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A Chinese as a life partner? Are you crazy? Twenty-five years ago, a man with such thoughts would have been sent to a psychiatrist’s idiot test. At that time flirt contacts were possible only in the real world, maybe even at the first dating sites.

But the world changes faster than ever before. Globalization, the opening of China and the Internet have led Chinese women to the international marriage market. Before this time, the same happened with Filipinas and Thai girls.

Chinese Kisses was opened about 15 years ago. 300,000 men from the West and women from Asia have registered in this period. To approach the foreign culture, to find flirting contacts, to chat, to fall in love at the meeting, and finally: to marry. This happens more than a thousand times every year.

A single man looking for a Chinese wife will find her easier on a dating site than in everyday life or on a China vacation. At Chinese Kisses, all women are interested in finding a husband who wants to marry an Asian. It’s not necessary to ask: do you have a boyfriend, are you still alone? All members look for a relationship.

In this article you will get the following information:

  • I show how the profiles are created at Chinese Kisses. What partner wishes Chinese have. And how you have to imagine the women from China.
  • I describe the first steps at Chinese Kisses until the contacts. I will tell about my dating experiences with beautiful Chinese women.
  • I’ll show you what it costs to find a life partner at the Asian dating site
  • And you get an impression of the mentality of women from China. How the lifestyle and what her problems are.
  • At the end I draw a conclusion about the portal


Unmarried women from China and other countries

The top pictures of Chinese Kisses
Many men dream a lovely wife who is pretty, loyal, romantic and peaceful. She has a good figure, sexy breasts and beautiful legs. That’s the vision of all of us, if we are honest. In China and other Asian countries such dreams can come true. First we have a look at the China women, who are estimated as first class members of Chinese Kisses.

Dayi (36) is a smartly dressed, sexy lady from China. She speaks a little English. She will need this to find her dream man at Chinese Kisses. The divorced lady is looking for a new life partner who is 5 to 15 years older. A harmonious family means more to Dayi than intimacy. Nevertheless, the Chinese woman calls herself a spicy-hot person from Chengdu. This city is famous for spicy soups. Dayi feels lonely. She longs for cuddling, romantic moments, for physical closeness and a happy life at the side of her man from abroad.

Pinky (27) is one of the many Filipinas who hope at Chinese Kisses for a successful partner search. The tits are not very big. But she shows beaming and with joy what she has in the blouse. The single woman from Cebu City has just finishing the study. Now she wants to marry an American or Chinese. She does not exclude a sugar daddy, an experienced man.

Lian (33) lives on the island of Taiwan. With 1.66 she belongs to the larger Chinese women. The breasts are also big. Many a man will be delighted about her tits. Romantic feelings mean more to her than eroticism. This applies to many women from China.

Rose (34) from Guangzhou is one of the top women of Chinese Kisses. She has the face of a movie star. One picture has already got 140 likes. The Chinese diva visited the college. She is still single. Rose wants to have flirt contacts with guys, who are in principle ready for a steady relationship. The preferred age of her man: up to 50 years.

Janelle (34) from Singapore has a curly hair. I have not often seen that with Asian girls. She lives in a city of world format. Styled hair is in Singapore more often to be seen than anywhere else in Asia. Janelle characterizes herself as passionate, faithful and tolerant. The man of her dreams should be between 40 and 55 years. He should not drink much alcohol and love her like a his princess.

Young single women from China
Candy (22) is one of the enchanting girls at the dating site Chinese Kisses. The most salient part of the body are the huge tits. The face looks nice too. Candy doesn’t live in China, but at the other end of Asia, in Dubai. „Candy is in my nature,“ she writes in the profile. How sweet! The picture confirms this. The sporty Chinese girl is looking for a romantic guy who will love and understand her. Because she lives in a liberal Arab country, she will not insist that her husband converts to the Islam.

Mary (24) is one of the young chicken who are looking for a man to marry. She was born in the Philippines. Now she lives in Dongguan, China. Mary shows beautiful photos with an above average appearance. The sporty Filipina is looking for a friendly guy who hugs her, never lets her go and marries her. It may also be a Chinese. The most important thing for the Filipina is closeness, tenderness and honesty.

