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Attractive women from Belarus

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Can we get to know attractive ladies from Eastern Europe on the Internet? Here I introduce women from Belarus. How are they? How to find and contact them?

Beautiful woman from Belarus searching for a partner from Europe

Many women from Belarus are attractive
Belarus is between Poland and Russia. A very poor country with an authoritarian politics. It’s the only country in Europe with a dictator as president – if we ignore Putin’s „democracy“.

Too many women in Belarus
That’s one of the biggest problem of all women from Eastern Europe: There are too little men. In 1,000 men come 1,150 women.

The reasons for this are various: Men drink too much alcohol. They die earlier than women. Perhaps still the effects of the Second World War. Statistics confirm: More girls than boys are born in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

Many Belarusian women have to live alone. Especially if they are no longer young. When they are older than 30 years, it becomes difficult. When they are older than 35, then it’s almost hopeless. Whether single or divorced: The chance to find a man tend to zero.

Attractiveness of women from Belarus
Of course, we cannot generalize. As all over the world, there are pretty, ugly, thick and thin ladies. Nevertheless, we can recognize in Belarus some optical characteristics.

Like so many girls from Eastern Europe, those from Minsk, Mogilev and Gomel are mostly beautiful and sexy. Of course, not like models or movie stars. It would be naive to say that. But they are nice to look at. The ladies often have long blond hair – matching to the blue eyes. Quite often they have a sporty figure. Because there is no money for snacks.

That sounds perfect, you might think. But it’s no coincidence. Women from Belarus pay attention to outer beauty. No torn jeans, no unkempt hair. Everything hast to be fine.

A lady from Belarus has to look attractive and sexy – if she wants to please the men. Because the competition among women is strong. This also applies to Russia and Ukraine.

A Belarusian would never go among people without a perfect makeup. The mirror is her best friend. She wears elegant dresses, high shoes or boots. Some rings and a necklace. She uses a fragrant perfume. Eyelashes, fingernails, a little rouge, a short skirt: the full program. A woman over 30 years has constantly to look attractive – If she wants to have a chance against the younger competition.


Find a lovely woman in Belarus


Character and nature of Belarusian women
The girls from East Europe are quite different from those in England, France and the United States. That’s connected with poor living conditions. Many ladies from Belarus are modest and warmhearted by nature. Loving and caring.

It’s a general trend that the neutral observer recognizes. Many guys confirm this in Eastern Europe forums. Women from Belarus are used to subordinate to a man. But they don’t see this as handicap. It’s tradition in Belarus.

Are women from Belarus stupid?
Definitely not. Statistics show: More than 50 percent have gone to university. Communism and the current president make that possible. Generally the ladies from Belarus have a good education.

But this is of no use. Belarus is a men’s society. Women can rarely make a career. That’s certainly one reason why many of them dream of a life in Western Europe.

The women from Belarus work as teacher, in social professions and the medical field. But they don’t earn so much money as their male colleagues. Even not, if they are more intelligent.

A lot has changed in the last 15 years. Young women in the early 20s put focus on job and career. No longer just on marriage. But overall, the job situation is bad. Especially in the countryside.


Men in Belarus
From a woman it’s expected to do the housework and to educate children. Cooking, washing, ironing, cleaning, baking cakes. Learning with children for school. Besides maybe a little job. So the gray everyday life of women in Belarus looks. Wellness, autogenic training, yoga, spirituality and city trips at the weekend: That’s luxury. The Belarusian has no time and no money for that.

Her husband is not interested in housework and parenting. He loves his hobby: the destruction of alcohol. Especially, if he is unemployed. The men in Belarus have a very great passion: They drink vodka as other people lemonade. How should a harmonious marriage be possible under these circumstances?

If the woman forgets something or makes a mistake. Or if she spends too much money for shopping: Then there is stress and conflict. Sometimes the man beats her. Even more than women from Ukraine, Belarusian wives are exposed to the mercy of an authoritarian husband. More than civilized Europeans can imagine.

Sometimes he beats her so hard that she has to go to the doctor or to hospital. Women in Belarus cannot expect help from state or society. They have hardly a chance to defend themselves against marriage terror. They can get a divorce. But that’s not so easy as in the UK or Germany.

If it becomes too bad: she separates from her husband. She lives alone now. With 35 years, she is no more young. The future is uncertain.

We can understand that many women from Belarus want to break out of this misery. Away from a country, where it smells of Middle Ages, torture and inquisition. Some ladies try to find a new partner abroad.


Attractive women from Belarus –
seeking a man on the Internet

By the deficit of men, a single woman over 35 has hardly a chance to find a good man in the own country. Even not, if she is attractive. Women from Russia and Belarus over 30 have a strong competition from young ladies. These are just waiting to pull a man of 40 years to bed. Conversely, older men like to look for pretty young girls.

So the ladies over 35 years endure their fate with patience. Some have even to earn money by prostitution. An advertisement in the newspaper is pointless for finding a partner. They would meet only unattractive men or alcoholics. They go to the computer. On the online marriage market they find an agency or an international contact site.

They try to find there men from the West. Great Britain, Holland, Norway, the USA and Germany are the favorites.

