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Good chances at Cupid Media
The worldwide dating company offers a series of portals where singles can meet and fall in love with foreign ladies and men around the globe: people from Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America.

You will find here Elena from Kiev, Svetlana from Moscow, Anny from the Dominican Republic, Nancy from the Philippines, Zola from Kenya and also unmarried guys from all continents. I will now describe the international dating sites and the characteristics of the women.

In contrast to marriage agencies, also pure friendly contacts are possible at Cupid Media. It is not always certain that an online flirt has to end at the wedding altar. But it often happens that the man marries his sweetheart from abroad after a pleasant dating experience.

Consistent standards apply at all dating sites of Cupid-Media. This concerns the technology, design, memberships, prices and the language settings. The men don’t necessarily have to speak English to meet a foreign girl and to make her in love, because each contact site offers 10 to 15 different languages.

Cupid Media differentiates between the premium account and the free membership. The last one offers only modest options such as creating a contact ad and looking at the profiles of thousands beautiful girls.

Who seriously wants to find a foreign honey at Cupid Media, should opt for a premium membership. This is the only way to be successful in finding there a pretty woman.

The dating sites of Cupid Media:

  • Latin America, Caribbean, Thailand, Philippines
  • Russia, Ukraine, Eastern European countries
  • Africa, China and singles from the Arab world


Women from Asia to fall in love:
By creating a profile, a single from the USA, Germany, Great Britain or Australia cannot only actively seek the woman for life. He can also be found and contacted by a pretty Asian girl. The same applies to all dating sites of Cupid Media.

If you have special expectations on an Asian lady, you can formulate it in your profile. AsianDating offers the following fields: body size, figure, education, desire for children, smoking habits, music taste and sports activities. I have seen the same criteria at all dating sites of this article.

Chat with beautiful ladies from Asia

Filipinas are very popular wives for men from the west. Some guys who have trouble to find a local woman, found happiness in the Philippines or other countries in Asia. This is documented in the success stories of AsianDating.

Filipinas and most other Asian women have an open, sunny and playful disposition. Many understand English and there are hardly any problems with communication while chatting or at the first meeting.

Religious faith is important for many women in the Philippines. They are very associated with the Catholic Church. The divorce rate is low in a marriage with a Filipina. For the ladies from other Asian countries (especially India), religion also plays a much greater role than in our almost godless society.

The countries at
Theoretically the pretty girls of Cupid Media could come from all countries in Asia. But I noticed in my reviews that some regions are not represented. Most of the ladies live in Thailand, Singapore, Japan, India, South Korea, China and the Philippines. In poorer countries like Indonesia, Myanmar and Kyrgyzstan, the internet may not be so widespread.


Find a beautiful wife from Brazil to fall in love:
If sex appeal is the most important criteria when choosing a partner, Brazilian women are absolutely top. Many girls from Brazil have a seductive erotic body that can drive a man crazy. When they see a beautiful senorita, many guys lose their minds. How should they not think of sex when someone has such wonderful breasts and a hot butt like a young sexy Brazilian?

 Sexy girls from Brazil at

At BrazilCupid the man gets to know an infinite number of very attractive girls. But it’s not advisable to use sexually words while dating. The South American expects a certain respect.

The ladies from Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre don’t want to marry a man or flirt with him if he only wants sex – although they like it very much with their southern temperament. But only, if they are really in love. According to western standards, women from South America are a little old-fashioned, unless they have lived in the United States, England, Ireland or South Africa for a long time.

Many Brazilian women speak some English, especially in the big cities, where they get in contact with tourists from Canada and the United States. If they have no English skills, the partner search at the dating site is a little difficult. Because hardly a guy will understand Portuguese.

Basically every man has a good chance to find his darling. Brazil is a chaotic country and many attractive Latinas would consider themselves lucky to find love in western countries. The men in Brazil are not charming to their women.


Partner search in Russia, Poland and the Baltic States:
A woman from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad and Volgograd does not have an easy life in her homeland. The Russian man treats her badly. If she doesn’t obey, he sometimes beats her up.

Most Russian ladies are educated and ambitious. So professional success should be no problem in English-speaking countries. Seeking a partner at RussianCupid, you can look forward to an efficient partner. You have to find out the character of the woman in the chat or later in Skype.

Here you meet Russian single women

At RussianCupid, girls from the Baltic states and Poland are also looking for a matching husband from the west. This increases the chances to find love abroad. It’s easy to meet a woman like this because you don’t need a visa to visit her.

Since so many nations are represented on this dating portal, it is worth to have a look at the country search of RussianCupid. There you can choose which profiles of lonely ladies you want to view.

