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Facts about girls from Russia and Ukraine

Women from Russia and Ukraine in focus

There are stereotypes and wild rumors about the ladies of Russia and Ukraine. But what’s true? Here some facts

Girl from Russia or Ukraine with sexy legs

Here you find attractive women from Eastern Europe

Long-legged sex bomb or shy wife? Seductress with hot curves? Or honorable woman? Beguiling beauty or gray mouse?

What we read on the Internet or in the newspaper about the girls from Russia and Ukraine, is diffuse and full of contradictions. I have collected some facts and opinions of people with own experiences. From sources of Russian men and women that write about the character, everyday life, problems and the hopes of their compatriots.


Single women from Ukraine looking for a husband


Family and job
Russian and Ukrainian girls don’t go to work because it’s boring at home. Or because they want to make a career. But because they have no other choice.

The family cannot survive without their earnings. They would have to starve. The average family in Russia and Ukraine is living in a constant struggle for existence. Always on the edge of abyss. Russian girls don’t need a savings account at the bank.

Only in big cities as Kiev, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Kazan and St. Petersburg very few women became rich – by entrepreneurial spirit and cleverness.

We have to admire these girls. After the collapse of the Soviet Union they have achieved prosperity in a bad environment. Strength of character, a strong will, intelligence and endurance are necessary to reach this.

Anyone who believes that these wealthy women have a chance for a high position in Russian politics, is wrong. That would mean: Russian women make regulations and laws für men. An absurd idea.

In Russian marriages – in upper and underclass – living together is often problematic. Whether rich or poor: men regard it as a God-given privilege to have one or more young girls as mistresses.

Brut force under the influence of vodka is quite often in Russia and Ukraine. A woman has to bear the whims of her lord and master. Nobody cares for her. She cannot go to the police. Journalists would die laughing if someone wants to publish a newspaper article about misery of Russian women.

Divorce rate in Russia is as high as in England and the United States. Girls have little opportunities to find a passable guy in the home country. Because there are not enough men in Russia and Ukraine.

The only chance to find a reasonable husband are foreign countries. Either in an agency for matchmaking – a marriage bureau in the city. Or at dating services on the Internet.


Russian women in partnership
The illusion of great love, of a paradisial relationship: many things of what the spoiled ladies in Western Europe may dream, are so far away for women from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. They marry relatively early – in the early 20s. Soon the first baby comes.

Already in youth Russian girls see with the parents, how hard life is. In the marriage the husband becomes more and more loveless. Especially if he has a poor job and no perspectives in Putin’s modern Russia.

Men are in minority. They can operate freely in the single market. They like to have sex with young women. That’s one of the biggest problems in Russia. Married men can do what they like. His wife can accept it or go away.

Russian woman – 40 years and alone
When the beauty of a married woman goes by, Russian and Ukrainian men divorce. They put a young girl into bed or marry her. So we can describe the life of many Russian women over 35 as sad.

When a lady from Russia or Ukraine exceeds the age of 40: her best time is over. That’s very different from Western European countries. In England, France and Germany most divorced women from 35 to 45 years are very self-confident. They start sometimes a life that is better than before.

I read the following sentence of a man from Moscow on the web: „With 40 you’re too old for Russia. But for men from Western Europe you’re still sexy enough.“ This shows the attitude of many Russian men.

The disillusioned hopes of a woman is reduced to some elementary things. She expects from a man that his income feeds the family. That his vodka consumption is limited. That he respects her to some extent – even if he cheats her with younger girls.

A faithful husband is like a lottery win for many women in Ukraine and Russia. In Putin’s macho state, it’s quite clear that the woman has to raise the children. That she has to care for parents and to do housework.


Partner search abroad
Girls from East Europe (Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia) are quite popular as spouse for men from Western Europe. Primarily because of two reasons: character and sex appeal.

It’s a fact: By the poor life in Eastern Europe, Russian women have some special properties and attitudes. They are used to a modest existence. They work hard. They have not very excessive claims on a life partner – like the ladies in the West.

The above-average beauty and sex appeal of women from Ukraine and Russia play an important role for men from abroad. Many girls and mature ladies wear elegant dresses and high-heeled shoes. They have red lips, they make up the face. Russian girls pay extremely attention to attractiveness. But also to a stable family life.

Professional success and emancipation, however, are secondary. They want to have some children, a secure existence and a man who treats them with love and tenderness.

