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Contacts with women from Poland and Russia

Advantages of a woman from East Europe

How can men meet women from Russia, Poland or Ukraine? Here are my tips how to find contacts to women in East Europe

Contacts to beautiful women from Russia and Poland

Many women from Poland, Russia and Ukraine are looking for a man from West Europe or North America. On the other hand, several men from England, Canada and the United States seek happiness in Eastern Europe. But how can you find such contacts? Where can you search purposefully for women from Russia and Poland?

The easiest way is the Internet. There are many online portals that allow the East-West partner search. But which are the best? Which are serious? Where do you have to pay only a little money for finding your love?


Women from Poland in focus
The country on the Vistula is here representative for all states in East Europe that are members of the European Union (EU): Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

All EU countries are part of the so-called Schengen area. This means: the entry is uncomplicated. Citizen of the EU don’t need a visa. But only an identity card.


How does a man find a woman from Poland?

Problems after the end of communism
In the first 15 years after the end of the Warsaw Pact, all countries of East Europe had big economic problems. The state-owned enterprises were closed. There were many unemployed.

Many Polish people went to Germany, Norway and England to make money. The living standard fell in Poland. Even compared to the miserable conditions under communism.

To escape this misery, women from Poland were willing to marry a man from the West: From the neighbouring country Germany, from Austria, Switzerland or England.

Recovery by joining the European Union
By the entry into the EU, the situation has changed fundamentally. Since 2004 a lot of Euros came from Brussels to Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava and Budapest. The economy of the new EU countries is booming for some years. In absolute contrast to the non-EU countries Belarus and Ukraine.

Especially Poland and the Czech Republic are economically well on the way to the top. There are jobs again. People have a regular income. The standard of living improves from total poverty to mediocrity.

Effects for the partner search in the East
In the time between 1990 and 2004, a woman from Prague, Riga, Gdansk, Warsaw, Lodz or Wroclaw was quickly ready to marry a man from West Europe. Often only for financial reasons. This motive has disappeared with the EU support from Brussels. So it has not become easier for men to find a wife in Poland.

But the desire to find a husband from the West still exists. A man from Germany, England or France is still regarded as a reliable, solid and hardworking partner.

The ladies from East Europe still try to find contacts on the Internet. They meet man at special contact platforms. Singles from East and West seek there a life partner.


How are women from Poland?
Just as the ladies from Russia or Ukraine, the Polish are also still connected with traditions. The terms love, marriage, family and children are more important to them than to the women in London, New York or Sidney.

This doesn’t mean that girls from Poland have no claims in choice of partner. They have a great self-confidence. They know what they want. They are looking for a faithful man. Who treats them with love and respect. Who lets them certain liberties. A guy who takes into account their demands, hobbies and interests.

A man from the West who hopes to find with a naively pretty Polish woman an easy-care concubine or a cheap cleaning lady, lives in a dream world. All his money doesn’t help. Not even his chick sports car or his bank account. Love is the most important for Polish girls. Nobody can buy that feeling.

If you treat your new wife from Poland, Hungary or Romania in the same way as a woman of your country. If you respect her preferences, interests and desires. Then you will gain her appreciation and affection. With arrogance, however, the relationship is going badly from the beginning.

Women from Poland don’t leave recklessly the homeland and the relatives for an autocratic macho or a dawdler. They don’t want to marry a mama’s boy or a womanizer.

You should not underestimate the knowledge of human nature of the girls from Poland, Russia or the Czech Republic. A man from the West must make an effort for or a long-term, happy relationship – even if the women from the East are significantly easier to handle than many emancipated ladies from the West.


Ladies from Russia in partner search


Women from Poland as life partner
It’s no coincidence that there are more marriages between English men and women from Poland than with girls from other East European countries. What’s the reason?

Short geographical distance
Poland is not far from West Europe. German men can go by car to Poland. British, French and American guys fly there. From England, flights with budget airlines like Ryanair are recommended. In order to get fast and cheap to Poznan, Gdansk, Krakow or Wroclaw.

English language is no problem
You will definitely find many English-speaking singles from Poland at an East West dating website. Especially the younger generation has learned it at school. So communication is relatively easy.


Women from Russia as life partner
Meet, travel and wedding is here more difficult than with women from EU countries. One fact is the longer distance. From London to Moscow, the air-line distance is about 1,800 miles. To Kiev (Ukraine) 1,500 miles. It would be very difficult to travel by car. Because there are no luxury highways as in the West.

Besides Russia and Belarus demand a visa for entry. Conversely, women from Russia or Ukraine, wishing to travel to the West, also have to apply for a visa at the embassy.

On the way to marriage with a woman from Eastern Europe, you have to overcome some obstacles. But this doesn’t discourage men from English-speaking countries to look for love in Putin’s Russia.


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Internet contacts with women from Russia and Ukraine

Partner search via dating agency
The traditional way to find a partner is by special East-West marriage agencies. In the catalogue, they have a big choice of women who like to marry a man from West Europe or North America.

In the 1990s many men from western countries have found a woman from Russia in this way. But many guys had bad luck.

Why this? These agencies offer only a few options for getting to know a new girlfriend – before you travel. You can write emails. But nothing else. A live communication and an intensive getting to know are not possible.

Moreover, a man must pay a lot of money for this way of partner search: for example 3000 British Pounds (US dollars). Only few men from the West want to take such an incalculable risk.

In the last 12 years, better dating portals have come to the market. There you can seek Russian women directly and independently from agencies. I will describe this now.

Modern dating: direct contacts instead of endless messages
Today there are cheaper possibilities to meet women from Russia, Poland and Ukraine. Western men generally have a good reputation in East Europe. So it’s relatively easy to meet ladies at special online dating services – girls who are interested in a firm relationship.