Russian girls are generally attractive and lovely. You will see this in the pictures. Perhaps you have already experienced it in your circle of friends. Many women from Russia have lived abroad for a long time. If they are divorced there and are looking for a new man, they like to sign up at an international portal as RussianCupid.


Sexy Latinas from the Caribbean and Latin America:
At the dating site
Women from Cuba, from the Dominican Republic and Mexico are known to be particularly in need of love and to be sexy. The simple nature, the tanned complexion, the exciting legs and the black hair of the Latinas make many guys hot, also on holiday.

The ladies from South America, the Caribbean and Central America are usually slim, racy and sexually attractive. Hardly any man can resist this sensuality. Latinas like to laugh, they are fun-loving, natural, communicative and sociable.

The beauties know what to expect from life. They don’t need a man to bring them to orgasm five times a day. They want a reliable partner with whom they can start a family. This conservative attitude is based on the Catholic faith. Marriage is a highly valued institution for the women of this region.

 Latinas to marry: at LatinAmericanCupid

The LatinAmericanCupid dating site enables flirting with young beauties from many countries. This allows male singles to compare which girls they like best. Latin America includes a very large area and there are significant differences in mentality. First you should look at the pictures and the profiles. You note a few beautiful women from South America, Mexico or the Caribbean. Then think about the best words to write to the exotic girl – in Spanish or English.

If you are very lucky, you will find Latinas who are living in your country. I saw some at LatinAmericanCupid who live in the USA, Spain, England or Canada.

In order to make contacts at the dating site, Spanish is very beneficial. If you have already vacationed in Mallorca, in the Mexican Yucatan, in Cuba or on the Spanish Costa del Sol, it shouldn’t be difficult to get to know each other. Otherwise you have to hope that the women from Latin America have already had contacts with English speaking people. This is not unlikely in the tourism industry or at universities.

At LatinAmericanCupid, ladies from these regions are looking for a man:

  • South America, Central America, Florida, Spain
  • Greater Antilles (Cuba, Dominican Republic).
  • Lesser Antilles (Barbados, Trinidad, Martinique).
  • Girls from the Caribbean also live in France. The Grande Nation has some small islands there like Guadeloupe, Martinique and Saint-Martin.


Beautiful singles from Africa:
Women from Ukraine, Brazil and Russia are relatively easy to describe. They come from the same country and are not very different. In Africa, however, there are clear differences between poor and middle-class people and of course in geography.

A black woman from West Africa has a different mentality than one from an Islamic state in North Africa or a light-skinned lady from Cape Town. It would be too complicated to analyze this in detail here. I will describe Arab women below with the portal At this point I focus on black African women.

Beautiful African women at

The fact is: you will only find lonely ladies at AfroIntroductions who live in cities and have internet. That means: the attractive Afro-girls definitely know what happens in the world. They may not be as clever and cunning as an urbane lady from London, Sidney or Boston. But the man shouldn’t make the mistake to regard Africans as easy victims or a stupid sheep.

Many white guys love the sexy appearance of black women. They imagine sexual fantasies, they dream of kissing an African wild cat and having passionate sex. African girls are notorious for being unrestrained and passionate in bed. The character and their sexual desire are not yet blunted by stressful life in a civilized society.

What does a beautiful African woman expect from a white guy from Europe or North America? You shouldn’t make fun of her name while chatting and later on the date. Many Negro girls have French or English first names as Rose, Florence, Malou, Melinda or Kim. Other names sound tongue-twisting and typically African. Please accept the name as it is!

The easiest way to win the heart of an African beauty not to show strict qualities as ambition, punctuality, avarice and life planning. Try to have funny conversations in the chat about everyday situations. You should be interested in the attractiveness, culture and character of your African sweetheart.

Show her that you long for a firm, loving relationship. Try to find out what the girl from Africa is thinking about children. It is better to avoid the topic „sex“ when flirting with her. This makes a bad impression on beautiful negresses.

Many people in West Africa, Algeria and Morocco speak French, while English is widely spoken in East Africa and South Africa. Please check the language skills in the profiles of the Africans. Take a look at the pictures and choose a charming lady to contact with friendly words.

The easiest way to find an lovely African woman for a relationship is in your own home country or in neighboring countries. Interesting for Germans, Spaniards and British: many beauties from the black continent live in France. Enter France at the country search of AfroIntroductions. and you will see. I have to mention that many African men also use the dating site to find a wife or girlfriend – regardless of whether they live in Africa or somewhere else.

Where do the singles of the African love site come from?

  • From the Arab countries in North Africa
  • From the Republic of South Africa and Namibia
  • From East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania)
  • And from the west of the black continent, for example from Senegal and Nigeria. And from many other states all over the world.

Especially young women from African civil war countries have a very strong desire to escape from misery by getting married.


