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Travel Kisses: romantic holiday with exotic women
The world offers many beautiful travel destinations where singles can spend vacation and meet thereby loving women or an attractive gentlemen: on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, in Hawaii, in the Caribbean, on the Copacabana. Or on long-distance trips to Asia, on Africa or South America.

Some singles prefer a sporty or adventurous vacation. Other tourists wish to relax on tropic palm beaches, to celebrate parties or to get to know new people and flirt. That’s a matter of taste. In order to find the suitable holiday destination, travel friends read brochures, they get advised in the travel agency or they surf in travel portals on the Internet.

But how would it be when a lonely woman or a man selects the travel destination under the aspect to meet there a sexy lady or a lovely man. A charming black woman from Africa, an hot-blooded Latin, a marriage-willing Asian girl or a seductive lady from the Caribbean. For this holiday you need no sights, no trekking tours, no national parks and no water sports. The nice companion and the flirting with a lovely lady or a gallant gentleman is for some travelers better than 100 excursions.

Travel Kisses is a dating site for women and men who look for an unattached travel companion. The ladies from exotic countries don’t just want a holiday together. Above all they wish to find the love of their life.

And that’s not unrealistic. Because all members of Travel Kisses live alone. Also the men think of a relationship or marriage with a uncomplicated girl from the Philippines, Thailand, Cuba, Mexico or an African country. When you have found an interesting person, you can meet your dating-acquaintance on vacation to spend an amusing time in pairs.

The slogan of Travel Kisses: nothing is impossible. That’s quite true. The site is full of attractive singles who seek for a little happiness. But the dating at Travel Kisses means: a cultured and respectful exchange of ideas and compliments. Sexual expressions about a hot butt or a pushy sexual harassment are not wanted.


Profiles at Travel Kisses
Since I’m registered as man, I cannot introduce you male users. But only women who want a holiday companion or someone to fall in love with. Probably the single men are similarly attractive and serious as the girls. In this review I show you:

– African women
– Latin American ladies
– Beauties from the Caribbean
– Unmarried girls from Asia
– And finally female singles from Europe


Exotic women from Africa
Portia Addai (27) lives in Ghana. The long-haired young Negress wants to travel with an older gentleman over 45 years. The little bitch sticks out to the tongue in the picture. She insists on a reputable man who doesn’t play with her. With 1.55 the young African is extremely small for a black lady.

Ruth (30) is an attractive single woman from the South African Republic. With her sexy figure and the long curly hair, it will not last very long till she finds a man to for a travel or for falling in love. Ruth from Cape Town looks really very hot with her big tits. She has to be careful that the men at Travel Kisses will not have the secret wish to undress her immediately.

Jane (37) from Kenya is also beautiful and attractive. The vacationer who wants to meet her should not be not older than 53. The beauty from East Africa doesn’t hope for a world trip or a dream holiday in the Caribbean. She is longing for a dear soulmate.

Florence (24) is one of the many erotic African girls who seek for a relationship at Travel Kisses. The tall black lady (1.75) in the red dress lives in Namibia. She looks very appetizing. The athletic tight legs inspire the sexual fantasy of every men.

Armelle (37) from the Ivory Coast is a pretty black woman from West Africa. The French speaking lady doesn’t care about the age of the travel companion. He should be a friendly, sociable guy. In the profile she doesn’t write anything about relationship and marriage. Sexy Armelle has a short, wavy hair. She is a pleasant exotic dream woman. Many a single man from Europe and America will try to chat with her.


Lovely Latinas from South America and the Caribbean

Ana (30) from the Dominican Republic (picture below) looks very sexy. The big breasts can’t be overlooked. The young lady from the Caribbean is very with 1.76 rather tall. She is a white woman of Spanish origin. The photos at Travel Kisses show a friendly Latina. „A funny girl with an open heart“, she writes. Ana wants to be treated well by the traveler. She is looking forward to chat with a gallant guy who will meet her in Santo Domingo or on a beach of the Dominican Republic.

I saw many American members at Travel Kisses. One of them is Michelle (35), a lonely lady from the city of New Orleans. She loves jazz, Dixieland blues and Cajun music. Michelle is a brown mulatto woman: the mother is Indian, the father came from Cuba.

