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Polish woman as wife or girlfriend

Women from Poland have properties that make them attractive to men from the West. Contact and meet a Polish single woman: Here my tips

Pretty woman from Poland with sexy figureEverything I write, refers to the majority of women from Poland.

I have researched in experience reports of online forums. I describe the typical character of Polish women. And how you can get to know them.





How are women from Poland as wives?

Are they faithful?
Of course there are several statements and experiences. Most women from Poland are loyal, when they have a firm life partner.

We must not forget: Most beautiful Polish women are deeply rooted in Catholic faith. If you are not a bad man, and treat a woman well: Then you have a fidelity guarantee with your polish woman. We can only dream of this with the ladies from Western Europe or the USA.

It’s hardly possible for a Polish woman to have sex with another man than her partner. „A sin against God and the Bible“. I read these words two times in a forum. It sounds very out-fashioned for people from the West. But it seems to be true. At least for big parts of the Polish population.

I think: there might be exceptions. Not every woman in Poland is a strong believing Catholic, but the most. I suppose the young generation doesn’t see it so severe.


Meet beautiful ladies from Poland

Here you meet pretty Polish single women in best age


How is sex with women from Poland?
It’s certainly no secret: Polish ladies are among the most beautiful in Europe. You will see this also in bed – when she is naked.

The average woman is sexually rather active in a relationship. And ready to give her husband or firm friend the highest delights of lust. Provided that you deal her respectfully as a lady. And not like a cheap slut.

Many women from East Europe like fun and exciting experiments during sex. Despite the Catholic education, Polish women can be very passionate – if you arouse the fire of lust in them. But a man should not be too fast. Before the actual intercourse, you have to make her hot: With touches, cuddling, kissing, licking and loving hugs.

If you have met a lady from Poland only some weeks ago: then she will certainly be a little shy when it comes to sex – compared to women from England or the US. In Polish public, sex is not yet as present as in Western Europe. First she might be a little hesitant. Till she is sure that you don’t want only to fuck her. But have serious love intentions. When she knows this, you can have wonderful sex and horny orgasms with her.

What do women from Poland think about family and career?
Two things are very important for Polish girls: The family (husband plus children) and the attachment to the Catholic Church. Many Polish women have a good education and a job. But even if they are modern and open-minded: The most important is still the family. For this she lives, works and fights.

Making career and self-realization are not so important for Agnieszka, Ewa, Jolanta and Kinga. The focus is clearly on a happy marriage and family life.

Since Poland joined the European Union, western lifestyle and tendencies slowly win of importance. In spite of this, most Polish women still follow traditions. Not so much as Russian women, but clearly recognizable. It could be different 10 or 15 years later.


Are there Polish women who seek a foreign man?
Yes, of course. I read this sentence in a forum: „It’s not easy for me to find a reasonable man in Poland“. Teresa (38 years) from Poznan has written this. She is certainly not an old and ugly woman. I have seen a little picture.

It might be interesting for a man from the West to get to know a Polish girl. Even if she doesn’t live in the backward East of Poland, but in cosmopolitan cities as Wroclaw, Warsaw, Gdansk or Lodz.


Dating with east european girls


What is characteristic for men in the countries of East Europe?
After the political revolution in 1990, many fell into a psychic depression. They lost the job. Many unemployed guys started drinking.

The economic situation in Poland improved by the EU accession. Many women and men work now in England, Norway, Germany and Denmark. Many people who don’t go abroad, have no job. The others have to live from a low wage in Poland.

That’s bad for self-confidence. Such a man is not an attractive partner for a Polish single woman. So many girls seek and find a husband abroad: in England, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland and even North America.

Why many women from Poland are looking for a foreign man?
It’s not because of financial interests. In Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Lodz and Krakow, most people have an acceptable job. The actual cause is the longing for a loving and stable relationship.

A man from the western world should not imagine that it’s easy to win the heart of a Polish girl. Most of them ar clever and confident. They have a strong character.

Most women from Poland know exactly what they expect from life. They will give love only to a man who is worth it. There are enough guys without strong character on our side of the Oder river.

Have British, American and German men good chances
with a Polish woman?