The communication often is not easy. In schools of Belarus one foreign language is obligatory: English, German, French or Spanish. But school time is long gone. Most is forgotten. It’s not easy for a Belarusian to write or to flirt with a foreign man on the Internet.

English and American men are very popular with women from Belarus. They have almost a stable, regular life. And a good job. Most have a strong character. They are reliable. Guys from the West don’t drink so much alcohol as men in Belarus. That are good reasons for seeking a partner in the West.

The miserable life forces a single woman over 30 years to leave the home. And to look for happiness in other countries. With the loss of the homeland, of friends and parents from Belarus, women pay a high price to start another life in a foreign country.


What do women from Belarus want?
The claims are not comparable to the ladies from the West. Larysa, Nina and Tatyana have somewhere heard the word „emancipation“. But it doesn’t fit to the women’s mentality in Belarus. In the imagination of the ladies from Minsk, Brest and Vitebsk, the man is the undisputed boss in the house.

Most women from Belarus don’t look for a rich man with a lot of money. They want to find a new love and passion again. A faithful, honest man. Tender, caring and with a good heart. They want to have a happy and strong family. A life with more quiet and continuity. If the lady is not too old, and the man likes it too: They can have a child once again.

Many Belarusians who are married abroad, manage the household. Others have the ambition to start a professional career. So that they can contribute to the family budget. For this, they have to learn the language of the new country. And to attend to some courses for improving the professional qualification.

The new partner may be a lot of years older. 10 or 15 years are no problem for a 35-years-old woman from Belarus. Darja, Tamara, Gala and Jelena don’t focus the partner search on the age or the attractiveness of the man.

The new partner should be honest, reliable and loving. He should care for her and have respect. He must not have an alcohol problem. All these things the ladies miss in men from Belarus.


How can you meet attractive women from Belarus?
On the Internet, it’s relatively easy. You sit down on the monitor. On Google you type in: „Partner search Eastern Europe“ or „Woman Russia to marry“. You see dozens of websites, where you can find Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian women.

Now you can compare the portals. Dating agencies demand too much money from a relatively prosperous men. You have to pay 2,500 dollar (Pound) or more. You have no guarantee that your search will be successful.

At these dating agencies, the offer of women is not easy to recognize. The ladies are sometimes models or fakes – women who don’t really exist. Sometimes there are photos of fake women, which the agency has stolen somewhere on the Internet. A man from Western Europe or the United States takes a risk, if he trusts such agencies.

The financial risk is much lower at a dating site. You pay only 70 euro (55 British Pound/ 77 US dollar) for a period of 3 months. One of these relatively cheap sites is called RussianCupid. Another Ukraine Date. At both portals thousands of women from Eastern Europe are actively seeking a partner.

Besides the low expenses for such a dating site, there is another advantage: You have full control over your partner search. You will not write emails to women over an anonymous agency. But directly to the girls.

First you have a look at the advertisements of women from Belarus. You check who speaks English. You send a message.

If she answers, then you can think about following questions:

Is this contact useful for me?

Are her language skills good enough?

What does this woman seek?

What does she write in the first letter?

What ideas she has of a future life?

Am I sure that she looks seriously for a man?

Does she have children? What’s her job?

Does she want to work later in my country or not?

As I already told you: at these dating services you have full control. For a few euro, British Pound or dollar, you can find theoretically more than 10,000 women from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. From Poland and some other countries in Eastern Europe.

You have found a nice, likeable woman. You invite her to the chat. If her English is poor: so only for writing. If the woman speaks good English: Then you have the opportunity to talk with her in webcam chat. So you will see the face, the appearance, the hair and her smile.

I think: that’s a great way to get to know each other. You could meet in the chat twice a week. Best in the evening. After 3 weeks you have an idea: Is this women from Belarus perhaps a suitable life partner for me?

Many men from the West have found an attractive girl at the dating sites RussianCupid and Ukraine Date. The main advantages again: Cheap. A wide range of single women. And direct contacts. You see immediately whether someone has a real interest or not. By webcam chat you can avoid to have contact to a fake.


 Ukrainian singles in webcam chat


Travel to Minsk (Belarus)
You will think about this, if you are quite sure: This woman is a good candidate for marriage.

You can fly to Minsk from many airports. From London with Ukraine International Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines and Austrian Airlines for 200 British Pound. From New York to Minsk, you pay about 400 dollar.

You have met one or several women in Belarus. You particulary like Tatyana from Minsk. She is really very attractive. You were together for 3 days. After that you stay in contact. If you want to meet her again: you have two options:

Either you invite the attractive girl to your home. So that she will see your family, friends and your city. You book a flight and meet her at the airport. On travel day, you always have contact by mobile phone.

The second option: you and the women are sure that you want to marry. But I think: such a decision must be well considered. In spite of all your love and enthusiasm, you should take enough time for this. Perhaps it’s better to communicate a while. And to get to know each better.


OK, enough about dating in Belarus. Partner search in Eastern Europe is certainly not uncomplicated. But it’s possible. Thousands of marriages between men from the western world and women from Belarus have shown this.