She could imagine to fall in love with a funny guy up to 42 years. She’ll show him the Mississippi river steamer, the French Quarter and the jazz clubs. As well the sights of New Orleans and Louisiana. Thereby the chocolate brown American will observe whether the acquaintance from the Internet meets her wishes.

If you like chubby Latinas, you could be the right travelling companion or life partner for Nuris Arias (41) from the Barbados. The Latina, with a height of 1.72 and the weight 77 kg is careful. Sie doesn’t show the supposed strong butt in the profile, but the formidable breasts. Her darling will have a lot of fun with her in bed. He is under 55 years old. The mature single woman from the Caribbean holiday paradise wants to write with honest and faithful men at Travel Kisses. The skin color may be white, brown or black.

Another sexy Afro American is Adria Castro (35) from Cuba (picture below). She has a top figure, as you see. The legs and the tits make certainly many guys crazy to meet her in vacation. The black beauty from Cuba has written „Switzerland“ as „planned trip“. That should not be taken verbatim. Adria Castro probably tries to say that she wants a white travel companion from Central Europe. I am sure that an American from Boston also would be welcome.

His inner values are crucial for the exciting women from Cuba. She would like to start a family with the new love. Honesty and loyalty are the foundations of a happy relationship, in the view of the erotic Latina. You will hardly find a life partner or a travel acquaintance with more sex appeal than Adria – even in the Caribbean.

The Latin girls from Venezuela and Colombia have – according to a study – the largest tits of all women in the world. This theme comes again and again in Latin America. Fernanda Ferrer (37) from Barranquilla is one of these provocative erotic women. She writes at Travel Kisses: „I am cheerful and passionate.“ I believe that, if I see the bikini women lying in in the sun. The gaucho hat shows her funny character. The holiday companion (till 55 years) who wants to visit her on the Caribbean coast of Colombia should be adventurous and temperamental.

The Mexican Tanja (35) is an exotic bird. She lives in Europe, in Madrid. That’s why it’s easy to spend a holiday with her in Spain. Tanja wears a short denim skirt in the photo. She is a relatively small, slim woman with delicious brown legs. The profile of the Mexican is not very meaningful. She doesn’t tell the male singles her demands she makes on the beloved.

Aliuska (31) is not very picky. Despite the young age, the full-blooded woman from the Dominican Republic agrees with a vacation companion up to 55 years. The breasts are not so big as with many other Latinas. In the picture at Travel Kisses, we see that the coffee brown lady from the Caribbean has strong legs. She describes herself as loving, spontaneous and friendly. Who is on holiday with the Dominican on the palm beach, may look forward to a lady with a fantastic Caribbean sex appeal.

Eva Maria (41) lives in the Jamaican capital Kingston. The images show an attractive Latina in middle years. She seems to be modest, because she is satisfied with a travel companion or a life partner up to the age of 65. I don’t understand this. OK, Maria is a little overweight. But that’s no reason to meet and to chat with someone who is so many years older. Her love could be a honest, serious, thoughtful and mature man. That’s how the Latin lady from Jamaica describes the dream man at Travel Kisses.

Lia (35) from Rio de Janeiro is relaxed. The hot Brazilian beauty smiles in all pictures. Lying on the balcony, she stretches the legs over the railing. The sporty and pretty Latina from Rio speaks English, like most women at this dating site. She would be happy to find friends and a nice travel partner. She doesn’t tell us what is her favorite destination.

My trip through South America goes on to Argentina, the neighboring country of Brazil. Alexandra (43) is a fiery Tango Latina in advanced age. The pictures confirm the statement that she looks like 35. Alexandra is honest, sympathetic, sweet and lovable. The Argentinian is doing sports and she eats healthily. A sluggish guy who sits many hours a day on the couch is less welcome as a travel companion than an active man who makes sailing trips with her on the beaches of Buenos Aires.

Lohanni Muñoz (22) is a young Latina from Ecuador. The sweetie lives on the Pacific coast, in the bathing resort Guayaquil. Lohanni is a white-skinned South American with an imposing sex appeal and very long black hair. She makes a shy impression in the photos – even in the miniskirt. I am sure that thousands men at Travel Kisses could fall in love with this South American baby. But only attractive holiday companions with humor have a chance to cream the back and the legs of the sexy Latina. He should like water sports and diving. These are the great passions of the single lady from Ecuador.