Mature Chinese women
Stargel (38) lives in the Chinese enclave Hong Kong. She is the ideal spouse for a funny men who loves funky women. She wears different clothes in the photos and she cuts capers. The figure of the Chinese is perfect for physical love. The husband will have a lot of fun with her in bed. If Stargel is so wild there as here in the photos, he must have a good condition. For an older man over 55 this could be difficult.

The sexy lady from Hong Kong likes to be intimate with her darling. I already suspected that she is a hot girl. To detract attention from this, she describes herself as a „decent“ Asian woman. We will see it in the webcam chat. I add her to my favorite women.

Kaixin (41) from Shanghai belongs to the mature Chinese of the dating service. She has kept a certain slenderness by regular sports. The imaginative, optimistic administrative secretary from China wants to flirt with men in her age. But they may also be 5 years younger. He should be a sociable guy and like traveling.

Jun (43) from Beijing is also one of the older ladies at Chinese Kisses. She looks young for her age. The pictures show an adorable woman who will surely find her happiness. The dream man should be at least 1.75 and not older than 55. The Chinese wants to make many beautiful experiences with him. Trust is the basis of a happy partnership, she writes in the ad. A little more self-description would not be bad. Many Chinese are a bit reserved at partner search.

Who is online at Chinese Kisses?
Ying (30) from Hong Kong is currently logged in to the Chinese contact site. With 1.65 she has an impressive height for an Asian girl. The single woman works in the fashion branch of Hong Kong. She wears elegant dresses. The man she is going to marry should be simple and uncomplicated, as she is. Ying is a mediocre attractive lady with a small bra size.

Tall women from China
Han (32) is one of the flirt contacts from Thailand. With 1.71 she is one the largest female singles at Chinese Kisses. The Thai girl – with 7 photos – has beautiful, big breasts. But she is not the typical sex symbol. Han does not write narcissistically in the ad, but polite and friendly. She likes to cook, she does sports in the fresh air and she likes to walk along the beach of Phuket. With flirting and chatting, she hopes for a man with serious marriage intentions.

Erlin (32) is a little busty girl from the Chinese city Shenzhen. She is a tall, slender Chinese who had never been married. The star sign is Libra, the Chinese animal sign the tiger. A partner between 40 and 55 would be pleasant for Erlin. He may have children. In the profile comment, the pretty Chinese writes: she is a cheerful woman with a warm heart. She works hard in the job, but would like to start a family now.

Naboa (29) is a smart lady from South Korea. The lady with a bachelor’s degree has registered at the contact site Chinese Kisses, hoping to find her soulmate. A something larger age difference will not be a problem for the Asian. More important is that her husband is humorous, honest and a mature personality. The lady from Seoul looks according to her age. She is not a breathtaking sex bomb, but a pleasant appearance.

Chinese women with very good English skills
So far I have not paid attention that the singles from China speak English. Now I’m looking specially for this criterion. The user Leni (35) from China is a 1.56 small and slim sweetie from Guangzhou. Romance plays the most important role in a relationship. Leni would marry a man until 55 years. Unfortunately, the profile is a bit poorly filled in. But I will ask her more questions in the webcam chat of Chinese Kisses.

Zhaiyuan (27) from Suzhou is not a Buddhist, but an atheist. The two photos show a funny girl in tasteful clothes. The face of the young Chinese looks very pretty. Zhaiyuan is nearly 1.70 tall and slim. She doesn’t need an attractive guy to be happy. He should understand and love her Chinese mentality and get on well with people. Partner search can be so easy.

Meija (34) is a in China living Filipina. A simple worker with good English skills. That could be my Asian dream woman. Not too big, not too small. An optimistic expression, fond of children and content with a mature husband.

The romantic woman makes no special demands on love. I put the likable Filipina to my favorites. With a gold membership, I will later try to flirt with her. Kiss you, my darling from Dongguan near Hong Kong.