Attractive women from Ukraine
The ladies from Kiev and Lviv are among the most beautiful in Eastern Europe. Beyond that, they are considered as empathetic, sensitive and warm-hearted. If you like blond women, you will find a large selection of suitable wives at UkraineDate.

The Ukrainian does not have an easy life in her homeland. Emancipation in is still suppressed in Ukraine. You give your darling a few freedoms in the relationship and she will feel like in a never known paradise.

Meet beautiful Ukrainian ladies on the internet

Ukraine is a poor country. The girl has to leave the parental home at the age of 18 or 20 years. Thus a certain independence and mental strength develop early on. You don’t have to worry about meeting helpless dolls at

Beauty is very important for an Ukrainian. Blondes and brunettes take care of their bodies, they make themselves pretty in front of the mirror, they wear sexy dresses and skirts. Regardless of whether they are single or married: that is part of the demands on themselves. Ukrainians want to look sexy and please to men.

Women from Ukraine attach great importance to an intact family. In a country where a lot seems to be chaotic, the family life gives them a certain stability.

Beyond this, a girl from Kiev and Kharkov loves it when a man treats her well and if he actively does something with her in the free time. So she is satisfied with her life and will repay his friendliness with her sexy body on hot nights of love.

The ladies from the south of Ukraine are a bit more spirited than the others, especially the brown-skinned Tatar women on the Black Sea. The husband or boyfriend can expect the greatest passion from these hot-blooded women. If this topic is important for you, please take a look at the map of Ukraine before flirting at the dating site.


Looking for single women from Thailand:
Thai people are reared to be kind already as children. It’s not for nothing that Thailand is called the „land of smiles“. You can find out whether your favorite girl is really friendly and well-bred in the chat of

The girls of the Cupid Media dating sites that I am describing here can in principle all be recommended for a relationship. They come from relatively poor countries and they have lower demands than ladies in western countries.

You can pick out the most beautiful and pleasant women of a dating site and try to come in contact with them. For example, you could meet in the chat every second or third day. You have to consider the time difference between Thailand and your English-speaking country. This is approximately 13 hours for the men from New York, 14 hours to Los Angeles, 6 hours to the UK, approximately 4 hours to Australia (depending on the geographical location) and 5 hours to South Africa.

 Meet charming Thai girls

I cannot recommend all Thai girls as serious lovers and wives. The slim dolls look gorgeous and they can easily satisfy the man’s erotic dreams. The problem is: some young pretty ladies “work” in sex bars, especially in Bangkok and Pattaya.

This is easy to bear on vacation in Thailand. The single man has a good time in the arms of a beautiful Thai girl. But meeting bar girls is not optimal for the serious partner search.

Some lonely man from America, Scotland or South Africa doesn’t want to marry a girl who has had sex with many guys: a young Thai woman who sells her sexy body for money. And nevertheless: she probably doesn’t fuck because she is a nymphomaniac, but because she has no other chance to earn money. To be fair, you should consider this.

It does absolutely not mean that all Thai women are whores. In the chat of you can lead the conversation to her job. Ask the girl how her life and work are and whether she supports the parents financially.

You can pretend to be a sexually inexperienced man. If she answers: „Don’t worry, I’ll do it“, she is probably a girl from the red light district. If you don’t care that she lives by sex, you don’t need to conduct this gentle interrogation.

The mentality of the female singles from Thailand is shaped by the East Asian culture. Apart from the bar girls in Bangkok and Pattaya, they are not at all shifty, but mostly reserved and shy.

Most of the beautiful Thai ladies at this dating site are careful. They want to find out what type of guy you are and if you think seriously of marrying a Thai girl.

If you dream of a petite Asian woman with small breasts, a big heart and no emancipation behavior, the partner search at is a good idea.


Contacts to women from the Arab world:
Dating at
At least at a young age up to 30 years, Turkish and Arab women are among the most beautiful in the world. Many men from western countries love the dark brown skin, which they can never have themselves. We associate with brown skin pleasant fantasies as sun, vacation, health and last but not least exciting sex.

But here we come to a big problem with Arab women. In contrast to Europe, Africa and large parts of Asia, religion plays an eminently important role in Islamic countries. A man should only look for a Muslim wife or girlfriend if he has genuine intentions for a relationship.

Turkish women who have been living in western countries for some time are perhaps an exception, provided that they have broken away from the strict Islamist mindset of their parents, from Allah and the Koran.

Contact beautiful Arab women

Women from Arab countries as Tunisia, Lebanon, Syria and Morocco probably refuse a pure sex relationship or an one night stand. You must be extremely lucky to achieve this.

In principle, you should only register for the dating at if you are a Muslim. Or if, as a tolerant American or European, you really want to find an Arab wife with all your heart. You must not forget that it will not be easy to cope and harmonize with the mentality of a Muslim lady.