This question can clearly be answered with „Yes“. Ladies from Poland estimate the reliable character of western boys. Men from Great Britain and the US are ambitious, hardworking, honest and mostly faithful. And they are friendly to women.

The relatively small distance between the British Isles and Poland is a good motivation for a woman to seek a partner from the UK. After wedding, she can easily fly home sometimes. To visit parents and friends.


How can you meet a single woman from Poland online?
Unfortunately, there are only a few dating services, where you can contact them directly. Most girls speak English. So the communication is less problematic than in pure Polish single sites. Here the best portals to meet women from Poland and Eastern Europe:



On these websites you will find single women not only from Poland. But also from Russia and Ukraine. And ladies from the EU-countries Hungary, Czech Republic, Latvia and Estonia.

At RussianCupid, Ukraine Date and Interkontakt you can write directly to women. And you can chat with webcam.

Apart from these dating services, there are classical marriage agencies on the Internet. But you have to pay there a lot of money for contact details. I would don’t recommend following portals:

You live in the UK, in the US or Canada? And you speak Polish language? So you can try to find your love in purely Polish dating services as,


Meet a woman directly in Poland

On holidays
It’s somewhat difficult, but it’s possible. On vacation at the Baltic Sea or in Masuria, you can certainly be lucky to meet a Polish single woman. But your success depends on chance. Furthermore, the duration of your holidays is limited to 2 or 3 weeks.

Job in Poland
By globalization and the EU accession, many foreign men work in Poland. Especially from Germany and England. Many foreign companies have subsidiaries there.

You work for months or years in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Szczecin or Poznan? So you have excellent chances to get to know a lady. You will learn Polish language. In the employment or in the evening – when going out – you can talk and flirt with girls.


Contacts with Polish women on the Internet
At online portals as or RussianCupid, you will see pictures of Polish women. Some are very attractive, some not so much. Like in normal life.

Be careful! On special websites, you will see only very sexy pictures. Alleged dream women with big tits and sexy legs. I want to warn you against contact sites that show hot girls in bikini, bra, sexy skirts and with innocent eyes.

Many men from the West had bad experiences with this. Because these girls often don’t live in Poland. They are fakes from Russia or Ukraine. With purely financial interests.

It’s only useful to seek at serious contact sites like Interkontakt and RussianCupid. In the chat of these portals, you can test if a women is authentic or not.

Please use for your partner search in Eastern Europe only those portals where women look between normal and attractive. Don’t contact girls with extreme sexy photos in profiles.

For testing the dating sites, I have been active at and at RussianCupid. I saw many pretty women. But only few with purely sexual or financial intentions.

First massage to a women – a difficult issue
You don’t want to do anything wrong. The woman should get a good impression of you.

You have found in the East-West Love dating site RussianCupid the profile of a pretty Polish girl. Her name is Julia – for example. It’s important that you first read all details of her profile:

Does she speak English?

Is the age OK for you?

What’s her character?

Does she have children?

Is she ready to move to another country?

What kind of man does she want?

What’s her education level?

What are her hobbies and interests? And so on.

You can see all this details in Julia’s advertisement at RussianCupid.


Here are my tips for the first message
Don’t write a long story about your life. But only a few sentences. In simple English words. So that Julia will be able to understand everything easily.
Describe in your first email what you like in the profile of the woman.
Then you write some words about your person and your life: Your city, job and character. Perhaps something about your favorite hobby.
You should mention that you are single. And that you would like to find a nice friendship or life partner from abroad.
At the end you say: I would be happy to write with you. To get to know you better. That’s very important. Make clear that you have a real interest for her person.
On the Internet there are many players. Men who only search for a sex adventure in Eastern Europe. With a low cost airline like Ryanair that’s no problem. You sit down on the plane. You fly over the weekend to Poland. In order to have a bit fun with a girl.

Of course you can do that. But if you are really looking for a life partner: you should avoid in your messages everything what has to do with sex.
In the second message, you can send Julia from Poland your email address. And ask her to send some pictures. Later you can do the same.

That’s enough for now. Please do not overdo with the length of your first letter.