Pimjai (34) is among the many Thai women at Chinese Kisses. She lives about 60 miles north of Bangkok. The geographical position can be seen in the profile, if you click next to city on the red icon. I had already decided that the Chinese Meija is my wonderful girlfriend. But I like Pimjai from Thailand a little bit better. I could fall in love with her when I see these photos. She is a very attractive Asian woman, but not extremely sexy.

The beautiful Thai girl is single and without kids. My age is no problem for the her. Eroticism is quite important for Pimjai. But first of all she wants to have a family. The Thai woman describes herself as a nice lady with a good heart. She wishes a happy future and a lot of love.

Oh Girl, you drive me crazy. I interrupt the profile analysis. And I transfer 31 dollars for a membership. Then I will send a message to this fantastic Asian woman: that I want to meet her in webcam chat or in Skype. I write to the Thai woman in English that I’m a little bit in love with her pictures. And I hope now for her good will.

I have found another likeable lady. Glenda’s (33) parents live on the Philippines. But she is currently working as housekeeper in the Chinese city Shenzhen. The longer I click and search, the more exciting the ladies I find. Glenda is a cute girl who shows sexy legs.

Everybody under the age of 58 may write to the Filipina. Her future husband can look forward to a simple, uncomplicated wife. To a Asian woman who is natural, but not at all arrogant. That’s how it should be. In the lunch break, I will come to Shenzhen and kiss your red lips. Little joke!

Chinese women from North America
Dona Yun (38) is a saleswoman from Woodstock, not far from New York City. The photo looks nice. „I want a relationship full of trust and attention“. These are her words. She is not registered only for flirting at Chinese Kisses. She wants to find a reliable man to fall in love and to celebrate a wedding soon. The groom should know that Dona Yun has a three-years-old son from her first marriage.

Cici (35) lives in Montreal, Canada. She is a 1.70 tall, slender Chinese lady with dreamy eyes. In her free time she likes to make trips along the St. Lawrence River and to the national parks of Canada. Cici’s character: friendly, intelligent, pleasant and imaginative. The Asian lady is worried, she has last minute panic. She wants to have a child soon.

To see more photos of the Chinese from Montreal, I have to send a photo request. I’ll do it. Cici’s flirt contacts should in no case have any xenophobic tendencies. That’s what she writes in profile.

Chinese girl in Australia
Some lonely ladies from Down Under have also registered for dating at Chinese Kisses. Nurettin’s (39) home is Newcastle near Sidney. She’s a young widow with a restrained smile. Nurettin is not a very slim woman, cause she has some bacon on the ribs. She is the right woman for a middle-aged Australian who wants to have a steady relationship with a modest Asian.

Chinese ladies in the United Kingdom
Yili (40) from Liverpool is not the youngest anymore. But not too old to please a mature man from England. Yili has a daughter. She likes to go to the sauna and to the football games of the FC Liverpool. And Yili likes to travel. Last summer she was on the Mediterranean island Djerba / Tunisia. The native Chinese from Great Britain is honest, cosy, animal-loving and domestic. I think she has enough good character traits and sex appeal to find a divorced man or a British widower at Chinese Kisses.


My first flirt contacts
It takes longer than I thought till the first Chinese women are hot to flirt and to chat with me. Am I no longer so erotic as last week, I ask me. The Thai girls and the cuddly Filipinas have noticed my sex-appeal much earlier in my previous reviews.

Is the partner search in China worth it at all? Overnight, only one woman visited my ad. She is a little older. She speaks good English. But she is too lazy to write something useful. I think I will going to be depressive.

Some hours later there is more action in my China dating. The ladies from Far East are finally awake. „Nice to meet you. I am interested in your profile. Can you write me to my email or give me your email so that I will send my handy number.“ I don’t want to be a spoilsport and send her my mail address. Later we have met in Skype.

Then I get a letter from Fatima from Mongolia – a descendant of the great Genghis Khan. Is she a nomad, a steppe rider, a horsewoman or a rancher? No, Fatima lives in the capital Ulan Bator. The brisk Mongolian is 36 years old. She wants to flirt with me. Why not? She looks very nice. Later we will write in the live chat of Chinese Kisses.