If a guy from Egypt, Tunisia or Turkey wants a Muslim spouse or girlfriend, the partner search is very much easier. is also interesting for male refugees from Afghanistan, the Middle East and North Africa. Many young men from there are unmarried and long for the love of a nice female partner.

Where do the singles of come from?
First of all from Western Europe. Much more than a million refugees live there. Many Arabs came there just before the refugee crisis of 2015. At you will find many Islamic women from France who have no man. Thousands Arabs from Algeria and Morocco live in Paris and Marseille.

The members also come from North Africa, Turkey, Cyprus, the Middle East and from Bosnia-Herzegovina. Maybe a few ladies from Afghanistan, Pakistan, the former Soviet republics north of Iran and the Saudi Arabian Peninsula. Islam is also widespread in Indonesia and Malaysia. But young women from these countries probably sign up at


The partner search has changed –
Cupid Media as a mirror of modern times
Unsuccessful, goofy, talentless, unattractive, horny old man is looking for a beautiful foreign lady for sex and marriage. This prejudice was held for a long time by the public of western industrialized countries. Maybe 30 years ago it was like that.

But a lot has changed since then. Thanks to globalization and the internet, all continents are closely connected and networked. This makes it very easy to get in contact with women from Africa, Asia, China, the Dominican Republic or South America. Among others it is possible through the dating sites of Cupid-Media.

There is no doubt that the women on such love portals mostly come from poorer countries. The men who are looking for such ladies can no longer be described as unattractive today. If every guy at the single sites of Cupid-Media were a financial loser or ugly like the bell ringer from Notre Dame, our society would be in a miserable state.

Due to globalization and the continuing emancipation of women in the western world, the partner search has changed. 30 years ago it was still a disgrace for an American or Englishman to marry a Filipina, a Russian, a Turkish or African girl. Today this is part of normal everyday life in the western world. Walking through a big city, we could get the impression that every fifth man (20 percent) holds an exotic woman in his arms.

In reality, in Western Europe there are “only” 12 percent multicultural marriages with Asians, Africans and Latinas. This also includes the Russian, Polish and Ukrainian women that are not necessarily recognizable as foreigners by their appearance.

Very few bi-national couples met and fell in love on vacation. A high percentage met for the first time via a contact site on the internet. In the last 20 years this has become very easy – also thanks to Cupid Media. The technical development of communication (e-mails, WhatsApp messages, Skype, chats) has also contributed to the internationalization of the partner search.


Costs at the dating sites of Cupid  Media
There are 2 models of memberships at all portals: the account in gold and in platinum. The prices and the functions of both variants differ only slightly. With Platin you additionally have the opportunity to use the translation service. Your mails and those of your girlfriends are translated, if necessary.

Regardless of whether I want to find my dream woman in the Philippines, in Russia, Ukraine or Black Africa: the costs of registering with Cupid Media are the same at all sites.

Current prices for the premium membership in gold
1 month:     34,99 US dollar (24,99 British pound sterling)
3 months:   23.33 US dollar per month (16,66 British pound sterling p.m.)
12 months: 11.67 US dollar per month (8,33 British pound sterling p.m.)

Current prices for the premium Membership in platinum
1 month:     39.99 US dollar (29,98 British pound sterling)
3 months:   26.66 US dollar per month (19,99 British pound sterling p.m.)
12 months: 13.33 US dollar per month (10,00 British pound sterling p.m.)

If you live in another English speaking country, the dating site will show you the costs in your currency.

Is falling in love and conquering a foreign beauty expensive or cheap? To judge that, we must compare the prices with competing sites. The Eastern European dating agency costs – regardless of the number of female contacts – almost 3,000 euros. Not in case of success, but before you are allowed to write a message to a single lady from abroad.

I mention this company representatively for many others in the marriage market. They are expensive, cumbersome and not suitable for spontaneous and direct contacts – as with the Cupid Media portals.


Criticism of Cupid Media
I try to be an objective dating tester. I usually find some points that I don’t like. I am not impressed by the quality of the translation service. If a beautiful lady from Latvia, Russia or Cuba cannot speak English, the man is allowed to use the translator with the platinum membership.

That sounds better than it is. No real person translates the content of a chat message carefully and with the best knowledge. No, a machine does it, and it’s not a very clever machine, as I found out in my reviews. That’s it where the Cupid Media dating sites have some potential for improvement. It doesn’t mean that no communication is possible in case of bilingualism, it’s just a little cumbersome.

As long as this doesn’t change, you should be careful before making contacts. Look not just at the beauty, the tits and the sex appeal of a foreign woman, but also what languages she speaks. By the way, I think the Google translator is the best for translating. It translates 80 percent perfectly.

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