Get to know a woman from Poland closer
Julia has send an answer. You can deepen now the contact by further emails. To learn something about her character and her intentions.

At RussianCupid, Interkontakt and Ukraine Date, you have the option to meet a Polish lady in the chat. There you can write directly to her. If her English is poor, that’s not easy. Give her enough time for reading and writing. Besides, you have the chance to see the women and to speak to her: By the internal webcam of the dating sites.


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Date in Poland
If you find the girl sympathetic while chatting. If you feel: there is a good chance to fall in love with her. If she speaks friendly to you, you could think about a trip to Poland. That’s not a big deal.

From London and Glasgow there are flights to Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw and Krakow. It’s important that the woman has some days free. So you can spend enough time together.


Character and mentality of Polish women
Sorry: a little late I come to the actual topic of this article: The personal characteristics of the ladies from Poland. I already told you about the attachment to the Church and the priority of the family. But there are other differences to women from the West. These concern culture, mentality and education.

The beauty of women from Poland
One of the most remarkable properties of the ladies between the rivers Oder and Vistula is the attractiveness. Regarding this, they don’t differ from women from Russia and Ukraine.

Ewa, Dana and Janina never go sloppy or unkempt out of the house. Instead of trousers, many Polish women prefer elegant dresses that emphasize the femininity. And give them a special sex appeal.

Instead sports shoes, Polish women wear high heeled ladies shoes. At least in public. Standing in front of the mirror, the face is painted with makeup, the lips with red lipstick.

Women from Poland are famous for their female appearance. As tourist, you can convince yourself. On the Rynek (Ring) of Krakow or Wroclaw and on the Long Market of Gdansk, you can observe many elegant beauties.

Strong character
Most Polish women are intelligent. Men who have met them, write so in Internet forums. They are able to enforce their wishes against a guy. The Polish woman is not a doll with which you can play. Most ladies are self-confident. You cannot easily dominate them in a relationship.

On the other hand Polish women can be very emotional. Men who are married with one, write on the Internet about the ambivalent nature of their wives: between sensitivity and tenacity.

That’s not only the outer sex appeal. But also the inner attitude. Like all ladies from Eastern Europe, the Polish see themselves primarily as a woman.

In the big cities Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz and Wroclaw you will also see career women. In pants and costumes, they don’t look very female. But most women in Poland still attach importance to a feminine appearance. And to naturalness.

For Polish ladies the man should be a real man. This means: they don’t´subordinate to him. But they expect that he is able to take important and good decisions in external affairs.

Temper of Polish women
The girls love fun and jokes. Although life in Poland is still characterized by poverty and modesty: You can see on the streets many laughing women.

Money and financial prosperity is no guarantee for happiness. You see this best, if you look at the stressed faces of people in your hometown.

Men from the West write in forums:
They were pleasantly surprised by the temperament of their Polish girlfriend in bed. They don’t have always „migraine“ when he wants to love her. They don’t play an orgasm. The desire for sex is genuine.

The loveable qualities of Polish women will perhaps change 10 or 15 years later. Because of increasing western way of life, this special character could disappear one day. But it’s not yet so far.


What does a woman from Poland expect from the husband?

Character is asked
Many men in Polska are not always faithful. In the evening, they go to the pub instead to sit with the family. The education of children is the task of women.

Playschool, school, homework for school: He leaves everything generously to her. Many men lack a sense of responsibility.

The divorce rate in Poland is higher than in England or Germany. After separation, the man often doesn’t pay alimony for his children. Because he is not able for it. Or because law doesn’t require it to the extent as in western countries.

The character of men in the West is different from that in Poland. He supports his darling in many areas of life. That’s it what a Polish women expects from him.

A true friend and partner in all situations. He is punctual and reliable. He knows how to handle a lady. He gives her a home and security. He cares for banal things as appointments, correspondence and the car. And he helps her in household. Without being a clown or idiot.

Sometimes he may drink 2 or 3 beer. As long as he doesn’t drink strong alcohol (like many men in Poland), the wife will love him.

That’s true for all men from the West. Many Polish women are married in Austria and Switzerland. Some have met her love also at work in the United Kingdom, in Norway or Germany.