Finally, a mature lady from South America: Maria De Lourdes dos Santos (44) lives on the Atlantic coast of Brazil, in Fortaleza. The exotic looking woman is divorced. She feels lonely, and wants to find a partner for a happy relationship. He should be faithful, passionate and have a certain educational level. The photos show a vital, still good-looking Latina. The Brazilian is the perfect tour guide for a divorced tourist between 50 and 60 years.


Find your love on vacation in Asia

Beautiful Filipina“ is the name of the 25-year-young girl in this photo. In relation to other girls from the Philippines, she has enormous big breasts. Most of them are pretty flat in the chest area . Beautiful Filipina presents herself in the profile as taciturn. She lets speak the six images.

If go on holiday to the Philippines or elsewhere in Asia, it’s not necessary to be in her age. She would also like to be coddled by a mature man from Europe or America. In any case, the Filipina looks hot and sexy in the photos. She wears miniskirts, which almost show the slip. If you see Beautiful Filipina, you must first think of sex. Only a gay is not overwhelmed by her erotic appearance.

Loida (35) from Thailand is yearning for a marriage partner. She looks a little strong. The lady from Bangkok is optimistic, and she works hard. She doesn’t say what kind of job she has. Loida wants a happy family. The dream partner should love her unconditionally, and he sticks firmly with her even in difficult times.

Lin (41) from China is quite communicative. By all the profile information and more than 20 pictures, she has good chances to find a foreign partner on Travel Kisses. The Chinese from Shanghai is looking for a man with a good heart. Lin is ready to marry a guy who prefers a cute, funny and domestic woman. She likes to cook and to work in the garden. She has a little dog, and she loves to play badminton.

The Chinese hates men who want sex adventures. If you look at the photos, you might think she’s a mature sex bomb. Because Lin has a very feminine figure with beautiful breasts. Maybe it would be better if she did not emphasize the sex appeal in that way. So that the men of Travel Kisses don’t get any sinful thoughts.

Glyde (25) is one of the young, attractive Filipinas who want to find a firm partner or a holiday acquaintance from abroad. She is a fun-loving girl on the pictures. With 1.66 and 52 kg Glyde has a dream figure. The long, slender legs arouse the appetite of the men to fuck her. The potential travel companion of the hot Filipina may be up to 42 years old.

But what about marrying? The darling should be passionate (who wonders?). He should have a happy life. And to be honest with her when dating at Travel Kisses. Because Glyde seeks a man for a common future. No player types and no primitive blowhards. The horny looking Filipina is afraid of meeting married guys and sex vacationers who want abuse her pussy for an one night stand. That sounds as if she has already experienced that.

Dinuyo (26) from China seems to be a little Sugar Babe. Although the single woman looks unbelievably seductive, she is only interested in dating with older men who know what they want. That makes me hopeful. I add the young Chinese girl to my favorites. Later I will write to the pretty Asian girl with my gold membership. Maybe I can start a love affair with her.

Dinuyo meets exactly my taste. I like young, tall, slender girls. With 1.71 and only 63 kg the Chinese corresponds exactly to my ideal image of a woman. Her holiday acquaintance should be not younger than 35. The charming Asian would like to marry soon, a husband who is understanding, romantic and above all faithful. It’s not necessary to emphasize that. No guy in the world gets the ridiculous idea to cheat such a wonderful Asian girl. I am sure that sex with her is unforgettable.

As for beauty, the Filipina Julie (35) is a class of herself. She is not extremely sexy. But her beautiful face impresses me. Many an actress would envy her for that. You just have to fall in love with such pictures. The only question is: is the character equally good?

Julie from Angles City writes at Travel Kisses that she is a sensitive, but optimistic woman. In one photo, the Filipina plays with a huge balloon. Maybe she’s a funky girl. I have not seen such a beautiful face on any other profile of this dating site. She is for me a real Asian beauty queen.