Registration at Chinese Kisses
This process takes only two minutes. You enter the name, gender, date of birth and username. That’s all. Now the impatient man can quickly view the profiles – as I did above. But how can I actively search and make flirt contacts? To do this, you first must create an ad. This will be much more extensive than a contact ad in the newspaper.

Have you ever tried this? Since every line in the newspaper costs a lot of money, you are limited to a few words. At Chinese Kisses the ad is completely free. You are asked to choose many qualities and desires for the dream woman. So the girls from China will get a good impression of your personality.

The profile includes, above all, attractive photos. These are the precondition to find wife or a girlfriend in Asia. The Chinese ladies wish to know your age and your hobbies. They want to know how you imagine the relationship with an foreign female and ind in what profession you work.


Seek a Chinese woman:
how do I find my darling from China?

I think the easiest way is to look at the pictures on the Chinese Kisses homepage. There are already good opportunities to find flirts and chat contacts. For example the members who are online. Or the most attractive photos of Chinese Kisses. There you will find Chinese girls, whose pictures were the most frequent liked by men.

Another way to find your great love from China is to go to the search site. There, male and female singles select properties that the dream partner should have. How tall should your sweetheart be? Which weight class does she belong to? In which city or country does she live? What does she expect from the relationship and from her husband?

May the woman rarely drink alcohol (only at parties and birthdays)? Or does she need to be abstinent? Do I prefer a non-smoker? How good should be the education of my darling? And very important: is she good in English? Fundamentally it is worthwhile to write only to ladies from China who speak the world language at least a little bit.

Such questions can be clarified on the search site. After that, Chinese Kisses will show me corresponding ladies. If I am not satisfied with the result, ) can change the characteristics.

This is just the prelude to find the true love in Asia. An overture without practical use. Because – as seen above – I may only contact the Chinese and invite them to the webcam chat with a membership. For the sweethearts from China it is much easier. They use the dating service for free. Otherwise, not so many thousands would have registered at Chinese Kisses.

When the man from Amerika or somewhere else has made his entries and paid for the membership, he has many options to seek a Chinese bride. He can start a chat in the profile of an erotic lady and talk to her.

Please be careful! Politeness and respect are the most important requirements. In some cases you have to limit the communication to everyday English with simple words. Soon you will get experience how to have the greatest success.

Ask the single woman from Asia something about her lifestyle, the culture of the country. That are good topics for the beginning of the conversation. Tell about your life in a funny way. Be honestly and frank when writing with the babies. She will trust you more and more, and she will agree to meet you in the chat.


The ideal dream woman:
which Chinese women match best?
Immediately after the sign-in for free, I received about 20 profiles from Chinese Kisses which – according to my inputs – might be good matches for me. I got also rather young ladies from China.

Women from China to marryThe most important for my review is not whether they are old, ugly, young or sexy. But that the proposals satisfy my wishes. The matching of Chinese Kisses – the assignment of pairs – is almost perfect. In the most profiles of Chinese girls I’ve read attributes that are important for me.

I click on the „lists“ menu and on the „partner matches“ submenu. Now I see which ladies the dating site recommends me. Ai (38) from Wuhan is looking for a man in my age. Harmony and trust play an important role for a happy relationship.

The Filipina Joel (42) could be a marriage candidate for me. She looks pretty, she speaks English, and she longs for true love. That’s how I formulated my wishes in the search criteria.

The young Chinese Emily (25) accords to my age restrictions. I like her exotic look. Emily is sporty, she spends much time in nature, and she loves traveling. This corresponds to my leisure interests.

The Filipina Grace (29) is a likeable bride, a class of her own. I could watch the photos for hours. Her romantic soul is as well unique. She is looking for a faithful man who acts responsibly. That is quite my character.

Sally (38) from Guangzhou is not so very pretty as I want it. But she has no children, and she speaks good English. She is an honest, warm-hearted person. That corresponds to my expectations.

These examples show me that the partner algorithm of the dating site Chinese Kisses works accurately. You do not have to search for hours in the profiles. You can save a lot of time searching for a partner by checking the dating portal’s partner suggestions.


