.

The descendants of the Spaniards and Portuguese are deeply tanned by the intense sun. Latinas and Latinos have a wonderful sex appeal. Tourists who have been on vacation in Florida, Rio, Mexico, the Bahamas or Dominican Punta Cana know what I mean. Also in Louisiana, Texas, California and New Mexico we see many brown-skinned Latina women today. On the beaches and in the cities they show provocatively and a little slutty their extraordinary beauty.

At the beginning of the slave trade, in the 17th century, more and more people from West Africa were needed in Latin America. They had to work on ranches, on plantations or as housekeeper. As Africans multiplied vigorously, the third section of the population arouse: African-Americans. This brought many problems (racial discrimination). But it enriched the variety of the Latino culture.

Horny black girls from Latin America
It didn’t take long for the lecherous white men to have sex with pretty young slaves. The Spanish and Portuguese were thrilled about the juicy asses and big, teetering tits. There were no bras yet. The black girls had to be submissive and spread the legs. Tired of their own wives, the Spanish dons and caballeros disappeared at night in the huts of young sexy African women. Although these were not hot on sex with white men.

The Iberian colonists fucked the lovely young black women ruthlessly and produced children. The result of these sex affairs are the hybrids in South America – also called mulattos. These are brown-skinned, extremely sexy women and men. You can find Mulatto girls all over in Latin America: in discos, on beaches, on marketplaces and in shopping malls.

What does that mean for the single men at Latin Love? Many tourists do not fly because of the sun or the beaches to the Dominican Republic or to Brazil. But to fuck pretty Latinas on holiday. Whether black, white or brown: that doesn’t matter. But the most popular are the young ladies with the coffee-colored skin. If I had one at home, I would never leave my bed.

Sex affairs have little to do with dating and love. Most unmarried men travel to the Caribbean or South America to flirt with an erotic beauty or a horny black woman. To dance with her, to have parties, to undress the Latina, to lick the pussy and to enjoy the horniest orgasms of their life. So much about sex tourism in Latin America.

Get to know sexy women from South America here


My experiences with Latinas
Dating at Latin Love doesn’t mean primarily to find sex contacts or to screw exotic Latinas. The men there try to win their heart in chat, to meet them in reality and maybe to marry them. Anyone who marries a woman from southern countries doesn’t do it just because he wants to have wild, unconventional sex. But because he has recognized the advantages in the character of the Latina.

The girls at Latin Love are real women, without exception. They are not half men, as we often observe in western countries. Latinas have a natural relationship to eroticism. They are even considered to be sex-hungry. A survey has found that nowhere in the world women want to fuck more often than beautiful Latinas. No joke, I have seen this survey.

A man should know this, if he marries a Caribbean or South American wife. He has to eat lots of vitamins, to sleep a lot, to do sports and to rest on the weekend. So that his potency stays in good shape to satisfy the vivacious coochie of his darling.

That were some deviating thoughts. Of course I was a bit cautious, when chatting with the ladies. Without knowing her, I cannot ask her how much and how often she has sex. But when you ask her a trick question, you still find out how great her horniness for a cock is. You just have to formulate the question skillfully and a little naively.

Latinas usually look very sexy. They are sensual and demanding. Men who are or were in love with such a woman report on the Internet that their wildcat is not only hot-blooded in bed, but also in discussions, quarrels and in everyday life. She does everything with passion.

Many men feel attracted to the ladies of Latin Love, because they are a little more backward than women from New York or London. Family ties and traditions are even more important than in developed countries. Latin girls leave the man to be the dominant figure in the relationship. Even relatively modern ladies in the big cities of Rio, Montevideo, São Paulo or Santiago de Chile agree with it.

Many Latin American women have an extreme hot ass. Sometimes the butt is thick and uneven. Most, however, are well formed. And suitable to cause the man to have lust for sex and craziest fantasies.

Several Latina ladies hold their sexy buttocks in shape with sports. For this they torture themselves several times a week. They run – also uphill – they climb, and they train the sexy butt by strength exercises. This has a positive effect on the overall appearance. Men find it wonderful to look at the hot butt of a Brazilian or Dominican. Even with the breast size, Latinas are in the top group in international comparison.

If we leave the erotic components aside, we see that the girls from the Caribbean and South America have special character traits that are attractive for foreigners. They shine through naturalness in behavior and in movements. They like to flirt, they like to dance, they are very relaxed. In the free time they go for a walk on the beach or in the city.

Latinas have a relaxed attitude to life and they are remarkably romantic. Love films (telenovelas) have top ratings among the female population. It’s a pity that their longing for true love is not satisfied in their home countries.

A majority of Latino men does not appreciate the qualities of their women. So many ladies sign up at an international dating site like Latin Love. To free themselves from male indifference, from domestic violence and also from rapes. That’s a big problem in South America.


Summary of my review
At Latin Love people of different cultures are active to know each other and to start a love story. Men from many Western countries meet lovely Latina women from South American countries and from the Caribbean island. Latin Love offers different options to make possible such international contacts.

I tried them all. Writing messages and the chat with webcam satisfied me. What I liked less: sometimes the photos are pixelated and indistinct. The South American dating site should improve this.

A positive aspect is the opportunity to find a partner with the smartphone. The Latin Love app can be downloaded for free from Google Play. With the mobile app, the single men from all English-speaking countries are allowed to inspect profiles, to write with the ladies, get contact data and plan a real meeting, wherever that may take place.

I have not seen any fakes at Latin Love. A certain number of pictures show provocatively sexy women. They only do that to impress men and for a successful partner search.

The Latinas have always answered me, sometimes only after 3 days. But that’s okay. None ladies showed me underwear while flirting with webcam. Nobody wanted to play erotic games with me at the camera, either. It was always civilized. I am sure that the girls have a real interest to find a man for a relationship.


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