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Chat contacts: meet singles from foreign countries

How can I chat with single women from around the world? From East Europe, South America, Africa or Asia. Here my tips for meeting women on the Internet

You are looking for a chat partner or a life partner from another continent? Or directly in England or in the United States – but with foreign roots? The Internet offers many opportunities to contact women and men from foreign countries. But how good are the dating portals in reality?

I have searched for options how an English-speaking person can contact singles from all over the world: singles that are alone. But who like to find a life partner. Or a pen friend at least.

I have found several international dating sites. I have tested and compared them for 4 weeks.

My conclusion
I think that the dating services of the Cupid Media Group offer the best chances. There you can find many good chat contacts to singles all over the world.

At Cupid Media sites, people from following regions are registered: from the English-speaking countries USA, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, Canada and South Africa – in your home country, surely many singles of foreign origin live. And from East Europe: Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Belarus and the Baltic states.

Cupid Media offers also chat contacts to the Caribbean, Africa and South America. And to Asia: especially Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. You also have the chance to meet Islamic women and men. From your home country or from the Arab world.


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At each Cupid Media portal, at least 400,000 singles are active. In Eastern Europe even more than one million. So you have good chances to chat and to write with thousands of singles from around the world.

I have seen and tested many international dating websites. Most portals for partner search have only 5,000 to 40,000 members. I think that you will not be very successful at such small love sites. Besides, most have no chat and no video function.

The singles on the Cupid Media portals come from many countries. Here an overview – divided by continents and regions:

  • United Kingdom of Great Britain
  • North America: United States, Canada and Mexico
  • Central Europe: chat contacts from Germany, Holland, Austria and Switzerland
  • Southern Europe: Italy, Spain, Turkey and Greece
  • East Europe: singles from Russia, Poland, Belarus and Ukraine
  • South America: Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile
  • The Caribbean: women from Dominican Republic, Cuba, Barbados, Jamaica
  • Africa: Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Namibia, Morocco
  • Asia: Thailand, Korea, Philippines, India, Japan, China.

In each country you will find locals or foreigners.

At Cupid love sites, men and women from around the world are chatting. Male singles come mainly from western nations. They look for contacts to women in countries I have mentioned above. It may be pure Internet contacts. The majority of men, however, is looking for a nice lady to marry.


Advantages of dating on the Internet
You are a single. You have tried to find a partner in your city. A person you want to love. With which you will live together. Go on holiday. Have fantastic sex. And maybe have children.

Have you ever searched for a partner in your region? Then you know how long it can take till you find a suitable partner in normal life. Opportunities are rare. Most people are married. If you meet a single, you probably don’t realize that. This person has no sign on the forehead: I am single, I seek a friend.

At a contact site, you have much better chances than in real life. You will find many foreign chat contacts. Here only singles are registered. No married people. Almost all are looking for a partner.

At dating services, you have a wide choice of candidates. This makes your partner search relatively easy. You can seek specifically: In the „search“ function, you can select properties a woman should have. So you will find singles with similar age, interests and attitudes as you.

You have defined your search criteria for finding the ideal partner. A short time later, the Cupid love site shows you women that meet your requirements.

Your dream partner should be at the age from 25 to 35 years. She should live in England or Canada or in the Dominican Republic. The girl should have black hair. Height: 1.58 m to 1.68 m. Weight: 55 to 65 kg. Interests: sports, cinema, books and travelling. At next moment, you see all profiles with these properties.


Can I find singles from my own country?
Yes, of course that’s possible. If you live in the UK: it’s the easiest way, if you first look for male or female singles who live in England or Scotland. These people are probably born abroad. They try to find a compatriot or an English single. Both are possible.

You see at the dating site a profile with sympathetic pictures. You want to meet this single in real life. If he or she lives in your country, you have a short travel route. If you later maybe get married and want to live together: that’s also easier in your home country.


First steps to find foreign women for chatting
First you have to create a profile at the Cupid site. Then you upload beautiful photos. So that other singles can assess your appearance.

Filling out your ad, you are asked for hobbies and leisure activities: music, sports, movies, games, meeting friends and so on. You are also asked for your height and weight. If you want to have children. And for your education and job.

Then you describe the properties of your dream woman or man. For example: age, nationality, attractiveness and attitudes to life. And you define your own claims on a partner and relationship.

Search function: Now you can seek chat contacts. You look at the ads. You see which women or men you like. You write the first letter to a single. A woman also should have the courage to write to men.

Sending emails and chatting with webcam is not free at Cupid Media portals. It’s necessary to buy a premium membership: for one month or several months. Without this membership, you can only view the profiles. But not contact any person.


Tips for the first message to foreign women
The most important things in finding a partner on the Internet are fairness, kindness and honesty. If you think that the girl is too old, too fat or not attractive enough, you should not awake false hopes. You also don’t want to be treated in this way.

Many men are too quick in partner search. You see a lady with a fantastic sex appeal. Then don’t write in your first letter: I love you, baby. You’re my dream woman. I’m crazy for you. I will love you forever.

That’s childish nonsense. What should she think about you? The appearance is an important factor in finding a partner. But it’s important as well that you and the single woman match in character. That you are similar in temper, sexual activeness and attitudes to children, leisure and lifestyle.

You have to find out all this in emails or chat conversations. Before you say at the earliest at the first date: I like you, baby. Also this is actually far too early.

Love needs trust and time. The image of a young sexy woman excites you sexually very much. You imagine how you undress the girl: Shirt, bra, panties. You touch her legs. She has a the beautiful brown skin. And breasts like a sex bomb.

You are sexually aroused by these fantasies and dreams. You have desire to have sex with the young lady. That’s understandable. But if you write only one word like this in the chat: She will probably stop the contact immediately. Especially women from the Arab world are very sensitive to sexual issues.

If you win the heart of the girl: Then you will have lots of fun with her. But later, not at the beginning of the contact. Most foreign single women have no desire for a sexual adventure. They seek a good man for relationship or marriage.


Can I see women live – like on Skype?
Yes, that’s possible at Cupid Media portals. But only if you have a premium membership. You have found an interesting woman. She has long black hair. A beautiful face, sexy legs and a seductive butt. How can you check whether the image in profile is real?

You write to her:
Hello, I would like to chat live with you in the contact site. You suggest a day and a time. You take into account that there may be a time difference between the two countries.

For chatting, the Cupid Media portals provide you chat windows for writing directly. Or better: You use the internal webcam of the site. In order to see the woman’s face. Just like on Skype.

You can speak now live with your acquaintance. You see whether the woman really looks as attractive as in the profile. You see her behaviour, her reactions and the smile.

You can chat and flirt every day in the webcam chat. Without additional costs. It’s only important to have a premium membership. Then everything is free.


Love needs time and patience
If you are looking for women at Cupid Media sites: you must not expect too much at once. Look at the profiles. Write messages, for example to 5 women. You wait for an answer. This can take a few days. Until the girl logs in again.

You should not expect to find your dream woman within 2 or 4 weeks. Although the selection of singles is large: that’s hardly possible. You have to seek with patience. Invite many girls to the chat. Because emails are not enough. Especially, if you live in different countries.

I hope these tips – that I applied with success some years ago – are helpful for you. So that you will find the love of your life as soon as possible.