Polish women want men with good manners
Just as ladies from Russia, the Polish are fairly conservative. They expect from a husband not only a lot of love and attention. But also a proper behavior and body care.

If your room looks as if a tornado has whirled everything. If you smoke in the house instead of outside. Or if you have bad manners at dinner. Then you can expect stress with your Polish lady. A normal man will not have problems. Only the „special cases“. I hope you don’t belong to these.

Conclusion: what claims have women from Poland?
Above all they want a good, stable family life. With or without children. Together with a characterful partner who treats her lovingly and respectfully. A man who doesn’t drink too much alcohol. And doesn’t behave like a pig, a womanizer or a Neanderthal.


What chance has a marriage with a woman from Poland?
Since joining the EU in 2004, the economic situation in Poland has stabilized. Nevertheless, the desire of Polish women to marry a man from the West still rises after this time. But financial reasons are no longer relevant – as in the 1990s.

After the democratization of the country, a lot of people had a poor life for many years. Today money comes from Brussels to Poland. Many new jobs have been created. Unemployment is falling steadily. Living standard becomes better.

A Polish woman no longer needs to get married by a man from Western Europe for financial reasons. Maybe ladies from the east of Poland. Where everything is still more poor and backward. As EU citizen, Polish people may work in Europe almost everywhere. There is no longer any reason for a bad considered decision to marry.

Polish women love continuity in relationship
There must be other reasons why many girls from Poland still look for contacts to men from the West. Primarily they hope for a stable partnership – especially if they are over 35 years. A marriage that will work well for many years. They expect a man who doesn’t look at the butt of young girls – or touches it.

Integration in a foreign country
How can you imagine a marriage with a woman from Poland? What you should pay attention to?

She has left her home. Although Polska is not behind the moon: she lives now in a foreign country. This can make a person insecure.

Especially in the first time, the man should support her as good as possible. He should often kiss her. And embrace her tenderly. At least till she becomes more self-confident und courageous.

The man has to ensure that his woman will learn his language quickly. And that she will find a job after a few months. Maybe a little job is enough for the first time. She will attend to courses that meet her profession in Poland. So she improves the chances to work soon in the same industry as formerly at home.

The man will introduce her to his friends. For example, at a barbecue. This means that the Polish girl will also have friends. And enjoy life in the new home.

Many women from Poland are enterprising. At the weekend the couple will spend much the time together. The man invites her to a short trip. He walks with her in the nature. They visit interesting events. Or whatever …

Polish women expect attention
As she has a good humor, your darling will like it if you tell some funny stories from the company in the evening. As well if you look together in the photo album. And see the pictures of the first school day, confirmation, holidays and family celebrations.

A woman from Poland will appreciate it if you reward her work and diligence by words or with a small present. This can be flowers. On Valentine’s Day a bouquet of roses. At Christmas a necklace. Or a few books about the sights of your country. So that she gets to know your culture.

In Poland, women live in modest circumstances. They are easier to satisfy than ladies from western countries. Let the girl not feel that she depends on you financially. She could ask herself: Am I married to the wrong man?

Sex and tenderness are very important in a good relationship. The more you take care of your Polish sweetheart, the more she will repay with love. In matters of leisure activities a man should pay attention to the interests and hobbies of his wife or girlfriend.

From time to time Anna, Katarzyna and Beata want to see old friends and relatives. So you fly with your girl on holiday or at a long weekend to Poland. She will be very satisfied with you.


How to communicate with women from Eastern Europe?
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How emancipated are Polish women?
The trend is certainly that they remove from the traditional role model. On the other hand the transition from communism to capitalism weakens this development.

Especially in the 1990s, many women in Poland were unemployed. Who has no money, cannot be very confident. To date, this has not changed significantly.

Moreover, the Catholic Church in Poland – as anywhere in the world – presents itself medieval. With the dogma it blocks the emancipation in Poland: Women to the cooking stove instead to the office.

So Polish women are still disadvantaged in many parts of the country. And reduced to the role of mother. Although they have jobs now in the cities Warsaw, Bialystok, Gdansk, Szczecin, Katowice, Gdynia and Krakow: It will take several years till the equality of the women from Poland will be perfect.