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Here you meet pretty Filipinas

At FilipinoCupid you get to know single women from the Philippines. You can find an Internet friendship. Or even a new love for marriage

FilipinoCupid in test
This international contact site gives men from around the world the opportunity to look for a girl from the Philippines. Many men from western countries have already found a lovely Filipino woman in this way.

FilipinoCupid belongs to the dating giant Cupid Media. An organization which has two dozen partner sites worldwide. Where men from Europe, America and Australia can find women from many parts of the world. For example, in the Caribbean, in Eastern Europa and in South America. In this case in the Philippines.


Members at FilipinoCupid
FilipinoCupid is a love site for all men who speak well or a little English. And who like Asian ladies. Not only for chatting and friendship, but also for a steady partnership. In FilipinoCupid you can meet thousands of girls from the Philippines. Almost all women speak English or American.

On the streets of Europe or the United States, we see everywhere women with almond eyes and Asian faces. Many of them come from Thailand or from the Philippines.

The boom of the dating in Asia began 40 years ago. As woman in Western countries emancipated more and more. And became uninteresting for many men.


The dating with the Filipinas starts with the free sign up at On the single website, I see a well thought-out system. With many features that are useful for partner search.

Before I start, I have to choose my language at the top. Right next to this, I see the button „success stories“. Here men from all English-speaking countries tell their love story with a Filipina.

After entering my pseudonym and my e-mail address, I come to a questionnaire. The basis of every dating is a good profile. It is important that the single women from the Philippines will learn so much as possible about my character, my interests and my appearance. Now I will click on that points which are most important:

I type my city. The number of my children, if I have some. I can say if I have pets. If I drink and smoke. And some details about education and job. And maybe a few words about myself. In English, of course. That should be enough for now.

I will clarify other details later, with a Filipino woman in the chat or via e-mail. I upload some more photos from my hard disk to my profile. So Filipinas will see what a super guy I am.

Now I click on the profile of a girl. It is Zoe from Manila. She is 30 years young. She has female curves, which is not so typical for Filipino girls. Most are slim. Her hair is black and long. She has mysterious eyes.

Unfortunately I cannot contact her directly. Because I was too stingy so far to spend money for a membership. But I can show her my interest with a click. To say: Hello Zoe, here I am. Only a small game. In this way, I cannot really make progress in finding a friendship or even a life partner.


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Meet Philippine singles online


Test FilipinoCupid free
Registering doesn’t cost money at the dating site. Every man and every woman can login in: To get a first impression of the singles. And to answer the question: is FilipinoCupid really good for my needs? A personal advertisement is also free. At the end should read it again. And perhaps make some corrections.

Even with the basic membership, men from the USA, England, Australia and South Africa have the chance to search for women’s profiles. And the girls from the Philippines in the same way.

I can upload 5 pictures for free. At the „search“ field, I can describe my partner wishes. Based on these criteria, I will get matching partner proposals from the dating site  FilipinoCupid.

I can click now different properties of my girlfriend: Size, weight, children, smoking and drinking. Preferences in literature, films, hobbies and activities in free time. Everything what my favourite woman should have. So far the opportunities which every man can use costless.

As a free member of FilipinoCupid, I can read messages of such women who have paid for their account. Maybe it will not happen very often. Because most girls of the Philippine islands don’t have much money.


Paid membership
The free membership is perfect for viewing and testing the love site. A real contact to the women of the Philippines is not yet possible. So I have to buy a premium membership. The costs of the partner search are the same for all Cupid Media portals.

Prices for the Premium membership in Gold (November 2015)
1 month:        34.99 US dollar (24,99 British pound sterling)
3 months:      23.33 US dollar per month (16,66 British pound sterling p.m.)
12 months:    11.67 US dollar per month (8,33 British pound sterling p.m.)
If you come from another English speaking country: The dating site will show you the costs in your special currency.

What chances do single men have with a Gold account?
The most important element for dating: to write mails to the girls. I can write an unlimited number of messages to Filipinas. And tell them that I like to know them.

With the Gold account, I can use all search capabilities of FilipinoCupid. Not only the simple search. As a Gold member, I can also read letters coming from women without Premium membership.

If a Filipina is online. And I like her picture well: Then I can invite her to the write chat. First I ask her if she understands my English words. I offer my friendship to her. And say: Hi, how are you, baby? Do you like to chat with me?

Prices for the Premium Membership in Platinum (November 2015)
1 month:        39.99 US dollar (29,98 British pound sterling)
3 months:      26.66 US dollar per month (19,99 British pound sterling p.m.)
12 months:    13.33 US dollar per month (10,00 British pound sterling p.m.)
If you live in another English speaking country: The dating site will show you the costs in your own currency.

Advantages of Platinum – compared to the Gold membership
If a single woman from the Philippines sends a love letter to me in her language. Then FilipinoCupid will translate this. But I don’t think it is a good idea. 

Much more interesting is the chance to use the cam service of the love site. In the chat I can use the internal video camera of FilipinoCupid. So I will see my flirt partner from the Philippines live in front of me.

Where do we find the cost overview?
That’s pretty easy. I click on „Expand Now“. Then FilipinoCupid shows all prices and membership options.