How to meet girls from Russia and Ukraine?
There are several possibilities. At first the conventional dating agencies in your city. They offer a matchmaking service for the partner search. This costs a lot of money.

Secondly: on the Internet there are some East-West dating websites. Here you can find contacts to girls from Eastern Europe much cheaper and more direct.

The procedure is always the same. A man writes a letter to a woman from Ukraine. Usually in English. They send some emails to each other. When he has conquered the girl’s heart, he flys to Moscow, Kiev or Minsk. To meet his new girlfriend.

Later she will visit him in the West. To see where and how he is living. If both are happy and in love, then wedding is celebrated. But before the Russian girl has to learn the language of the man’s country. She has to attend integration courses. To get used to the new surroundings. And to learn more about the life in the new home.

Catalog marriage and money wedding
Many people think: girls from Russia and Ukraine marry a man from the West only for financial interests. Certainly this aspect plays a certain role. They want to escape the poor living conditions in their home.

But we must not forget other facts. Russian women make great sacrifices for the new happiness: They leave parents and friends. Sometimes also adult children. They come to a country where they are strangers. They have to settle in and to integrate.

Can a woman give up everything for money and wealth? Without the support and the love of her husband, the girl would hardly overcome these difficulties and home sickness.

Only a small percentage of women in Russia and Ukraine want to marry a foreigner. The others suffer their life. They endure the bad marriage. Or they live divorced as single. But we should not forget that many Russians live quite happily with the husband. 50 percent of the women say so. At least outwardly.


Beauty of women from Russia
Besides the classic self-image of Russian girls as caretaker, babysitter and family manager, it’s above all the beauty that fascinates men from Western Europe and the USA. Of course it’s important that a woman has a good nature. If she enchants the eyes of the husband with her attractive appearance, love is perfect.

It’s a fact: girls from Russia and Ukraine are fixed from an early age to make themselves pretty and sexy. Not only in festivities and gala events, but every day. The graceful femininity of the women delights every man. At sight of Russian and Ukrainian beauties on the Red Square in Moscow or on the Maidan in Kiev, the heart of an European man is laughing.

Even in freezing Russian winter, ladies are running through the city in skirts and without headgear. Russian girls are always well-prepared with makeup, jewelry, stockings and dresses – as they want to go to a gala dinner, to the president or to the opera.

In the streets of West Europe, sometimes it looks quite different. Maybe except of Paris. Girls and women are dressed sloppily. The hair hanging down in wisps. Covering half the face. Holes in jeans and shoes. The fat belly hanging out. That’s not disturbing them.

The hair is coloured green, pink, yellow or violet. They find it cool. But there is no sex appeal and no elegance – which is so wonderful to see with Ukrainian girls.

To take care of the beauty is the top priority for Russian women. They want to look sexy and to be admired by the world around them. It never happens that they walk around in sports shoes, jogging pants or a dirty, not ironed shirt. Not even at home.


Emancipation in Russia
With the equality of women from Russia, it has ever looked better than it’s today under the modern Tsar Putin. In Soviet times, the women in Moscow, Volgograd, Yekaterinburg and Odessa were at least formally equal to men.

They were allowed to visit universities for free. They got a good education. In many areas of industry and in the Red Army they have occupied responsible positions.

With perestroika and above all in Putin’s new society, the situation has changed. Almost like in tsarist Russian, the girls are discriminated in the patriarchal state of the Kremlin boss. They rarely have chances for good jobs or salaries.

The Russian macho state drives women back to kitchen stove, iron, refrigerator and washing machine. There are only few women that fight publicly for emancipation.


Character of girls from Russia and Ukraine
Influenced by the environment and living conditions, women from East Europe have a different nature than ladies in Germany, England and America. The life of a Russian or Ukrainian woman is harder than in the West. They have problems with money every day. With a ridiculous wage they earn only a small second income.

After work, the tragedy goes on. Washing, cleaning, ironing, cooking, shopping, homework with children. A double burden with household and job. Under these harsh living situation a purposeful, strong-willed character develops over time.

Girls from Russia and Ukraine often live with problematic men. Those are not comparable with English or American husbands.

He drinks a lot of alcohol. He spends his free time in pubs. He takes drugs. And he goes to his beloved. While he has sex with another girl, his wife bakes cake at home. Or reads bedtime stories to the kids.