Aulia (44) from Indonesia is already a bit more mature and not so heavenly attractive. The lady wishes an Asian vacation with a guy between 40 and 60 years. And now comes the surprise. The Indonesian from Jakarta is indeed looking for a soulmate. But she also uses the word „adventure“ in the ad.

Does she mean fucking or an eventful vacation? You should ask her in the chat of Travel Kisses. As a single woman at this age, Aulia should not have too many opportunities to have sex. She could be a pleasant wife for a divorced American, Australian or an Englishman around the 50’s.

Janet (34) from the Philippines writes: I love my crazy lifestyle. She describes herself as eloquent and a bit naive. The last one is not very good for dating. Janet from Cebu City speaks – like most Filipinas – perfect English. She has a considerable bust size. The body is a bit chubby. Girl, just be careful! You’re in danger to get the victim of a cheater or Casanova. The victim of an Asia holidaymaker, who appreciates your pussy more than your lovable character. The pretty Filipina should have enough life experience to know this.

Carmen Rubin (40) is another not married Asian of Travel Kisses. She lives in the tiger state of Singapore. In fact, there are a lot of jungles, elephants and dangerous cats in the south of the Malaysian peninsula – even those with only two legs. Many lonely men dream of a vacation with a passionate, erotic Asian girl who is hungry for sex and ready for all dirty games.

The single woman from Singapore shows how attractive many some older Asian ladies still look. It doesn’t matter that she wears glasses. The profile pictures make a good impression on me. Modesty seems to be one of her characteristics. Carmen Rubin is willing to go on holiday with an elder man from North America, Australia or Europe. But not with a pensioner, sweetheart! I think she deserves someone better.

Josie (32) looks friendly. Thai women are always an emphasis for man who looks for a wife in Asia. It’s the same at Travel Kisses. Josie desires nothing more than to find a related soul. He should be a simple, fun-loving person. The Thai girl from Bangkok looks young and attractive like a barmaid, 10 years younger. But she writes in the ad that she clearly distances herself from such girls.

Josie likes to cook and to sing karaoke. At the meeting, she will show her new friend the sights and the bars of Bangkok. It will be interesting for her to see if it will be possible to fall in love to a man from the Internet. The amiable Thai woman meets all requirements to find a nice travel companion or even an good life partner.

We find at Travel Kisses single ladies from many countries of Southeast Asia. I have not seen any Japanese girls. But a mature female from Malaysia. Xeulia Shi (45) still looks pretty. The photos in the ad show a lovely and sporty bride.

Even if she’s a little older than me, I would like to grab her now and play chess or something else with her. She has a pretty face to kiss. The hobbies of the Malaysian: movies, traveling, jogging and music. The Asian wants a honest man who would like to marry an exotic lady.

We continue with a young interesting beauty. The Filipina Mae (27) is a sweetie to neck. She says: „I am beautiful and have a good heart.“ Even if she shows only one photo, she will not complain about a lack of dating contacts. With the hairband, the Filipino woman is more modern than most of her compatriots. Mae would like to welcome a friendly man between the ages of 30 and 55 as a holiday companion.

Jessie Xing (40) from Beijing describes herself as an „attractive Chinese lady“. She is not only beautiful, but also intelligent, polite, a bit reserved and virtuous. An old-fashioned word, I think. This indicates a good, faithful character. Jessi Lin loves animals, yoga, sports and swimming on the beach. The Chinese regrets that she had to leave her ex-husband. He was a workaholic and never had time for her.

The petite woman from China misses the love of a man in lonely nights. She doesn’t speak directly of sex. But so feminine and erotic as she looks, it’s easy to imagine: kissing this pretty Chinese and pampering her in bed will be a big pleasure. You also come to my favorites, baby. Your profile has absolutely convinced me. I will try to chat with her later. To see if she’s really so loveable as it seems at Travel Kisses.

I saw several Vietnamese women at the travel dating site. Almost all like to marry a man from the West. Nguyen (29) lives in Ho-Chi-Minh-City. After some disappointments in Vietnam, she wishes a man from abroad who is able to give her true love. Nguyen is kind, sincere and ready to welcome a tourist in Vietnam. The beautiful Asian girl would like to travel with him through her home country. She will show him the beaches of Vietnam and the floating markets in the Mekong Delta. Nguyen wants find out with the holiday activities if they are meant for each other.