For most women from Russia money and prosperity don’t play a crucial role in finding a partner. At the age of 35 years, divorced women have only minimal chances to find man in the own country. So they are relatively modest. They appreciate reliability, love and fidelity. You have not to be a rich man.

Financial advantage of the partner search via dating services
For a few Pounds / dollars per month, you can search for a wife. It’s not necessary to pay a small fortune for it.

How does it work?
After registration, you look at the women’s profiles and photos. Then you check who speaks English. You can see in the profile, for example, if the lady has children. You see her interests and hobbies.

At the old-fashioned dating agencies (see above), you can have contacts only by emails. In modern dating services you can use the chat. And write with Russian women directly. So you will find out after some time, if she is a good candidate for life partner.

You will not restrict yourself to only one single woman. You will have several contacts. Till you have found the ideal woman.


Steve and Natalia – a couple in love?
The man from Great Britain has met her at the love site RussianCupid. From the first moment they find each other sympathetic.

Natalja shows beautiful pictures in the profile: Images of holidays with her sister at the Black Sea. Steve likes immediately her positive charisma. Natalja smiles refreshingly in the photos.

They write messages to each other. They use the live chat of the contact site.

Later they meet on Skype – a messenger service that allows you to chat with people worldwide – even live with webcam. In contrast to phone calls to Russia, you can use Skype for free.

At Skype, Steve sees Natalja on the monitor. Cheating and hiding is not possible. He observes every gesture, every smile, every emotion. After some meetings on Skype, Steve has a good impression of the woman. It’s much better than only to write letters.

Trip to Belarus
Steve decides to travel to Minsk, the capital of Belarus. He will meet Natalja in reality. He must have a visa. He books a flight. He buys some small gifts.

Flowers would be crushed in the suitcase. He better gets a small book about England – in Russian or English language. Or a good perfume. In Minsk Steve will buy some roses on the market place.

The future will show whether Steve has found with Natalja his happiness. They will spend four days together in Minsk. So much time is necessary. In order to test whether it makes sense to stay in contact. Whether the other could be a potential marriage candidate.

It’s not so very easy as many men might think. Although Natalia from Belarus lives in relatively poor circumstances: Steve has to win her love.


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What makes Russian women so attractive for men?

Traditional attitude
Even more than the colleagues from Poland, women from Russia and Ukraine respect traditional values. Love to the husband, family and children: That’s very important in their life. Besides, many girls want to work – to contribute to the livelihood.

Men in Russia
Most Russian ladies have a difficult life. Namely because of two reasons. First: in all countries of the former Soviet Union – also in the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – there are more women than men. Experts wonder why this is so. A clear explanation is not found till today.

By the surplus of women, 10 percent of them have to remain without a partner. If a Russian man is halfway attractive, he has a free choice on the local marriage market. Probably he takes a young, sexy girl. Men from the West would do the same, if they had the chance for it.

Problem number 2 is alcohol. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, many men fell deeply – professionally and morally. The Red Army has sent home many soldiers. The kolkhozes have disappeared. Newly established enterprises couldn’t survive in international competition (globalization). They have quickly gone bankrupt – apart from some large corporations as Gazprom.

What a man will do when he has plenty of time and no job? He reaches for the bottle. Vodka becomes the best friend for many guys in Russia and Ukraine. They drink a glass full of potato schnapps like other people the water. But how should a woman have a happy relationship with such a husband? Often it comes to a divorce. Some time later, many women start to look on the Internet for a new love in the West.

In contrast to the women from Poland, the Czech Republic and Latvia, Russians have no chance to work in West Europe. EU legislation prevents this. The entry to the Schengen area is only possible with a visa. They can stay as tourist for some weeks. Russian ladies are normally not allowed to work in England or America. Except in a Russian branch.

Attractiveness of women from Russia
Most have qualities that men from Great Britain and Australia can only dream of. I start with education: Often they are well qualified. Socialism has promoted that people go to university.

In spite of the good education, women’s career chances are bad in Putin’s empire. Because Russia is a real men’s society.

Russian ladies shine by an exceptional beauty. They are quite sexy and attractive by nature. But the crucial factor is: They attach great importance to a good appearance – much more than the girls in West- and Central Europe.

Apart from cosmopolitan cities Moscow and St. Petersburg, we see hardly women wearing ordinary jeans. They love beautiful dresses that emphasize their femininity. They wear high-heeled shoes. They don’t leave the home without a perfect makeup. They like perfume and jewelry – even if they can afford only cheap gold.

Russian women, living in the West, also strike by their elegant appearance. I am sure you have seen such sexy ladies without knowing who they are.


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Marriage with a woman from Russia or Ukraine
In a partnership, a Russian lady has significantly fewer claims than girls from the West. Of course, she knows what is good and bad for her. She would not marry a man who doesn’t really love her. Who treats her badly or as a noble whore. Such guys have no chances with Russian women.

Nevertheless, the emancipation in Russia is by far not so developed as in England, the US or Canada. Russians are used to a relatively modest life. Inna, Irina and Albina are pleased like a child by small gifts – for example on birthday, Valentine’s Day or at Christmas. Some ladies from the West, however, are only satisfied with trip to the Caribbean, to Mauritius or Thailand.

A short summary about Russian single ladies: Most are uncomplicated. They are not interested in esoterism, meditation, self-discovery and self-realization. Many men from the West appreciate the lively naturalness and the sex appeal of the girls from East Europe.

I hope you like this article about women from Russia and Poland. I wish you good luck, if you want to find a wife from abroad.