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The cost at Chinese Kisses

Can I search a life partner for free?
If a guy wants not to spend money, he has bad chances with this Chinese dating agency. He can admire the pictures of pretty Chinese, Thais and Filipinas. He may initiate a targeted search for suitable profiles. But more is not possible. If you want to find your love or a chat partner from Asia, you need a gold membership. Otherwise, you only waste your time.

What are the advantages of such a membership?
It allows you to contact unlimited Asian women from different countries and at any time of the day. If the girls are logged in, you can write with them compliments in the live chat. And you will find out whether you have similar visions for the future.

If you want to go one step further, invite your girl to the webcam chat. There you will see how enchanting, open and cordial the supposed dream woman from China is. You can test her English language skills. And whether it makes any sense to meet her in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong or Bangkok. In this way the man prevents that he will look helplessly into the eyes of the Chines woman at the date. And that he cannot talk to her. It would be a pity about the cost for the flight to China.

By webcam chatting, the guy gets an impression if there is a realistic chance that the flirt contact can develop to a relationship. The Chinese suddenly lights a cigarette because of nervousness. She described herself in the ad as a non-smoker. Then you should find out if she has swindled in other points.

Is the character so got as you could assume? Does she make a really interested impression? Or is there a suspicion that you are just one of many men with whom the honey speaks every day? To examine such things and the visual contact in the webcam chat is certainly worth the gold membership.


Prices for finding a women from China
The 5 gold memberships:
One-month subscription (with recurring payment) for $ 31.27
Member for one month: 40.54 USD
3 months: 27.02 USD per month
6 months: 20.27 USD per month
12 months: $ 13.51 per month

The prices are fair. For 20 or 30 dollars you get nothing at American and British dating agencies.


Personality of Chinese woman
In the countryside of China people live almost as at Marco Polo’s time. There has not much changed since the Middle Ages. The women work on rise fields and with cows. They have been educated to do their duties. They cook, they bake bread and stuff the men’s socks. The backward Chinese in Tibet, Manchuria and at the Great Wall of China are obedient, also if the man has lust for sex.

We can neglect such old-fashioned women. Probably they don’t have internet yet. Dating with a foreigner? That would be the same as suggesting them to fly with a rocket to the Moon or Mars.

Only Chinese who live in larger cities are interesting for the international marriage market: ladies in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenyang, Tianjin, Guangzhou, etc. As well the foreign workers from Thailand and South Korea. A significant group are also the Filipinas who are on partner search at Chinese Kisses. But they are not only looking for an European or an American. Some pretty ladies try to convince a rich man from China of their character and sex appeal.

The city Chinese is a modern person who knows what’s happening in western countries. She has a smartphone and she use the Internet. She has a profitable job, and may drive a VW Golf, Polo or a little Mazda. The modern women know the problems of pollution, of smog in Chinese cities. They are aware of the political paternalism by the communist party and the causes and consequences of climate change and corona epidemic.

Appearance of Chinese women
They have – like all Asian – black, straight hair. The hairstyle is rarely curly or colored. The eye color is dark. The physique is usually petite and lightweight. Most ladies in China have a fantastical slim figure. Because they don’t feast and nibble so much as our women. And because the food with rice, soya, tea, Chinese cabbage, chicken, melons, China-duck, fish and other wok products are not so fat as in the western world.

Asian women are genetically thinner than those in Europe and North America. We see that with the butts and breasts. Women from China have small buttocks, no fat asses and no sagging tits. The breast of a Chinese female is well formed, firm and usually smaller than with non-Asian women.

Many erotic specialist say: the smaller the breast, the greater the sexual desire. I cannot judge it. I had no sex with a Chinese girl. I will soon pay attention to Asian women in my city.

The skin of Chinese is smooth and silky. Many women in big cities get regularly massaged their faces. Or they go to the beauty salon to embellish the face with beauty treatments.

Sport is very important in China. Not only at the Olympic Games and World Championships, but also the popular sport. The more the ladies are exposed to stress, the more they spend free time with jogging, long-distance running, swimming, muscle training and playing football. Sports, the genetic disposition and the healthy diet make Chinese brides extremely attractive.