How can I pay for my membership at FilipinoCupid?
It is possible with a bank transfer. If you want to start dating at once: you should pay by credit card.


Special functions of FilipinoCupid

To chat
The partner site offers a text chat. Gold members can invite logged women from the Philippines directly to the chat. It will not take a long time till they answer. Either they agree. Or they don’t wish to get in friendship with you.

Since the US Navy is stationed on the Philippine islands, Filipinas know only American English. The differences are not large from British English.


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Here you find beautiful single women from the Philippines –
Flirting and falling in love at FilipinoCupid


Mentality of the Filipinas
Of course not all girls are the same. Most of them look quite attractive. Because many young women are active at FilipinoCupid. Like all Asians, they are built petite and short. You will see only few fat girls at the dating portal.

Filipinas are not like European women in many ways. They know the word „emancipation“ only from television and newspapers. Foreign men like the special attitude of easy living with the Filipinas.

Oh no! I don’t say that you can convince them easily to have sex with you. But they see the life from the bright side. According to the slogan: be happy by easy living. Laughing, joking, singing songs, sometimes a little crazy. We live to be happy.

Philippines women are educated strict Catholic. In the sexual sense they are not so frank as the girls from Thailand. But the strong religious bond has some advantages for the future husband.

Marriage is still a holy institution in the Philippines. The Filipina will not risk the failure of a relationship – just because of religious reasons. In love crises she will fight for the marriage. And stay with her husband, if ever it is possible.

Compared to South Korea and Singapore, the Philippines is a poor country in the Third World. The economy is weak. Tourists do not bring much foreign money. There is no sex tourism as in Thailand.

To escape from this dark situation, the women from the Philippines have only few opportunities: they can becharm a GI of the US Navy. Or they start to search on the Internet for a lovely guy. For example at the dating FilipinoCupid. In order to find an English-speaking man from Europe, from Canada, from Australia or South Africa.

When online dating, the girls realize that they are in a competitive situation. Because many young women want to find a loving sweetheart on the Internet. And want to leave the home country. To start a better life somewhere else in the world.


Visit a woman in the Philippines
The islands of the Philippines are on the northern hemisphere. However not far away from the equator. In the summer I would not fly there. The best times are from December to May. In any case, you have to expect high air temperatures and sweat-weather.

Manila is Asian influenced. But due to the strong military presence of the USA also American. And still Spanish Catholic. For 330 years the kingdom of Spain has dominated the islands around Manila. The name „Philippines“ comes from the Spanish King Philipp the second. That’s the guy who sent the Armada against England.

Many surnames have their origin in the Spanish colonial era. They sound for example like this: de los Reales, de la Cruz, de los Santos, del Rosario. So far about the history of the country of 7.000 islands.

If you want to visit your new girlfriend, you should be well prepared. At Google you can get some information about the country and people. Even a little about culture and lifestyle. So you will not be too much surprised, when you will be confronted with a total strange lifestyle in Manila.

In the chat of FilipinoCupid you can ask your girl about presents for her parents. You will buy it in your country or after the flight in Manila You should choose only small presents like roses, cigarillos, etc. It’s not a good idea to play a rich man. Check the Philippine currency (pesos).

What else you have to know?
Get a hepatitis vaccination by the doctor. To prevent complications from the drinking. In tropical regions, you should only drink water free from bacteria. In bottles from the supermarket.

What Filipinas can you meet on the Internet?
The Philippines has about 100 million inhabitants. 10 million people live in the capital Manila. By far the largest city.

When dating at FilipinoCupid, you will also see women from Davao, Cebu City, Antipolo, Zamboan, Mansilingan, Cagayan de Oro, Dasmarinas and San Jose del Monte. All these cities have between 300.000 and 1 million inhabitants. In contrast to Thailand, the Philippines are strongly influenced urban.


Termination at FilipinoCupid
It is not necessary. The English-speaking men from Birmingham, Boston, Canberra, Miami and Edinburgh have payed for a time of 12 months. After one year, it’s all over. An automatic contract extension will not follow.

That means: In principle, the search is finished now. You can continue to view profiles. But you can no longer write mails to the girls from the Philippines.


Conclusion of my test report about FilipinoCupid
The chances of success in finding a life partner and new love from the Philippines are quite good. The girls are highly motivated to find a man from Europe or America. Of course, this fact is connected with the poor standard of living on the islands.

Asian women are mostly slim. They have a small body. They must not have a tall husband, who is 1.80 m. Also little men under 1.70 m have fairly good contact chances with the Filipinas.

Women from the Philippines have only little money. But it’s always possible to come on the Internet: by smartphone or in the Internet Cafe.

Filipinas are communicative and have a sunny character. In FilipinoCupid thousands are logged in to look for a good husband. So the men from Europe and the US have rather a large selection of potential wives.

At the end, a few words to the age difference: The women from the Philippines don’t have large claims as the women in Western countries. If he is 12 or 15 or even 18 years older: that’s no problem.

It is crucial that he’s a good guy. That he treats her with love and respect. And makes possible a normal life. That’s not a big deal. Because in the Philippines the girls live in modest conditions.


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