Several ladies from South Korea are registered at Travel Kisses. Angellike (37) lives near the capital Seoul. She is a slim, small woman under 1.60. Angel is also looking for a lovely life partner from the West or from China. He should touch her heart and tenderly embrace her when she feels weak.

The angel from South Korea shows the men a lot of pictures. Among others in a bikini by the sea, diving and in sexy shorts, dreamily sitting on the sofa. Angel is not a Hollywood diva. But it’s certainly no bad idea to contact her at the dating site.

My journey through Asia goes on to Indonesia, to the popular beach island Bali. Josephine (31) shows us current photos. But also some from her early twenties. She always smiles there. With 1.65 she is quite tall for an Asian girl. Josephine has brown, slim legs. Many men like that.

The lonely girl from Bali writes in profile: she is down to earth, a faithful type without children. She is yearning for a man who is full of love for her. Of course he will take care of her. That should be clear. No matter if Filipina, Chinese or Thai girl: who marries such a lady, must provide for her. Only very few Asian women succeed in getting a job in a foreign country that makes them financially independent. I know such a Filipina. She has a leading position in a clinic. But that’s an exception.

Maria Cruz (38) lives in the Philippines. The women with the Spanish-sounding name has a slim figure. She looks fantastic in the black mini skirt and in high heels. The holiday companion should be younger than 50.

More important for her is to find a partner for a serious relationship. It’s not possible to find the right person in her small town San Fernando. It’s pointless to go to the bars of Angeles City or Manila on weekends. There are mainly sex tourists and drunken Filipinos who tease themselves by go-go girls.

Sabel Enriquez (23) is a young pretty Filipina. The profile is informative. It is like a letter of application. The student likes to cook. She hopes that love goes through the stomach. And that she will win a vacationer’s heart by her cooking skills. Since she is new in online dating, she has no experience with foreign guys.

The man of her dreams is a gentleman for whom fidelity and respect are no strange words. The nice Filipina student would like to lead such a boy to her bedroom, to get married and and to spend the whole life with him. The optical conditions for this are not bad. Although the Filipina is a little small (1.53). But she makes a loving and extreme friendly impression.

Holiday with a pretty woman - Travel Kisses


European women to fall in love
Sweetie (38) from Cambridge / England is an enthusiastic traveler. She is sociable, and she likes to make new acquaintances. Clowns and nutcases don’t need to write to Sweetie. Her dream is world trip with a man who is seriously interested in her. Many more ladies from the UK are actively on partner search at Travel Kisses: Jessica (23) from Glasgow, Scarlett (28) from Newcastle, Daisy (40) from York and Diana (31) from London.

We come to the lonely hearts of Eastern Europe, who long for a reliable partner. Almost all live in Ukraine. Lira (27) is a tall and slender woman. The only picture shows her in an elegant evening dress. She should write a lot more in the ad, if she wants to convince a man of herself. Inga (29) is also a pretty Ukrainian. She lives in the capital Kiev. She wears a black woolen cap over the long blond hair. I find, Inga could present her sex appeal clearly better. She is not experience in dating.

The blondie Galina (34) surprises the visitors of the profile with a breathed kiss. The other photo shows her lightly dressed and very erotic walking along the sea. „Write me and I will answer you“. That sounds good. Galina is a hard working woman from Ukraine. She spends her free time in the fresh air. Unfortunately, she does not write what qualities the dream partner should have. If a guy pleases her while chatting, he may visit her in Lviv. Then they will see if sympathy, feelings or real love will come.

Another single lady from East Europe is Zhanna (44) from Odessa on the Black Sea. She is only interested in unmarried males who are seriously looking for a wife. He has the same age as the Ukrainian. Or he is one of the mature men up to 55 (divorced or widower). The age is not so important for Zhanna. She estimates the good character of the future husband.

We leave the women from East Europe. Aida (36) is an Italian. She currently lives and works in the Spanish port city Barcelona. Like Aida we imagine the typical Southern European women: racy appearance, black long hair, fiery eyes and quite attractive. Who books a vacation in Spain, should hurry up and contact this charming lady. I think that the sexy Italian is an often and hotly desired contact at the travel dating site.