The soul of Chinese women
When you chat and flirt with a lonely living girl from China or Thailand, you will notice that they are tender and kind. They are soft and a bit reserved. They do not boast like many ladies in the west. The man has to be more careful with a Chinese girl, because they are relatively sensitive. A woman from China only gets angry when she is cheated or insulted in flirting, by the husband or the colleagues.

The connection to the family is in China more important than in the societies of the US, Great Britain, Canada, Germany and France. Father and mother are respected persons and not annoying, embarrassing parents. People in China have contact with brothers and sisters. The family is the foundation of mental health and strength.

In the past, a young Chinese woman in marriageable age could not even look in the eyes of a foreigner. The daddy has reviled the daughter and punished her with house arrest. That’s today still usual among the Turks and in other Islamic countries. China’s women have become so far emancipated, at least in the big cities, that they cannot longer be directed in whom they fall in love, with whom they have sex and whom they marry.


Why don’t many Chinese find a husband in China?
Apropos love: many single women have a real problem with this. They are a bit shy. But also worse is the fact that educated women from a certain age are under some marriage pressure. And that with a working day of 10 or 11 hours, there is little time left for flirting with men.

Most female singles from China don’t prefer the macho, but nice, soft guys. And just these types are rare in China. The Chinese man has to be tough enough to assert himself in the job of the industrial nation of China. This brings advantages for men from the west who live relatively comfortable and spoiled.

Chinese girls don’t want to be married with a computer and not get fucked by a robot. This is another problem of Asian men. Fantasy and creativity lack when they try to flirt and win the heart of a woman. They rarely succeed in being relaxed, romantic, tender and cheerful. They are used to produce efficiently, sparingly and ambitiously.

There is only little room and time for the fun of life, for dolce vita, for deep feelings, for relaxed flirting and fanciful sex with Chinese women. Many local man are not interested to invite the wife or girlfriend to a romantic dinner. That costs money. They are not able to celebrate imaginative sex games with the beloved. What would Buddha and president Xi Jinping say about that waste of time and energy?

A Chinese girl who likes lustful and horny erotic games, is frustrated by her life. For many men from China, coitus is a mundane act like having breakfast. Shagging needs to be done efficiently and with less effort. Because next morning he has to be fit in the office or in the production of e-cars. Many Chinese men have an incredibly sexy mistress: the company. She is his real passion.

The curious, modern Chinese lady misses so many things in life. Because she knows from the media and the Internet that most men in western countries are very different from the native ones. So it’s not surprising that more and more women from China start the computer. And they look on contact sites as or Chinese Kisses for a foreign partner.


Final statement about the dating site
Chinese Kisses is one of many opportunities for the lonely man to get to know a beauty from China. With the purpose to marry a pretty Asian girl. Or – if she lives in his home country – to find a beloved.

Chinese women have a number of advantages. They enchant the man with friendliness, slim looking, goodness and absolute fidelity. They are modest, nearly humble. Chinese are mostly tame and feminine. Who contacts them, must not be afraid to be rejected rudely. That’s the same at other Asian dating sites. But nowhere else we have the opportunity to be so very close to the woman – before the first date – as in the webcam chat of Chinese Kisses.

As we saw in the profiles above, the Chinese single-ladies live in China. But also in many other Asian countries as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea and the Philippines. As well as in many countries around the earth.

What I did not like at Chinese Kisses: I could clearly recognize in some profiles that body size and weight are described inaccurately. This information sometimes doesn’t match the photos of the lady. That’s why you have to compare the pictures and the weight exactly.

On the other hand, there is a big advantage: I can praise my appearance and my person with more than 10 photos. This has nothing to do with narcissism. No, both the Chinese women and the foreign men, get a good insight into the attractiveness of the other. Surprises are excluded later at the real meeting. I recommend to request more pictures at the first contact.

I think: the matchmaking at Chinese Kisses is a promising thing. The selection of women who want to marry is big enough to find it’s personal favorite. If you are not sure about this dating site, you can sign up for free. And get an overview of the looking and character of lonely Chinese women.


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