We cannot evaluate all women from Eastern Europe generally. That wouldn’t be correct. But on average they have a strong, ambitious character. That’s also noticeable in bi-national marriages.

The ladies spend a lot of time and effort to be pretty and sexy. On the other hand they are hard workers. Who assist the husband powerful. In Russia, and also after they have found a man from a foreign country. After a certain time of familiarization they look for a job. Especially if the salary of the man makes it necessary.

It’s a fact: Not all women from Russia and Ukraine have the same background. The ladies in big cities often have an university education. With a little luck and protection they have a good job in administration or marketing.

The situation is different in smaller cities and in the province. There Russian and Ukrainian girls are less educated. Many of them have no jobs. Or they work in low-paid occupations. As housecleaner, in kindergarten or as school teacher in a village. If nothing goes at all: then as casual prostitutes. Russian women in rural areas have a modest and sad life.


Everyday problems in Russia and Ukraine
Besides shortage of money and lack of jobs, another fact makes life in Russia and Ukraine to torment. Living space is scarce – not only in the cities.

In Soviet times, people got a flat for free. Today they have to rent or to buy an apartment or house. But mostly the income is not enough. Rents are rather high in Russia and Ukraine. So that children, parents and grandparents live all together in one apartment, with only few rooms.

This close living side-by-side requires compromises and consideration. An aspect which has a positive effect when a man from the West marries a Russian woman. Normally she is modest. She is used to subordinate under interests of a community – or of a marriage.

Olga and Natalia have staying power in maintaining a relationship. Unlike some European woman – who pack the suitcase at the first opportunity.

Everyday problems of women from Ukraine and Russia concern not only the worry about the daily bread. But also the future. People in Germany and Switzerland are secured by a social network against hunger, disease and unemployment. In Eastern Europe such systems hardly exist.

What will happen if the Ukrainian will lose her job? If she will fall ill? How can she protect children against drugs and alcoholism? How to prevent that kids come in contact with criminal mafias? How can a Russian guarantee a good education for the children? Or finance a study. So that they will have an easier life.

A good woman always thinks about such facts and problems. Life in Putin’s Russia – and even more in the crisis-ridden Ukraine – is much more dangerous, sorrowful and risky than in Western Europe.


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Young single women in Moscow,
St. Petersburg, Kiev and Odessa

Many girls move at the age of 20 from the countryside to a big city – incited by television, cinema films, dreams of a wealth and a luxurious life. Without any effort and work. In Moscow and Kiev there live some rich men. With elegant villas and big cars.

Julia and Maja dream of expensive fur coats, of fashionable Esprit dresses, of holidays in the Caribbean or Australia. They dream of a villa, of high society, VIP lounges and gala events. Where they play the star role and the queen.

Of course everywhere in the world young women hope for a marriage with a rich man. A life of luxury is the dream of every person. But specifically in Moscow this intention has got grotesque forms.

Girls and young women train in special courses how to seize a rich Russian husband: with refinement, sex appeal, humor and esprit. They buy silicone breasts and high heels with the last savings. Nice clothes and shows, boots and a fragrant perfume. And ready is the perfect seductress. The temptations of high society appear young Russians as the golden paradise.

In this gala school, poor but beautiful ladies train how to make a man crazy. Slut-like, with femininity, charm and sex. Since there are significantly more girls with such ambitions than millionaires, the chances of success are not very good.

The training in these courses in Moscow is not at all expensive for the girls. The organizers make profit – playing some kind of dating service for rich man. They make contacts between men with lots of money but little time and young attractive girls. But as I told you: Only for few women this the dream comes true.

A Russian woman over 40 – who is married with an oil oligarch – warns on an Internet blog of the consequences: Young girls enjoy for a while the Dolce Vita. As long as they are beautiful and sexual desirable. They even tolerate that the husband or partner has sex now and then in strange beds.

But what will be when the roses wither? When the millionaire wife discovers first small wrinkles in the face. When the oil-multimillionaire creates unpleasant facts by a divorce. Then the money-horny girl gets the invoice for the donated paradise.

Comfortable, stupid or naive? Anyway, the Russian girls have invested nothing in job and education. They have always played the rich lady. If they have no marriage contract, they will be poor and helpless after separation.

The circle closes. They start again with nothing – as at the age of 20. But they are still sexy enough for dating abroad.