I cite from the profile: „If we like each other in online contact, we can have a date in Barcelona or on a beach of the Spanish Costa Brava. But not for your lust for sex.“ Aida would also be ready to travel by ferry from Barcelona to Mallorca. But before she wants to talk in Skype. She will make this effort only, if he is an attractive person. It doesn’t matter from which country he comes. She does not seek a childish person, but a real man to love.


Registration for the travel partner search
On the homepage of Travel Kisses, I see two tourists. The couple drives with the gondola on a canal in Venice. They are reading in a guidebook. I enter my language in the top right. I sign up with my gender, name and the age, and I enter my email address and a password.

The travel-love agency asks me to complete the profile. I have to put in my language-skills. I click on English, Spanish and a little French. And I describe my appearance and my character. The free registration is finished now. I come to the dating area. There I upload a photo. So that the lonely pretty woman from abroad realize if they like my appearance.

Travel Kisses offers the single women and men to wish a trip. So I can tell the sexy ladies from the Caribbean, from Africa and Far East, which vacation I would like to book soon. But that’s just a declaration of intent. The real booking of a travel depends on whom I get to know at the dating site.


Looking for a travel companion or life partner
I mentioned it above. You click on „members“. And in the drop down window on „search members“. Now you can enter the age of the dream partner and the country. Most female singles of Travel Kisses live in the Philippines, Thailand, Cuba and in the Dominican Republic. But also in many other Third World countries like Malaysia, Singapore, India, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil.

You can specify your search by typing a search word in the „text“ field. Most ladies write a few sentences about themselves in the profile. I am a nice woman, looking for a serious man, etc. You can input in the text field some words – properties of the partner that are important for you. Afterwards people are shown who use these words in the self-description.


Which travel friends want meet me during the review?
I am a little disappointed on the first day. Only one Filipina has added me to her favorites. The girl from Manila looks pretty good. But it’s so far only one interested person. If the situation will not get better, I have to take the initiative and write to some girls.

But that’s not so easy. Travel Kisses prevents it first. Contacting the ladies is only allowed if I am a permanent and paying member. Below you see that the partner search is cheaper than with most other international dating sites.

The situation is better on the next day. Two Filipinas, a Cuban, a Spanish woman from Tenerife and an Ukrainian lady are now among my admirers. After reading the ads and looking at the photos, I buy a gold membership. Now I may contact everybody. Not only the 5 interested, but all girls who are looking for a foreign travel partner or a spouse.


Dating options at Travel Kisses

Send a message:
only with the gold membership

Add a lady to my contacts:
the same

Save women at the favorites:
for free

To like a picture:
for free


The costs for finding a partner or a holiday love
Again and again I fail at certain actions. I see a great picture in front of me and I think: I must have this woman. But if I click on „write message“, I am asked to expand my free membership.

But that’s no problem. Actually I have to transfer $ 11.60 US dollars (for example via PayPal). Then all dating features of the contact site are available for four weeks. Thereafter, the subscription will be extended, if I don’t cancel it. I can do that in the profile settings.


Conclusion about the portal with the holiday romances
Travel Kisses offers good chances to meet single people from all over the world. The singles are looking for a kind travel companion or for a permanent partner. Sex adventures are also possible in vacation.

The exotic ladies I met at Travel Kisses, were very interested in foreign guys. They emphasize the desire for a firm relationship. They have registered at Travel Kisses to find the soulmate who is probably not easy to find in their home countries.

The singles at the travel site are serious. They introduce themselves completely normally in the profiles. I didn’t see any pictures with excessive erotic or even pornographic content, which should make a guy horny for sex with a girl.

A little criticism about Travel Kisses: I miss the function „who’s online“. This would give me a chance to contact the women directly and chat with them. Since Travel Kisses is a very young dating site, I forgive this lack. The developers should provide the singles a webcam chat.

As Travel Kisses is still quite new in the international dating market, the number of members will rise considerably in the next years. This increases the chances to find a holiday partner, a beautiful wife or a husband.

That’s the end of my review. If you want to see the profiles: please click on the purple button. Two minutes later, you see the personal ads of Travel Kisses.


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